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BZBA Minutes 8/22/1996


August 22, 1996


Present: Ashlin Caravana, Don Contini, Bob Essman, Eric Stewart

Members Absent: Lon Herman

Village Planner:

Visitors: Scott Rawden,Reza Reyazi (incoming Village Planner)and about 25 names on attached sheets.

Minutes: July 25, 1996: BZBA members had enough corrections and

addition:s to warrant a revised copy, and it is attached: Thanks

to Sandy Ellinger for substituting at the meeting.

Citizens Comments: None

New Business:

Jonathan Bridge, 516 West Broadway

The Bridges wish to construct a room addition to the rear of

the house within the setback requirement. Mr. Bridge stated that

the house was built in 1907, at which time there were obviously

no setback requirements. A one foot variance is required on one side and a five foot variance on the other side. The next door

neighbor is supportive of this request.

Ms. Caravana asked about the air conditioner, and Mr. Bridge

stated that it is within a 3' strip of shrubbery on the east side and will not be visible from the street.

Mr. Downs, Contractor, said that the Bridges are requesting

a one-story addition with cathedral ceiling. The deck is immediately

behind the house and will keep the same lines as the house, incorporating the existing tree. He said that the Bridges prefer

to wait until the addition is developed and see what they have to work with before making further plans.


a) That special circumstances or conditions exist which

are peculiar to the land or structure(s) involved and which are dnoist tarpicptli.cable to other lands or structures in the same zoning The house was built when there were no setback re- strictions. The addition will not extend into the side yard any mhoouresea. nd in fact will be set in farther than the sides of the

b) That a literal interpretation of the provisions of this Zoning Ordinance would deprive the applicants of rights commonly enjoyed by other properties in the same zoning district under the

provisions of this Ordinance. In the past we have allowed other

people in the neighborhood similar leeway, so a literal interpretation

would deprive the Bridges of enjoying a similar right.

C) That the special conditions and circumstances do not

result from the actions of the applicant.

The Bridges purchased the house as it was and did not cause any

special conditions or circumstances.

d) That the grant of the variance will not confer on the

applicant any undue privilege that is denied by this Ordinance to

other lands or structures in the same zoning district.

No undue privileges are granted, as others in the same district

have similar variances.

e) That the granting of the variance will in no other

manner adversely affect the health, safety and general welfare of

the persons residing or working within the vicinity of the

proposed variance. No adverse effects are noted, and the neighbors

are supportive of the request.



McDonald' s, South Galway at Cherry Valley Road

Don and Laurie Kissack propose to construct a 3045 sq. ft

restaurant with drive-through and a two-story, 1400 PlayPlace, which would require ( sq. ft. 1) a conditional use for the

restaurant in SBD and (2) a variance from the parking require- ments for a restaurant.

The Kissacks explained that they are ownero/perators and residents of the area and have been looking for a suitable location for a McDonald' s for several years. They believe in

McDonalds as a community concept and have proven themselves in other McDonalds' locations and want to set the standard for what Granville people want a restaurant to look like. Mr. Kissack

provided rationale for (1) a CONDITIONAL USE for the proposed restaurant:

Setbacks are within the code. Parking is to the rear and side; a berm will be added to screen the parking. There will be zoning islands every 12 spaces. Landscaping by John Klauder will be around the building and suitably high. Lot coverage is 65 per cent. Bike access will be provided along South Galway, and bike parking will be available. Outdoor lighting will be addressed later. They are considering the same uniform lighting system that Granville is now looking at; it' s important that everything at the intersection flow together. Building height is 26' 10".Building materials are red brick with white, and roof


structures will be screened. Signs meet requirements of the sign

code so far. They have deleted some of the arches. The monument

sign is 35 sq. ft, a red brick arch without lettering. Traffic

and Parking and Walkways: Their traffic study shows there would

be no change in levels of service for the Cherry Valley/ Galway

intersection from those in the ITE Trip Generation Report. Extra

road improvements will not be needed. Walkways and sidewalks

will be provided. Appearance: It will not look like a standard

McDonalds. They have angles and gables. On the building itself

they have a double door to be more symmetric and added a window

for symmetry with bars in the doors. There will be smokey glass

windows to hide the PlayPlace. It is almost the same color as

the Cherry Valley Lodge. PlayPlace: The unique character of

Granville focuses on children, so the play place will be an

advantage to the village. Site Plan shows one-way in and oneway

out with building in the center. Tax base: McDonalds will

add to Granville' s tax base.

