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Council Minutes March 2, 1983

MARCH 2, 1983
Vice Mayor Davison called the meeting to order at 7: 30 p.m..
Sharon Hoegel was appointed temporary clerk.
Responding to roll call were:
Councilmember Miller
Councilmember Schnaidt
Councilmember Avery
Councilmember Bartlett
Councilmember Harriott
Vice Mayor -
Law Director -
Councilmember seconded Miller moved to excuse absentee member Mayor Gallant. Motion by Councilmember Bartlett. Motion carried.
A public hearing was held at this time on the following ordinance:
Ordinance No. 8-83 -An Ordinance To Amend Article 4 of Ordinance 16-76 of The Village of Granville By Amending the Definition of "Family" and "Rooming House" Aanndd BByy Adding Definitions of "Family Model Home" and "Developmental Disability" Numbering the Subsections Thereof.
DCor.unTchilmioesmsbaeirdSicthnaidt asked Sam Thios if this ordinance solves his problems. did.
Public hearing closed at 7:40 p.m..
Those who signed the register were:
H. Jack Donald -Granville
Jean Barnes -Granville Sentinel
No comments were offered by Citizens.
Recreation Commission (Bartlett)
TChoeunCciolmnceemrbt er Bartlett said the Recreation Commission met on March 1, 1983. on the Green is ready to go.
Council Meeting Minutes
March 2, 1983
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tui LL Vice Mayor Davison stated that Bill Chambers · House park from bas receivet plans for the Opera will Ohio State. Chambers hopes to get started soon, but there be additional meetings.
Vice Mayor Davison then reported that the Village Trustees worksession went very well.
The next issue addressed was Beechwood and Thornewood Drives: Jerry Turner
was present.
Manager Plunkett said funds are being sought from the County Commissioners and aannd TamhoernndemweonotdonDrtihvees.sewage plant money is being considered to include Beachwood
Jerry Turner said the drawings for the construction of the roads have been completed. The contract documents are not ready. Asphalt and resource experts said that drastic changes need to be made in street design. The base needs to be removed and 23" of asphalt need to be poured. The estimated cost is $185,000 which includes drainage and road improvements. Grant consultants have been contacted.
Manager Plunkett said if the permissive tax is approved and revenues are preacye2iv5e%doffrotmhethbeillC.ounty Commissioners for the drainage project, residents would
Jack Jones of L. H. Poggemeyer, Inc.,said it is doubtful that the sewage plant contract can be amended to include the seweres needed in Beechwood and Thornewood Drives because 1.)the facility plans did not warrant a sanitary sewer and 2.) fEoPAr cfuuntdibnagcks. He said he would approach this positively, although the chances are slim.
Manager Plunkett agreed that this should be pursued. He said the cost of the sewer project is $150-170,000 or $25/foot.
Vice Mayor Davison asked what the next step is. Manager Plunkett responded by saying that the County Commissioners should be approached for support. He said he would look into the Village' s water capital improvements fund. He feels the srohaoduldcobnestruction should wait until the sewer problem is solved and that the road graded in the spring.
Julius Blum, a Granville Village citizen, asked for a review of the details. Manager Plunkett said the drawings are ready and copies are available. Blum Pfelultnktehtat t the citizens were supposed to have aided in the drawings. Manager doubts they will need to be changed and Jerry Turner added that he had no problems in accepting new ideas and the plans could be changed.
Councilmember Schnaidt asked if the funding issue will be solved quickly. Jack Jones said he would receive the preliminary evaluation from EPA by March 5, 1983. If he receives preliminary approval, it could be 2 months before he knows for sure if they will get the funds. 1
Council Meeting Minutes
March 2, 1983
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Councilmember Schnaidt asked would Manager Plunkett if the approval gets shot down, the sewers have to be forgotten? Manager Plunkett said yes but the County Commissioners would still be approached. Councilmember Schnaidt said things should get moving before prices to up. He scheduled a meeting with Jerry
Turner and the residents for March 9, 1983.
Blum said the citizens need to know what is going on. Another citizen asked if the residents had been told about the sewer problems. Manager Plunkett said they had not, but the houses will be identified and informed.
Earl Richards, another Village resident, said that he is unaware of what has happened since the last meeting. Manager Plunkett stated that 1.)design for the road and drainage system are done, 2.)water line problems have been dis- covered 3.)the gas company has been contacted for location of lines -they will have to be replaced when the road is constructed, t(he residents will not be assessed for this)a,nd 4.)the funding picture is cloudy -the Village and its residents cannot foot the bill without other funding. If the County Commissioners fund the drainage problem and with Village revenue sharing and or an assessment of $5000 to the residents, the original estimate would be possible.
