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BZBA 08/25/94

August 25, 1994
Minutes and Findings of Fact
Application: John and Mary Bline,Greystone Country House, 128 South Main Street
Present: Dan Bellman, Ashlin Caravana,Lon Herman, Gilbert Krone,Chuck Meteer
Also Present: Doug Tailford,Village Planner
Brian Lindamood S( entinelM),ary Bline P(.0. Box 127)R,ichard Van Winkle 8(
Arcade Place,NewarkL),ori Green 4(45 BurgC)a,.rmen,Luis,Patricia MacLean
221 S. Pearl)C,heryl Waller 3(225 Lancaster Road)K,en Nigg 2(25 S. Pearl),
Paul and Susan Burgin (100 Westgate Drive), Orville Orr (321 E. Broadway),
Anne Russell 2(05 S. ProspectR),alph Hall (114 Westgate)
The Application
Currently,John and Mary Bline t(h"e Blines"h)ave two uses for the property located at
128 S. Main Street. First,the Blines use 700 sq. ft. ofthe existing house as a retail shop known
as "Greystone Country House"and use the remaining portion of the house as their personal
The Blines plan to add a two-story building to the rear of the property measuring 48 ft. by
20 ft. This will add an additional 960 sq. ft. per floor, or a total of 1920 sq. ft. of space for the
new building on the property. This new structure is in addition to the existing house.
If the Blines' application is approved, they plan to use two structures as follows: First,
they plan to use all the floor space in the new building to the rear of the property ( i.e.,1920 sq.
ft.)as the new location ofthe retail shop known as Greystone Country House. Second,they plan
to use 420 sq. ft. of the existing house on South Main Street as converted office space for Bline
Painting. Finally,they plan to use the remainder of the house as their personal residence.
B. Issue
The issue before, the Board is whether a zoning variance should be granted to permit a lower number ofparking spaces for the Blines' businesses than currently is required by the Code.
Under Section 1183.03 ofthe Code,the Blines are required to provide one parking space for
every 150 sq.ft.ofretail space. Based on this,Douglas Tailford,the Village Planner,calculated
that 12.8 spaces would be required for the retail establishment ( i.e.,1920 sq. ft. X 1/150 sq. ft.
12.8 spaces).Mr. Tailford also calculated that one extra space would be required for the office
Bline Variance Request
August 25, 1994
Page 2
for Bline Painting to be located in the existing house. Thus,Mr. Tailford concluded that the
current Code requires 13.8 spaces for the businesses to be located at 128 S. Main Street.
The Blines currently have only five (5)parking spaces for their business. As part of their
intended expansion,they planned to add no new spaces. Therefore,they are requesting a zoning
variance to allow only 5 spaces for their newly planned residential and dual business
establishment,versus the 13. 8 required spaces.
Testimony at the Hearing
At the hearing,the Blines were represented both by Mary Bline and Richard Van Winkle.
Their testimony is as follows:
Mrs. Bline testified that the five parking spaces behind her building are rarely filled and,
even if she doubled the shop space,there would never be more than two cars there. She stated
that most of her customers walk to Greystone and visit other shops also and can park on South
Main Street. She also testified that her neighbors, Mr. Williams and Mr. McKivergin have
offered space in their lots but she failed to present any firm proposal for additional lots from her
neighbors. She stated that,with the expansion of the new building,there is no space left on the
property to expand the current parking spaces. She reminded the Board that Sensibilities has
been given permission without sufficient parking space by the Village.
Mrs. Bline continued by stating that other businesses in the area have insufficient parking
also and suffer no hardship. She pointed out that Park National Bank,her neighbor,needs fewer
parking spaces under the Code than does she,which she believes is odd because they have more
customers, in her opinion.
Mr. Van Winkle, speaking on behalf ofthe Blines, indicated that they are trying to bring
the application in harmony with what the Village intends to do with a shop like Greystone t-h-at
is,to ensure that land use changes are compatible with the neighborhood and oriented to the
pedestrian,rather than contradicting this with parking requirements. Mr. Van Winkle stated that
the Code states that setbacks may be eased in their overall purposes i.(e.p,edestrian traffic)of the Village district,which Ms. Bline is doing.
Mr. Van Winkle continued by stating that the variance requirement for special
circumstances is not relevant to this application because we are dealing with a change of lot
usage. Ms. Bline wants to use her land in a special way with the exception that she does not have sufficient space for parking. She wants to increase residential space by reducing the shop area in the house and providing more space for the shop to spread out. Mr. Van Winkle thought that the
Bline Variance Request
August 25, 1994
Page 3
general availability of parking constituted "special circumstances"not resulting from actions of
the applicant.
