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BZBA Minutes 8/24/1995


August 24, 1995


Present: Dan Bellman, Ashlin Caravana, Gilbert Krone, Eric Stewart

Members Absent: Lon Herman

Also Present: Doug Tailford, Village Planner

Visitors: James and Lisa Salerno, 431 Burg Street

Minutes: July 13. 1995: All figures on traffic were based upon

trip generation February, 1995, updated to the fifth edition.

Grammatical and typographical errors will be corrected by Carrie

Miller and minutes redistributed. Mr. Krone moved to approve

minutes as amended; Mr. Stewart seconded, AND MINUTES WERE


Mr. Bellman asked what constituted the record, and members

agreed that the minutes are the record. Transcriptions recorded

by applicants are not available to us. We would have to buy the

recorded notes if it becomes necessary. Mr. Krone strongly recommended

that if Marathon does come in with specific grounds for

appeal, including, references in the transcript, we should request

that the relevant transcript be given to us. If there is enough

time, BZBA will prepare a written response for Village Council.

Mr. Tailford assured the group he would have it available.

lull_2119-95 : Mr. Stansbury moved to approve the minutes

as amended by members before minutes were reproduced. Mr.


Citizens Comments: None

New Business: James and Lisa Salerno, 431 Burg Street

The Salernos wish to contruct a two-car garage with flat roof and deck with rail at the side of their house, 4'8" from the side lot line, requiring a variance of 7-2".There is an existing

foundation for an old one-car garage located within the

setback area; the new garage would extend 2' larger. Because of

the topography of the back yard, this is the only location where

a two-car garage can be added to the property. They are planning

the driveway so that the big tree may be preserved, and Mr. Salerno indicated that a new retaining wall will not be necessary. The siding and color will match the house.

Mr. Salerno had provided such thorough and complete ration- ale for seeking the variance that BZBA members agreed to let the rationale for consideration of the application. See attached notes, No. 2, Sections A through E.}

The house next door is very close, and actually the presence of a

garage would provide added privacy to both homes. No objections

to the application have been received.



THE APPLICATION. (Also, the village is in need of

parking spaces, so the more cars we can get off the



Adjournment: 7: 45 p. m.

Next Meeting: September 28, 1995

Variance Application: James A. & Lisa N. Salerno, 431 Burg St.,Granville

1. The property located in Licking County, Ohio, situated in the

Village of Granville and bounded and described as follows:

Lying and being in Range No. 13, Township No. 2 and Section

No. 3 and being a part of a five acre tract formerly owned

by Daniel Shepardson and more particularly described as


Beginning at the northeast corner of a parcel of land

called Lot No. 1, formerly conveyed by Daniel Shepardson

to W.W. Daniel and Elsie I Daniel, said corner being

on the west line of Burg Street; thence from said

northeast corner South 64 Degrees West 115 feet; thence

North 37 Degrees West 67.4 feet; thence North 64 Degrees

East 115 feet to the west line of Burg Street; thence

South 37 Degrees East 67. 4 feet along the west line of

Burg Street to the place of beginning, the above described

parcel being a part of Lot No. 2 of Town Acres estimated

to contain 30 square rods of land.

2. The following is a response to each of the criteria for

approval used in reviewing this variance application:

A) The special condition that exists which is peculiar

to our land is that the lay of the land on our property

prevents the placement of a garage anywhere except to

the east side of the house. This is due to the house

being on a hillside lot that drops sharply behind the

house after a retaining wall (please see elevation

drawings for specific measurements).

B) The literal interpretation of the provisions of this

Zoning Ordinance would deprive us of having the protection

of a garage for our automobiles when many others in the

community currently have garages built either on their

property line or within the set-back distance, perhaps

also due to property peculiarities. A partial list of

such properties in our same zoning area enjoying the

benefits of having a garage include:

404-426-440-448-452-456 and 504 W. Broadway

121 N. Plum St.

439 W. College St.

413 (carport) and 419 Burg St.

C) The building of a garage at the specified location

is not due to speical conditions or circumstances

resulting from any action on our part. Rather, it is

due to the natural topography of our lot. 1

Variance Application

Salerno/431 Burg St.

Page Two

D) The granting of this variance would not confer any

undue privilege that would be denied by this Ordinance

to other lands or structures in the same zoning district

which also had special conditions peculiar to their land

which would warrant the granting of a variance.

E) The granting of a variance in this situation would

not adversely affect the health, safety and general

welfare of the persons residing or working within the

vicinity of the proposed variance. The garage would

be built to the rear of the house on the adjoining

property, allowing a firefighters to have access to their

home. Having a flat and dry spot to park our automobiles

would actually contribute to safety as we currently park

on an incline which, when icy, could possibly allow our

automobile(s) to slide and cause an accident.

3. Attached please find the requested eight copies of the

plot plan with the requested notations.

4. On the reverse side of the application please find the

names and addresses of property owners within 200 feet

of the indicated property.

5. Additional information has thus far not been requested;

but shall be forthcoming if it should be needed for


6. The application fee has been enclosed.

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