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Council Minutes October 15, 1986

OCTOhER 15, 1986
Mayor Gallant called the meeting to order at 7: 30 p.m..
Responding to roll call were:
Councilmember Rader
Councilmember Garrett
Councilmember Eisenberg
Councilmember Schnaidt
Councilmember Avery
Vice Mayor
Law Director
October 1, 1986 -Regular Council Meeting -Councilmember Rader
moved that the minutes be approved as distributed. Motion
seconded by Vice Mayor Davison. Motion carried.
Those who signed the register were:
Erin Scanlon, WHTHW/NKO
No comments, concerns or questions were voiced at this time.
The Mayor' s Report for the month of September was presented and
reviewed. A copy of that report is hereby attached as part of
these ·minutes.
The Manager' s Report for the month of Sept'ember was presented
and reviewed. Manager Plunkett added to the report that New
Burg Street was now paved.
Mayor Gallant asked the status of the water storage facility
project. Manager Plunkett' s response was, that Mr. Drake
had some questions with regard to language in the contract
between the Village and engineering firm, therefore some revamping
of the contract will need to be done before moving forward on
this project.
With no further questions asked, Councilmember Eisenberg
moved that the Manager' s Report for the month of September be
approved. Motion seconded by Councilmember Schnaidt. Motion
carried. A copy of that report is hereby attached as part of
these minutes.
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
October 15, 1986
Page 2
Development Commission -Councilmember Avery reported on the
Commission' s meeting of 10/9/86. Discussion and review centered
on the proposed Suburban Business District, and an Architectural
Review feature for that section. Once the Development Commission
makes a decision, they will be coming to Council with their
recommendations' to incorporate the new section into the current
zoning ordinance.
Councilmember Eisenberg asked Mr. Avery if the Development
Commission approved Mr. Brockman' s sign at the old Handel
Insurance building. Mr. Avery' s response was yes.
Councilmember Rader asked what was going on at the empty
lot on South Main Street, commenting, that he seen a back hoe
doing some excavating recently. Manager Plunkett responded
and said that Mr. Williams has received a curb cut permit to
construct a driveway approach at the entrance way to his future
commercial building for that lot. Mr. Plunkett added, that he is
waiting to hear from the Newark Code Administration on Mr.
Williams permit for the construction of that commercial building.
Mayor Gallant asked what the status was on the Raker/ Karaffa
Commercial building proposed for the corner lot at E. Elm &
S. Main Streets? Mr. Gallant also asked about the set back for
that building. Manager Plunkett explained that there is no set
back requirements within Architectural Review areas. Dr' s
Karaffa and Raker are waiting approval of their plans by the
Newark Code Administration. Mr. Avery added, that Raker &
Karaffa' s plans have enough parking now, and that the design of
the building looks very nice on paper. He felt Council will
like the building once it' s constructed.
Mayor Gallant asked the status of the proposed zoning amendments.
Manager Plunkett responded and said that the amendments prepared
by Ann Munro were in codified form and still in the Development
Commission' s hands. The Commission will make final revisions and
present their recommendations to Council.
Town &Gown Relations
Manager Plunkett stated that a neighborhood council meeting has
been planned for next Wednesday. Ann Munro has agreed to be the
neighborhood council, and Bart Rovens will participate as a
representative from the citizen group.
Mayor Gallant asked if any more neighborhood councils had
been formed?Manager Plunkett said plans are, to look at this one
first and see how it goes.
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
October 15, 1986
Page 3
Granville Income Tax Campaign/ Steering Committee
Mayor Gallant commented that there is evidence of campaign
material But: buttons, brochures, etc..Mr. Valdes has the yard
signs ready but, still needs stakes. Mr. Gallant said he assumes
all members of Council will be willing to put a sign in their
Jim Cooper and Art Morrow are trying to get more donations
for campaign expenses, and Liz Tietz is busy with door to door
canvassing. The week of October 18-26 brochures will be distributed,
while asking citizens if they will support Issue 2, and
seeing if they understand why the tax increase is needed.
Mayor Gallant asked members to take an endorsement sheet
with them and try to sign-up people who would be willing to put
their name down as endorsing the tax increase.
Speakers have been lined up for the different service
clubs: Rotary, Kiwanis, Sertoma &the Granville Fellowship.
Another Steering Committee meeting has been scheduled for
Monday, October 20, at Tom &Myra Gallant' s home.
BeechwoodT/hornewood Detachment
Members were interested in knowing if the County Commissioners
had made a final decision on the Beechwood/ Thornewood detachment
from the Village.
Manager Plunkett responded and said he has had no word but
called Glen Porter and asked him to keep him apprised of any conclusion on this matter.
Ordinance No. 23-86, "An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 23-85
Providing For Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal
Year 1986 And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses",was introduced
and title read in its entirety by Councilmember Garrett.
A public hearing was set for this ordinance for November 5,
1986, at 7: 30 p.m.i.n,Village Council Chambers.
Resolution No. 86-25, "To Authorize The Village Manager To
Advertise For Bid For The Purchase Of Water And Sewage Treatment
Chemicals", was introduced and read in its entirety by Councilmember
Councilmember Schnaidt moved for passage of Resolution No.
86-25. Motion seconded by Councilmember Avery. Motion carried.
Resolution no. 86-25 duly passed.
1 Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
October 15, 1986
Page 4
Resolution No. 86-26, "To Authorize The Village Manager To Enter
Into A License Agreement With David L. McDaniel For The Land
Application Of Sludge From Granville' s Sewage Treatment
Facilities",was introduced and read in its entirety by Councilmember
Councilmember Avery moved for passage of Resolution No.
86-26. Motion seconded by Councilmember Rader. Motion carried.
Resolution No. 86-26 duly passed.
Granville Income Tax CampaignS/ teering Committee Meeting -
October 20, 1986 -7: 30 p.m. -The meeting will be held at Tom &
Myra Gallant' s home. Council members are welcome to attend.
Council' s Annual Facilities Tour -October 22, 1986 -8: 00 a.m. -
Members will meet for breakfast at the Aladdin restaurant. The
tour will begin immediately following breakfast.
With no further business to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made
by Councilmember Rader, seconded by Councilmember Eisenberg.
Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8: 10 p.m..
Clerk of Council
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