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BZBA 12/11/02


Members Present: Bill Heim, Lon Herman (Vice Chair), Trudy Knox, Greg Sharkey, Members Absent: Eric Stewart (Chair) Also Present: Seth Dorman, Village Planner Visitors Present: Molly Butt, Dan Kielmeyer Citizens’ Comments: None Swearing In: The Chair swore in all those who wished to speak during the evening.

New Business:

Molly Butt, 4051/2 West Maple Street - Rear Yard Setback

Ms. Butt explained that she wanted to replace the windows on the rear of the house with doors as a means of fire escape for her children. Dan Kielmeyer, contractor, said they also want to add a 12x8 upper and 12x16 lower deck with access stairs on each level. The house is on a very small lot and the back is the only place to add a deck. They have almost no storage room, and the stairs will allow Ms. Butt to carry things to and from the attic easily. Ms. Butt said neighbors Bob Hartsock and Billie Weaver, her mother are in favor of the plan. On the other side, the neighbors just moved out. Mr. Dorman noted that Carl Oliverio had concerns about what effect the deck would have on property values but he didn’t come to the meeting tonight to voice his concerns to the Board. Ms. Butt said the outside staircase is to carry things up to the attic. The attic is not for living space right now, since the roofline is too low. She has 3 children and needs more room. Stairs to the second floor are on the side and stairs to the attic are on the deck. Mr. Heim asked if she had concerns about the building code and danger of fire, and Mr. Kielmeyer said they haven’t been to the Building Code yet. He added that they are going with 30’ solid posts, which would have to be installed with a large piece of equipment. The post will go all the way to the top. Mr. Dorman will check with the Building Code office. Ms. Knox asked if the basement door would be at the side and Ms. Butt replied no. There is a door there and it will remain. Mr. Herman asked if she was requesting a total of three doors and why would she want to enter from the deck, and Mr. Kielmeyer said in case of fire the kids could leave out the back. There will be 4 exterior doors on the back of the house, and they will all match, French doors and windows. Ms. Knox noted that French doors will take up a lot of space and Mr. Kielmeyer said they will be 3’ exterior doors with lattice, making them look like little windows. Mr. Sharkey asked on the first level, will it be 12’ extending out from the house and 16’ across and was told by Mr. Kielmeyer, yes, they need 16’ because they need one foot on east side of the window. On the second level, Mr. Sharkey asked if that would be 12’ x 8’ and was told it will be 12’ across the width and 8’ out. Mr. Sharkey asked if they thought about what it will look like, re materials, etc. Mr. Kielmeyer said it will be stained but we have not selected colors. It will be treated wood and they want a nice looking railing too. Mr. Sharkey noted the rear of the house is already in the setback 6’ or 7’ and the variance would be for another 12’. He is concerned about the massing effect although there are no other homes back there. Given your desire to ask for quite a big variance, how would you feel about building one level on your land with the doors out and foregoing the second way into to the attic? Ms. Butt said there are two bedrooms and only one closet for 3 kids. There is no storage, and the house was originally a chicken house. Mr. Kielmeyer said it’s almost like it’s necessary to make the house livable and safe. He thinks the appearance will enhance the house. They wanted the deck just wide enough to accommodate their objectives. The reason for the double decks is that Ms. Butt wants some kind of platform, and Mr. Kielmeyer thought with the stairs on the side it has more useable space than there would be with a big staircase going up the center. The post will be the main support post for the project. The steps would probably be at least 30’ from the former Roger Jones property. Steps are 3’ wide. Mr. Herman is not comfortable with the added access and is not sure punching a hole in the side is the only way to do it. The second floor makes more sense in terms of safety. It’s a tough house and they don’t have a lot to work with. If you want 12’ take 6’ on the first floor reduce second floor by half. Mr. Kielmeyer said, so you want a 6’ deck? Ms. Knox felt that for a deck to be used for so few months per year, would they be adding the top solid like a roof, then it would offer some other place for kids. Mr. Heim felt if they added only one deck they could pick up more useable space on the lower level by not having another floor Mr. Sharkey understands the problem of access and he would probably approve it if he had a clear idea of how it will look when it’s done. He’d like to see more specifications. Although it’s a two-story deck, Mr. Sharkey thought it could look nice if done right. He wondered what would happen with the first floor, which slopes away from the house and was told there will be a platform so you won’t roll down the hill. It is to be grassed. Mr. Kielmeyer said he could show more detailed drawings. It will have white painted door with lattice in the middle and on 4 doors that match and probably white deck. Windows would not be there any more. It will have the same siding as the house. Maybe someday Ms. Butt will put on new siding. The 6’ posts will be nice and sturdy, carriage bolted, and screwed. Mr. Heim said since there are property owners behind them who will see this, it will have an effect on other property owners. It either changes the use of the property behind or increases the value. It affects value whether it is vacant or not so we want to know it will not depreciate value. The drawings will include the railings. Mr. Kielmeyer asked to table the application and he will bring revised plans in for the February 13 meeting.


Minutes of November 14: Minutes were postponed until the next meeting.

Finding of Fact: None

Next Meeting: Thursday, January 9 and February 13 Adjournment: 7:40 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Betty Allen 

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