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Council Minutes MAY 13, 1993

MAY 13, 1993
Councilmember Jay Hottinger, Councilmember Dave Evans, Councilmember
Homer Currry, Councilmember Marcia Phelps, City Engineer Jim Roberts, and Service
Director Tim Matheny were present to represent Newark City.
Mayor Arnold Eisenberg, Vice Mayor Pete Marshall, Councilmember Dan
Freytag, Councilmember Lon Herman, Manager Doug Plunkett, and Assistant Manager
Joe Aickman were present representing Granville.
Also present were Steve Larson, Cherry Valley Lodge, Sally MacPhail, Granville
Sentinel; WCLT news, Pastor James Reed, Family Life Center; and, Granville Clerk of
Council Carie Miller.
The meeting began outside on the Cherry Valley Lodge site, where Steve
Larson pointed out the proposed turn lane would be located and where the two
entrances to the Cherry Valley Lodge will be placed. The turn lane would be
constructed on the east side of the road. Mr. Larson pointed out some of the traffic
problems already beginning on Cherry Valley Road. He stated that the Lodge will have
a banquet room with capacity for 500 people, 120 employees, and 120 hotel The State Farm rooms. claims service center, under construction just south of the hotel, will
have 80 employees arriving and leaving at approximately the same time daily, which
will create more traffic congestion. Mr. Larson noted his opinion that most of the
accidents and traffic problems will be inside Granville corporation limits.
Newark City Engineer Jim Roberts stated the turn lane would extend
approximately 100 feet before the main entrance to the lodge in either direction.
Someday, Cherry Valley Road will need to be a five lane road, and for now the turn lane is a b"and aid"solution to existing and potential problems. Mr. Roberts stated the turn lane won't be a perfect solution, but will be better than doing nothing.
Mr. Larson stated there are two residents the turn lane will affect. A small cut in their front yard will have to be made. These residents have not been notified, but Mr. Larson felt they would not mind the small cut in their yard. The Family Life Center has been contacted and Pastor Reed is in favor of the proposed turn lane.
Jim Roberts pointed out where the existing sewer lift station is located at the Cherry Valley Lodge Site. 1
Newark /Granville Meeting
Cherry Valley Lodge
May 13, 1993
Page 2
Upon entering the construction trailer where the remainder of the meeting took
place, Newark Councilmember Marcia Phelps stated Newark is happy to get together
with Granville on the issue. Both municipalities recognize the problem that is going to
exist as a result of the traffic generated by the lodge. The turn lane needs to be
addressed immediately because of the six week time frame on the project.
Mr. Larson noted that in approximately 90 days, the lodge will open. The traffic
problem will become worse with more construction and the opening of the lodge.
Newark Councilmember Marcia Phelps stated the turn lane and sewer issue
both need to be addressed, but, the turn lane is especially important because of time
constraints. An agreement needs to be reached so that construction can begin within 6 weeks.
Mr. Larson stated he had thought he'd have a consensus or alternative for the
issue before the meeting took place, however, he had only spoken with four Newark
Councilmembers and no Granville Councilmembers. Cherry Valley Lodge paid for 55% of the sewer system, and they are responsible for creating traffic. There will be
revenues for both Newark and Granville from the lodge, and Cherry Valley Lodge will
provide jobs. Both communities will benefit from the Lodge. In a sense, Cherry Valley Lodge brought the problem.
Granville Manager Doug Plunkett stated the time pressure on the turn lane greater than is no the time pressure for installation of the sewer lift station. Both should be installed while construction of the lodge is in progress to avoid later business disruption. Mr. Roberts noted that it would be easier for construction purposes if the sewer was put in now while everything was torn up.
Granville Councilmember Dan Freytag asked if Newark had a cost proposal for the turn lane project.
Marcia Phelps stated the cost had been discussed earlier with Granville, the Lodge would pay half of the cost, and Newark and Granville would split the remaining half of the cost. Newark has adopted legislation for 1$5,000 for the turn lane. The only tphreoblem is authorization from Granville for the turn lane. The approximate total cost of project is $30,000. 1
Newark /Granville Meeting
Cherry Valley Lodge
May 13, 1993
Page 3
Mr. Larson stated if money was the issue, Cherry Valley Lodge is willing to pay,
they just want permission from Granville to install the road on Granville's property.
Money is not the issue, however Granville will be more affected by the traffic.
Granville Councilmember Freytag asked if Newark felt any detriment if the 17
Granville residents tap into the Newark sewers.
Newark Councilmember Jay Hottinger stated Granville needed to look at the
problem as a safety issue. The turn lane is something that is going to help both
communities. One can already see the back up in traffic happening, both municipalities
need to work together.
Newark Councilmember Dave Evans stated in order to answer Mr. Freytag, the
homes in the area are not going to be there forever. Personally he feels no detriment would result from the sewer access.
Granville Mayor Eisenberg stated everyone agrees there is a problem, the real
issue is cooperation between the two municipalities. C"an we once and for all lay to
rest the animosity?M"r. Eisenberg asked how, i"n the last couple of years the situation
has taken place, how did it happen, the two Councils don't even know each other?M"r.
