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Council Minutes July 14, 1982

Z6/*t5*£'4* *5 ** JULY 14, 1982
Mayor Gallant called the meeting to order at 7: 30 p.m..
Responding to roll call were:
Councilmember Schnaidt
Councilmember Miller
Councilmember Bartlett
Councilmember Harriott
Vice Mayor -Davison
Mayor Gallant
Councilmember Schnaidt moved to excuse absentee member Avery and Law Director
Drake. Motion seconded by Councilmember Miller. Motion carried.
A public hearing was held at this time on the Proposed 1983 County Tax Budget and Revenue Sharing Planned Uses for Entitlement Period 14.
Manager Plunkett stated at this time that the initial figures he had determined
previously came from the budget estimates prepared last October which were somewhat in error,which caused a little bit of a panic on his part. On going back over those figures he had found some unappropriated balances and some additional revenues. The additonal revenues were primarily $67,000 in interest income earned in 1981, which he added, were mainly due to the efforts of Shirley Robertson, Finance Director, in a pretty finely honed cash management
program, and this year has brought us over $30,000 in interest income. Next
year however, since presumably the Pearl Street Sewer will be completed, we won' t have that money in Capital Improvement Reserve anymore and some of our balances may be somewhat reduced in the General Fund, but we will still have 60 to $70,000 in the Capital Improvement Reserve Fund plus whatever Water and Sewer Capital Improvement Funds are available in consideration of. some. of the
water improvements and some of the sewer work that will be coming with the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Manager Plunkett said next year he ,has. calculated
that the Village will probably make in: the. vicinity·of $10 to $15,000 in income whicMhancaoguerldPgluronwkeltat rcgonetrina,u.sseudm, inagndasllaidthitnhgast trehmea ir$2i 5i,n000normal p -en:i.mee··*r. 2»2247*32£&1*) not spent last for Wildwood Drive was year whicb we had expected to. There were a numbet of other things, we saved over a $1,000 by my not going to the National:C' ity Manager' s Conference. A number of other items thatwe didn' t fully expend last year, which gave us the false reading. He said:we did not have to spend any of the 1,500 for legal monies, which as you know from the Pearl Street Sewer experi- ence may be different this year, we may spend some of that money. A new leaf-· machine was not purchased, and some of the other things that were appropriated for but did not get spent. He said this was the reason for the discrepancy in the two estimates given to Council. In going over the figures with Shirley Robertson we did come up with a significantly better balance than was initially provided. Next year the property tax, as quoted by the County Auditor' s office will be in the vicinity of $50,000, income tax with assuming a 1/4-1/2%
Special Council Meeting Minutes
July 14, 1982
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Commuter Tax" being applied, plus, the addition of the high school, we should
derive approximately $240,000 in income tax income. The rest of the income
figures are just about the same next year as this year. We are again estimating
approximately $3,000 in property rental income. In our Water Fund we will
need to raise rates probably a relatively small percentage again next keep year to up with our expenses,assuming a relatively constant amount is put aside
for Water Capital Improvements. We will have some additonal expenditures next
year in the Sewer Fund, primarily for costs associated with the design of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, which looks at least at this moment, to be at that
stage where we will actually be in the design phase. We may actually get into the construction phase by the end of next year. He said we could well be out
to bid by December, 1983, and possibly start construction. Mr. Plunkett
concluded that this was about the summation for general discussion purposes, the General Fund expenditutes which were previously cut out because of what appeared to be a real short fall. General Fund expenditures will be up about 2.5%or $25,944, roughfully $26,000. All of the other funds will decrease slightly in expenditures. Mr. Plunkett said this does not include any of the Capital Improvement Plans that he submitted to Council about a month ago. He said some dealing with those plans should come in the next few months, because
some Capital Improvements will have to be made. Enough money was included in the annual street construction to do another major project and the normal re- construction work, similar to what' s going to be handled this year.
Mr. Gallant asked at this time if there was anyone who wished to speak at this 1983 County Tax Budget and Revenue Sharing hearing. He asked Manager Plunkett if he wanted Cindy Krause to wait until after this discussion is con- cluded, for seperate consideration, or did he want to include her request now. Mr. Plunkett felt it would be appropriate since it' s all in one sphere.
