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BZBA 1/10/02


Members Present: Trudy Knox, Greg Sharkey, Lon Herman (Vice Chair), Eric Stewart (Chair) Members Absent: Ashlin Caravana Also Present: Seth Dorman, Village Planner Visitors Present: David Bussan, Jerome Scott Citizens’ Comments: None Swearing in: The Chair swore in all those who wished to speak during the evening.

Work Session:

David Bussan, 420 East Broadway – Side Yard Setback

 Mr. Bussan and architect Jerome Scott described the side yard setback variance required for the proposed rear addition to the Bussan house. Mr. Scott showed the survey, showing where a portion of the lot was sold to the School Board, which left them with very little area to work with. They will not get any closer to the property line than the house exists now. The proposed addition would be stepped back to lessen the massing effect. Mr. Sharkey asked what it will be used for, and Mr. Bussan said it is a two-story addition with a study on the first floor and a master bedroom above. They will raise the roof of the existing rear addition and get rid of the dormer window. The rooflines of the existing and proposed additions will match. The neighbors have no problem with the plans. Mr. Sharkey said it’s a substantial addition, but in terms of a need for a variance, this is a classic textbook case of why you would need a variance—because of the irregular shape of the lot. Given the irregular shape, Mr. Sharkey would be favorably inclined to grant a variance. Mr. Herman said whatever dimension you have, don’t go over that. We don’t want to add to a previous encroachment. Mr. Stewart agreed that because of the orientation of the house and the irregularly shaped lot, a variance would be appropriate. He would like to see a drawing showing the relationship of the addition with the neighboring structures. Minutes of December 13, 2001: MR.SHARKEY MOVED TO APPROVE MINUTES AS AMENDED BY MS. KNOX. MR HERMAN SECONDED, AND THE MOTION WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.

Next Meeting: February 14, 2002 Adjournment: 7:30 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Betty Allen 

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