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Council Minutes JANUARY 20, 1993

JANUARY 20, 1993
Mayor Eisenberg convened the meeting at 7:32 p.m.
Responding to roll call were:
Councilmember Freytag Vice Mayor
Councilmember Shulman Mayor
Councilmember Vance Manager
Councilmember Herman
Councilmember Garrett
January 6. 1993 -Regular Council Meeting -Councilmember Herman moved that the minutes be approved as written. Motion seconded
by Vice- Mayor Marshall. Motion carried.
Those who signed the register were:
Carol Phillips
Mark Zarbaugh
Judy Harmon
Ann Russell
Joe Hickman
Sally MacPhail
No questions, comments, or concerns were voiced at this time.
TrehveieMwaeydo.r' s Report for the month of December was presented and Following the review, Mayor Eisenberg directed the Clerk to file the report. A copy of that report is hereby attached as part of these minutes.
TrehveieMwaenda.ger' s report for the month of December was presented and Following the review, ViceM-ayor Marshall moved to approve the report. Motion seconded by Councilmember Vance. Motion carried. of these minutes.A copy of that report is hereby attached as part
1 Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
January 20, 1993
Page 2
Councilmember Shulman reported on the Granville Planning
Commission' s January 19th meeting. At that meeting, five items
were to be considered. One passed, two were turned down, and two
were deferred. The two deferrals were caused by discrepancies in
the new Zoning Code. When the new Zoning Code was passed, GPC
knew there would be some inconsistencies, and now would be a good time to clear some up.
Councilmember Garrett reported on the Parking Update Study Committee' s meeting held Wednesday January 13. The committee is
still considering options, and will render a decision in March.
Ordinance No. 51-92, "An Ordinance To Amend Section Codified 925. 18 Of The Ordinances Of The Village Of Granville Establishing
Water Regulations And Charges And To Repeal Existing Section
925. 18 Of The Said Codified· Ordinances, "was moved to be taken off the table by Vice- Mayor Marshall. Councilmember Herman
Manager Plunkett noted that the Ordinance was presented in two forms because Joe Hickman would like to propose to Council utility billing be done on a monthly basis instead of bi- monthly, as it is now. Also, the discount for water used over 75,000 gallons was eliminated from the ordinance at Councils request.
Joe Hickman stated by using a monthly billing system, the Village would be able to better serve its customers. One of the
barriers the water department see now is that some homeowners have plumbing problems that result in high water usages. With
the current bim- onthly billing, it often takes two months to spot homeowners' problems, resulting in high water bills. As a result, the customer is very unhappy. By using a monthly billing system, Mr. Hickman believes, some of those problems will be eliminated, resulting in better customer service.
requCesutr.rently 94 residents receive a monthly water bill at their accurate bTihllis. monthly bill is an estimated figure rather than an meter readings. This can be easily corrected with actual monthly
Monthly billing would lower the outstanding balance of money owed to the water and sewer funds by customers. As of now, the monthly outstanding balance for water alone exceeds $6,000. The downside of this proposal is that additional mailings and billing would increase annual costs by approximately $1,500.
Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
January 20, 1993
Page 3
Councilmembers Freytag and Vance felt that the proposed
monthly billing would cost the Village more than the estimated
annual $1,500, because there increased labor hours will arise out
of monthly billing.
Manager Plunkett stated that the Village staff was willing
to reorganize their time to provide this service. No additional
persons will be required to complete the tasks.
Councilmember Herman stated that Council should not second
guess its staff as to whether they could handel more responsibilities.
Ordinance No. 51-92 was moved for adoption, and the title
read by Councilmember Herman. Seconded by Vice- Mayor Marshall. Roll call vote: Herman yes, Vice- Mayor Marshall yes, Garrett
yes, Shulman Five yes, Vance no, Freytag no, Mayor Eisenberg yes. yes votes. Two no votes. Motion carried. Ordinance No.
