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Council Minutes MAY 20, 1993

MAY 20, 1993
The meeting between Newark and Granville was held at the Cherry Valley
Family Life Center on Cherry Valley Road in Newark at 5:00 p.m.
Those in attendance representing Newark City were:
Councilmember Marcia Phelps
Councilmember Jay Hottinger
Councilmember Jane Alexander
Councilmember Homer Curry
Councilmember Lori Resta
Service Director Tim Matheny
Those in attendance representing Granville Village were:
Mayor Arnold Eisenberg
Councilmember Lon Herman
Councilmember Dan Freytag
Councilmember Marc Shulman
Manager Doug Plunkett
Vice Mayor Pete Marshall
Councilmember Dorothy Garrett
Councilmember Ed Vance
Assistant Manager Joe Hickman
Newark Councilmember Phelps stated "Granville unanimously adopted a resolution authorizing the Village Manager to negotiate with Newark for a turn lane and
for an inter municipal sewer agreement at Granville's Wednesday night council
meeting." Councilmember Phelps stated both issues are needs, and Newark hopes to
continue to negotiate in a cooperative fashion. Phelps stated the turn lane would be
beneficial to the people in both communities, while the sewer agreement will only
benefit Granville residents. Phelps noted Mayor Frank Stare's position is that Newark will go ahead with the turn lane with or without Granville.
Granville Mayor Eisenberg stated the sewer hook ups will be limited to 17 residents. That is a finite number.
Granville Manager Plunkett stated as the hook area changes, there could be more ups but that would be at no cost to Newark.
Newark Councilmember Resta stated she was unclear on the purpose of this meeting; if everyone agrees the turn lane is needed, why are we here?
Granville Mayor Eisenberg stated his hope that last weeks meeting with Newark started a beginning of face to face meetings. Mr. Eisenberg stated he would like to see the meetings with Newark more often, regardless of the outcome of this meeting. The eventual outcome should be to develop an ongoing relationship. Mr. Eisenberg stated
Newark /Granville Meeting
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Newark and Granville need to build a good relationship with each other, so each
municipality can develop trust and be able to work together cooperatively.
Newark Councilmember Resta asked " which issue are we discussing tonight?"
Mayor Eisenberg stated both issues need to be discussed.
Newark Councilmember Phelps stated she has submitted a resolution to the
clerk for the next Newark Council agenda to consider the sewer issues. It was agreed
at the last meeting to proceed to the floor.
Mayor Eisenberg asked if the resolution authorized the administration to
negotiate and conclude.
Newark Councilmember Phelps stated the resolution would be to allow
negotiations and Phelps couldn't say conclude.
Newark Councilmember Phelps stated the resolution Granville adopted
Wednesday listed the turn lane in section 1 and the sewer in section 2. Councilmember
Phelps asked Granville to enlighten Newark to the terms of negotiations for the turn
Manager Plunkett stated that Newark came to Granville and asked Granville to
contribute to building the turn lane. Right away Granville said yes. Granville is anxious
to pay for part of the turn lane. The only reason the issues in the resolution were
divided into sections 1 and 2 was for outline purposes.
Manager Plunkett stated if both councils can proceed with the two issues, t"hen
lets do it."The question is, is Newark willing to let Granville tie into their sewer?Mr.
Plunkett stated Mr. Curry has mentioned the extension of Terrace Avenue,
development is becoming clearer by the day. Granville is looking at the opportunity to work with Newark.
Newark Councilmember Curry stated he realized the turn lane was a band aid solution, but Newark shouldn't wait five years to make Cherry Valley a five lane road. Approximately 15,000 vehicles a day drive on Cherry Valley Road. Mr. Curry stated there is no reason a five lane road couldn't go in. If Terrace Avenue opens, it will load more traffic on Cherry Valley Road.
At this time Mr. Curry explained where Terrace Avenue was and where the opening would be.
Newark /Granville Meeting
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Granville Manager Plunkett stated the sewer hook up to Newark is the best
solution for Granville economically. With the development soon to happen on Price
Road and other areas, Granville and Newark will have to deal a lot in the future. The
issues before the two councils now will set the tone for dealing in the future.
Granville Mayor Eisenberg stated he understands the turn lane needs a go
ahead now, and Granville understand Newark's process. If Granville had an expression
of good faith from Newark that they would support Granville, Granville would allow the
turn lane to continue.
Newark Councilmember Jay Hottinger stated that he hated to be the pessimist,
however in March similar legislation was defeated by Newark City Council. Mr.
Hottinger doesn't think the prospect is very good. Mr. Hottinger stated he is not seeing
an even exchange between Newark and Granville, The turn lane is going to benefit
Granville and Newark, while the sewer will only benefit Granville. If there was a benefit
for Newark by the sewer agreement, Newark may be more apt to accept it.
Councilmember Garrett stated Newark had an opportunity a year ago to benefit and Newark turned it down.
Newark Councilmember Hottinger stated the turn lane will proceed with without Granville. or Mr. Hottinger stated if Granville doesn't participate, Granville will loose.
Granville Councilmember Freytag asked if this meant Newark would never cooperate with Granville unless Newark would benefit?Newark may come to Granville
in the future. If the sewer tie-ins are not granted now, Granville will be hesitant to let Newark have whatever they want in the future.