2) Rationale for VARIANCE OF PARKING SPACES was provided by Mr. Kissack:

The site is large enough to provide the required parking

spaces (89),but they believe that 65 spaces are adequate and prefer to turn the parking spaces into additional landscaping. If the PlayPlace is classified as recreational, the parking requirements would be 63. Because a lot of child visitors do not

drive, there is less need for maximum parking. You do not want

more blacktop, and 63 is what they are requesting.

Ms. Caravana stated that since tables and chairs are in the

PlayPlace, that should be figured into the requirement for parking spaces. Mr. Risska stated that and seating the 1400 sq. ft. play area for about 35 is for caregivers for the children. This would be ca. 40 sq. ft. which would require five parking spaces one per 50 sq. ft.)M.s. Caravana indicated that Wendy' s is often full, making traffic congestion. Mr. Risska felt that

extra customers would go to McDonald' s.

from Mr. Hickman stated, that information has not come back yet the traffic engineer. Traffic and parking would be ad- dressed during a lot split and site development plan. Ms. Mre-_hCthaavareatvat2hn4aa-ht aoisunkrfeodsrtmuadbaioteiuostnatrbeaecf-anf-u-icsoe fteiig-tfuy*rehsedlpurfiungl 5p-e*1€aMk rp. eWrioilcdosx, dsitdatinnogt would attract visitors at other tiwmaessntohtanrepleevaaknt. The PlayPlace He thought about 45 periods, he said. they would have been per cent of trips are pass-by drivers, and tion was McDonald' on the street already whether their destina- just how much trafsficor not, but Ms. Caravana wanted to determine McDonald' s would generate. More traffic

means more noise, pollution, and congestion.

Mr. Kissack stated that between 12 noon and 1 p. m. 110 cars




5 32 030

visit his other McDonald's-58-drive-through and 52 parking.

Between 6 and 7 p.m. there are cars6-3: drive-through and 30

parking. Average per day is 1200 transactions. Mr. Wilcox said

that consultants out of Chicago provided estimated figures from

other PlayPlaces and he did not know whether' seating was included

in the play areas. Traffic, he said, is based on studies at

other PlayPlaces and based on restaurant size, and he did not

know whether that was included in the square footage. Ms.

Caravana asked how the figures were arrived at, showing that 30%

of their traffic coming north, 15%south, and 55%from Galway.

Mr. Wilcox based the figures on McDonalds' studies. Ms. Caravana

asked why his traffic study did not look at the Rt. 16/Cherry

Valley intersection, but only the newly created intersection.

Mr. Wilcox stated that if the city asked them for this, they

would have provided it. Ms. Caravana described the stacking of

carsas„ excessive already. Mr. Wilcox said that McDonald' s is

ir*ef-lding tp take traffic into the site.

CY4 &4 a*U dreL-v 9&4

In answer to a question as to why they changed their original

plan from the south side of Rt. 16 to the north,CMh Kissack 4J said it was to alleviate any traffic problem and to make it

easier for children to access. Mr. Risska asked whether the city would be improving the intersection, and Mr. Hickman said that

nothing is planned at present.

Ms. Caravana indicated that Granville Planning Commission

had concerns about the driveway to McDonald' s being so Close to the road.

Public Comments:

Kirk Combe offered three reasons why McDonald' s should not build: 1) It is not compatible with the Erinwood development; the SBD described small shops "just around the corner, "not fast- food restaurants, motels, and gas stations. Property values will suffer. 2) This will be a burden on services, will not be a boon to the community, will require improvement of the roads, and will not provide much of a tax base partly because of declining property values. (3) The proposed restaurant is a traffic hazard to children and the neighborhood; over thirty children already live in the Village Green. McDonald' s, he stated, has not proven there will not be a hazard. It will be a nuisance to our quality of life. He thought that with more transient people there would be more traffic fatalities and child abduction.

Lance Senn preferred the proposed location to one across the highway because it is dangerous for truckers to park on Rt. 16. Ms. Caravana said that truckers cannot get into Wendy' s.

