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Council Minutes NOVEMBER 6, 1991

NOVEMBER 6, 1991
Mayor Eisenberg called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.
Responding to roll call were:
Councilmember Freytag
Councilmember Marshall
Councilmember Hughes
Councilmember Rader
Councilmember Malcuit
Vice Mayor
Law Director
Ordinance No. 29-91 -An Ordinance Fixing And Regulating The
Price That May Be Charged By National Gas &Oil Corporation, Its
Successors Or Assigns, For Gas Service To The Village Of
Granville, Ohio, And To Its Inhabitants, For The Period Of Two
2) Years From And After The Effective Date Of This Ordinance;
And Repealing Ordinance No. 15-90, August 1, 1990.
John Denison, representative from National Gas &Oil
Corporation, presented his company' s proposed rate increase for Granville consumers. He explained that National Gas believes they
can save the consumer money by negotiating directly with
municipalities rather than with PUCO (Public Utilities Commission
of Ohio). The increase would bring Granville customers in line with other rate payers in the surrounding presentation he offered areas. Following his might have. to answer questions Council or residents
Other than Mr. Denison, no one spoke for or against this ordinance. Public hearing closed at 7: 45 p.m.
Curbside Refuse and Recycling Bids
The Village of Granville received bids for residential refuse & garbage and recycling on October 22, 1991. A copy of the bid tchaensveasms iannudtessu. pporting explanatory sheet is attached as part of
Speaking to the issue of awarding an exclusive contract for curbside refuse and recycling were:
Larry Huey, 129 West College Street, who was opposed to an exclusive contract for refusere/ cycling in the Village. Recapping a letter he sent to Village Council earlier, in which he expressed his sentiments, in addition to questions he felt were not addressed with regard to a awarding a contract for
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
November 6, 1991
Page 2
residential refusere/ cycling in the Village of Granville to a
single hauler. A copy of Mr. Huey' s letter is attached as part of
these minutes.
Councilmember Hughes stated that all the questions Mr. Huey
asked in his letter had been discussed by the Curbside Recycling
Councilmember Malcuit stated that the Committee were
concerned about the wear and tear on the roads with five
different haulers every week picking up refuse. The Committee saw having a single refusere/ cycling hauler as an advantage, with a potential cost savings for Village residents.
Mary L. Van Atta, 118 Cherry Valley Road, expressed a concern
that a single refuse hauler may in time put smaller trash haulers
out of business. Ms. Van Atta said the same man has picked up her trash for the past ten years, and although the cost is higher
than the other leading refuse haulers she gladly pays it.
General Grant Oliver, 1067 Cherry Valley Road, was against having
a single refusere/ cycling hauler in the Village. Mr. Oliver said his brother has a small trash hauling business and picks up his trash and recyclables.
Mr. Oliver was asked what landfill his brother used, and where he took recyclable items. Mr. Oliver said his brother takes the trash and recyclables to Columbus but didn' t know where in Columbus.
Marilyn Walsh asked how an exclusive contract for
refusere/ cycling would affect owners of commercial businesses.
Response to Ms. Walsh was that commercial refuse would be contracted separately by each commercial user.
Vice Mayor Morrow reminded everyone the issue was to implement a recycling program for the Village, to educate and encourage people to recycle.
sDpaveeciBficriatttoionn,sa.sked if used tires were addressed in the bid
Mr. Adkins, owner of Big 0" ",stated they would take tires as long as the landfills would take them.
It was noted by someone at the meeting that it wasn't far toirfef sto. where the landfills wouldn' t be taking yard waste or used
Tom Twork, 1206 Cherry Valley Road, noted how the Village Corporation has spread out since the last annexation, and wanted Vtoillkangoew if the haulers agreed to pick up everything in the on one day.
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
November 6, 1991
Page 3
Manager Plunkett said it couldn't be done in one day. The refuse
company would have to segment things out, much in the way the
Village picks up brush ando/r leaves with sections of the Village
broken down into specific days of the week.