Blum asked Jerry Turner if the trees in the right away would have to be removed. He said they would have to be. Blum said the atmosphere would be greatly altered. Turner promised to save as many as he could. Manager Plunkett suggested making nsaotidesyeons. the plans. Blum asked if the tree removal would change the bids. Turner
Vice Mayor Davison confirmed the March 9, 1983, worksession for 7: 30 p.m..
Utilities (Davison, Chairman) Miller, Harriott
Vice Mayor Davison reported that in a memo he received from Manager Plunkett, water rates will increase 0$0.051/000 gallons. Manager Plunkett added that the-rates aforer O7.w5en%sinCcorernainsgesa. nd Alexandria were going up by $00.081/000 gallons. These
Vice Mayor Davison asked Manager Plunkett if he recommends these rates. He said yceaspibtault over the next few years produciton costs will go down because of the 1982 was improvements in production that will be made. He said the loss rate in 57%but because of leak detection it is expected to decrease to 33% dinown19b8y3. A 10-15%loss rate is what is eventually expected. Lime prices may go 25%and because of new equipment, the Village' s lime usage is expected otof odveecrreaSsperinbgy b1r0ea2-k0.%.Denison has a major water problem that will taken care
Csaoiudncnilomtemubnetril Bartlett asked if residential rates will decrease. Manager Plunkett the capital improvements for distribution are made.
MViacneagMerayor Davison asked why Alexandria' s rates are lower than the Village' s. Davison Plunkett said they can be no lower than the Village' s. Vice Mayor 1 then asked if they bill their own people. Manager Plunkett stated
Council Meeting Minutes
March 2, 1983
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that they did. Their rate is $ reading 1.901/000 gallons. They are also responsible for meters and taking care of liine problems. This explains their lower rates.
Councilmember Miller said that Alexandria is not making a profit. Manager Plunkett agreed. It provides the Village with added revenues with no added work.
Councilmember Schnaidt added that money spent on the Village' s water system keeps fire insurance rates down. Manager Plunkett said there are some very thin lines that need looped to inprove the system.
Vice Mayor Davison asked that an ordinance concerning the new water rates be prepared. Manager Plunkett said it would be done for the next meeting.
Development Commission (Avery) Ex-Officio Member
The Development Commission met of February 17, 1983, to discuss Lamson Lodge. MPuanbaligcer Plunkett said Denison has appealed the decision. He suggested that a hearing be held on March 16, 1983.
Councilmember Bartlett asked about Conditional Use. Councilmember Avery said guidelines have been set and the specifications must be met. He asked Law Director Drake if the Sunset clause would add problems. Drake said the Devel- opment Commission cannot set time limits. Councilmember Schnaidt said people could use it as a bargaining tool to prove the validity of a project to the Village. Councilmember Bartlett said the process would start over. She then asked if variances are possible. Law Director Drake said they are not. OLD BUSINESS
Ordinance No. 8-83 -A n" Ordinance To Amend Article 4 of Ordinance 16-76 Village Of Granville ByAmending The Definition of "Family"And " of The and By Adding Definitions of "Family Model Home" and "DevelopmenRtaoloming House" And By Numbering The Subsections Thereof", Disability" entirety by Vice Mayor Davison. was introduced and title read in its
Vice Mayor Davison moved for passage of Ordinance No. 8-83. Motion seconded by Councilmember Harriott. Roll call vote: Millery-es, Schnaidty-es, Averyy-es, dBulyaratdleoptttye-ed.s, Harriotty-es, Davisony-es. Six votes yes. Ordinance No. 8-83
Resolution No. 83-11 -T o" Authorize The Village Manager To Advertise for foreradThein PiutrschaesnetiroeftyWater Treatment Chemical for 1983"w,as introduced and tBiitdlse by Councilmember Avery.
CCoouunncciillmmeemmbbeerr Avery moved for passage of Resolution 83-11. Motion seconded by Schnaidt. Motion carried. Resolution 83-11 duly passed. 1
Council Meeting Minutes
March 2, 1983
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Resolution No. 83-12 -T o" Authorize The Village Manager To Enter Into A Contract With Ohio Leak Locators, Ltd.,To Provide a Survey of Granville' s bWyatCerouDncisilmtreibmubteior n System"w,as introduced and title read in tis entirety Harriott.
Councilmember Harriott moved for passage of Resolution No. 83-12. Motion seconded by Councilmember Miller. Motion carried. Resolution 83-12 duly passed.
The Streets and Sidewalks Committee will meet on March 9, 1983.
A movement was made to move into a worksession by Vice Mayor Davison. Motion seconded by Councilmember Harriott. Motion carried.
With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned.
Temporary efk of Council
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