Granville Community Calendar

Council Minutes June 20, 1983

JUNE 20, 1983, 1: 00 P.M.
The hearing today was scheduled to provide citizens an opportunity to submit
written and oral comments regarding proposed uses of Revenue Sharing Funds
for Entitlement Period 15.
Present: Douglas E. Plunkett, Village Manager
Catherine M. Miller
Oral Comments: No one appeared at the Public Hearing.
Written Comments: The Granville Recreation Commission submitted a letter
requesting $3,000, and an additional $1500 for improvements
to Wildwood Park, prior to the hearing.
Public hearing adjourned at 1: 15 p.m..
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Mr. Doug Plunkett,
Village Manager
Granville Village
Granville, OH 43023
Dear Doug,
P.0. Box 483 •GRANVILLE, OHIO 43023
June 20, 1983
As per our annual request from the Granville Recreation Commission,
we respectively request the continuing support of revenue sharing
dollars in the amount of $3000 for the operation of the community
In addition to the above dollars, we request that a consideration
be given for an additional $1500 for improvements for the Wildwood
Park. As your representative, Robin Bartlett can tell you that we
have a number of activities tentatively being planned and before they
can materialize financial support needs to be secured. We would
appreciate your consideration on this matter.
James T. Russell,
Granville Recreation Commission
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