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Council Minutes DECEMBER 9, 1992

DECEMBER 9, 1992
Mayor Eisenberg called the meeting to order at 7: 35 p.m.
Responding to roll call were:
Councilmember Freytag
Councilmember Herman
Councilmember Shulman
Councilmember Garrett
Councilmember Vance
Vice Mayor
Law Director
Also present, Service Director Mark Zarbaugh, Finance Director
Shirley Robertson, and Police Chief Steve Cartnal.
Manager' s 1993 Budget Proposal
Water &Sewer
Manager Plunkett stated to Council that the 1993 budget
draft anticipates a 12%increase in overall collections for 1992.
General Fund receipts include the same sources except rent for
the "Old Village Hall,"which should derive when the police
station moves to East Broadway. Manager Plunkett stated that
the police department should be in the new building by February,
and at that time, will recommend that the village rent out the
premises known as 118 South Main Street to the highest bidder, as
is. Rent money will be additional revenue not now included in
the budget.
Councilmember Freytag stated his concern for needed
improvements from the water capital improvements fund. Many
people have complained about water pressure in the area, and
nothing has yet been done about it, he said.
Councilmember Vance noted that there is no special fund as
of now, for water. If the village had been raising sewer rates a
little each year, we wouldn' t be seeing the 11%increase in sewer
rates this year. Mr. Vance noted that there is no increase in
the water rate proposed, and the village needs a small increase
so that at a later date, the increase is not so large. That is
seen in sewer rates now. Councilmember Freytag agreed. Manager
Plunkett noted that he will put that in Ordinance form so that it
can be considered at the next regular Council meeting.
Councilmember Vance also suggested that the water system become
computerized, because a computer analysis could be of some help.
Council Meeting Minutes
December 9, 1992
Page 2
Councilmember Freytag suggested that there be extra money
set aside for road repairs. Mayor Eisenberg said it would make
more sense to make a five year plan for arrangements to get the
money for road repairs. Manager Plunkett pointed out that he was
sure that the village would receive Issue II money on one, if not
two 1993 projects. That should take care of several road
Al-1-A Police
Police Chief Steve Cartnal spoke of increases in the police
budget. There was no police cruiser bought in 1992, therefore,
the police department proposed to purchase two in 1993. Chief
Cartnal plans to buy the cruisers through the state purchasing
contract so that it will be less expensive. Rather than trading
in the old cruisers, auctioning them off will bring a better
price. Chief Cartnal suggested making one old police cruiser a
staff car, so officers could travel to and from training schools.
That would be cheaper than paying officers for mileage.
Chief Cartnal wants also to purchase radio repeater
equipment. He noted however, that licensing is not available
now, and chances are that the money for that proposed expense
will not be needed in 1993.
Al-1-C Street Liqhtinq
Service Director Mark Zarbaugh explained the item for a
controller to time signals to maintain a smooth flow of traffic
through downtown Granville. He is planning on asking to upgrade
the downtown traffic lights on a two year completion period.
Manager Plunkett noted that the traffic signal at Cherry
Valley Road and SR 16, has longer green times as of December 6,
1992. Mr. Zarbaugh stated that traffic seems to be running
smoothly, eliminating some of the congestion in that area. Mr.
Zarbaugh is planning to go back on Friday to observe the traffic
flow again.
Law Director Hurst suggested that some additional costs be
considered for contracted law services in account number Al-7-K.
Manager Plunkett noted that the money to pay the law
director has always been included with law accounts in the
General Fund. Significant special projects and additional funds
legal expenses services, ect.)for that shouldn' t be necessary
beyond the budgeted contractual services amount.
Al-7-A Administration
Council Meeting Minutes
December 9, 1992
Page 3
Mr. Plunkett noted that the additional vehicle in
administration would not be necessary if the village keeps the
old police cruiser to make it a staff car.
Waqe/ Salary Schedule
Councilmember Vance asked that Council discuss the
wages/alary schedule at its next regularly scheduled meeting
because he had to leave. Councilmember Marshall noted that
council cannot adopt the budget if this is not discussed tonight.
Councilmember Vance was excused at 10: 00 p.m.,as was Law
Director Hurst.
Councilmember Garrett stated that in comparison to different
villages, Granville' s expectations are different. Granville
needs a different caliber of people. If the village doesn' t pay
its employees well, they don' t keep them. It' s too easy for
employees to go elsewhere and get a job that pays more. Ms.
Garrett feels that the community feels this way too, as evidenced
in recent publications.
Mayor Eisenberg stated every year, the same comments and
points come up. This is an almost impossible situation. Council
has a wide variety of employees, and it' s difficult to come to an
agreement on the subject; that is why council paid for a study,
to resolve such problems. To overturn the PAS study
recommendations now would be a mistake.
Councilmember Freytag stated that the consultants who
performed the study should not have compared Granville to Dublin.
Mr. Freytag feels that the only way the consultants could show
such increases, was by including Dublin in the study. The
consultants, knowing nothing about Central Ohio, were lead to
Dublin by employees of the village, therefore, the study is
flawed. The end result would be that Council pays employees more
than Newark, a city bigger than Granville. Mr. Freytag suggested
that Council use the existing chart, but not increase to the full
amounts. The top range should be close to Newark' s. Mr. Freytag
stated that the base is too high because it was compared to the
wrong towns.
Councilmember Garrett noted that Granville shouldn' t be
compared with Newark because Newark' s services do not match those
of Granville.
Mayor Eisenberg stated that there is no perfect solution for
this dilemma. The wage scale is as good as the village is going
to do, and Council should go ahead with it. Vice Mayor Marshall
seconded. Councilmember Herman also agrees.
Manager Plunkett stated that he will bring a resolution to
the next meeting for Council to adopt the wages/alary scale as
recommended by PAS. The budget will also be put in ordinance
form for a public hearing at the next meeting.
Manager Plunkett asked that he be excused for the first part
Council Meeting Minutes
December 9, 1992
Page 4
of next week' s meeting, in order to attend Granville High
School' s Holiday Concert.
Mayor Eisenberg voiced his concern for having the manager' s
salary on a classification schedule. Mr. Eisenberg stated that
the manager should not be on this kind of scale; Council is
responsible for setting his salary and evaluating his
performance. There were no objections to removing the manager' s
position from the wages/alary schedule.
Motion to adjourn was made by Mayor Eisenberg, seconded by Vice
Mayor Marshall. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 11: 00 p.m.

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