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Council Minutes February 1, 1989

FEBRUARY 1, 1989
Mayor Eisenberg called the meeting to order at 7: 30 p.m..
Responding to roll call were:
Councilmember Morrow
Councilmember Hughes
Councilmember Rader
Councilmember Avery
Vice Mayor
Vice Mayor Schnaidt moved to excuse Law Director Munro.
seconded by Councilmember Hughes. Motion carried.
January 07, 1989 -Council Worksession Minutes -Councilmember
Rader moved that the worksession minutes of 1/7/89 be approved
as presented. Motion seconded by Councilmember Malcuit. Motion
January 18, 1989 -Regular Council Meeting -Councilmember Avery
moved to approve the minutes as distributed. Motion seconded by
Councilmember Rader. Motion carried.
Those who signed the register were:
B. E. Mason Dave Stewart, Advocate
Anne Aubourg B. S. Mix
Sara Jean Wilhelm Angus MacPhail, Sentinel
Anne Aubourg and Sara Jean Wilhelm was present to present Council
with a petition signed by approximately 265 Village and Township
citizens expressing their concerns in regards to the proper
utilization of land to be annexed to the Village of Granville.
The petition requests that Council and the Granville Development
Commission not consider the Bryn Du Woods Development as an
isolated parcel, and that they wait until a comprehensive master
plan update is completed for both the Village and the Granville
Township. A copy of that petition is hereby attached as part of
these minutes.
Mayor Eisenberg thanked Ann and Sara Jean and turned the
petition over to the Clerk for filing.
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
February 1, 1989
Page 2
Development Commission -Councilmember Malcuit reported that the
continued hearing on the proposed Bryn Du Woods development was
held January 25, 1989, at the Baptist Church. At that meeting
Mr. Mcelain withdrew his application, so the hearing ended up in
a general discussion between citizens and Mr. McClain. Mr.
Mcelain plans to resubmit his proposal, and a hearing was
scheduled on that for April 12, 1989, to be held in the Baptist
Church. Ms. Malcuit said many concerns were voiced at the January
25th meeting. One of which was that Mr. McClain wait until the
new Master Plan Update was completed. Mr. Mcelain did not want to
wait, stating that it was the right time to go forward on the
project since water and sewer service is available.
A petition was circulated at the meeting among citizens,
which was presented to Council this evening.
Members of Council commended the Development Commission on
the way the hearings were conducted. Also, that citizens asked
very rational questions.
Comprehensive Planning Committee -Councilmember Morrow reported
that the Comprehensive Planning Committee have been meeting on
Sundays attempting to prepare a proposal. He commended Lee
Larson and Ben Mason for spearheading the project, now completed.
Mr. Morrow said he believes the proposal is comprehensive in
nature and that it answers a lot of concerns voiced by citizens.
Mr. Morrow then recommended to Village Council and the Granville
Township Trustees that the completed Request For Proposal be
approved by each governing body and recommended that it be
submitted for bid.
Members of Council commended the Committee on the thoroughness
and speed in which they completed their charge.
During discussion, concerns were voiced about the cost of
the project and how much the Township would be willing to
contribute to the project.
Councilmember Morrow stated that the Village is not at that
point yet. If bids do come back at 75, 000 then Council will have
to sit down and negotiate with the Township Trustees. He said
the Committee talked about additional sources, perhaps even
solicit for funding. He said the mandate is clear from the
residents here that they want a good planner and plan.
Councilmember Morrow requested that the Committee stay in
tact and work with the planner through to its completion.
Councilmember Avery asked if the Committee wanted to be part
of the selection process.
Councilmember Morrow felt that the Committee could help in
the selection.
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
February 1, 989
Page 3
Mayor Eisenberg thanked Councilmember Morrow and the
Committee again and stated that the Request For Proposal was
going to have a terrific effect on the quality of both planner
and plan.
Resolution No. 89-5, "To Authorize The Village Manager To
Advertise For Bids For The Purchase Of New Water Meters", was
introduced, read in its entirety and moved for passage by
Councilmember Rader. Motion seconded by Councilmember Avery.
Motion carried. Resolution No. 89-5 duly passed.
Resolution No. 89-6, "To Authorize The Village Manager To
Request For Proposals For An Update Of The Granville Comprehensive
Plan As Submitted To Village Council And To The Granville
Township Trustees", was introduced, read in its entirety and
moved for passage by Vice Mayor Schnaidt. Motion seconded by
Councilmember Hughes. Discussion: Councilmember Morrow recommended
that the resolution be amended to include "upon the approval
of similar legislation by the Township Trustees".
Vice Mayor Schnaidt moved to amend Resolution No. 89-6 to
include the recommendation of Councilmember Morrow. Motion
seconded by Councilmember Hughes. Motion carried. Resolution No.
89-6 as amended duly passed.
Resolution No. 89-7, "To Authorize The Village Manager To Enter
Into A Contract With The Walter Drane Company, For The Updating
Of Granville' s Codified Ordinances", was introduced, read in its
entirety and moved for passage by Councilmember Morrow. Motion
seconded by Councilmember Hughes. Motion carried. Resolution No.
89-7 duly passed.
Cub Scout Pack #3 Request
Manager Plunkett noted that he received a request from Granville
Cub Scout Pack #3 to hold their annual food drive Saturday,
February 18th. They would like permission to park their collection
truck on Broadway in front of the Opera House Park that
day, and to cook hot dogs for the participants on a grill in the
park. Council gave their wholehearted support for the project.
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
February 2, 1989
Page 4
Sewage Treatment Plant, Ohio EPA Letter
Manager Plunkett noted the letter he received from Ohio EPA
in regards to their inspection of the Granville Wastewater
Treatment Plant. The letter states that an acceptable rating has
been designated and that the Wastewater Treatment Plant staff
should be commended. Mr. Plunkett felt the staff was deserving
of some recognition. Members agreed.
Vice Mayor Schnaidt opened a discussion on property soon to be
annexed into the Village. He felt that Council should not wait
until February 15th to introduce legislation accepting the
annexation, and recommended that Council hold a Special Meeting
to speed up the process.
Following a lengthy discussion among members of Council,
the Manager was directed to contact Al Davison, Chairman of the
Development Commission to see if they would be willing to
conduct their February 8th meeting a little earlier, then
meet with Village Council in a joint worksession at 7: 30 p.m.,
that evening, and see if together they can firm up zoning
classifications for the territory to be annexed. A Special
Council meeting was also scheduled for February 8, 1989, at 8: 30
Special Council Meeting -February 8, 1989, 8: 30 p.m.. Th-e
purpose of the meeting will be to consider legislation accepting
an application for annexation of territory east of Granville to
the Village of Granville, and establishing certain zoning
Vice Mayor Schnaidt moved for adjournment. Motion seconded by
Councilmember Morrow. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8: 19 p.m..
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