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Council Minutes March 6, 1985

MARCH 6, 1985
Mayor Gallant called the meeting to order at 7: 30 p.m..
Respbnding to roll. call were:
Councilmember Rader
Councilmember Eisenberg
Councilmember Schnaidt
Councilmember Avery
Vice Mayor -
Mayor -
Manager, -
Councilmember Garrett moved to excuse Law Director Drake. Motion seconded by
Councilmember Rader. Motion carried.
February 20, 1985 -Regular Council Meeting -Vice Mayor Davison moved that the
minutes be approved as corrected. Motion seconded by Councilmember Rader.
Motion carried.
February 25, 1985 -Special Council Meeting -Councilmember Avery moved to
approve the minutes as distributed. Motion seconded by Councilmember Garrett.
Motion carried.
February 27, 1985 -Special Council Meeting -Councilmember Eisenberg moved that
the minutes be approved as submitted. Motion seconded by Councilmember Schnaidt. Motion carried.
Those who signed the register were:
Erin Scanlon, WHTH/ WNKO
Jeff Rober, L.H.Poggemeyer,P.E.In,c.
Scott Kennedy
Ron Mack
Ralph Blackstone, Village Service &Utilities Director Gib &Allene Blackstone
Douglas Mack
Gregory D. Keeler
D. D. Young
Tom Fuller
Lee Slaughter, Village Service Dept. Foreman Hal Jackson
AMsrs. oGciibatiBolnackwstiothne appeared this evening as spokesman for the Granville Merchants regard to the proposed Broadway center street parkin9· Mr. Blackstone stated that the Merchants Association would like for the Village
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
March 6, 1985
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to try the center street parking for 60-90 days and if that doesn' t work, then
some alternate parking should be found. Mr. Blackstone acknowledged the Fire
Department' s concerns with the proosed center street parking but felt the
additional parking in this area would improve all businesses and be a benefit
to residents as well.
Mr. Blackstone then asked if the Village' s Service &Utilities Director
Ralph Blackstone would review his proposed plan for center street parking.«
Ralph Blackstone reviewed his proposal for center street parking as outl ined in a
drawing previously distributed. to members of Council. He said to implement
this plan on a trial basis would cost $5.00, and if the Village were to buy
ground in an available area and make it suitable for parking it would cost
around $175,000. (A copy of Mr. Blackstone' s drawing is hereby attached)
Steve Cartnal, Sergeant, Granville Police Department commented that center
street parking might possibly hinder the Fire Department but felt the plan should
be tried because the Village needs the additional parking.
Ralph Blackstone also distributed copies of a plan presented to him by Mr. Don
Young. The plan presents ideas where the Village could pick up additional parking
spaces by making a few streets one- way and using diagonal parking instead of
parallel parking. (A copy of that plan is hereby attached as part of these minutes)
Mr. Young was present for the meeting to answer any questions that Council others might have, and stated that he or was not recommending that the plan be imple- mented but rather an idea to create more parking.
A lengthy question and answer session followed. Many questions and concerns were raised during this session. and the general agreement was that a detailed scaled
drawing be drafted of the proposed center street parking showing a true picture
of the relative spaces it would provide and working out questions ando/r concerns raised this evening.
Councilmember Eisenberg offered to make the scaled drawing if Ralph Blackstone would work with him on measurements.
Barbara Ripko, President of the Merchants Association and Bank Manager of the BancOhio branch in Granville, asked if the Merchants Association could have a
copy of the final detailed drawing prior to Council taking any action. A copy of the finished drawing will be provided for the Merchants Association when completed.
Mayor Gallant, thanked those who appeared this evening on the proposed center street parking and for their input to the discussion. He invited interested per- spoonsesd tocerneteturrn in two weeks when Council will consider some action on the pro- street parking.
Resolution No. 85-7, A" Resolution To Accept The Recommendation Of The Personnel Appeals Board That Council Affirm The Dismissal Of James J. Jacobs From The mGermabnevr ilSlechPnoaliidcte. Department"w,as introduced and read in its entirety by Council-
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
March 6, 1985
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Councilmember Schnaidt moved for passage of Resolution No. 85-7.. Motion
seconded by Councilmember Avery. Motion carried. Resolution No. 85-7 duly passed.
Resolution No. 85-8, "To Award The Bid For The Construction Of The Pearl Street
Storm Sewers And Waterline Improvements To Hoskinson Excavating And To Authorize
The Village Manager To Enter Into A Contract Therefore"w,as introduced and read in its entirety by Councilmember Avery.
Councilmember Avery moved for passage of Resolution No. 858-. Motion seconded by Councilmember Eisenberg.
Mr. Jeffrey Rober of L. H. Poggemeyer, P.E.,Inc.a,ppeared this evening to review the bid proposals received on the above mentioned project and to answer any questions that members of Council might have at this time. After reviewing what work would be performed, he recommended that the bid be awarded to Hoskinson Excavating as lowest and best bidder. He further commented that if the award is made this evening contracts could be signed by next Friday and scheduling could begin. Mr. Rober said his firm has been in contact with Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc.a, ll along to insure that their work to install a new main and reconnect services goes smoothly and then the contractor can come in and start his work on the storm sewers and waterline improvements. A tentative schedule can be made as soon as a preconstruction meeting with Columbia Gas takes place.
Mayor Gallant thanked Mr. Rober for coming this evening and for his report. Motion for passage of Resolution No. 858- carried. Resolution No. 858- duly passed.
Other Items Discussed
Update On The Collapsed Sewer At 204 Sunrise Street
Manager Plunkett reported that Robert N. Drake, Village Law Director and Mr. James Cooper (F. Robert &Deborah Nye' s) lawyer, are still negotiating on an agreed purchase price for the Nye' s property at 204 Sunrise Street. The Village' s insurance carrier has committed a certain amount of money (if the Village is pliraicbeleha)s.Mtro. Pbleunmkaedtte.said that before any action can be taken some agreement on
This opened the discussion on the matter and members discussed what options bweesret saovaluiltaiobnle. to the Village and was purchasing the house from the Nyes' the
One member voiced a concern that there was still a question with regard to the Village' s liability and; the fact that more detailed alternatives were not presented. Also, whatever the Village decides to do on the matter it would be soebtltiginagtioanprtoecethdeent. Another member commented that the Village had a moral Nye' s.
Concluding the discussion, consensus was that Council would wait until an agreed purchase price for the Nye' s property is settled.
March 20, 1985 -Ways &Means CommitteeI-mmediately following the regular Council Council Meeting.
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
March 6, 1985
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April 10, 1985 -Regular Council Meeting
April 10, 1985 -Council Worksession
7: 30 p.m..
Immediately following the regular
With no further business to discuss Councilmember Rader moved that the meeting be adjourned. Motion seconded by Councilmember Garrett. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m..
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