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Council Minutes February 15, 1984

FEBRUARY 15, 1984
Mayor Gallant called the meeting to order at 7: 30 p.m..
Responding to roll call were:
Councilmember Miller
Councilmember Eisenberg
Councilmember Schnaidt
Councilmember Rader
Councilmember Avery
Vice Mayor -
Law Director -
Manager -
A public hearing was held at this time for the following ordinance:
Ordinance No. 2-84, "An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. Adjustments 34-83 Providing For Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal Year 1984 And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses."
No one appeared to speak for or against Ordinance No. 2-84. Public hearing
closed at 7: 32 p.m.,with action held for Old Business.
February 1, 1984 -Regular Council Meeting -Councilmember Rader moved that the minutes be approved as distributed. Motion seconded by Councilmember Miller. Motion carried.
Those who signed the register were:
Terry Hemsworth, Ohio Power Company
Carolyn Blum
Charles Wagner
Nancy Sawyer
Jeff VanDine, Ohio Power Company
Erle Richards
Audrey Wagner
Mr. Charles Wagner, 112 Beechwood Drive, was first to speak. He asked for an explanation of the $3,000 engineering fee appropriated for BeechwoodT/hornewood Drives, and if this fee would be included in the total cost of the reconstruc- tion project?
Manager Plunkett responded and said that the $3,000 appropriated for engineer- ing fees, is for the preparation of specifications in accordance with the plans drafted a year ago for the reconstruction of Beechwood and Thornewood Drives. He said the specifications will contain the detail with regard to how the construe- tion is to progress and the minutiae of what a contractor has to know in order
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
February 15, 1984
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to bid on the project, how it is to be built, wage rates, etc.. In addition
to the $3,000, Council has appropriated $4,000 for the assessor, who will make
a determination of the benefits derived by the various property owners. Also,
that these fees would be added to the total project cost.
Manager Plunkett also explained, that the resolution of necessity was omitted
from the agenda this evening for two reasons: 1) He has found that Section
5557. 09 of the Ohio Revised Code allows the County Commissioners to assess those
people in the unincorporated area who would benefit from the project. He said
he would like to pursue the matter with the County Commissioners. 2) Results
from the recent tests taken with an xray machine of the road base of these
streets, will not be available for a few days. Mr. Plunkett felt that waiting
a while longer would be better than rushing ahead before having all the facts.
Carolyn Blum, 263 Beechwood Drive, was next to speak. Mrs. Blum stated that in
previous meetings with Village officials and the BeechwoodT/hornewood Association,
there was some discussion that sewers for this area were inevitable, and
assume that Council has addressed this issue, and have a plan on how they intend
to handle it. She said the Association hasn' t heard anything about it lately.
Mayor Gallant responded and said his own comments would be that the fashion
in which we have addressed it at the present time is that it would simply not be
practical to attempt to provide sewers· or that service at this time because of
the double assessment for the property owners.
Mrs. Blum asked if sewers for Beechwood and Thornewood were in the 5-year plan?
Manager Plunkett responded and said that sewers for this area are not in a
formal 5-year plan, it' swhen possible. He said he didn' t know how it could be
in a 5-year plan at this point.
Mrs. Blum wanted to know if possible, might mean in the next few years; or
even ten years?
Response to Mrs. Blum was that "in a holding pattern", would be more accurate
at this time, and that it has been Council' s policy not to force sewer and water
on anyone. Council does not normally initiate sewer and water projects but are usually initiated by the residents of the area desiring these services. Unless
Council would get a lot of complaints from the town or the EPA stepped in, or there was a serious sanitary problem, they would not initiate such a project.
Manager Plunkett at this time mentioned that the Village did try to get an amendment to the grant for the current sewer project. He said the Village tried
to get EPA to consider sewerage for that area hoping to get 75%federal funds. The EPA' s response was that the area was not included in the facilities plan of 1972 and therefore could not participate in the construction of any such sewers. He said an attempt was made to get those sewers put in, but was unsuccessful.
Nancy Sawyer, 94 Thornewood Drive, was next to speak and asked if there were any plans to fix the road a little right now. She said she could not get out of her driveway, and has never seen the road in the condition it' s in right now. Manager Plunkett responded and said the Village has done some things to parts of the road, and is planning to try and put some stones down tomorrow. He said it should help the situation for a while but when the spring thaw comes it will turn into a quagmire once again. Continuing, Mr. Plunkett said it has been a terrible winter and reports are that other townships throughout the county are
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
February 15, 1984
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faced with the same problem, and it' s not just the unpaved roads but the paved
roads as well. He said with all the moisture in the ground this winter and
the numerous freezes and thaws it has taken its tole on not just Granville
but the whole county. Mr. Plunkett mentioned that the County Engineers agree
that Thornewood and Beechwood is the worst in the whole county.
Manager Plunkett said in conclusion that the Village has brought several
loads of stone and put it down towards the top where Beechwood and Thornewood
joins and will try to get the bottom of the hill. He said we' re getting to
the point now where we' re running out of money for this sort of thing and will
need to come back to Council for a re-appropriation. He said more has been
spent in 1984 for snow removal and salt water than any other year.