Debbie Farrar, President of Granville Athletic Boosters, wsahiidleBpZBroAt'escjtoinbgis to protect Granville and keep its character growth. The Kissacks, who live in Granville,

should be allowed to do business as they wish because they will

give food and services back to the community. She stated that

the Master Plan calls for this. She said that the area was zoned

commercial when neighbors bought their property.

Bill Wilson, spokesman for residents at Erinwood, presented

a petition with 58 signatures representing 44 households, stating

that the undersigned request that BZBA deny a conditional use to

McDonald' s. Such a proposed use will interfere with the quality

of life for residents and constitute a traffic hazard. He said

that when they bought their property, they were told that Mc-

Donald' s would request land across from Rt. 16

Bobbie Falquet felt compelled to speak on behalf of the

Kissacks, who have been very involved in the community; what

makes Granville special is the people who live here. She felt

that McDonald' s would make Granville a better place to live.

Ed Shepard added that the Kissacks have contributed much to

the community at large. Granville is growing to the east and

McDonald' s would provide a segue for development. Their plan is

compatible even with the traffic problem. It is a challenge that

can be solved.

Ron Lessko, Executive of L. C. Center for the Visually

Impaired, has known the Kissacks for 7 years and they have always

been helpful to the visually impaired.

Brenda Boyle said that the issue has become a moral as well as a commercial issue. She does not doubt that the Kissacks are upstanding citizens, but instead we need to think about how this property is zoned and what the developer has said C) to buyers. _ -f-1/ StdtoitIirl0hteILIh81iSRis: aZ=CsttrtheoTrrsias. We 05 hcoowntirtibuwteildl itmoptahcet tchoamtmpunairtyt bouf tGwrhaantvtihllee. raSmheificisations are and 0 very concerned

about the safety of the children; it' s bad out there now.

Mary Kay Roberts has lived across the street for 40 years and was concerned about the smell. It smells like grease now, and she is about ready to sell her property.

Carl Wilkenfeld added his comments: 1) There is nothing personal about this issue. He applauds citizens of the east end expressing themselves. (2) Wendy' s went in before the Comprehen- sive Master Plan and serves as a warning. When asked about fast food restaurants during development of the CMP, 800-900 people said No; 780 people signed the recent moratorium. 3) Every bcuosnindeitsiosnathlat wants to build at this intersection has filed for a use. We should be looking at the overall picture. 4) As far as increasing the tax base, a fast-food brings in very little compared to Owens Corning, DOW, and Cherry Valley Lodge.



The cost of improving the road will greatly exceed the tax

income; we are creating our own problems.

Ms. Caravana asked whether the drive-through could be

eliminated, and Joseph Harbaugh said that people in wheelchairs

depend on drive-throughs.

Ms. Caravana still had concerns about traffic. She wanted a

report from the traffic engineer and wants to ask him a few

questions about the close proximity between Cherry Valley Road

and the entrance drive, the distance between pick-up window and

the exit-is- it adequate when traffic is heavy; she would like bil

,4*She said that the traffic study did not take into consideration A J,J6-PKinformation

about the impact of a combined exit and entrance.

Fackler' s and the Country Hearth Motel.A All these businesses

generate traffic and that' s why they are conditional uses.

Fackler' s had to eliminate their drive-through. There are areas

in town which would not require a conditional use for McDonald' s. She would prefer the road remain two lanes. She would also like

to look at the unofficial traffic study and the petitiontl'i3,+ n .. .

BZBA members could not see their way clear to approving

0,WilsO M

application tonight. Ms. Caravana wanted more information on

traffic. Mr. Contini stated that the Master Plan did not address

large fast-food restaurants, and he could not in good faith vote _j«?C*[

lA) for McDonald' s despite good reports of the Kissacks.

have spoken to him on the street do not want a McDonald's. he design of the building is great, he said. He felt he could not vote for McDonald' s when he voted against Fackler' s, who claim only 10-15%drive-through traffic. Mr. Stewart agreed with Ms. Caravana.

Mr. Risska said that for every home sold, two cars and most of McDonald' s business comes from people on the the The problem with Wendy' s is that the drive-through is in wrong place.

Mr. Risska could see that the vote would be against the application and he requested it be tabled until members could study the traffic engineering study carefully. He would like to expedite this issue and requested a special meeting on September 12. Ms. Caravana would like Mr. Samuelson to be present at the next meeting, and she would like to see a count. She would like to know what the impact on intersection would be.





Adjournment: 9: 30 p. m.

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