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Council Minutes March 1, 1988

MARCH 1, 1988
Mayor Eisenberg called the meeting to order at 7: 30 p.m..
Responding to roll call were:
Councilmember Hughes
Councilmember Malcuit
Councilmember Morrow
Vice Mayor Schnaidt
Law, Director
Vice Mayor Schnaidt moved to excuse absentee members Avery and
Rader. Motion seconded by Councilmember Hughes. Motion carried.
Pinkerton Appeal
The purpose of this hearing was to hear Richard Pinkerton' s
appeal in regards to an application he had submitted to the
Granville Development Commission for a temporary hanger type
sign, which was subsequently denied.
Mr. Pinkerton was on hand to personally present his case
to Council. He said the temporary sign permit application which
was denied, was for a small hanger to be suspended under his
business sign, naming him as agent for Bryn Du Woods lots. He
said he realized that his place of business at 116 West Broadway,
is located in the Village Residential District, and that his
business exists as a non-conforming use, as does his existing
sign. He quoted from Section 1189. 04, paragraph (d) of Chapter
1189 Sign Code of the Codified Zoning Ordinance, and asked if
this might be a way that he could have his temporary sign, since
he is selling lots.
Response to Mr. Pinkerton was that while Section 1189. 04 (d)
allows for temporary "For Sale" signs, he would not be selling
the business property, but rather lots that are somewhere else,
which would not apply to this section.
Council further explained to Mr. pinkerton that hanging
his sign below the existing business sign, would expand the
non-conforming use in violation of the zoning ordinance.
Several options were suggested to Mr. Pinkerton which he
might pursue and get the same results, and; be in compliance with
the Zoning Ordinance. They were: 1) incorporate the sign by affixing it to the existing sign; he wanted within the existing signo. r 2) incorporate the wording
Mr. Pinkerton stated that there would be no problem with
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
March 1, 1988
Page 2
either. He stated that he was not trying to be offensive with
his sign, but hoped Council and the Development Commission were
more concerned about how the sign would look aesthetically.
Mr. Pinkerton asked if his next step would be to seek a
variance from the Board of Zoning &Building Appeals?
Ms. Munro responded and stated that the Board of Zoning &
Building Appeals could not grant him a use variance. Ms. Munro
pointed out another option which Mr. Pinkerton might want to
consider: a temporary window advertising sign as outlined in the
Codified Zoning Ordinance, Section 1189. 04 Exemptions-Limitations,
paragraph (j).
Mr. Pinkerton thanked everyone and left.
The Brockman appeal, scheduled for this evening, was withdrawn. 1
February 17, 1988 -Regular Council Meeting -Councilmember
Morrow moved that the minutes be approved as corrected. Motion
seconded by Councilmember Schnaidt. Motion carried.
February 24, 1988 -Council Worksession -Councilmember Malcuit
moved that the worksession minutes be accepted as corrected.
Motion seconded by Councilmember Morrow. Motion carried.
Mr. &Mrs. McNeil, 123 East Elm complain Street, appeared this evening to about the Elms Pizza shop' s dumpster which is just below their apartment. Mr. McNeil objected to the noise when workers dump trash late at night.
Mr. McNeil was asked if he had registered his complaints with the Granville Police Department. He replied no, but said he would, the next time it happened.
Archie Shafer, West Broadway, and his neighbor Keith Newhouse appeared this evening again with regard to the storm water drainage problem plaguing their properties. They had received Manager Plunkett' s letter outlining Council' s position on correcting the water situation, and did not feel they could agree to the proposal as presented to them. Mr. Meagher, Attorney for Mr . Newhouse, presented his views, and stated that the Village contributed more than 50%of the:'water problem. He asked that Council give thoughtful consideration to amending its position on the matter. He asked if he might discuss this further with the eVvilelangineg. Law Director, and thanked Council for hearing them this
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
March 1, 1988
Page 3
Development Commission -Councilmember Malcuit reported on the
Commission' s meeting of February 25, 1988. Ms. Malcuit said
members had decided to keep their Thursday meetings until April,
and beginning that month, they would meet on the second and
fourth Wednesdays, at 7: 30 p.m..Harvey Shapiro had been voted
Chairman, and JoAnn Morey, Vice Chairman. There had been only one
application to review, for an air conditioning unit and replacement
of a wood railing. The application was unanimously approved.
The Commission had discussed the February 24, 1988 joint meeting
they had with Council.
Improvement Board -Vice Mayor Schnaidt reported on the recent
Improvement Board meeting. At that meeting, members had recommended
that bricks be placed around the tree in front of the
Park National Bank and the one in front of the First Federal.
The original trees had died and have since been replaced, but the
bricks had not.
Manager Plunkett said he would replace the bricks if
directed to do so, but pointed out that the reason they were not
replaced was because too much water was retained by the bricks,
causing the roots to rot.
Mr. Schnaidt also mentioned that the Board had brought up
the subject of the fancy faucet in the park that leaks, and
wanted to know if it could be fixed or replaced. One Elm tree
cutting is available for planting. He said a majority of the
members would like to see the cutting planted in the Opera House
park. Also, interest was expressedin having the flower beds
professionally done; they think the money for such a project can
be raised. This would be in conjunction with the Ameriflora in
Pinkerton Appeal -A brief discussion about the Pinkerton appeal
was conducted by members of Council. The appeal was denied.
Resolution No. 88-18, "A Resolution To Declare The Appointment
Of Harvey Shapiro To The Development Commission Null And Void",
was introduced, read in its entirety, and moved for Councilmember Morrow. Motion passage by seconded by Councilmember Hughes.
Motion carried. Resolution No. 88-18 duly passed.
Manager Plunkett asked members to let him know if members
had someone in mind to replace Mr. Shapiro.
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1 Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
March 1, 1988
Page 4
Resolution No. 88-19, A Resolution Of Appreciation To Harvey N.
Shapiro", was introduced, and moved for passage by Councilmember
Malcuit. Motion seconded by Councilmember Schnaidt. Motion
carried. Resolution No. 88-19 duly passed.
March 15, 1988 -Regular Council Meeting -7: 30 p.m..
March 17, 1988 -Joint Governance Study Committee Meeting -7: 30
Councilmember Morrow moved that Council go into Executive Session
to discuss some legal matters. Motion seconded by Vice Mayor
Schnaidt. Motion carried. Time 8: 49 p.m..
Councilmember Morrow moved to return to regular session. Motion
seconded by Vice Mayor Schnaidt. Motion carried. Time 9: 39 p.m..
Motion to adjourn was made by Councilmember Morrow, seconded by
Councilmember Malcuit. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned· at 9: 40 p.m..
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