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Council Minutes FEBRUARY 17, 1993

FEBRUARY 17, 1993
Mayor Eisenberg called the meeting to order at 7: 30 p.m.
Responding To Roll Call Were:
Councilmember Shulman
Councilmember Herman
Councilmember Vance
Councilmember Freytag
Vice Mayor
Law Director
Also Present: Assistant Village Manager - Joe Hickman
Vice Mayor Marshall moved to excuse absentee member Garrett.
Motion seconded by Councilmember Vance. Motion carried.
February 3, 1993 -Regular Council Meeting -Councilmember Vance
moved that the minutes be accepted as written. Motion seconded by
Vice Mayor Marshall. Motion carried.
Those who signed the register were:
Sally MacPhail, Sentinel Jurgen Pape
Jurgen Pape appeared at the meeting, loaded down with not but three plastic one, bags, each containing the weekly advertisement
sheets from area businesses (normally hung on resident mail box posts)H.e said by thinking globally and acting locally, everyone can stop the unnecessary waste of valuable resources and the contribution to litter and waste problems. He had made a request that no material be left at his residence, and for a while it stopped, but now he's getting not one, but three bags each delivery cycle! He asked if the Village's Law Director could send wa helentter to the company responsible for these deliveries to stop formally requested to do so by residents.
Following a brief discussion on the issue, Law Director Hurst said he would look into the matter.
Mary Fellabaum, on behalf of the Granville Business & Professional Association (GB&PA)b,rought up the matter of new lighting fixtures more in-stepw- ith Granville's architecture and style for the downtown area. She said current downtown lighting is directed more to street traffic than to sidewalk (pedestrian) traffic,
Village of Granville
Council Meeting Minutes
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and many people in town avoid walking in the evenings because
they can't see.
Ms. Fellabaum asked if the subject might be on some future
agenda for discussion. So far, GBPA has raised $600 towards the
light fixtures, and feel they could raise the money needed, but
not without Village Council's blessings. They figure that each
light fixture would cost approximately $2500.
During a lengthy discussion additional costs such as
installation, tearing up sidewalks, underground cabling, etc.,
were brought up. Ms. Fellabaum was told that Village Council was
with the GBPA in principle on the antique lighting fixtures, and
suggested that they come up with some kind of plan or study to
outline the total scope of the proposal.
The Mayor's Report for the month of January '93 was presented and
reviewed. Following review and discussion, the Clerk was directed
to file the report. A copy of that report is attached as a part of these minutes.
The Manager's Report for the month of January ' During 93 was presented. review of the Manager's Report -Water &Wastewater
Section, Mayor Eisenberg asked Utilities DirectorA/ssistant
Manager Joe Hickman if the figures in the Wastewater Section were telling Village Council that the Village was still having a lot of infiltration problems?Mr. Hickman responded affirmatively. Councilmember Freytag asked about the loss of funding from the State, and approximately how much that would amount to. Manager Plunkett guessed it could possibly be as much as a fourth, noting that last year the Village got approximately 120,000.
Planning Commission -Councilmember Shulman hadn't attended the last meeting, but noted that Jurgen Pape, Chairman of the Grerpaonrvti.lle Planning Commission was present, and might give a
Mr. Pape reported on the February 15th Planning Commission meeting. At that meeting, a sign request was tabled because the owner was out of town. The hearing scheduled on the Fackler rezoning was tabled because the application was incomplete: the cahpapnlgicea. tion would require a development plan for that zoning
Village of Granville
Council Meeting Minutes
Page 3
Vice Mayor Marshall asked if the subject of a joint meeting came
up?Mr. Pape yes, they plan on being present for the March 3rd
Following a brief discussion among members of Council and
Jurgen Pape, a joint meeting of Village Council and the Granville
Planning Commission was set for 6: 30 p.m.,March 3rd.
Ordinance No. 2-93, "An Ordinance Granting Director of
Transportation Authority To Maintain State Highways, Apply
Standard Longitudinal Pavement Markings And Erect Regulatory And
Warning Signs On State Highways Inside Village Corporation. [ This
ordinance was introduced 1/20/ 93, and public hearing on the
ordinance was held 2/3/93. Action on the ordinance under Old
Business was deferred and the legislation was tabled to allow for
further review and discussion]
Vice Mayor Marshall made a motion to remove Ordinance No. 2-
93 from the table. Motion seconded by Councilmember Vance. Motion
Councilmember Freytag moved to amend Ordinance No. 2-93 by
striking out in the last WHEREAS: " and said Village shall save
the state of Ohio harmless from any and all such claims." Motion
seconded by Councilmember Vance. Roll call vote: Freytag- yes,
Vancey-es, Marshally-es, Shulmany-es, Hermany-es, Eisenbergy-es,
Garrett- absent. Six yes votes, one member absent. Ordinance No.
2-93 amended.
Vice Mayor Marshall moved for adoption of Ordinance No. 2-93
as amended. Motion seconded by Councilmember Herman. Roll call
vote: Marshally-es, Hermany-es, Shulmany-es, Vancey-es, Freytagyes,
Eisenberg- yes, Garrett- absent. Six yes votes, one member
absent. Motion carried. Ordinance No. 2-93 as amended duly
Resolution No. 93-8," To Recognize The Granville Garden Club For
Its Efforts To Beautify Granville Through Its Memorial Tree Fund,
And To Honor Donors Who Have Contributed Monies For Those
Memorial Trees."
Vice Mayor Marshall introduced and read in its entirety
Resolution No. 93-8. Mr. Marshall recommended a few minor changes
in the wording of the resolution, and moved for passage of
Resolution No. 93-8 as corrected. Motion seconded by
Councilmember Freytag. Motion carried.
Resolution No. 93-9, "To Authorize The Village Manager To
Advertise For Bids For The Reconstruction Of The New Burg Street
Village of Granville
Council Meeting Minutes
Page 4
Box Culvert, With Appurtenant Structures As Alternates."
Councilmember Herman introduced, read in its entirety, and
moved for passage of Resolution No. 93-9. Motion seconded by
Councilmember Freytag. Motion carried.
Resolution No. 93-10, "To Reject All Bids For Village Offices
Renovations Received February 2, 1993, And To Authorize The
Village Manager To Rebid The Project With Modified
Councilmember Shulman introduced, read in its entirety, moved for and Councilmempbaesrsage Resolution No. 931-0. Motion seconded by Herman. Motion carried.
Ordinance No. 4-93, A"n Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 499-2 Providing For Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal
Year 1993, And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses.w"as introduced and title read by Councilmember Freytag. A public hearing on this ordinance was set for March 3, 1993, at 7: 30 p.m.
Strategic Planning
Lon Herman presented a few of his ideas on the need for strategic planning. A copy of a letter from Christopher Kloth was submitted for Council review. After discussion, the Council agreed to conduct a strategic planning worksession at a special meeting for that purpose on March 31, at 7: 30 p.m.
There will be a joint meeting of the Granville Village Council .the Granville Planning Commission on March 3, 1993 at 6: 30
Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Councilmember Vance. Seconded by Vice- Mayor Marshall. Meeting adjourned at 9: 40 p.m.

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