Councilmember Miller asked Manager Plunkett if most of the cuts previously made were restored. Manager Plunkett responded and said most had been restored. He did not however add any cost of living increase to any of the employees but did restore the merit increases of the normal step increases that would take place on a scheduled basis. The revenue sharing is as originally drafted, there is one variation, he said he put the Fellowship as a $3,000 allocation and noticed the written request submitted by Mrs. Krause is for $3,700.
Councilmember Miller asked about the Waste Water Capital Improvements. Manager Plunkett said with the Waste Water Plant Grant becoming a reality, that parti- cular Capital Improvement can be shelved. Mrs. Miller mentioned the Water Capital Improvements listed seperately in the budget. Mr. Plunkett said these were normal annual capital improvements to the plant itself, that' s exclusive of the major Capital Improvement Plan, that plan primarily dealt with issues like the elevated storage tank, the alternate power source, those kind of things that are going to be major bond issue type expenditures. Mrs. Miller said, then they don' t have to be dealt with right now. Manager Plunkett answered yes, the Capital Improvements Plans such as the flocculation system, which is a normal operational capital improvement, and will be with us for a long time but eisvennot.t going to require a bond issue and can be handled in the normal course of
Special Council Meeting Minutes
July 14, 1982
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Mr. Gallant at this time read the written request for Revenue Sharing Funds
submitted by Cindy Krause, for the Granville Fellowship. He said
Cindy can make any additional comments she might have. A copy of that letter
is hereby attached as part of these minutes.
Mrs. Krause then commented that she wanted to indicate this November the
Sinnett House will have been opened for ten years, and for that time the
Granville Village Council has provided our funds. For the last six this years, money was to cover rent for one floor and then as our program increased it included the rent for both floors of the Sinnett House. Mrs. Krause said
then three years ago the Village Council increased the revenue sharing funds to include both rent and utilities. Last year and this year due to the increase
in utilities, the funds were not enough to cover expenses but they
were able to pick up the ekpense not covered by Council' s allocation. She said the Fellowship would be willing to cooperate and plan for whatever would be appopriate, if Council could cover the increase. Mrs. Krause continued and said that approximately 150 people are involved who participate in the Fellow- ship. She said not all of the retired people in the Village and Township
are involved, but programs are available for any of those who would wish to participate. We have provided some new programs this year, which involve
screening hearing and speech screening, which Sertoma sponsored, and Sinnett House made their facility available, also, art classes etc..The ongoing
programs include educational programs and other types of recreation. Mrs. Krause said she would respond to any questions Council may have. She said she thought the Manager had indicated that Council had budgeted 3$,000 for the Fellowship,this year the allocation was for $3,700. She said she didn' t know whether a 23%increase in utilities was a realistic figure. Manager wPhluicnhkett mentioned that the Village had a jump in their large power contract was about 40%.
Mayor Gallant asked members if they had any questions. Councilmember Schnaidt asked if the Township contributes to the Fellowship. Mrs. Krause responded and said they contribute 3$,000. These monies are distributed more towards the recreational areas. Councilmember Harriott asked Mrs. Krause what the total budget for the Fellowship might be, in ball park figures. Mrs. Krause responded and said approximately 1$4,700. We receive donations from partici- pants but do not have membership dues. People donate whenever they partici- pate in an activity. Since this past February we have ceased to lease a car, the Fellowship now owns a late model station wagon and are happy to report since owning this car outright, we have been able to meet our monthly expenses and to put a small amount away for servicing of the car. She said the Fellow- ship was not able to meet the lease payment. We then solicited for funds solely for the purpose of buying a car.
Mayor Gallant asked the Manager if this was a preliminary step, and at what point would the decision about the use of revenue sharing funds be locked in. Would it be with our regular budget approval? Manager Plunkett said it would be locked in with the final budget in the fall. There would be an additional hearing on proposed uses in the fall. At any time in the year anyone can sub- mit to the Village Manager requests for revenue sharing funds and would be ctaoknesnidaesraptiaornt .of the testimony at the proposed use hearing and for everyone' s
Special Council Meeting Minutes
July 14, 1982
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Mayor Gallant commented that according to the proposed 1983 County Tax Budget,
33,000 in anticipated revenue sharing funds was listed, and questioned the
figure. Manager Plunkett said in 1983 we expect to receive $29,000, on the
proposed budget we have $33,000 balance on which to draw from.
