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Council Minutes MAY 1, 1991

MAY 1, 1991
Mayor Eisenberg called the meeting to order at 7: 30 p.m.
Responding to roll call were:
Councilmember Freytag
Councilmember Rader
Councilmember Marshall
Councilmember Malcuit
Councilmember Hughes
Ordinance No. 10-91
Vice Mayor
Law Director
An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 26-90
Providing For Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal
Year 1991 And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses.
No one appeared to speak for or against ordinance no. 10-91.
Public hearing closed at 7:33 p.m..Action on this ordinance was held for old business.
Ordinance No. 11-91 -An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 26-90
And Appropriate Funds In The General Fund.
Chris Avery, President of the Friends of the Museum, was on
hand to answer any questions Village Council or citizens might
have regarding the proposed Library Alley Project. The project
would involve removing the asphalt paving and sidewalk area
between the library and the museum and replacing it with brick, few benches and a some plantings to create a plaza effect. The
purpose for the plaza was to create an attractive quite, peaceful
area for people to sit, and a safer place for children and adults
visiting either the library or the museum by discouraging through traffic of that area.
Mr. Avery explained to Council that the Museum didn' t have
the funds to help with the project at this time, but he and Paul
Goudy, Curator for the Robbins- Hunter Museum, have been active in
the planning process of the Library Alley project. He further stated a combined list of both the Friends of the Museum and
Friends of the Library will be used in the Library Alley Committee' s fund raising campaign in an effort to raise the additional funds needed to reach the $60,000 estimated cost for the project.
Councilmember Rader asked what funds had been committed and by whom. Mr. Avery responded and said $15, 000 has been committed by the Library Board, $1, 000 from the Granville Foundation,
d2on, 0a0t0edf.rom the Friends of the Museum, and $6, 000 anonymously
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
May 1, 1991
Page 2
Ted Englehardt stated that he talked with the Township
Trustees about contributing to the project. He said the idea was
favorably received, but the Township was advised by their legal counsel (County Prosecutor), that they didn' t have a legal right
to support a village project.
Councilmember Rader asked Mr. Avery if he knew how township residents many use the Granville Library. Mr. Avery didn' t know, but thought the head librarian would probably have that information.
With no further comments from the public offered, the public hearing on Ordinance 11-91 closed at 7: 50 p.m. Action on this ordinance was held for old business.
April 17. 1991 -Reqular Council Meeting Minutes -Vice Mayor Morrow moved that the minutes be approved as distributed. Motion seconded by Councilmember Malcuit. Motion carried.
April 24, 1991 -Joint WorksessionV/ illage Council and Granville Planning Commission - Councilmember Malcuit moved that the
minutes be approved as corrected. Motion seconded by Councilmember Marshall. Motion carried.
Those who signed the register were:
Brenda Mix
John C. Cassell
Don Showman
Fred Gosnell
Bill Wright
Sally MacPhail
Carl Frazier
Reese L. Dwyer, III
Lloyd Phillips
Robert Lisle
Robert Mathias
Becky Sarosy
Paula Watkins
Gerry Colbert
Jim Welsh
Neil Robertson
Don Jones
Chris Avery
Julius Blum
Mark Zarbaugh
No comments, questions or concerns were voiced at this time.
Planning Commission -Councilmember Marshall reported on the April 22nd meeting. At that meeting the Commission reviewed and approved the Orr Rezoning Proposal in modified form. Mr. Marshall noted that the Planning Commission' s recommendation to approve the Orr rezoning request from Village Residential District to wVeilelakg. e Business District was received by Village Council this
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
May 1, 1991
Page 3
The Planning Commission also approved the preliminary plat
and Phase I of the development plan for the Spring Hills Baptist
Church project. Mr. Marshall noted that there was no significant
change from the original plan submitted earlier except the set
back of 150' from the road entrance was moved further east which
was approved by the Commission. Earth moving has been targeted
for July. The Planning Commission's recommendation for this
project was received by Village Council this week.
Curbside Recycling Committee -Councilmember Malcuit reported on the meeting of April 23rd held at the American Baptist Churches
of Ohio meeting room facility. The Committee discussed various
aspects of recycling such as: licensing, performance standards,
mandatory vs voluntary, costs, etc. Rose Wingert, Chairperson,
visited the City of Delaware to observe their recycling
operations and gave a report. The Committee scheduled a meeting
for May 6, 1991, at 7: 30 p.m.,at the Old Academy Building to
talk with Rumpke a privately owned and operated firm active in 4 states.
