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Council Minutes January 26, 1983

JANUARY 26,1983
Mayor Gallant called the Meeting To Order at 7: 30 p.m..
Responding to roll call were:
Councilmember Miller
Councilmember Schnaidt
Councilmember Avery
Councilmember Harriott
Vice Mayor
Law Director
Councilmember Miller moved to excuse absentee member Bartlett. Motion seconded by
Councilmember Harriot. Motion carried.
Alexander F. Smith, Denison Unversity
Carl Frazier, 554 N. Pearl Street
Theodosia Nelson, W. Broadway
Tim Boyle, Denison University
Joann Morey, E. College St.
Eric Hirschler, E. Elm St.
Sue Hartfield, E. Elm St.
Kate Moore, Denison University
Carolyn Blum, Beechwood Drive
David Crook, Thornewood Drive
Jerry Turner, Bird and Bull
Mayor Gallant opened the discussion on the matter of Denison University' s proposal
to convert Lamson Lodge to "Pub" use by asking Law Director Drake to relay a
conversation he had with James Cooper, attorney for Denison University, concerning
the proposal. Mr. Drake stated that in that conversation, Mr. Cooper informed him
that Denison will go to the Development for approval of the proposal as a Conditional Use.
Alexander F. Smith, Dean of Student Life at Denison, explained the University' s
position regarding the matter. He stated that Denison saw the use of Lamson Lodge
as a "Pub" to be a "permitted use", and one not all that different from its
current use.
Carl Frazier asked exactly what Denison would be seeking at the Development Commission.
Mr. Smith explained that a conditional use would be sought, although the University
considered it a permitted use. He went on to explain the "Pub' s" genesis and
purpose as an "alternate facitlity to promote responsible drinking".
Theodosia Nelson expressed her opposition to the proposal, based on years of exposure to drunks= in Washington, D. C..She further stated that she was "here on a matter
of decency".
Special Council Meeting
January 26, 1983
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Councilmember Miller asked how Denison intended to serve students.
Smith stated that beer would be served by the glass for a price in a quiet restrained
Councilmember Miller asked how a facility Which would only hold fifty or sixty could
adequately serve a student, population of 1200 (nineteen years and older).
Tim Boyle responded that building occupancy requirements would not be exceeded.
Joann Morey asked What would be served, to which Mr. Smi th responded "beer, soft
drinks )and munchies".
C6uncilmember Harriot asked where patrons woul·d'park, and how many patrons expected were to drive to the facility. Mr. Smith stated that patrons would park in the
Livingston Gym parking lot, and that no more than ten to fifteen people would be
expected to drive to the facility.
Councilmember * Schnaidt, stating that he was speaking now as a resident, expressed a
concern for safety with the proposal citing the lack df sidewalks and lighting along
Washington Drive, the proximity of Lamson Lodge to the High School and the volume
and type of traffic along Pearl Street in that area. Mr. Schnaidt stated that in his opinion, the proposal. represented a safety hazard as well as an attempt on the part of the University to "skirt the law".
Eric Hirschler stated that' he lives behind the Buxton Inn, and that noise doesn' t emanate from such a place.
Sue Hartfield stated damage done by students in the past was extensive.'
Councilmember Avery asked if Denison really needdd such a place, to which Mr. Smith replied "91%of people 18-22 choosd to use alcohol. This fatility is meant to be quiet, and conducive to soci&1'interaction'.'.
Kate Moore stated that the Pub would be another place on campus students can go.
Vice Mayor Davison asked if, in the opinion of the Law Director, the proposed use of Lamson Lodge as a Pub, was a permitted use in that district. Mr. Drake responded "no".
Vice Mayor Davison then moved that the VillageMManager be directed to send 6 letter to ' Dension Unversity, s' tating that the proposed use of Lamson Lodge as a Pub is a conditional use within the University district, and all porcedures necessary to such use must be followed. Councilmember Harriott seconded the motion and the motion carried. Mayor Gallant closed the discussion on Lamson Lodge.
Mayor Gallant moved into a discussion of the plans for reconstruction of Beechwood and ThornewoodTDFives. The Mayor introduced Jerry Turner of Bird and Bull Ltd.,who explained the plans to Council and the residents present. Mr. Turner stated that the proposal as presented would cost between $130-150,000. ,
sReetsidtoenrtesvwieewre. given copies of the preliminary plans to review, and Council took a
3pecial Council Meeting
January 26, 1983
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Mayor Gallant suggested that a subsequent discussion of the plan take place on
February 16, 1983, at which time all would have had time ot review the design
Coucilmember Miller moved that the meeting be adjourned, Councilmember Avery seconded. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 9: 20 p.m.
0 4 Kilacid Temporary Clerk of Councilu
TAA V .<
1Ad *
These minutes ane not official until approved by Coucil and signed by officers.

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