Mayor Gallant asked if there were any additional questions or comments from
Sara Jean Wilhelm, representing the Granville Recreation Commission asked what
amount had been allocated for the Recreation Commission. Manager Plunkett
responded and said $3,000. He mentioned that he spoke with Mr. Layman earlier
this evening regarding the allocation. Mr. Plunkett mentioned that it has been
a struggle for the Commission to get their park moving. He said they held funds
over last year for this year for this purpose.
Mayor Gallant asked Manager Plunkett if he would suggest at some time the
Recreation Commission submit in writing a formal request? Manager Plunkett said yes.
Mrs. Wilhelm commented further and said that the Commission will need to have
it to Council in order for it to be included in their budget, and asked if
Council would tentatively approve the request. tonight. Manager Plunkett said
in the County Tax Budget there is provisions for $3,000 for the Recreation
Commission, or, if Council approves the proposed County Tax Budget (Res. No. 82-17),then that would be a tentative really approval. Mr. Gallant said it wouldn' t become realistic until the budget is passed in the fall.
Mayor Gallant commented at this time that members will have the opportunity
to add other comments after the public hearing during our Old Business when actually considering the Resolution 82-17. Adding, that if there were any additional questions which the public might benefit at this time then that' s legimate, but thought members could hold discussion until Old Business when they consider the Resolution. He asked if there were anymore to be said as part of the public hearing?Questions or comments that might be appropriate for the public hearing.
With no further comments offered, Mayor Gallant declared the public hearing closed at 7: 56 p.m.,and action on the County Tax Budget held for Old Business.
Those who signed the register were:
Cynthia Krause, Granville Fellowship
Sara Jean Wilhelm, Granville Recreation Commission
Rick Bline, Granville Sentinel
There were no comments made at this time.
Councilmember Bartlett asked Mayor Gallant if it would be appropriate to give pa ecrotaminmeidtteetorethpeorCt oautntythis time. Mr. Gallant responded and said if the report Tax Budget.
Special Council Meeting Minutes
July 14, 1982
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Recreation Commission -Councilmember Bartlett reported that the Commission Recreation met last night. The commission is operating right now with a 19,000 surplus. In regards to the $3,000 we' ve allocated for the Recreation Commission, Ms. Bartlett said she would like to see Council continue to go that way so that the Commission could build their soccer fields they have planned for so long.
Manager Plunkett added that the Commission plans to build two soccer fields behind the Community Gardens at Wildwood Park. He said chances are slim but there may be some Federal money available through (UDAG) Urban Development Action Grant, because of the type of program it is there might be some of that money available, perhaps on a 50%basis.
Resolution No. 82-17, A" Resolution To Adopt The 1983 County Tax Budget As Proposed And To Direct The Village Manager To Submit It To The County Auditor", was introduced and read in its entirety by Councilmember Miller.
Councilmember Miller moved for passage of Resolution No. 82-17. Motion seconded by Councilmember Schnaidt.
Discussion on the proposed County Tax Budget continued.
Mayor Gallant commented that he thought the exercise that we went through in seeing where some economy could be made was a helpful exercise. Further, it appears to him that we' re simply postponing our problem for one more year. Mayor Gallant continued and said we have a proposed budget which is about 100,000 over the estimated revenues, which leaves us with an anticipated 11,000 balance a year and a half hence. He said he wondered whether he would be in favor of leaving this budget as is and submitting it to the County Auditor and say okay we' ve gone through the exercise that we' re re- quired to do but were there some economies and some cuts which really we should try to make, which resulted from our closer examination of the budget, when we thought we were going to come up with a real shortfall. We still have to face the question, do we now want to go to the public for more money, do we need to, and what about the commuter tax?
Manager Plunkett reminded Council that they still have a scheduled worksession to discuss taxes on the 28th of July, that is not cancelled. He said he has heard a lot of people talking in the last week or so, people are anxious to discuss it. Comments he has heard were overwelmingly in favor of a commuter ptaosxe,deven from many of those who would in fact pay. The things that we pro- to cut out were pretty difficult to do.
Councilmember Bartlett commented that she had a few questions to ask the PMlaunnakgeetrt. reOsnpeo,n6de0dw)e have a ball park figure of just what we cut out? Mr. the and said $62,500. You have restored all the cuts except cost of living?Mr. Plunkett said yes, but the $62,500 does not include the step increases. Ms. Bartlett asked if any more was budgeted that was not in the budget when they reviewed the budget draft. Mr. Plunkett said he added into the Street Construction. Ms. Bartlett asked if the Manager had any
Special Council Meeting Minutes
July 14, 1982
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kind of estimates in terms of our revenues if the economy turns around and
how much more would they increase? She was trying to see if we decide to
make these cuts later and kind of hold tight for a year and see whether or
not things get turned around, we' ll be in a better position a year from
now to really come to grips with the budget and what needs to be done. She
was thinking if the whole area picks up again, are there any estimates in
terms of revenue falls, how much it falls.