Mrs. Sawyer questioned whether guardrails would be placed along the side of
her house when the paving gets underway. She said she was not looking forward
to another truck in her yard. She said with the grade on Thornewood it will
be the first road to have the snow removed or salt water applied.
Manager Plunkett responded to the first question and said that there are
no plans for guardrails on Beechwood and Thornewood. As far as snow removal
and applying salt water, he felt that Thornewood would be the first road to
be closed when ice forms etc.,but, it would be for a short period of time.
Mayor Gallant asked if Mr. Plunkett· would convey this concern to Jerry Turner,
and what he might suggest. Manager Plunkett said this has been discussed and
according to the Ohio Department of Transportation instructions standards with
that speed limit and recommended. even with a 20%slope a quardrail is not required or even
It was mentioned however, that if a property owner was concerned about cars getting into their yard or feared for their safety, they would have a right to
put a fence up of sufficient structure to keep cars out.
Mr. Erle Richards, 261 Thornewood Drive, was the last citizen to speak. He read a statement to Council with regards to the proposed reconstruction of Beechwood and Thornewood Drives. A copy of that statement is hereby attached as part of these minutes.
With no further comments on this matter or from others in attendance, Council moved on to the next item on the agenda.
The Mayor' s Report for the month of January was presented and reviewed. A copy of that report is hereby attached as part of these minutes.
The Manager' s Report for the month of January was presented. Manager Plunkett reviewed the report with Council. Following a brief discussion, Councilmember Schnaidt moved to approve the Manager' s Report for January. Motion seconded 1 by Councilmember Avery. Motion carried.
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
February 15, 1984
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Development Commission -Councilmember Avery reported on the Commission' s meeting
held February 9th. At that meeting members welcomed their newest member,
Kevin Maxwell, and; approved a Conditional Use request. The request submitted
by Sharon Fradenbaugh and Joseph Taylor, is to permit them to use the house
located at 131 Shepardson Court as a residence and; a meeting place on Sundays
and several times during the week for the Granville Meeting of the Religious
Society of Friends. Mr. Avery said there were questions with regards to parking,
but the Commission did not feel it would be a problem at this point and
granted the Conditonal Use. On another note, the Commission set February 23rd
as the date they would review the Zoning Ordinance revisions suggested by Ms. Ann Munro. He said hopefully. the Commission can submit to Council their
recommendations on these revisions sometime in March.
Recreation Commission -Councilmember Eisenberg reported on the Commission' meeting held February 7th. Highlights s of that meeting were: New members in- stalled: Carol Apacki, Betsy O' Neil, and Paul Treece. The Parks Committee
was authorized to make an expenditure of $35003-8$00 for a large piece of play equipment for Wildwood Park. Discussion on the proposed Granville Town- ship Hall/Recreation Center, and ways to generate funds for the construction of such a Community Center. Another topic was the possibility of having a modest size billboard for the Commission which would have a removable slide for changing messages, etc..
Following a brief discussion, a suggestion was made to Mr. Eisenberg to
bcoonavrdey to the Recreation Commission that they submit their request for a bill- to the Development Commission.
Personnel Committee -Councilmember Miller reported that the Commitee will be meeting this evening immediately following tonights meeting.
Opera House Park Improvement Committee -Vice Mayor Davison reported on the Committee' s meeting held Monday, February 13th. Mr. Davison said he conveyed Council' s feeling with regards to the proposed fence for the park, and the Commitee agreed that there would be no fence. The Committee is also in the final stages of selecting benches and lights for the park, but no further decision will be made until the Committee has submitted their selections to Council for approval. With regards to the status of the Elm tree sculpture, he said the last report was that it is going to be sculptured into two benches. He said the Commitee is not sure where to put them when they are finished. Mr. Davison said there were some shoots off the Elm tree which have survived tahned omlodstEolmf tthreeme.will be planted in and around the Village as a remembrance to
brick walkway. Mr. Davison said he hoped bids will go out soon for the
Manager Plunkett commented that the Township Trustees have assured him that they will write a check after their meeting February 22nd. He said then he will ask Council for authorization to advertise for bids for the brick walk at fthirestremgueleatringCouncil meeting of March 7th, and hopefully award the bids by the of April.
Streets &Sidewalks Committee -The Committee will meet this Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m.,to conduct their inspection of the streets.
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
February 15, 1984
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Ordinance No. 2-84, "An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 34-83 Providing For
Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal Year 1984 And Revising Sums
For Operating Expenses"w,as moved for adoption by Councilmember Schnaidt.
Motion seconded by Councilmember Rader. Roll call vote: Schnaidt-yes, Raderyes,
Avery- yes, Miller-yes, Eisenberg- yes, Davison- yes, Gallant-yes. Seven
yes votes. Motion carried. Ordinance No. 2-84 duly adopted.
