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Council Minutes September 5, 1990

Mayor Eisenberg called the meeting to order at 7: 30 p.m..
Responding to roll call were:
Councilmember Ormond
Councilmember Marshall
Councilmember Hughes
Vice Mayor
Councilmember Rader, Marshall moved to excuse Councilmembers Malcuit, Morrow.aMndotLioanw cDairrericetdo.r Hurst. Motion seconded by Vice Mayor
August 15, 1990 -Joint Worksession, Village Council and Granville Planning Commission -Vice Mayor Morrow moved to Oaprmproonvde. Mthoetiomnincuatersrieads .written. Motion seconded by Councilmember
August 15, 1990 -Regular Council Meeting -Vice Mayor Morrow mCoovuendciltmoemapbperroved the minutes as submitted. Motion seconded by Marshall. Motion carried.
ThoseBwrehnodasigned the register were: Mix Jim Gordon
Jerry McClain Steve William M. Wright Cartnal Sally MacPhail
Naottecnodmamnecnet.s, questions or concerns were voiced by those in
PPllaannnniinngg Commission -Councilmember Marshall reported on the first reviCewomedmission' s meeting of August 16th. The Commission The Farmington aDnedvealopppmroevnetd several straightforward applications. by Village Council for furthPerropcoosnasl,idreertautrinoend, to the Commission thorough examination of CHAPTER 1171.01 PURPOSEwaAsNDdisINcuTsEsNeTd. ( A a uthnrdoeurtgakhe n(di)n,ocfotnhjeunGctrioannville Codified Zoning Ordinance was a) subsection was considered with the Farmington proposal. Each taken. After final assessmseenpt arately and a consensus vote was of the Commission's review, it was
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
September 5, 1990
Page 2
moved and seconded that the Farmington Development Plan proposal
be denied, based on its failure to address adequately, Subsection
1171.01(d).The vote was four motion. yes and one no, carrying the A recommendation to deny the Farmington Development Plan application was forwarded to Village Council.
Farmington -Mayor Eisenberg stated that having received the Granville Planning Commission' s recommendation to deny the Farmington Development Plan proposal, Village Council had one of three choices to make: either accept, reject or modify the Planning Commission's recommendation.
A motion to accept the Planning Commission' s recommendation to deny the proposed Farmington Development Plan was made by Councilmember Ormond, seconded by Councilmember Hughes. Roll call vote on the motion: Ormondy-es, Hughesy-es, Marshally-es, Morrow- abstained, Eisenbergy-es, Radera-bsent, Malcuita-bsent. Four yes votes, one abstention, two members absent. Motion carried.
Ordinance No. 199-0, An Ordinance Providing For The Issuance Of 132,600 Of Notes By The Village Of Granville, Ohio, In Anticipation Of The Issuance Of Bonds, For The Purpose Of Constructing Improvements To The Municipal Water System, And Declaring An EmergencyT."his ordinance was introduced and title read in its entirety by Councilmember Marshall. Discussion: Manager Plunkett introduced Joe Magdich of Seasongood &Mayor, specialists in public finance. Mr. Magdich woradsinparnecseenwt htiochanswer any question Council might have on the authorizes the rollover of the note issued last year to build the water booster station across from Shorney Hall. Athneeixscseurept, ifsrom the Manager' s memo to Village Council explaining hereby inserted:
expensAivebond for such a small issue would likely be inordinately obtaining at this time, in that a number of factors such as bond intereasrtartaintegs ,(if that was appropriate now)c,urrently high Fund, should forestalalnd lack of available monies in the Water been decimated this the debt conversion. The Water Fund has throughout ancient pyaertasr in trying to find and fix leaks about $8,400 again for of the system. The note cost will be now at 6.4%B.ond cost wthoeuldcobmeing year, about the same amount due anywhere from $5.707y/ear @7.%
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
September 5, 1990
Page 3
larger issue necessary for other water projects the issuance costs to better justify of a bond, or that the water fund will be better equipped with available revenues to issue bonds or to pay down some principal as well as renew the note again."
Councilmember Marshall then moved for passage of the Emergency Clause, Section XI, and read the section in its entirety. Motion seconded by Vice Mayor Morrow. Roll call vote on the motion: Marshally-es, Morrowy-es, Hughesy-es, Ormondy-es, Eisenbergy-es, Radera-bsent, Malcuita-bsent. Five year votes, two mpaesmsbeedrs. absent. Motion carried. Emergency Clause, Section XI duly
Councilmember Marshall moved for the adoption of Ordinance No. 199-0. Motion seconded by Vice Mayor Morrow. Roll call vote: Marshally-es, Morrowy-es, Hughesy-es, Ormondy-es, Eisenbergy-es, ORraddinearna-cbesent, Malcuita-bsent. Five yes votes, two members absent. No. 19-90 duly adopted.
