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Council Minutes APRIL 21, 1993

APRIL 21, 1993
Mayor Eisenberg convened the meeting at 7:32 p.m.
Those responding to the roll call were:
Councilmember Garrett
Councilmember Herman
Councilmember Vance
Councilmember Freytag
Vice Mayor Marshall
Mayor Eisenberg
Law Director Hurst
Joe Hickman sit in for Manager Plunkett
Councilmember Garrett Mayor Marshall. moved to excuse Manager Plunkett and Councilmember Shulman. Seconded by Vice
Ordinance No. 8-93 -An Ordinance To Add Section 925.07 i()To The Codified Ordinances Of The Village Of Granville To Provide Means For Protecting The Public Water System From Contamination Due To The Backflow Of Contaminates Throughout The Water Service Connection Into The Public Water System. No one appeared at the meeting to speak for or against Ordinance No. 8-93. Public hearing closed at 7:34 P.m.
Ordinance No.9-93 -An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No.499-2 Providing For Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For the Fiscal Year 1993 And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses. No one spoke for or against Ordinance No. 9-93. Public hearing closed at 7:34,
Regular scheduled Council meeting ofApril 7, 1993 -Councilmember Vance moved that the minutes be accepted as corrected. Seconded by Councilmember Frey'lag. Motion carried.
The Mayor's Report for the month ofMarch was reviewed.Mayor Eisenberg directed the clerk to file the report. MANAGER'S REPORT
The Managers' Report for tlie month ofMarch was reviewed. After a brief discussion,Councilmember Herman moved that the report be accepted. Motion seconded by Councilmember Vance. Motion carried.
Those signing the register were:
Village of Granville
Council Meeting Minutes
April 21, 1993
Page 2
Pat Murpliy, Advocate
Mary Fellabaum
Sally Macphail, Sentinel
June Bennett
Jurgen Pape
Bernie & Hilah Williams
Donald Bennett
Kevin Bennett was present on behalf of his father,Don Bennett, to comment on the suggestions. Parking Update Committee's Mr. Bennett stated that his father has been active in the community for over 40 years and has owned the Marathon Station at the northeast corner of Broadway and Prospect for 27 years. In the time he has owned the business,Mr. Don Bennett has done things to lielp the Village such as landscaping,allowing free parking,use of public rest rooms, and numerous other things. The announcement that the Committee would like to do away with the Broadway entrance to the Marathon is a "hard knock"to the Bennetts. It comes to the Bennetts as a k"ick in the rear end".Perhaps the committee doesn't mean it as an insult,but it certainly comes across as one.Mr. Kevin Bennett also stated public property owners have property rights.The Village will find that this could be a very costly legal procedure if they wish to force Mr.Bennett to give up his Broadway entrances. Mr. Bennett concluded by stating he hopes this can be resolved by working together.
Mayor Eisenberg stated he thought Mr.Kevin Bennetts actions were premature and he maybe overacting. No action is being taken and is not likely ever to,unless Don Bennett would agree. Buck Sargent,a member of the Parking Committee,stated that he had discussed with Don the closing of bthuesiBnerosas.dway entrances,botli had come to the conclusion that taking the entrances away would be like closing the
Jurgen Pape noted tlie Parking Committee was not aware tlat it would appear in the paper so soon: they had hoped to discuss tlie matter witli Council first.
Councilmember Garrett stated slie had given Council a copy of the Parking Committees' results on April 7th,so that Council could be prepared to discuss the matter. Anything said at Council on April 7th then became public information. That is how the media acquired the suggestions. Mrs. Garrett stated that all the business owners affected by the report had been notified before the newspaper article was published.
Councilmember Vance reported on tlie Sign Code Committee's meeting ofApril 20th.At that 3 hour meeting, the committee decided to contact the GBPA to solicit how area businesses would like to see the sign code changed. They are going to attend tlie next GBPA meeting to obtain input.
Parking Study
Councilinember Garrett stated the parking committee was formed because people were complaining about inadequate parking in tlie downtown. The Committee,needing to look at the situation to determine if there really wwearseainptreorebsletemd,isnurveyed the downtown busitiesses with a 50%response. The committee had also asked ifpeople an off site parkitig area for employees.
Thc survey colicluded that parking is a problem from 11 3: 0 a.m. to 1 :30 p.m.S, aturday mornings,and on special events. Very few bitsinesses h.ave off street parking for employees,atid einployec's arc not willing to walk a few blocks to work,
Jurgen Pape stated tliat he was looking at the study from a planning aspect,the long range prospective. Mis ar.vPaialalbe)lseuapnpdorstsavainsgatietlluitnetpi|arking and asked Council to consider the possibility of obtaining land now while it needed.