Manager Plunkett responded and said there were no statistics available for
Granville alone that he knew of on an annual basis. Ms. Bartlett asked
if the Manager could get these figures.
Mr. Plunkett said our annual revenues is a definite tured them figure, and we have cap- every year. Ms. Bartlett wanted to know if revenues have dipped.
Mr. Plunkett said yes, for a couple of years, he said he didn' t have the
graphs, which were made up by the Financial Resources study Commission available
at the moment but would get those for Ms. Bartlett.
Councilmember Schnaidt commented that he didn' t think the kind of figures
Ms. Bartlett was looking for and thinking about would fit Granville. He said he thought the norms arn' t going to work in Granville,in thinking about the
type of community we have. He said we don' t have very many people that he could think of in the Village that would be affected by Rockwell closing down
or OwensC- orning cutting back, maybe a little bit, but not very much. A lot of houses that become available in the Village are mostly where an older per- son has died, so if anything, when that house is sold, a younger person would probably move into it and if anything we would gain a little income, where before maybe an older person who was retired was not paying any tax. In most
cases you would not get retired couples because of the price range of these homes. Most of these homes would not be affordable to retired people. He said most of the working people are white collar workers not blue collar workers, and he didn' t think a big upturn or a big turn down in the economy would have too much effect on our economy.
Ms. Bartlett said she was thinking more in terms of things getting real good economy wise, and felt every community is hooked into the national
economy whether we like it or not.
Manager Plunkett said he would get Ms. Bartlett the revenue graphs out to her as soon as possible.
Mayor Gallant questioned why after discovery of the $110,000 in revenues and the restoration of the things Council cut out before, we still show a 100,000 imbalance in the budget.
Manager Plunkett responded, because we have been budgeting at a leval about 100,000 above our expected appropriations. Mr. Gallant commented that two weeks ago you showed 8$7,000 that we somehow had to do something about, then members said they would see where we could cut, now you' ve restored the cuts and we have the additional $110,000 in revenue but the budget is still out of balance by $100,000. Manager Plunkett responded and said it' s roughly about the same amount as last year. He said even in this, there will be some unex- pended balances. For instance, we may not spend any money on sidewalks, wemay
Special Council Meeting Minutes
July 14, 1982
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put off a majdr street construction, or we may take more in interest income
than we expect. This type of thing will eleviate the imbalance, and that' s
what has happened in years past. People generally budget either very conservatively
or very wildly. He said he likes to be fairly conservative on the
revenues and fairly accurate on the appropriations side in a projected budget,
because you generally have things in a municipality that come up during the
course of the year. For instance, we have an agreement with Gary Price
generated by the Development Commission and approved by Council to pay the
difference between a 12" and 8" water and sewer mains on Welsh Hills Road.
With no further comments or questions, the motion to approve Resolution No.
82-17 carried.
July 28, 1982 -Council Worksession -Time 7: 30 p.m.. -Discussion on the
tax issue.
Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.,by mutual consent of those members present.
512(#U l l}cTrrOUU1.k. ,
Clerk of LOUAcil
14 Mayor
These minutes are not official until approved by Council and signed by officers.
July 13, 1981
Granville Village Council
c/o Mayor Carl A. Frazier
Granville, Ohio 43023
Dear Mayor Frazier:
The June 25, 1981, meeting of the Granville Development Commission
included deliberation and decisions concerning the application of
Gary Price/Ortha Wright, for the Rezoning and Development Plan of
properties connected with the Granville Golf Course (see attached
This letter is to formally notify the Village Council that the
Development Commission voted at the June 25, 1981 meeting to
recommend to Council the rezoning of this land from Open Space
District and Planned Unit Development to all Planned Unit Development.
The Hilengreen Development Plan, as submitted, was also
approved in principle. The formal, written plan with covenants
will be reviewed by the Development Commission for conformance to
verbal committments.
Very truly yours,
1 3-1-'0-1'4£31 < / f ' «(,. - -,=»%'
Itl. , . BArelayK--- Gano
Granville Development Commission
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