Eisenberg stated sitting down face to face with one another should have happened a long time ago. Now is the perfect opportunity to lay to rest the animosity and have both municipalities benefit.
Newark Councilmember Dave Evans stated the press has blown the relationship between out of proportion, there is no animosity between Newark and Granville.
Mayor Eisenberg stated Newark and Granville are sitting down together and have all the elements for a perfect negotiation. Newark and Granville have to work together and there is no reason a good outcome can't come out of this.
Newark Councilmember Phelps stated that some issues presented are for legislative bodies to discuss and some are for administration. The Council members present can only express the intent to corporate. Further discussion would be up to administration. Newark doesn't have the authority to make a deal tonight.
Granville Mayor Eisenberg stated the lift station would be installed at no expense to Newark. It is in the best interest for the residents of both communities. It
Newark /Granville Meeting
Cherry Valley Lodge
May 13, 1993
Page 4
made perfect sense in the past when the annexation was taking place to do that. That
would have resulted in fewer assessments for Granville. Since Newark and Granville
are neighbors, both should be looking at ways to help each other .
Newark Councilmember Jay Hottinger stated circumstances are win-win for
Granville and not for Newark. Newark Council has a policy not to supply water and
sewer outside it corporation limits. If they are not consistent with the policy, they will
have to face an ethical dilemma.
Mayor Eisenberg stated this is not a situation in which residents outside Newark
corporation limits are wanting sewer. You should not condone municipal utilities
connections in unincorporated areas: Granville doesn't.
Newark Councilmember Hottinger stated the turn lane is clear cut and
advantageous for both communities. Newark doesn't want to be put in a situation where
township residents are going to be wanting water and sewer.
Granville Councilmember Freytag asked if sewer would be a detriment to Newark, if not, why not let Granville in.
Newark Councilmember Evans stated they did not have the authority to make agreement, however, they would be glad an administration to go back to the entire council and Newark's to state what is at hand.
Granville Councilmember Herman stated Newark and Granville need to consider the timing for the sewer, money will be saved now. If the project is constructed at a later date, the contractors are the only ones who will benefit. The project needs to begin now while the site is ready for the construction.
Mayor Eisenberg stated there is no qualms to what Granville's policy is in term of selling water and sewer outside the village corporation limits, Granville will not do it. Granville dose not support selling outside corporation limits, however they do support cmoumnmicuipnaitliiteies.s sharing services and utilities where economically feasible for both
Granville Manager Doug Plunkett stated that Newark and Heath currently had agreements between themselves for water and sewer services, almost identical to the one now sought by Granville. 1
Newark /Granville Meeting
Cherry Valley Lodge
May 13, 1993
Page 5
Newark Councilmember Hottinger stated those agreements were established
years ago, and the present city council doesn't agree to selling utility service to other
municipalities. Mr. Hottinger is uncomfortable with selling water and sewer outside
Newark corporation limits and believes city services should be reserved for use inside
the municipality. If Granville couldn't provide water and sewer to this area, they
shouldn't have annexed it.
Newark Councilmember Evans stated this is an exchange for something that will
benefit both communities. Mr. Evans is in favor of giving Granville sewer access.
Newark Councilmember Hottinger stated he doesn't see this proposal as an exchange.
Granville Councilmember Freytag stated with all the problems in the past, the
benefit is being neighborly. If you turn Granville's request down now, in the future,
when Newark comes to Granville asking for assistance as will likely occur, Granville
won't want to assist Newark. Granville would another. like to put all this in the past and help one
Mr. Hottinger stated if Granville can come up with something that will benefit Newark, he would be interested in the proposal.
Granville Councilmember Herman asked Mr. Hottinger what he would like to see from Granville.
Newark Councilmember Phelps stated it needs to be agreed upon by the entire Newark Council that the discussion should go on, not just among the members present.
Newark Councilmember Curry stated he doesn't understand why everything always has to be 50/ 50, why not 90/10?
establisMhaeydor Eisenberg stated that in order to have those arrangements, trust must be first.
Newark Councilmember Hottinger stated that before negations can start, legislation would have to be passed, then brought to Council to see if it should even take place. In the past, Council stopped such negations before they even got started.
Newark /Granville Meeting
Cherry Valley Lodge
May 13, 1993
Page 6
Granville Councilmember Freytag stated Granville understands nothing can be
negotiated now, but if both municipalities go back to their respective council with an
idea and positive aditudes, that could help.
Mayor Eisenberg asked about the possibilities of both entire Councils meeting.
Newark Councilmember Phelps stated because of the time involved, it wasn't
possible because of Newark's agenda deadlines.
Mayor Eisenberg suggested some of Granville's Council members attend
Newark Council meeting Monday at 7:00 p.m.
A further meeting was set between Newark and Granville for Thursday, May 20,
at 5:00 p.m. at the Family Life Center on Cherry Valley Road.

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