Mrs. Williams stated anytime the subject ofa parking problem comes up, the Elms' Complex is brought into it. Council has faced tlicse issues before and decided to keep parking the way it is. Mrs. Williams noted that
Village of Granville
Council Meeting Minutes
April 21, 1993
Page 3
according to Police reports, few accidents have occurred in front of Elms. She feels that parking should stay the
way it is. Mrs. Williams stated that it really upset her to read that article on the front page of the Sentinel. She
suggested that Granville build an overhead garage in Petunia Park if parking is such a problem. Mrs.Williams
also noted the cross walk on Broadway takes up four places.
Mayor Eisenberg stated Granville residents are spoiled. He has never had a problem with parking ifyou
don't mind walking a few blocks. Mayor Eisenberg also stated that he was in agreement with Jurgen concerning
the long range view but, at this time parking is not a problem.
Vice Mayor Marshall stated that he is in agreement with Mr. Eisenberg. Mr. Marshall lives a block and a
half away from downtown and the parking in front of his house is always empty.
Councilmember Vance stated that most of the comments he receives about parking are from out of town
people. Out-of-towners are not aware of all the parking available.
Mayor Eisenberg stated that the GBPA should consider informing out of town visitors where extra
parking is when they book tours.
Councilmember Vance noted that if Council wishes to proceeded with the suggestion of more parking in
front of Bennett's Marathon,maybe Mr. Bennett would consider closing only one entrance on Broadway instead of
both entrances. |
Mrs. Bennett stated they are just getting over the fact their tanks have been taken out and this wasti't an
appropriate time to ask to close their entrances. A more appropriate time to consider this would be when Mr.
Bennett decides to retire.
Councilmember Garrett on behalf of her committee, apologized,stating she thought the people affected by
the survey were under the understanding it was just suggestions and Council had the final decision.
Ordinance No. 6-93, A"n Ordinance To Add Chapter 1188 To The Codified Ordinances Of The Village Of
Granville Establishing Motor Vehicle Blight Regulationsw",as reintroduced,title read. and moved for adoption by
Councilmember Garrett. Motion seconded by Councilmember Freytag. Roll call vote: Garrett yes,Freytag yes, Vance yes,Herman yes,Marshall yes,Mayor Eisenberg yes,Shulman absent. Six yes votes, one member absent. Ordinance No. 6-93 was duly adopted.
Ordinance No. 8-93, A"n Ordinance To Add Section 925.07 i()To The Codified Ordinances Of The Village Of Granville To Provide Means For Protecting The Public Water System From Contamination Due To The Backflow Of Contaminates Througliout The Water System"w,as reintroduced, title read and moved for adoption by Councilmember Herinan.Motion seconded by Councilmember Garrett. Roll call vote: Herman yes,Vance yes, Freytag yes,Garrett yes,Marshall yes,Eisenberg yes, Shulman absent. Six yes votes,one member absent. Ordinance No. 8-93 was duly adopted.
Ordinance No. 9-93, A"n Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 49-92 Providing For Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal Year 1993 And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses"w,as reintroduced,title read and moved for adoption by Vice Mayor Marshall. Motion seconded by Councilmember Vance.Roll call vote: Marshall ymeesm,Gbearrraebttsyeents.,Herman yes, Vance yes,Freytag yes,Mayor Eisenberg yes,Shulman absent. Six yes votes,one Ordinance No. 9-93 was duly adopted.
Councilmember Vance stated the sign for the police department should be viewed by Mrs.Reese since she was the person put in charge of the exterior part of the police renovations.
Village of Granville
Council Meeting Minutes
April 21, 1993
Page 4
Resolution No. 93-15, " A Resolution To Create A Municipal Records Commission In Accordance With The
Provisions Of Chapter 149.39 Of The Ohio Revised Code"w,as introduced,read in full,and moved for adoption by
Councilmember Freytag. Motion seconded by Councilmember Vance. Resolution No. 93-15 was duly adopted.
Councilmember Herman noted there will be a council worksession on April 28th,at 7:30 p.m. to further discuss strategic planning.
Councilmember Garrett questioned what was going to become of the parking study recommendations.Mayor Eisenberg noted that Council would schedule a worksession sometime in May to discuss these issues.
Motion to adjourn was made by Councilmember Vance. Seconded by Vice Mayor Marshall. Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

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