Ordinance No. 209- 0, A"n Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 418-9 Providing For Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal Year 1990 And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses"w,as introduced and title read in its entirety by Councilmember H19u,ghes. A public hearing on this ordinance was set for September 1990, at 7: 30 p.m..
Resolution No. 903- 2, R"esolution Accepting The Amounts And Rates As Determined By The Budget Commission And Authorizing The Necessary Tax Levies And Certifying Them To The County Auditor." This resolution was introduced, read in its entirety and moved for passage by Vice Mayor Morrow. Motion seconded by Councilmember Marshall. Roll call vote: Morrowy-es, Marshall- Ormondy-es, Hughesy-es, Eisenbergy-es, Radera-bsent, Malcuity-es, Rabesseonlut.tioFnive yes votes, two members absent. Motion carried. No. 90-32 duly passed.
Granville Police DepartmenVt/ehicle Pursuit Policv -Steve Cartnal, Granville Police Chief, was on hand to review with members the current policy on vehicular pursuit, because of a speed chase incident by two of the Village' s patrol explanationFollowing Chief Cartnal' s review of the policy, and stated of the current incident, Vice Mayor Morrow competetnhtaptotlhiceeVillage is very fortunate to have such a force.
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
September 5, 1990
Page 4
Request for Progosal -Z [oning Ordinance Rew- rite to Comply With Newly adopted Comprehensive Planl
At the meeting of August 15th, Village Council asked that the Village Manager seek proposals from consultants in rewriting the Granville Zoning Ordinance to conform with the newly adopted Comprehensive Plan. Mr. Plunkett reviewed with members his draft of the RFP document, and stated that Fred Zeidman, Woolpert Consultants, would like to meet jointly with Village Council and the Township Trustees to discuss final changes and the preamble before the final document is printed. Following review, some suggestions were offered to Mr. Plunkett' s draft. Vice Mayor Morrow felt that the Village would be vulnerable without an annexation policy. Manager Plunkett said a separate Annexation Policy could be prepared inh-ouse, and incorporated into the zoning ordinance rew- rite, and offered to put something together for Village Council to review. Following discussion a tentative Special Council Meeting was scheduled for September loth, at 7: 30 p.m.,to meet with Mr. Zeidman. If, for some reason that date would not be suitable with the Township Trustees or Mr. Zeidman, an alternate date of September 17th was scheduled as well by consensus of Council.
Ohio Baptist Convention Meeting Facility -Manager Plunkett wanonuoldunbceed that a lease agreement with the Ohio Baptist Convention ready for the next regular Council Meeting. A resolution authorizing the Village Manager to sign the agreement with OBC will be prepared. Council should have its first October meeting at the OBC building. Once that is in place, he will be asking Council for an appropriation for the design and remodeling of the existing Village Hall. The Police Department, Clerk of Courts and WateSr/ewer Billing Clerk would be on the first floor, and Aflodmorin. istrative, Tax, and Finance offices would be on the second
Mr. Plunkett noted Bill Slocum's letter of resignation dated August 31, 1990. The resignation becomes effective October 1, 1990. Mr. Slocum has been the Village' s Prosecutor on criminal acarseepsl.acMerm. ePnltu. nkett has asked Mr. Hurst to assist him in finding
Manager Plunkett also noted a memo from Service Director Mark Zimaprbroavuegmh,enints.which he recommended additional 1990 infrastructure miscellaneous Improvements outlined in the memo included Village, milling of rough spots and bumps around the work patching and paving of Denison Drive, and storm drainage on Mto.nPSaurnnassest uHs. ill. Also mentioned in the memo was road paving
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
September 5, 1990
Page 5
Following discussion, Village Council suggested that only the worst part of the road on Mt. Parnassus road be done this
year. An appropriation ordinance will be forthcoming for those improvements.
September 6, 1990 -Planning Commission Meeting, 7: 30
September 10. 1990 -Special Council Meetina. 7: 00 rtentativel alternate date September 17. 1990.
Councilmember Councilmember Marshall moved for adjournment. Motion seconded by Hughes. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m..
Bestsi . ( SL)a I
Clerk of Council
I, Catherine M. Miller, Clerk of Council of the Village of Granville, Ohio, do hereby certify that the foregoing minutes is a true and exact copy of the minutes taken at the September 5, 1990 Regular Council Meeting. The minutes will be distributed to Vthilelairge Council and either approved, or approved as corrected, at meeting of September 19, 1990.
Catherine M. Miller
Clerk of Council

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