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BZBA Minutes 1/12/1996


Granville Board of Zoning and Building Appeals

Douglas Tailford Jr., Village Planner

January 12, 1996

Meeting on Thursday, January-25, 1996

There is one application for the Board to hear at the January meeting. The hearing before the Board has been scheduled for Thursday,January 25, 1996, at 7:00 p.m.,at the Village Offices, 141 East Broadway. The letters of notification to the concerned property owners have been sent. If there are no objections, your agenda is as follows:

Review and Approval of Minutes:

A) October 26, 1995

New Business:

A) Donald and Marta Contini.431 East College Street /444 East Broadway:

Mr. and Mrs. Contini wish to construct a second-story entrance room over an existing room at the rear of the building located on the East College Street side of the property. The second building on the property is a non-conforming use within the Village Residential District (VRD). The building is commercial on the first floor and residential on the second floor. It is obvious that the commercial is a non-conforming use in VRD. However,the residential unit on the second floor is second residential unit a on the property and therefore it is also a non-conforming use of the property. This request is regulated by Section 1149.02 of the Codified Ordinances and is subject to review by the BZBA under Section 1149.03. The application is enclosed for your review.

BZBA Closing Comments

The Village Council is expected to.appoint the new members to the BZBA at the January 17th meeting. These new members will not be seated until the February meeting.

Next Regularly Scheduled BZBA meeting is February 22, 1996.

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