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Council Minutes JUNE 26, 1991

JUNE 26, 1991
Mayor Eisenberg called the meeting to order at 7: 30 p.m.
Village Council:
Councilmember Marshall
Councilmember Freytag
Councilmember Hughes
Members Absent:
Councilmember Malcuit
Councilmember Rader
Planning Commission:
Larry Huey
Lyn Robertson
Member Absent:
Harold Sargent
Vice Mayor
Jurgen Pape
Michael Snyder
Also Present: Eric Phillips, Granville Zoning Inspector
Citizens who signed the register were:
Jeff Offenbaker
Judy Cooke
Reese Dwyer, III
Susan Richardson
Bobbi Offenbaker
Mark Andrew
Kirsten Pape
Sarah Robinson
Linda Robertson
JoAnn Morey
William Tatham
Susan Karian
The purpose of the public hearing was to take public comment on
the matter of home occupations.
The matter of home occupations came up when the Village
received an anonymous complaint regarding a resident conducting a home occupation (child care center),in the home, without a
permit to do so. The person who made the charge also complained
about toys in the yard and sidewalk. Since the Village Manager
and Zoning Inspector need to follow any complaints (anonymous or not),concerning possible code violations, the matter was investigated and it was determined that the resident was indeed
providing child care in the home.
Joint Special Meeting
Village CounciPl/lanning Commission
June 26, 1991
Page 2
The Village Manager and Zoning Inspector asked Village
Council for guidance on child care in the home, and would they
consider such a service as a home occupation. If caring for a few
children (or baby sitting even one child for pay), were
determined to be a home occupation thus requiring a conditional
use permit and a home occupation permit, would in fact such inhouse
services such as music lessons, sewinga/lterations,
laundry, novelists, real estate, etc.,be considered home
occupations as well?Where does one draw the line in making that
Vice Mayor Morrow recommended that members look at the
current "Home Occupation"Chapter 1181 to see what the chapter
says or doesn' t say.
During review of the Chapter, it was noted that "Home
Occupations" are listed as Conditional Uses in all residential
sections of the Codified Ordinances of Granville Part Eleven -
Zoning Code except Planned Unit Development District which lists
home occupations as a permitted use. So in most cases, when one
wants to conduct a home occupation it generally requires the
Conditional Use Permit process: filing an application, paying a fifty dollar fee, and the scheduling of a public hearing. If the
Conditional Use Permit is approved, the applicant must also get a permit from the Zoning Inspector to conduct the home occupation.
Vice Mayor Morrow questioned why home occupations are considered conditional uses in other districts and not PUD?
Councilmember Marshall agreed that it shouldn' t, just
another item to be cleaned up during the zoning re-write.
Public comment during the hearing centered on the child care issue, since the issue affects dual income families who have a
need for such service, rather than the issue of Home Occupations
in general. Many expressed that those who are providing child
care (baby sitting),in the home, shouldn' t require a permit to
do so, as long as it. didn' t violate the limit set by State
Regulations of108*'6¥r more children. Those who spoke to the issue of child care in the home were: Judy Cooke, N. Granger Street, Linda Robertson, 352 N. Pearl Street, and Susan Richardson, 211 West Elm Street, Jeff Offenbaker, 316 West Maple Street.
Letters received on behalf of child care in general: Nancy Hughes, 630 Newark Road, (who was not present but asked that her
letter be read during the public hearing)M, arilyn Andrews, 217 West Elm Street, and Susan Freeman, 75 Denbigh Drive (letters received prior to the hearing)C.opies of those letters are attached as part of these minutes.
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Joint Special Meeting
Village CounciPl/lanning Commission
June 26, 1991
Page 3
Expressed views during the public hearing:
Most public comments expressed, leaned towards not
regulating child care givers unless they exceed the limit of over
five children. No comments were offered on other types of home
Expressed views from members of Council and the Planning
Commission with regard to child care givers varied from a permit
should be required to no permit should be required.
Some felt giving carte blanche to child care givers would not be
appropriate. However, a permit from the Zoning Inspector, to
conduct such a home occupation wouldn' t be out of order as long
as the request was for no more than five children. The applicant
wouldn' t have to apply for a Conditional Use Permit. Noting, that
child care does have an impact on a neighborhood, and this would
allow for some recourse to cancel the permit if guidelines were violated.
Others felt that any home occupation, including child care
service should be considered like any other home occupation
requiring an applicant to apply for a Conditional Use Permit and
a Home Occupation Permit, thereby giving neighbors the right to
voice their opinions, and gives some control to revoke a permit.
One member of Council felt that the matter of baby sitting should
be dealt with as a separate issue. Pick a number (4 or 5),and
exclude that service from the home occupation requirements.
Consensus of members of Village Council and Planning Commission
was to direct this issue along with comments made at tonight' s public hearing to the Zoning Re- write group and to do their best
to rewrite the Chapter on Home Occupations.
The public hearing closed at 9:08 p.m.,
July 10. 1991. 7: 30 p.m.
July 17. 1991. 730 p.m.
July 18. 1991. 7: 30 9.m.
Village Council/Planning Commission
Regular Council Meeting
Planning Commission Meeting
p.m. -Village Council/ Planning Commission July 24. 1991, 7: 30
Joint Special Meeting
Village CounciPl/lanning Commission
June 26, 1991
Page 4
Motion for adjournment was made by Planning Commission member
Snyder, seconded by Vice Mayor Morrow.
Meeting adjourned at 9: 10 p.m.

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