With regard to low bids, Jack King of Waste Management, noted
that the container in the RefuseR/ecycling bid specifications was
an option, and contended that his company was low bidder if one took the container or not.
Ann Kennedy, Attorney, representing Big "0",stated that there
was a misconception about who was low bidder. Ms. Kennedy quoted
Big 0" "s 'bid to be $6.50 without the container, therefore making them the low bidder.
Public hearing closed a 8: 09 p.m.
Granville East Water Extension Assessments
General Grant Oliver, 1067 Cherry Valley Road, stated that he couldn' t see why the Village would want to drill under Route 16, to get water to the other side when he could get water from
Newark at $6.00f/ront foot. He contended that the Village was not going to put in sewer for a long time if ever, and asked what good water would be without sewer.
Dave Britton, 1117 Cherry Valley Road, said he didn't need water, that he had a good well.
Penny Ziegler, 1239 Cherry Valley Road, SW, stated that her water
wabaosunt'tbgeoinogd, and would appreciate Village water. She was happy in Granville.
Ray Montgomery, 2650 NewarkG- ranville Road, asked how soon would the Village be making a decision.
Manager Plunkett stated that detailed estimates (cost)f,or the project is the same. Before the Village can advertise for the project the method of assessment and the Village' s contribution towards the project needs to be approved by Village Council before the individual assessments can be certified by the Village' s engineer. He said that could take thirty days. All that depends on whether or not an Assessment Equalization Board will nneoetdbetothbeisappointed. He said if that happens it definitely would year.
General Grant Oliver asked again why the Village felt there was a need to extend their waterline to people on the other side of Rlinouete 16. He said he could walk to the back of his property fence Villagaend' be in Newark. He repeated again that he didn' t need the s water without sewer.
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
November 6, 1991
Page 4
Gary Stansbury, 185 Westgate Drive, NE, said he wanted the
Village's water.
Charles Lust, 120 Westgate Drive, stated that he had terrible
water, and would like the Village to get going with the waterline
extension. He said his business was mostly seasonal and his prime
business is April, May and June. Mr. Lust said with the
reconstruction of Route 16 last year hurt his prime business
period and he was concerned that the road would be torn up again
in '92 during the same period. He said he setbacks. couldn' t take any more, asked if there were ways for future developers to pay
Manager Plunkett stated that the law is specific on assessments
and quoted ORC 727. 01. He said the formula must be equal to all beneficiaries.
Betty Morrison and Don Curtis both questioned the south side of NewarkG- ranville Road still in Granville Township who may benefit from the water line without paying any assessment.
Manager Plunkett stated that several people (less than a dozen),
on the south side already have water when a waterline was installed many years ago. He said policies in effect today were not in force at that time.
Mr. Kohman, Engineer for Bill Wright (Farmington)e,xpressed a concern about using acreage as a method of assessment. He stated that roughly 13/ of Mr. Wright' s property wouldn't benefit from wthoeuldNebwe asrekGr-veradnville Road waterline extension, and that this area from a line from Bryn Du Subdivision.
Mr. Plunkett asked Mr. Kohman to submit to the Village a set of plans which details his statement.
John Noecker, 2578 Newark Road, agreed the Village was on the right track with alternates. He had a theory of lots vs. bulk land and the benefits of each.
Vice Mayor Morrow asked Mr. Noecker if he had any legal supportable data for this theory.
Mr. Noecker said no, he was just throwing out suggestions.
Mary Lou Van Atta asked if there was any way Village Council tchoiusld hold off for a while to give Mr. Noecker time to research theory which she felt was an excellent point.
Mimapnaogretar nPt.lunkett explained to those present that time was
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
November 6, 1991
Page 5
Dave Britton, 1117 Cherry Valley Road, asked how much tap fees
were, and would it be mandatory to tap onto the line.
Manager Plunkett responded and said the current cost for a 3/4"
tap (residential),is $500 plus $80.00 for a meter. He said
residents would not be required to tap onto the line if they
didn't want to, but the property owner would still have to pay
the assessment. The line would be extended to the curb stop and
the property owner would have a contractor extend the line to the
house or business.
