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Council Minutes September 1, 1982

Vice Mayor Davison called the meeting to order at 7: 30 p.m..
Responding to roll call were:
Councilmember Bartlett
Councilmember Avery
Councilmember Schnaidt
Councilmember Harriott
Vice Mayor
Law Director
Councilmember Schnaidt moved to excuse absentee members Miller and Gallant.
Motion seconded by Councilmember Harriott. Motion carried.
A public hearing was held on the following legislation:
Ordinance And To AmeNndo. 20-82 -An Ordinance To Repeal Article 43 Of Ordinance No. 17-2, Ordinance No. 16-76.
Vice Mayor Davison asked if there was anyone who wished to ask questions, make comments or address this ordinance.
Mrs. Libby Smith, 467 West Broadway, asked for clarifications on: Exemptions meLmibmer itations (1),page 2 of 6, and Ground Signs (e)p,age 4 of 6. Council- Avery responded and clarified questions raised.
7T:h4e0re were no additional comments made at this time. Public hearing closed at p.m..
Ordinance No. 22-82 -An Ordinance To Amend Section 171. 19 Of The Codified Ordinances Of The Village Of Granville By Reducing The Credit Allowed For Tax Paid In Another Municipality As Of January 1, 1983. O( rdinance No. 228-2 pro- poses a 50%reduced tax credit)
Ordinance No. 248- 2 -An Ordinance To Amend Section 171. 19 Of The Codified Ordinances Of The Village Of Granville By Reducing The Credit Allowed For Tax Paid In Another Municipality. (Ordinance No. 24-82 proposes a 75%reduced tax credit)
Both Ordinance' s above received public hearing simultaneously, since both were similar in text except for the amount of reduced tax credit proposed.
Several residents appeared this evening to speak in opposition to the proposed reduced tax credit ordinances, (Commuter Tax), citing the following reasons:
Council Meeting Minutes
September 1, 1982
Page 2 of 5
Many residents who work outside the Village are al ready paying to other
municipalities and if this tax were imposed they would end up paying more
than those who live and work in the Village.
Proposed legislation merely a band-aid solution to the total financial
needs of the Village, and that a total tax package should be considered.
Proposed legislation penalizes those who must find employment outside the
Village, and that there were not enough jobs in the Village for all the
residents who would wish to find employment.
Councilmember Schnaidt commented that if the Village can stay on top with the
monies generated from the proposed reduced tax credit legislation, the Village
is considering the possibility of increasing its boundaries by additional
annexations, thereby increasing its tax base which might solve the problem in
a long range, and an increase in taxes might not be necessary.
This statement was challanged by one citizen who stated that annexation usally
means additional costs such as water and sewer lines, fire hydrants etc..
Mr. Schnaidt responded and said most of these items mentioned would be by
assessment and that the Village is looking more to the areas where there are
lines and to the south where there are businesses, and where interest in
annexation has been expressed to Village officials.
One resident asked how wide spread has the "Commuter Tax" been implemented in
Ohio? Manager Plunkett responded and said it was quite wide spread throughout Ohio, mentioning two municipalities such as Chagrin Falls and Hudson. He said
he did not have the complete list with him this evening but would gladly
supply that information later upon requests.
Another resident asked how much money would each of the proposed ordinances generate? Manager Plunkett responded and said the 1/4%, with income of $25,000 times an average 200 would generate approximately $12,500, and a 1/2% would double that amount or $25,000.
With no new comments offered, the public hearing closed at 8: 19 p.m.,with action on Ordinance Number' s 22-82 and 24-82 held for Old Business.
Those who signed the register were:
Lucille W. Ruffing Dorothy Brown Harold J. Dunham Russell M. Potter
Elinor E. Dunham Libbie Smith Robert L. Mathias David Crook
Julius Blum Carolyn Blum Nancy Sawyer Charles Wagner
Audrey Wagner Erle Richards Frederic E.Gosnell James H. McNenny Dorothy M. Garrett Jean Barnes Howard M. Garrett
First to speak under citizens' comments was Mr. Hal Dunham, from Summit Street. He and several other residents of the Summit Street area appeared to express their concerns regarding students renting houses in the neighborhood. They asked if converting a single family house to a multi-family was in violation
Council Meeting Minutes
September 1, 1982
Page 3 of 5
of the Village' s Zoning Ordinance?Mr. Dunham continued, and cited one particular
case where a single family house is being rented to four students by an out of
town property owner. He said something happens to rental property that is
rented to students with an absentee landlord situation. Mr. Dunham mentioned
some of the disturbances such as loud high fidelity phonographs, parties,
improper parking, littering and devaluating adjacent properties. He said with
the new Ohio law about 18 year olds not being able to drink and such parties will
no longer be allowed on campus,the situation might get worse. He asked Council
what could be done to curtail the disturbances of peace, parking, trash littering
etc. .
