Granville Community Calendar

Council Minutes June 13, 1984

Present For The Meeting Were:
JUNE 13, 1984 -1: 00 P.M.
Village Manager, Douglas E. Plunkett
Student Intern. Herman L. Counts III
Philomena Piper, Representing the Granville Fellowship, Inc.
The hearing convened at 1: 00 p.m.
A public hearing was called to hear and consider possible uses for Revenue Sharing
monies. Mr. Plunkett read aloud the uses from last year. He stated that
this year he had received two written requests for funds: The Granville Volunteer
Fire Department, and; The Granville Fellowship, Inc..He also stated that the
Granville Recreation Commission has requested money orally. Mrs. Piper was
present to confirm the request already submitted on behalf of the Granville
Fellowship, Inc..
Mr. Plunkett itemized amounts with the budget, the way the Village would like to
use from Revenue Sharing in 1984-85. He said that there was an expected Revenue
Sharing balance of $49,000 to be allocated in the following ways:
1. Granville Fire Department
a) Fire Clothing
b) Breathing Apparatus
2. Granville Recreation Commission $ 3,000.00
3. Granville Fellowship, Inc. 3,900.00
4. Tree Maintenance 5,000.00
5. Advertising $ 100. 00
6. Village Hall Entry Way $ 5,000.00
7. Street Improvements $28,000.00
Mr. Plunkett spoke of an idea building a new Middle School, and turning the present
Middle School into Public Offices for the Village. He suggested to
Mrs. Piper that a Special Community/ School Committee may be formed to investigate
the proposal. Mrs. Piper thought it was a good idea and thanked Mr. Plunkett
for his time.
The hearing was adjourned at 1: 55 p.m..
Respectfully submitted,
Herman L. Counts III

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