Mayor Eisenberg said fees could however go up.
Marc Shulman encouraged Village Council to put residents first
and asked that they be given the lowest rate possible. He asked
how assessments were planned, and if a land owner had a regular
vacant lot, should he pay the same as larger land owners? He
said the average homeowner would not get his money back.
Public hearing closed at 8: 55 p.m.
October 16, 1991 -Regular Council Meeting -Minutes were approved following a motion by Councilmember Marshall, seconded
by Vice Mayor Morrow. Motion carried.
Those who signed the register were:
Charles A. Lust, 120 Westgate Drive
Larry Huey, 129 West College
Carolyn Huey, 129 West College
Mary Lou Van Atta, 1118 Cherry Valley Road
Jeff Ward, 1935 Tamarack, Newark
Jack King, 150 S. 28th, Newark ( Rick Waste Management) Campbell, 150 S. 28th, Newark
Grant Oliver, 1067 Cherry Valley Road
John Denison, National Gas &Oil Corporation Representative Wm. Glover, NewarkG- ranville Road
Dorothy Garrett, 45 Donald Ross Dr. Bonnie &Dave Britton, 1117 Cherry Valley Road W. S. Klopfer, NewarkG- ranville Road Phyllis M. Klopfer, 2402 Newark Road Penelope Ziegler, 1239 Cherry Valley Road, SE Susan Adkins, 26 Burt Avenue
Ann M. Kennedy, 416 Bryn Du Drive
Shane Adkins, 26 Burg Ave
Marc Shulman, 435 West College
Phyllis Green, Goose Lane
Jack W. Pyle, 127 E. Elm St.
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
November 6, 1991
Page 6
Judy K. Pyle, 127 E. Elm St.
Betty Morrison, 127 E. Elm St.
Robert E. Morrison, Sr.,127 E. Elm St.
John C. Stoddard, Box 1825 Denison
Kathleen Murphy, Box 1437 Denison
Bret Bortner, Box 390 Denison
Stefan Szulc, Box 1867 Denison
Nelson Kohman, 170 M St.,Gahanna
Frank B. Murphy, 43 Donald Ross
Nancy Noecker, 2578 Newark Road
Brenda Mix, 1480 Newark Road
Dorothy Essman, 1404 Cherry Valley Rd.
Robert A. Essman, 1404 Cherry Valley Rd.
Gary Stansbury, 660 West Broadway
Miriam Roush, 2613 Granville Road
Sigel Roush, 2613 Granville Road
Lawrence &Arabelle Reynolds, 2489 NewarkG- ranville Rd
Mike &Marilyn Willis, 82 New Gran Rd.
Tom Twork, 1206 Cherry Valley Rd.
John Noecker, 2578 Newark Road
Doug Kaiser, 1236 Newark Road
Amy Prevost, 681 West Broadway
Rose Wingert, 179 Victoria Drive
Herb Murphy, Jr.,44 Waterford Ct.
Mark Zarbaugh, 313 Spellman
Ed Vance, 248 Thornewood Dr.
Maxine Montgomery, 2650 NewarkG- ranville Rd
Ray Montgomery, 2650 NewarkG- ranville Road Lon Herman, 328 Mt. Parnassus
Jos. Wm. Charles, Jr.,171 Rose Drive
Sally MacPhail, Sentinel
Paula Soares, an exchange student from Sao Viceta, Brazil, presented her city' s flag to the Village of Granville. Mayor Eisenberg accepted the flag on the Village' s behalf and thanked Ms. Soares. He expressed the hope that a flag of the Village' s be given to Ms. Soares' s to present to her city as a token of friendship.
Planning Commission -Councilmember Marshall noted that the Planning Commission' s minutes were distributed to members of hceouwnocuilldann' dt efelalbtotrhaetey expressed the meeting very accurately, and further.
Recreation Commission -Councilmember Hughes asked Village Council if they would consider waiving a $3400 tap fee to provide water for its soccer fields and community gardens.