Mr. McKivergin',the Bline's next door neighbor,explained that he is a consultant
overseeing paving of malls and parking flow and he did not foresee any adverse health,safety,or
general welfare effects on granting the variance. Mr. Van Winkle added that he did not think
other persons would be affected,and no neighbors have entered complaints.
In response to this testimony, Ashlin Caravana ( Board Chairman)reminded Ms. Bline
that parking regulations run with the property, not with the applicant,and that accordingly the
long-term effects had to be considered. Ms. Caravana stated that we are dealing with more than
just Greystone w--e have to look into the future in anything that could be allowed under the
Mr. Van Winkle added that the current property,which is zoned commercial,has a
conditional use as a residence,given to it by the past use of the property as a parsonage some
years ago.
Ms. Caravana ( Chairman)and Dan Bellman (Board Member)both raised the impact of
doubling the size ofthe retail business on the current need for parking spaces. Ms. Caravana
stated that doubling the size of the business may double the need for parking spaces. Later,Mr.
Bellman asked Ms. Bline whether she could expect that an increase in the retail business,from
700 sq. ft. to 1920 sq. ft.,would increase the number of customers visiting the retail
establishment. Mr. Bellman questioned whether she would be disappointed if she expanded her
business from 700 sq. ft. to 1920 sq. ft.,but did not see any resulting increase in her business.
Ms. Bline admitted that there likely would be an increase in business, but she argued that
doubling the size of her business would not necessarily double her business.
Chuck Meteer ( Board Member)stated that ifthe application meets the criteria,the
variance should be granted. Mr. Meteer stated that those resolutions are to keep the character of
the Village,not high commercial buildings,which generate more traffic.
Gilbert Krone ( Board Member)asked whether it would be possible to add onto the back
of the house,rather than creating a separate structure. Ms. Bline said that she had rejected that
idea as too expensive. Also,Ms. Bline testified that this would require her to move out of the
property as a residence. Mr. Tailford (Village Planner)added that such a change to the main
Mr. McKivergin was not listed on the sign-in sheet for the Board meeting.
Nevertheless,Mr. McKivergin was present and did testify at the meeting.
Bline Variance Request
August 25, 1994
Page 4
structure of the building w--hich currently has a nonc-onforming,residential use in a
commercial district w--ould end the Bline's historical variance,thereby requiring a new variance
to use the building partly as a residence.
In response to Mr. Krone's questioning,Ms. Bline thought that a carriage house would fit
better into the character of the Village than an addition. She also thought that the front of the
house would appear to be more "residential looking."
Mr. Bellman ( Board Member)stated that it was his experience as a Village resident that,
during peak periods,the Village had barely enough parking and,sometimes,insufficient
available parking. Therefore, allowing such a business expansion without the attendant increase
in parking spaces would convert a barely acceptable situation into a real problem.
Lon Herman ( Board Member)stated that,even though other businesses have insufficient
parking,increasing commercial space on South Main will increase the problem of parking iii
general. Once a variance is granted in this area,everyone will anticipate one.
Mr. Krone (Board Member)stated that,not only is parking an issue if Ms. Bline expands
her residential and commercial square footage,but the future needs to be considered. While the
Master Plan prefers pedestrian orientation,before a driver can become a pedestrian,a parking
space must be found.
During questioning, Ms. Bline added that even though she would be eliminate some
green space, the garden space left will be planted"with natural flowers and pleasant surroundings.
She stated that another owner would have taken the same space and blacktopped it. Lori Green,
an employee of Greystone,testified that if the shop attracts other patrons, that can only help
Granville as a whole.
During the meeting,a question was raised as to the number of spaces that the Code
actually required for the planned addition. Mr. Bellman ( Board Member)questioned whether,
the Code required 13.8 spaces for the commercial businesses and another 2 spaces for the
residential dwelling, because the property was being used both for commercial and residential
purposes. In response, Mr. Tailford (Village Planner)stated that it was his opinion that two additional spaces for the dwelling would not be required.
Mr. Tailford V(illage Planner)indicated that,in calculating the parking needed,one needs to consider the employees,as well as customers. He testified that Ms. Bline needs one space,her husband needs one for his office,and Lori Green,the employee,needs one. That leaves only two available spaces for retail customers or those visiting the businesses

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