51-92 was adopted.
Resolution No. 930- 2, A" Resolution To Endorse Sanitary Land Fill Fees As Recommended By The Coshocton, Fairfield, Licking, Perry Solid Waste Committee."Solid Waste Coordinator, Carol Phillips
wcoasstspreosfelnatndtofiinlflorm Council of the reasons for the lowering fees.
Ms. Phillips stated failure to approve the Resolution to the lower sanitary fees would mean that the sanitary fees would rise far higher than their current level. The proposed lowered rate is really a small rate increase, not actually a rate decrease. Ms. Phillips spoke of a number of factors surrounding the solid waste issue, none of which were very encouraging. The main
reason the Committee would like to lower the fee increase is because they are going to be making a profit that is greater than they can dispose of by law.
Motion to remove Resolution No. 930-2 from the table was made by Councilmember Vance. Seconded by Councilmember Freytag. Resolution No. 93-2 adopted.
Ordinance No. 2-93, A"n Ordinance Granting The Director Of Transportation Authority To Maintain State Highways, Apply Longitudinal Pavement Markings, And Erect Regulatory And Warning Signs On State Highways Inside The Village Corporation. Giving Consent Of the Village To The Plowing Of Snow And Use Of Abrasives For Ice Control Under The Supervision Of The Director bOyf VTriacnesM-paoyrotar tion State Of Ohio,w"as introduced and title read Marshall.
1993,Aapt u7b:l3ic0 hearing on this Ordinance was set for February 3, p.m.
1 Council Meeting Minutes
Village of Granville
January 20, 1993
Page 4
Resolution No. 93-3, "A Resolution To Fill Vacancies On The
Planning Commissionw,"as introduced, and read in its entirety by
Councilmember Garrett. Motion seconded by Vice- Mayor Marshall.
Vice- Mayor Marshall noted Eloise DeZwarte would like to be
reappointed. Mr. Marshall strongly recommended Ms. DeZwarte
considering she only served on the Board a short period of time.
Ms. Garrett moved for passage of Resolution No. 93-3.
Motion seconded by Vice- Mayor Marshall. Motion carried.
Resolution No. 93-3 duly passed. Eloise DeZwarte was appointed
to a three year term, James Harf was selected by the Granville
Exempted School District as their representative, and appointed
to a one year term, Marc Shulman was appointed as Council' s representative on the Planning Commission for a one year term]
Resolution No. 934- , A" Resolution To Fill Vacancies On The Board Of Zoning And Building Appeals."Manager Plunkett noted that Ron Winters and Ann Kennedy would like to continue as members of the BZBA. Gilbert Barno would also like to be considered for a position.
Councilmember Freytag suggested that Council readvertise the positions and postpone action until the next meeting.
Further discussion will be on February 3, 1993, at 7: 30 p.m.
Councilmember Shulman inquired concerning the situation of Alexandria providing water services to residents outside their village limits. This is a violation of the existing contract between Granville and Alexandria.
Mayor Eisenberg stated Council should give Alexandria three months to cut off the residents they are now serving outside Village corporation limits. If Alexandria doesn' t comply, Gthrearnevfoilrle will consider the existing contract to be breached and to be null and void.
Councilmember Freytag stated that the storage shed Union Cemetery Trustees would like to build requires a $100. 00 application fee. CInomamdidttieteion to the fee, there is mailing costs. The Cemetery has no money.
postagMeayor Eisenberg stated the application fee be waived, and cost come form Al-F Fund.
Council Meeting minutes
Village of Granville
January 20, 1993
Page 5
Mayor Eisenberg announced the next Council meeting will be held
February 3, 1993, at 7: 30 p.m.
Councilmember Shulman stated the next Granville Planning
Commission meeting will be held February 1, 1993.
Motion to adjourn was made by Councilmember Vance. Motion
seconded by Vice- Mayor Marshall. Meeting journed at 9: 47 p.m.

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