Law Director Drake commented that the definition of "family" in the current
Zoning Ordinance was not specific enough.
Following additional comments made by other residents of the Summit Street Council asked residents area, if any of them had called the police, when these disturbances
occur?Members brought to the attention of the residents that the Village has legislation on the books that cover these types of disturbances, and that violators can be cited.
Councilmember Bartlett asked if any anyone has tried to bring the students who
make these violations before their own judical review process. She sdid each student is subject to what is in their handbook.
In each case the residents were hesitant to cause any problems for the students, they just wanted something done to curtail the disturbances.
Vice Mayor Davison commented that unfortunately its going to take someone to make the complaint if violators are going to be cited.
Following a lengthy discussion, Manager Plunkett was directed to draft legisla- tion to amend the Zoning Ordinance and more clearly define "family"R.esidents
were asked to report other disturbances such as noise, and parking violations.
Next to speak under citizens comments was the BeechwoodT/hornewwod Drive Homeowner' s Association. Mr. David Crook, secretary for the association spoke first and read a list of questions the group would like answered, regarding inprovements for the two drives. The association is made up of 18 out of the 20 families that live on these two drives, and a definite interest in solving the road problems has been expressed. The group wanted to know if a meeting with the engineer (Bird &Bull) could be arranged so that their questions could be answered, along with some ball park figures.
Manager Plunkett stated that Bird &Bull estimates it will cost $5,000 to make a set of plans for the project. He said Mr. Turner of Bird &Bull has met with the residents but felt that it would not be fair to ask Mr. Turner to continue without pay. He said that he felt Mr. Turner would be willing to have a pre- liminary meeting with representatives of the Association, to answer their questions and show show sketches, discuss costs etc..
Council directed Manager Plunkett to go ahead and contact Bird &Bull and set up a meeting with the residents of BeechwoodT/hornewood Drives.
Council Meeting Minutes
September 1, 1982
Page 4 of 5
Development Commission -Councilmember Avery reported on the Commission' s meeting
held August 26th. The Commission approved a request for fencing" split rail
along the alley line at 222 South Prospect Street, and a 22' x6' privacy fence
on the south side of the same property.
Ordinance No. 20-82, "An Ordinance To Amend Article 43 Of Ordinance No. 17-2,
And To Amend Ordinance No. 16-76", was moved for adoption by Councilmember
Avery. Motion seconded by Councilmember Schnaidt. Roll call vote: Avery-yes,
Schnaidt- yes, Bartlett-yes, Harriott-yes, Davison-yes, Gallant-absent, Millerabsent.
Five yes votes, two members absent. Ordinance No. 20-82 duly adopted.
Ordinance No. 22-82, "An Ordinance To Amend Section 171. 19 Of The Codified
Ordinances Of The Village Of Granville By Reducing The Credit Allowed For Tax
Paid In Another Municipality As Of January 1, 1983".Councilmember Bartlett
moved that Ordinance No. 22-82 as amended be tabled until the next regular
meeting of September 15, 1982. Motion seconded by Councilmember Avery. Motion carried.
Ordinance No. 24-82, "An Ordinance To Amend Section 171. 19 Of The Codified
Ordinances Of The Village Of Granville By Reducing The Credit Allowed For Tax
Paid In Another Municipality As Of January 1, 1983".Councilmember Schnaidt
moved for adoption of Ordinance No. 24-82 as amended. Motion seconded by
Councilmember Harriott. Following a brief discussion, Councilmember Bartlett
said she would like to table Ordinance No. 24-82 as amended until the next
regular meeting of September 15, 1982. Motion seconded by Councilmember Avery. Motion carried.
Pearl Street Sewer Project
Law Director Drake commented at this time that negotiations on the Pearl Street Sewer Project are still going on. The Village is attempting cation to get some clarifi- from the engineers as to the usefulness of the sewer portion already installed,
then another contractor will probably be called in to complete the unfinished project. Mr. Drake said there is a possibility of an agreement close at hand.
cMlaanimagetrhPatlu: nkett added to the discussion and said that Clyde E. Williams &Assoc., one section of the sewer pipe between Manhole No. 1006 and Manhole
No. 1007 has been laid at less than design grade, and will affect the flow. Mr.
Plunkett said this has happended with a resident engineer on the project. CEWA' s have given a cost of $21,000 to finish the engineering on the project. Mr. Plunkett asked Council if he could obtain an opinion from another engineering firm, Poggemeyer)o,n work already done. Following a brief discussion it was the con- sensus of members that the Manager should go ahead and transfer the project to the engineering firm of Lester H. Poggemeyer, P.E.,Inc..
Council Meeting Minutes
September 1, 1982
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September 15, 1982 -Regular Council Meeting
With no further business to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by Councilmember
Avery, seconded by Councilmember Schanidt. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 9: 15 p.m..
Clerk of Council
Mayor <L,/
These minutes are not official until approved by Council and signed by officers.

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