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
November 6, 1991
Page 7
Following discussion, by consensus of Council, one half of
the $3400 tap fee would be waived, however, they would have to
pay for water used. Council recommended that the Recreation
Commission seek the other half of the tap fee from the Township.
Union Cemetery Board of Trustees -Councilmember Freytag reported
that the Union Cemetery Board of Trustees met and held their
first joint organization meeting. He said the Trustees have
requested that the Village set up a bank account for maintenance
funds. Mr. Freytag suggested a small amount of $100 to start an account of their own.
Following a brief discussion, Rufus Hurst, Village Law
Director, had concerns with regard to the Village maintaining the
books and records through one of its accounts, and stated that would provide he an opinion on this for the next meeting.
Ordinance No. 299- 1, A"n Ordinance Fixing And Regulating The Price That May Be Charged By National Gas &Oil Corporation, Its Successors Or Assigns, For Gas Service To The Village Of Granville, Ohio, As To Its Inhabitants, For The Period Of Two (2) Years From And After The Effective Date Of This Ordinance; And Repealing Ordinance No. 159-0, August 1, 1990,w"as move for adoption by Councilmember Malcuit. Motion seconded by Councilmember Marshall. Roll call vote: Malcuit- yes, Marshall- yes, Freytagy-es, Hughesy-es, Radery-es, Morrowy-es, Eisenbergyaedos.
ptSeedv.en yes votes. Motion carried. Ordinance No. 299-1 duly
Resolution No. 915- 5, "To Award The Bid For Curbside Refuse And RCoeunccyilmcleimnbgew,r"as introduced and read in its entirety by Malcuit.
Councilmember Malcuit moved for the adoption of Resolution No. 915-5. Motion seconded by Councilmember Hughes. A roll call vote on the question was requested: Malcuity-es, Hughesy-es, Marshally-es, Freytagn-o, Radern-o, Morrown-o, Eisenbergn-o. NThor.ee91ye5-5s votes, four no votes. Motion for passage of Resolution was defeated.
While all members of Council were in favor of initiating a program in the Village of Granville that would instill in its citizens that curbside recycling must be 100%in compliance if the Village was going to comply with laws already mandated by the State of Ohio, not all members were willing to take from residents their right to decide who they would contract to haul their trash and recyclables. Even if an exclusive contract would definitely save them money, and the convenience of having a one day a week pickup. However, all members were concerned about the issues of what landfill each hauler would be using, and where the recyclables would be taken. A recommendation was made that any
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
November 6, 1991
Page 8
refuse hauler doing business in the Village of Granville would
have to obtain a license, which would dictate rules and
regulations refuse haulers would need to in compliance.
Resolution No. 91-56, " To Repeal Resolution No. 91-39 And To
Adopt A New Resolution Of Necessity Relative To The Improvement
Of Certain Properties Located Within The Village Of Granville,
Ohio, By Constructing Waterline Extensions Together With The
Necessary Appurtenances Thereto." was introduced by Vice Mayor
Morrow. Others members of Council assisted Mr. Morrow in reading
portions of the resolution.
Manager Plunkett devised a set schedules comparing several
methods of assessments. He also devised variation several schedules using a of assessments that could be used in accordance with
the Ohio Revised Code, using formulas of front footage alone,
acreage alone, or, a blend of front footage and acreage, with variable amounts the Village would contribute towards the
project. The schedules were marked A,B,C,D, E, and F. These
schedules were distributed to members of Council for review and
consideration prior to the meeting.
