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February 27, 1997
Present: Ashlin Caravana, Bob Essman, Lon Herman, Eric Stewart
Members Absent:
Also Present: Reza Reyazi, Village Planner
Vimitgra: Scott Rawden (Sentinel),Judy Guenther, Jeff and Sherill
Jalbert, Bob Seith
Minutes: December 19. 1996: Page 1, third paragraph from bottom,
change to: Mr. Contini stated that there would be at least a
partner. a secretary. and he himself. There is an apartment above the business area." IT WAS MOVED AND SECONDED AND UNANIMOUSLY
Citizens Camments: None
Public Hearing:
Dennis and Judy Guenther, 12 Q W. Broadway -
Use and Variance application
Change in Nonconforming
Ms. Guenther presented the plans to change the nonconforming
use by opening a tea room and gift basket shop. Ms. Caravana asked
about parking places, and Ms. Guenther said available there are a lot of spaces next to the house, and Rev. Henderson informed her that people could park in the church' s parking lot, but Ms. Guenther did not think this would be necessary. Ms. Guenther
explained the changes that would be made to the building, as listed in the floor plan, and the equipment required for the restaurant. An exhaust fan wouldst »be required.
Ms. Jalbert, who lives next door, stated that the building is 18" from their .h,eme-0. 0*.C- :» .*.1.%4,j U' U ,
Ms. Guenther stated that staff will be in the building beyond operating hours, but not very long. There are three fire escapes. They will not use the upstairs for public traffic. Dining
etumrnploovyeeer mostly done by reservation, and there would be 4-6 They will improve the back lot. Mr, Seith, who lives next door on the north, stated that there is a mudhole there.
The parking listed by applicants, stated Mr. Herman, is public area and might impost a burden on public facilities.
Ms. Caravana asked whether measures have been taken to walilellviiamtepronveuisances, and Ms. Guenther said that if possible they the building. If Mr. Seith plans to improve his fence, applicants will cooperate with him. Trash will be collected daily, and stored in the patio. Mr. Stewart asked about the oexbhjeacutsiot nfaabnl,e alnodcaMtsio. nG. uenther said it will be vented in the least
Ms. Guenther stated that the gift=basket shop has about 10=12
visitors a day in addition to telephone orders and employs 2
people. It' s difficult to tell what percentage of business is
pedestrian pass-by traffic; it' s part of what Granville strollers
like to visit. Hours for gift shop will be 10 a.m. to 3: 30 or 4
P. m.
Public Comment:
BOB SEITH, 116 Locust Place, prepared a statement.
JEFF JALBERT asked about a 15=person party place. Sherill
Jalbert said that Ms. Guenther is a great person and successful
businessperson, but what would happen in the future if she left?
MR. AND MRS. FRASER prepared a statement.
JEAN MARSHALL, former member of Thrift Shop in subject
location, stated that the shop was open 4 days a week and customers
came from surrounding areas, When trucks made deliveries, parking more spces were taken up. 1
noisieAr visitor was concerned about kitchen noise, likely to be than the former tenants.
notdebfeU«c-tin*g1 * fr the use,
DON CONTINI stated that while
change in nonconforming use shouldA revert to
Neighbors bought houses knowing what was located there.
MR. HERMAN said that BZBA can enforce hours of operation and more information is needed regarding venting. Parking is a concern. Maybe applicant could consider limiting times of delivery. Mr. Stewart had similar concerns. Mr. Essman was
concerned about perishable refuse. Ms. Caravana added the concern of screening and the proximity of next-door neighbor.
BZBA members felt they needed to consider the variance for repairs and alterations along with the change in nonconforming use. Members felt they needed more information so will continue the public hearing until the next meeting. Ms. Guenther will decide on I511I1] 75-5-t:9-nuwtt-t__3Ttlt1.if;A- '7 L-r
Next Meeting: March 27
Respectfully submitted,
ReZa Reyazi took notes and
Betty Allen typed minutes

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