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BZBA 2/13/03

February 13, 2003

Members Present:  Bill Heim, Lon Herman (Vice Chair),
Trudy Knox.  Don Dean was welcomed as a new member.
Members Absent:  None.
Also Present:  Seth Dorman, Village Planner
Visitors Present:  Tim Riffle, Steve Mershon, Mike Frazier
Citizens’ Comments: None
Election of Officers was deferred until the next meeting
Swearing In:  The Chair swore in all those who wished to
speak during the evening.

New Business:

Mark Milligan, 212 East Elm Street – Rear Yard Setback

    Mr. Dorman said in his memo that the applicants
want a 1 ½ story two-car garage with storage, including a
trellis installed on the south side of the garage to tie
into the existing landscaping and lawn structures.  It
would be 2’ from the rear property line as compared to the
10’ minimum specified in the code.
    Tim Riffle, representing the Milligans, said they
want to build a new 24’.x 28’ detached garage at the rear
with a second floor for storage.  They are pushing it back
as far as possible because it has been intensely
landscaped by a previous owner and they want to keep as
much green space as possible.  A lot of houses have
garages pushed back on the lot.
    Steve Mershon added that it was pushed to the west
because there is a fence along the property line and in
order to get a turning radius, they had to site it there.  
It would give Connie Westbrook more visual areas and make
it less cluttered for her.
    Ms. Knox thought a lot of landscaping would be
covered and it would take up a lot of green space and
there is also a large tree there.  Tim Riffle said the
tree would have to go.  They would like space to park two
cars in front of the garage.  He does not know how much
green space it would consume.
    Mr. Heim asked what is happening with the space
where the library wishes to expand, and Mike Frazier,
President of the Library Board, said they have had
discussions with the Milligans, and at the present stage
for the library, it would be 20-22’ from the south
property line.  The Board of Trustees voted to not object
to the Milligan’s plans.  Steve Mershon said part of the
beauty of moving the garage back is that the library
wanted to keep the trees as barrier; and there would be a
courtyard in the library’s new plan.
    Mr. Riffle noted that the stairs go up in the
middle of the garage, and there is not much headroom.  At
the peak dormers are 11’
    Mr. Herman asked whether they have consulted with
the Fire Department and was told the Fire Department will
look at the building and the code. He also noted that we
always wonder whether this space would be turned into an
apartment, since we discourage this, and Mr. Riffle said
there will be no plumbing but there is water, heat, and
electricity.  The house is higher than the garage.
    Mr. Heim noted that this is a pretty good-sized
structure, and Mr. Riffle said it is not very visible from
Elm Street; you won’t see much through the landscaping. He
added that the average car is 20’, and the Milligans need
space for lawn equipment.  .  Mr. Mershon said it would be
more visible closer to the alley.
    Mr. Heim asked whether the applicant is owner of
the house, since on the deed Mary Milligan is owner.  Mr.
Dorman said it’s a joint ownership.  Mary’s name will be
added to Mark’s on the application.  
    BZBA members discussed with Mr. Riffle ways in
which the garage could be made smaller, and Ms. Knox noted
that the owners knew about the storage space when they
bought the property. One problem is setting a precedent
with such a big garage. Mr. Riffle cited other nearby
garages as big as this one.  Mr. Dean thought it would be
tough to get anything in there.  Mr. Heim wants to see
evidence of other 28’ garages in the area.  The one across
the alley is only one story high.
    Mr. Heim wanted to save the tree, but Mr. Riffle
said in the construction process they would have to go
into the root system.  
    Mr. Herman said following our criteria, special
circumstances and undue privilege in this case do not
suggest a condition for a variance.   He would like to
talk to the owners about the project.
    The applicant has checked with neighbors and given
them site plans, and they have no objection to the
    In summary, Mr. Herman said the major concerns are
(1) massing and (1) try to create more space by changing
proportions and cutting off at least 2’ and come back and
see us.  Try to make it more like others on the street.  
Mr. Mershon suggested tabling the application.  


    Mr. Herman suggested that Mr. Riffle walk around
and get a sense of how big these other buildings are.  
Avoid undue privilege issues.  Ms. Knox suggested a pull-
down staircase.    

Minutes of November 14, 2002:  MR. HEIM MOVED TO APPROVE
Minutes of December 11, 2002:  MR. HEIM MOVED TO APPROVE

Other Comments:  
Ms. Knox asked whether the tree at the Pyle lot will have
to be cut down, and Mr. Dorman said it’s a street tree and
too valuable to cut down.
    Mr. Heim was concerned that sometimes people get
approvals from GPC, have their hopes set on the project
and then get denied by this Board.  Mr. Dorman said the
Planning Commission really focuses on architectural design

Finding of Fact:  None

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 13th  and April 10th
Adjournment:  7:40 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen

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