Granville Recreation Commission -Councilmember Hughes reported
that adult soft ball will be conducted at the Owens- Corning field this summer.
Ordinance No. 10-91, " An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance Providing No. 269-0 For Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal
Year 1991 And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses,w"as moved for adoption by Councilmember Malcuit. motion seconded by
Councilmember Marshall. Roll call vote: Malcuit- yes, Marshall- yes, Hughesy-es, Freytagy-es, Radery-es, Morrowy-es, Eisenbergyes.
Seven yes votes. Motion carried. Ordinance No. 10-91 duly adopted.
Ordinance No. 119- 1, A"n Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 269-0 And Appropriate Funds In The General Fund,w"as moved for adoption by Vice Mayor Morrow. Motion seconded by Councilmember Marshall.
Discussion: Councilmember Malcuit expressed disappointment in the fact that the Township to date had made no move to contributed towards the Library Alley project, and felt the ordinance should be amended in the way of a challenge to the Township to match the Village' s grant contribution. During a lengthy discussion consensus was leave the ordinance as it was introduced and vote on it, and let the newspapers print Village Council' s challenge to the Township on this issue. 1
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
May 1, 1991
Page 4
Roll call vote on the question: Morrowy-es, Marshally-es,
Radery-es, Malcuity-es, Hughesy-es, Freytagy-es, Eisenbergy-es.
Seven yes votes. Motion carried. Ordinance No. 11-91 duly
Farmington Easement -At its meeting of April 17, 1991, Village
Council received a petition from 61 Bryn Du Subdivision property
owners requesting that Council deny Mr. Wright' s request for an easement for future access from the extreme northwestern sector
of the proposed Farmington development. No decision was made at
the April 17th meeting pending responses from the Granville
Volunteer Fire Department, Granville Police Department, and the Granville Planning Commission.
Following a lengthy discussion on the issue, consensus of Village Council was to support the petition calling for removal of the proposed easement north of the proposed Farmington Development.
Ordinance No. 129- 1, A"n Ordinance To Amend Ordinance no. 269-0 Providing For Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal
Year 1991 And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses,w"as introduced and title read in its entirety by Councilmember
Marshall. A public hearing on this ordinance was scheduled for May 15, 1991, at 7:30 p.m.
American Legion Flaq Proposal -Jim Welsh, Commander of Granville Post 398 presented Granville Post 398' s proposal to install approximately 40 flags on electric poles along both sides of Broadway from Granger to Plum Street for 18 separate events legal holidays)d,uring the calendar year. Mr. Welsh explained that the Legion would be responsible for installing the brackets, putting the flags up and taking them down. He further stated that he would work with Manager Plunkett on any traffic problems. Following a lengthy discussion, the issue was referred to the Granville Planning Commission by consensus of Council.
Storm Water Management Proposal
Mark Zarbaugh, Granville Service Director, presented his proposal to develop a storm water management program to be financed through the creation of a stormwater utility. The need to consider such a utility was prompted by pending EPA storm sewer regulations and their accompanying cost implications. A copy of Mr. Zarbaugh' s proposal is attached as part of these minutes.
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
May 1, 1991
Page 5
May 2. 1991. 7: 30 p.m..Granville Planning Commission
May 6, 1991, 7:30 p.m..Old Academy Building. Curbside Recycling
May 8. 1991, 7: 30 D.m..Joint Worksession- Village
Council/Planning Commission
Mav 13, 1991. 7:30 p.m..Charter Review Commission Public Hearing
May 22. 1991, 7: 30 p.m..Joint WorksessionV-illage
Council/Planning Commission
June 5. 1991. 7: 30 p.m.,Village Council Public Hearing on
Planning Commission' s Recommendation to Approve Orville Orr's
Rezoning As Modified. and; Recommendation to Approve the
Preliminary Plat and Phase I of the Spring Hills Baptist Church
Development Plan
Councilmember Hughes moved for adjournment, seconded by Vice
Mayor Morrow. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8: 55 p.m.

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