Granville Mayor Eisenberg stated that Mr. Freytag hit the nail right on the head. The benefit is clear. The next time Newark comes to Granville and needs cooperation, Newark will not get it, if the only measure is one-for-one.
Newark Councilmember Phelps stated the turn lane is not beneficial to the municipalities. It is only beneficial to the people traveling the road and the businesses there. The entities do not benefit. Ms Phelps stated that she has had some Newark residents requesting Newark not to let Granville have the sewer tap. Some housing additions in Newark don't have sewer services. Councilmember Phelps stated the sewer will benefit and be less costly for Granville. Phelps stated Mr. Hottinger feels one 1
Newark /Granville Meeting
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way about the project, however she sees more if cooperation is present, and if
Granville allows the turn lane, then she can see Newark Council proceeding. The terms
and conditions would have to be worked out by the Newark administration and
Newark Councilmember Resta stated that she had been in favor of the
negotiations last year. Ms Resta stated she had voted yes because she saw no reason
why the two municipalities couldn't work together. Ms Resta asked if Granville's go
ahead on the turn lane is dependent on the sewer issue?
Mayor Eisenberg stated he understands the time constraints the issues are
under but things can be done quickly if they need to be.
Manager Plunkett stated the tap fees and rates would be set by Newark. There
would be no out-of-pocket expense from Newark.
Mayor Eisenberg stated there is nothing to negotiate except will it happen?
Granville is making it very clear there will be no cost to Newark. Granville will bear the
entire cost for the sewer.
Newark Councilmember Resta asked if Newark doesn't pass legislation saying
that, does Newark not get the portion of the turn lane?
Granville Councilmember Herman stated that he is hearing constantly the word
equal. Mr. Herman asked " can't Newark see that a day may come when Newark will
need something from Granville. We are creating animosity. One side must give in to the
Newark Councilmember Hottinger stated his concern that the sewer was creating
an ethical problem for him. He didn't believe granting the sewer access to Granville
would allow the continued disallowance of such connections in Newark Township.
Newark Service Director Tim Matheny stated Newark has similar agreements
with Heath already.
Mr. Hottinger asked the dates on the agreements.
Granville Councilmember Garrett stated the last agreement with Heath was
renewed in 1991. Mrs. Garrett stated Granville has a similar agreement for water with
Alexandria. Granville Township can't tap into the existing water lines. Granville allows
Newark /Granville Meeting
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these agreements with other corporate entities. Ms. Garrett stated she is aware that
Newark has areas with out sewer, but in those areas, there is no sewer trunk present .
A trunk exists here at the Cherry Valley Lodge site.
Newark Councilmember Hottinger stated he is aware of the agreements with
other entities. Mr. Hottinger feels the current Newark Council wouldn't have allowed
Granville Councilmember Herman asked Mr. Hottinger what Granville could do
to address his concerns?
Mr. Hottinger stated that he looks at this from a business perspective and from a
business perspective the proposal does not look good.
Granville Vice Mayor Marshall stated Newark would be obtaining a small amount
of revenue for nothing. Why wouldn't this be a good business deal?
Councilmember Freytag stated every business has good will. Maybe the
business issue to look at is good will.
Councilmember Hottinger stated he doesn't want animosity and he is not trying
to play the bad guy role. Mr. Hottinger stated equal is a big thing for him.
Manager Plunkett stated it takes $ 7,500 as Granville's share to build a turn lane. The sewer revenue that Newark would receive from benefited properties is forever.
Councilmember Hottinger asked when the area was annexed, was Granville assuming Newark would help out with the water and sewer?
Granville Councilmember Garrett explained the Granville annexation was done by township citizens, not the village.
Mr. Hottinger asked if the area should have been annexed to Granville if Granville can't provide the services?
Mayor Eisenberg stated we are getting off the subject that really needs to be addressed. At this rate, we are only going to get into debates and rehashing the past. mMirn. uEtiesse.nberg asked Newark to allow Granville Council to meet alone for a few
Newark /Granville Meeting
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Newark Service Director Matheny stated that the sewer line is being taken out to
the road now. Mr. Matheny wanted to make sure Granville was aware of that.
Newark Councilmember Hottinger suggested that Granville have a
representative on hand at Newark Council's June 7 meeting.
Newark Councilmember Phelps stated she doesn't think the animosity is here
she think Newark is leaning from this.
At this time Granville Council met to discuss the issues among themselves.
Upon returning, Granville Mayor Eisenberg stated Granville has given Newark
its best shot for hopes for the future of the relationship. Granville has reached a point in
the discussion that won't get us any further. Granville will grant Newark whatever
Newark needs to build the turn lane; Newark can have the right of way, and the
Newark Councilmember Phelps stated Newark appreciates this. Phelps stated
Newark has good intentions for negotiating the sewer issue. Councilmember Phelps
stated the sewer issue will be on the agenda at their next meeting, and will do
everything in her power to go ahead with the project. Councilmember Phelps stated she
though this meeting had been great. She appreciated Granville's decision.
The meeting ended at 5:55 p.m.

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