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Council Minutes AUGUST 28, 1991

AUGUST 28, 1991
A Special Session of Granville Village Council was scheduled to
convene with the Granville Township Trustees, at the Trustees'
regular meeting on August 28, 1991. The meeting was held at the
Old Academy Building. The main purpose of the joint meeting was
to create a Board of Union Cemetery Trustees (one board member
selected by Granville Village Council, one selected by the
Granville Township Trustees, and one selected by both entities),
as set forth in ORC Section 759. 36, to operate the newly created
Union Cemetery (Old Colony Burying Ground), established by
Resolution No. 91-45, passed by Granville Village Council at its
meeting of August 7, 1991, and a resolution which appeared in
Board of Granville Township Trustees minutes of August 14, 1991.
The meeting was called to order by Norman Kennedy, Granville Township Clerk.
Responding for Granville Village:
Councilmember Malcuit
Councilmember Marshall
Councilmember Freytag
Vice Mayor
Responding for Granville Township:
Trustee, Jones Trustee, King
Also Present:
Carl Frazier
Dorothy Garrett
Don Smith
Florence Hoffman
Dave McDaniel
Eugene Welsh
Trustee, Treece
Tom Gallant
Angus MacPhail
Janet Tebbin
The next item items to be covonerethde agenda was discussion and resolution of by both government bodies. They were:
A. Resolution of intent to establish.
Absothnoetendtiatibeosve, preamble resolutions of intent were passed by therefore accomplished.
B. Elect a board of three cemetery trustees year and one year terms.
three year, two
Special Council Meeting
Granville Village and Granville Township
August 28, 1991
Page 2
Nominations for the three seats were opened.
In the absence of Tony Stoneburner, President of the
Granville Historical Society, Tom Gallant, Vice President,
nominated Florence Hoffman, for at-large member of the Union
Cemetery Board of Trustees. A copy of a memo addressed to the
Granville Township Trustees and Granville Village Council which
substantiates that nomination is attached as part of these minutes.
Mayor Eisenberg nominated Daniel Freytag as the Granville
Village representative, seconded by Vice Mayor Morrow.
Trustee Treece nominated Eric Jones as the Granville
Township' s representative, seconded by Lyle King.
Vice Mayor Morrow nominated Florence Hoffman for member, atl-arge seconded by Councilmember Malcuit.
Discussion ensued as to the terms of those nominated: all
felt that the longest term should be board member at-large. It
was also recommended that since Mr. Freytag must run for Council in this November' s election, that Village Council' s candidate take the first one year term, and the Townships candidate take the first two year term.
Vice Mayor Morrow moved that nominations be closed and terms set as recommended. Motion seconded by Councilmember Malcuit. Motion carried.
C) Rules and regulations for operation of the cemetery.
By consensus of Granville Village Council and Granville Township Trustees, the Board of Trustees should establish the Urunlieosn Canedmreetegruy.lations for the operation and maintenance of the
D) Village financial support for maintenance of the Old Colony Burial Grounds and contract with Granville Township.
Financial support for maintenance was established by Resolution No. 914-5, Section III, passed by Granville Village Council, August 7, 1991. A copy of that resolution is attached as part of these minutes.
E) bTuowrynisnhgipgsrouupnpdosrt. of stone restoration in the Old Colony
Special Council Meeting
Granville Village and Granville Township
August 28, 1991
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Trustee Treece said it was the Township's intention to give
money to the Granville Historical Society for stone restoration
in Old Colony Burying Grounds. A copy of the Granville Township
Trustees' resolution stating this support will be attached as
part of these minutes.
An informal question and answer session followed such as:
a) Would there be a deed?
Response: no
b) How would the Township be reimbursed for maintenance?
Response: bills for maintenance cost would be submitted to
the Board of Trustees, they in turn would turn the bills
over to the Village for payment.
c) Liability Insurance.
Inquiries will need to be made on this issue.
Elated with Granville Village and Granville together Township getting and accomplishing such a worthwhile project, Carl Frazier commended both bodies of government.
Granville Village Council and Granville Township Trustees reported on where they were in mutual projects: zoning rew- rites and curbside recycling.
With no further business to discuss, Vice Mayor Morrow moved for adjournment. Motion seconded by Councilmember Marshall.
Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

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