Ordinance No. 3-84, "An Ordinance To Appropriate Funds For Capital Expenditures
In The General Fund", was introduced and title read in its entirety by Vice
Mayor Davison. A public hearing for Ordinance No. 3-84 was scheduled at this
time for March 7, 1984, at 7: 30 p.m..
Resolution No. 84-15, "A Resolution To Appoint Janet L. Packard Fire Prevention
Officer", was introduced and read in its entirety by Councilmember Schnaidt.
Councilmember Schnaidt moved for passage of Resolution No. 84-15. Motion
seconded by Councilmember Miller. Motion carried. Resolution No. 84-15 duly
Prior to introduction of the next piece of legislation, Manager Plunkett introduced
Mr. Terry Hemsworth and Mr. jeff VanDine, representatives from the Ohio
Power Company. Mr. Hemsworth and Mr. VanDine were present this evening on behalf
of their company to discuss with Council a proposed contract for the ten
light fixtures for the downtown section of the Village.
During a lengthy question and answer session, Mr. Hemsworth explained that
his company has two street lighting contracts with the Village. In March of
1974, Ohio Power entered into a contract with the Village to install ten mercury fixtures for the downtown area. He said instead of making an amendment to the
existing street lighting contract, a new ten year contract was entered into for
the ten lights, and it is this contract that expires the middle of March, 1984.
Another contract for the rest of the street lights in the Village was entered
into in 1978 and will expire on March 31, 1988. Mr. Hemsworth said his company
proposes a four year contract for the ten downtown street lights. He said this
contract will expire March- 31, 1988. Hesaid with both contracts then expiring
at the same time, Ohio Power can propose a new contract for all the lights in the Village. This proposed four year contract calls for a 50.6%increase plus fuel adjustment.
Mayor Gallant thanked Mr. Hemsworth and Mr. VanDine for attending the meet- ing and reviewing the contract with members of Council.
Resolution No. 84-16, T"o Authorize The Village Manager To Enter Into A Contract With Ohio Power Company To Provide Electricity For Granville' s Street Lighting System"w,as introduced and read in its entirety by Councilmember Rader. Councilmember Rader moved for passage of Resolution No. 84-16. Motion pseacsosnedde.d by Councilmember Miller. Motion carried. Resolution No. 84-16 duly
Council Meeting Minutes
Village Of Granville
February 15, 1984
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Resolution No. 84-17, "To Authorize The Village Manager To Accept The Proposal
Of Lester H. Poggemeyer, P.E.,Inc.,To Provide Engineering Services For The
Preparation Of Plans And Specifications For The Reconstruction Of Pearl Street
In Conjunction With The Ohio Department Of Transportation' s Pearl Street Project",
was introduced and read in its entirety by Councilmember Miller.
Councilmember Miller moved for passage of Resolution No. 84-17. Motion
seconded by Councilmember Schnaidt. Motion carried. Resolution No. 84-17 duly
Kiwanis Request/ Tree Tapping
Mayor Gallant stated that a letter has been received from Gregory L. Dixon,
Maple Sugar Chairman of the Granville Kiwanis Club, requesting permission to
tap the Sugar Maple trees in the Village.
Manager Plunkett said that this annual tree tapping has been going on in
the Village for a long time and he could see no reason not to continue the
tradition, and recommended that Council approve the request.
Councilmember Avery moved that the Granville Kiwanis Club be permitted to
tap the Sugar Maple trees, as requested in their letter of February 12, 1984.
Motion seconded by Councilmember Rader. Motion carried.
Council' s 1984 Priority List
The results of the individual rankings on previously named projects and con- cerns are as follows:
Ranking Item
Capital Improvement Plan Funding and Update.
Commuter Tax/ Tax Structure.
Village Hall Renovation.
Employee Safety Policies.
Cost Effectiveness of Village Services Examination.
Granville Area Study and Planning Committee (GASPC).
Traffic Flow Examination.
Franchising (Licensing).
Mayor Gallant mentioned at this time that in the past members have consi dered
these composite rankings and then try and assign each of these items approximate to an time frame on the agenda. Also, to ask somebody on Council to take the initiative in preparing for a consideration of that item. He said it would require some gathering of information of facts. Also, in cases where a com- mittee might be appropriate then members have asked the committee to prepare for a consideration of the item.
The following assignments and time frames for the above mentioned projects are as follows:
1. Ways &Means Committee -Report scheduled for May.
2. Councilmember Rader -Report scheduled for March.
3. Councilmember Schnaidt and Councilmember Eisenberg -Scheduled for May. 4. Councilmember Miller and Councilmember Eisenberg -Scheduled for April.
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
February 15, 1984
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5. Vice Mayor Davison -Scheduled for August.
6. Mayor Gallant -Scheduled for April.
7. Councilmember Avery -Scheduled for June.
8. Vice Mayor Davison -Scheduled for July.
9. Scratched from list.
With no further business to discuss Councilmember Miller moved for adjournment.
Motion seconded by Vice Mayor Davison. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 9: 06 p.m..
1 AA
erk of rouncil
Mayof.., C
These minutes are not official until approved by Council and signed by officers.

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