Granville Community Calendar


April 6,2000
Members Present: Ashlin Caravana,Bob Essman,Lon Herman,Greg Sharkey,Greg Stewart
Also Present: Kathryn Wimberger,Village Planner
Visitors Present: JoAnn Morey,Ralph D,.Baker,Deborah Hibler,Pat Nugent,Gary Yaekle
Citizens Comments: None
All those who wished to speak during the evening were sworn in by the Chairman}
New Business:
Deborah Hibler,318 East College Street - Side and Rear Setbacks
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Ms. Hibler showed pictures of the proposed two-car,two-story,21' high garage with office and storage as
well as a pool and fence with gate. She wants to tear down the old garage and build a new one consistent with her
home on the spot where the turnaround presently is. Ms. Wimberger stated that Section 1187.03 permits eaves to
project into the yard no more than 4'.
Mr. Sharkey asked why she needed such a big garage, and she replied that a two-story building would match
better architecturally. She wants space for pool equipment,for storage,for office,for stairs,and for a shower room.Pat
Nugent,Designer, added that this would only add 6'to the existing garage footprint It would remove a lot of asphalt
and add more greenspace. They need substantial size doors for SUVs and space for a staircase and storage,since there
is no basement nor attic in the house.
Ms. Hibler said her new survey showed that she has more space than she thought and that by going beyond the
tree line she would not have to take out the hardwood except for trimming of branches but she would need to take out
scraggly pines. She would be willing to replace any trees removed. With the new property line,a rear setback variance
is not needed
Ms. Caravana stated that screening would be needed for softening,and she wondered whether rear windows
were a possibility for appearance,maybe a closed- shutter window. Ms. Wimberger thought such a window would be a
minor modification to the plans GPC has already approved.
Mr. Baker,neighbor,asked about water runoff,and Ms. Hibler said it will go through the driveway. The pool
would never need to be drained.
The structure would have electricity,running water,and gas,and BZBA members were concerned that the
building might be turned into a residential rental.
Mr. Sharkey thought that in his memory the 24'x30'structure is probably the largest one to have been applied
for,and the Board has denied smaller plans. The burden on the applicant is to show some special circumstance about
the properly itself which necessitates granting of a variance. He is concerned about massing and thinks the building
could be smaller and moved back.
Mr. Herman is concerned with (1)the ease with which this project could be converted into a rental property
and (2)a possible home occupation. He asked why she couldn't build a basement under the garage,and Ms. Nugent
thought there would be too much weight on the floor and there might be moisture in the basement.
Ms. Caravana felt better about having the plumbing on the first floor and felt it less likely to be attractive to a
tenant,and there is no kitchen in the plan. She wanted to reduce the massing on the second floor.
Ms. Hibler thought a compromise might be possible
JoAnn Morey,neighbor,said that a building 2'from the property line would look like a big barn,and she did
not like the idea of water runoff going into her yard. She preferred adhering to the ordinances. Ms. Hibler said there
will be gutters and underground drains running to the driveway. Ms.Morey is willing to compromise,to at least a 5' setback,and she would prefer the fence going straight back..
Ms. Hibler thought the garage could be used as part of the fencing.
Mr. Stewart would prefer taking 5' offoverall so it could be moved farther from Ms.Morey's property. Pat Nugent said that space is for the stairs,and if the plans were reduced by 5',the proportions would be lost.
Mr. Sharkey thought this a wonderful project but too massive and to close to Ms.Morey's yard. Approval of this variance would be at the expense of the neighbors,and he is uncomfortable having the building 2'from the line.

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