Using Schedule D, a blend, with the Village' s contribution
at $79, 000, Vice Mayor Morrow moved for passage of Resolution No. 915-6. Motion seconded by Councilmember Hughes. A five sevenths vote on this resolution was required. Roll call vote: Morrowy-es, Hughesn-o, Freytagn-o, Marshally-es, Malcuitn-o, Radery-es, Eisenbergy-es. Four yes votes, three no votes. Motion defeated. Vice Mayor Morrow tissm#oved for passage of Resolution No. 915-6 using Schedule F a blend of 50%acreage and 50%front footage, and the Village contributing an additional $150, 000 for
a total of $229. 000. Motion seconded by Councilmember Marshall. Discussion: Councilmember Freytag was opposed to subsidizing
new development. He said if there were impact fees he would be in agreement with a larger Village contribution, but stated that it was not fair to fund new growth. He cited Schedule F under the blended method as being irrational and not applying to the utility of the land. He stated that the utility of the land could not be judged by front foot. He agreed with a higher Village contribution provided impact fees were in place and that the haacvreeagaellmienthpodlacoef aastsessment be implemented, and would prefer to once.
Manager Plunkett noted that the Village was pressed to get moving on the project lest the Village might lose Issue 2 funds. Councilmember Hughes wanted to know how the Village would determine Impact Fees, and would it be possible to draw up a method in the next two weeks along with an impact fee schedule. been dMraanwanger Plunkett stated that not one Impact Fee Document has up in the State of Ohio.
Councilmember Malcuit said that might be something we (the oinuttogo. ing Village Council)m, ight asked the new Council to look
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
November 6, 1991
Page 9
Councilmember Marshall asked if it wasn't already too late
to do something with impact fees at this point.
Vice Mayor Morrow reminded Village Council that when the
Village first annexed this territory and that there was an issue
of fairness. He said whatever formula is used, developers are
going to benefit. He reminded Village Council of when they
undertook this annexation; when the School Board, Township
Trustees, Village Council met and discussed how the tax base for
Granville schools could be saved, annexation, services, and
utilities were discussed and the furnishing of utilities to the
other side of Cherry Valley Road as well. At that time, the City
of Newark had plans of taking (annexing), up to Jones Road, which
would have hurt the Granville School District' s tax base. The
Village made certain promises, and he felt they had a moral
obligation. Mr. Morrow recommended that the Village large contribute as a portion as possible. He was concerned about these
residents for drinking water and fire protection. He hoped that each member at the table would help the Village keep that promise, and go with more in the way of the Village' s contribution.
Roll call vote on the question: Morrowy-es, Hughesy-es, Marshally-es, Radern-o, Malcuitn-o, Freytagn-o, Eisenbergy-es. Four yes votes, three no votes. Motion defeated.
Councilmember Freytag was adamantly opposed to any additional money being contributed for development. He said that without impact fees or an increase in tap fees he would be opposed to any additional contribution by the Village.
Trying again, Vice Mayor Morrow moved for passage of Resolution No. 915-6 using Schedule E, a blend of acreage and front footage, and the Village paying an additional $100, 000 making a total contribution of $179. 000. Roll call vote: Morrow- yes, Marshally-es, Radery-es, Freytagn-o, Malcuitn-o, Hughesn-o, Eisenbergy-es. Four yes votes, three no votes. Motion defeated. Councilmember Hughes stated that he didn' t disagree with the money, but with the front footage percentage.
Vice Mayor Morrow moved for adoption of Resolution No. 91- 56, and created a new Schedule El, with a blend of 60%acreage and 40%front footage, and the Village' s contribution totaling 179.000 7(9$.000 +1 0$0. 0001, with a guarantee that an impact fee schedule and increased tap fees would be studied and seriously considered. Motion seconded by Councilmember Marshall. Roll call vote: Morrowy-es, Marshally-es, Radery-es, Freytag Malcuity-es, Hughesy-es, Eisenbergy-es. Seven yes votes. Motioynes, dcualryriepads.sRede.solution No. 915-6 as proposed by Vice Mayor Morrow
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
November 6, 1991
Page 10
Ordinance No. 31-91, " An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 26-90
Providing For Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal
Year 1991 And Revising Sums For Operating Expensesw,"as
introduced and title read by Councilmember Hughes. A public
hearing on this ordinance was scheduled for November 20, 1991, at
7: 30 p.m..
Planning Commission Meeting. November 7, 1991. 7: 30 p.m.
Councilmember Rader moved for adjournment, motion seconded by
Councilmember Marshall. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 10:25 p.m.

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