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Council Minutes MAY 5, 1993

MAY 5, 1993
Mayor Eisenberg convened the meeting at 7:35 p.m.
Those responding to roll call were:
Councilmember Garrett
Councilmember Shulman
Councilmember Herman
Councilmember Vance
Councilmember Freytag
Vice Mayor Marshall
Mayor Eisenberg
Law Director Hurst
Manager Plunkett
Also present were the Granville Township Trustees, Alexandria Village
Councilmembers Mayor Betty Collins, Charles Revercomb, Mary Jane Fuller, Ralph
Rohrbaugh, Bob Sizelove, Karen Holt, and Alexandria Law Director Russ Adams
Council meeting of April 21, 1993 -Councilmember Freytag moved the minutes be
accepted as written. Seconded by Councilmember Vance. Motion carried.
Those signing the register were:
Pat Murphy
Flo Hoffman
Denise Crews, Licking County
Jerry Brems, Licking County Planning
J.C. Lewis
Norm Kennedy, Township
Sally MacPhail, Sentinel
No questions, comments, or concerns were voiced at this time.
Councilmember Shulman reported on the Planning that Commission's May 3 meeting. At meeting, there were 5 architectural reviews. Three were tabled, and two were 1 accepted.
Village of Granville
Council Minutes
May 5, 1993
Page 2
Councilmember Vance also reported on the Street and Sidewalk Committee's report to
Council involving recommendations for sidewalk projects. A copy of that report is
attached and is hereby made a part of these minutes.
Councilmember Shulman stated as a member of the committee, there are other
things that should be considered such as the long-term parkways plan.
Councilmember Freytag reported on the Recreation Committee's meeting of May 4. At
that meeting the four positions which were open were filled. Playground insurance,
water, electric, and use of the shelter house were discussed. The baseball fields at the
school were also discussed. They are still not ready, creating a problem.
Granville Township Trustees -The Granville Township Trustees were present in
accordance with Section 759.39 of the Ohio Revised Code. Village Council appointed
Dan Freytag as Union Cemetery Trustee for a three year term. Granville Township
Trustees appointed Eric Jones for the duties of Union Cemetery Trustee for a three
year term.
Alexandria -The Alexandria Village Council was present to discuss the current water
contract with Granville. Russ Adams, Alexandria's Law Director, headed the discussion,
stating Alexandria was present to resolve the township tap problem. Granville' is Alexandria issuing s concern taps outside the village corporation limits because Granville
doesn't allow their township to tap in to water lines. Its been Alexandria's policy since
1990 not to issue any more taps outside village corporation limits. A letter from Bill
Rickrich in 1990 reflected Alexandria's concern about the outside taps. In that letter, Mr. Rickrich suggested no more taps be allowed in St. Alban's Township. The
Alexandria Village Administrator, Mr. Hammond, made two new connections in 1990 against the advice of Mr. Rickrich and Mayor Collins.
Fifteen township residents are on Alexandria's water system. That equals about 4%of all water Granville sells to Alexandria. The preferred solution from Alexandria would be to grandfather the township connections currently on the system and make modification to the existing contract between Granville and Alexandria. The contract should state clearly no taps outside Alexandria Village corporation limits will be permitted. In the 1980's, Alexandria recalls there wasn't a problem with outside taps, in fact Alexandria encouraged it because there were not enough users in the Village to pay for the water system.
Village of Granville
Council Minutes
May 5, 1993
Page 3
If Granville can't agree on grandfathering, Alexandria suggests the parts of the
township with water taps be annexed into the Alexandria. That will be a time consuming
effort which Alexandria would not prefer, but will do whatever Granville feels is in the
best interest of both communities.
Mr. Adams stated that Alexandria has contacted Jack Liggett who is a Class 111
operator, for employment in Alexandria.
In responce to Granville's complaint of failure to make timely payments,
Alexandria has increased rates by Granville's rate increase, that's about
10%cutback. The Alexandria Finance Committee is watching Funds closely so
payments do not become a problem.
Alexandria has contacted jerry Brems and filed a resolution asking for
assistance in finding a water storage facility. Alexandria has looked at properties, but if
they can't grandfather the existing taps, they have less time for this project.
If Alexandria is to annex the properties in the township with taps, it will take
approximately one year providing things go smoothly. Mr. Adams stated the
annexation on Raccoon Valley Road will be very hard if it is possible .
Granville Manager Plunkett asked about the possibilities of returning the water
tap fees to the township residents if they couldn't be annexed.
Manager Plunkett stated that at the last five year meeting between Granville
Utilities Committee and Alexandria, they discussed the issue of township taps and it
was made perfectly clear taps were prohibited outside village corporate limits.
However, because the relationship between the two municipalities was good, no written records were taken.
Mr. Adams suggested the two Villages modify the contract and clearly state no taps in the township. Alexandria has a fairly new council, and they deeply regret what has happened.
Councilmember Vance questioned the 1, 600 gallons a day sent to the outside taps in the township. Mr. Vance questioned the accuracy of the meters.
Councilmember Herman stated Alexandria needs to look at their water at a long range perspective. Mr. Herman is not comfortable with a letter of reprimand for allowing the taps outside village limits. Mr. Herman asked Alexandria for an approximate time frame in which the work would be done to resolve the existing problem. Mr. Adams stated in terms of water storage, Alexandria needs first to find the land and get with the County planners. The hesitation has been with Mr. Hammond. Alexandria expects in the next 60 days to begin buying real estate. Jerry Brems noted he anticipates the process sometime in 1993. water mCaoinusncilmember Vance questioned if Granville was notified when extensions to were done.
Village of Granville
Council Minutes
May 5, 1993
Page 4
Mr. Plunkett stated there was little communication in years past with Alexandria,
and there has been difficulty getting Alexandria to pay their water bills until Granville
placed them on the payment plan.
Mr. Vance noted Alexandria's water facility requirements should be in
accordance with Granville's, to which Manager Plunkett agreed, and stated Granville
has had difficulty getting information from Alexandria.
Alexandria Councilmember Mary Jane Fuller stated the new modified contract
should state a need for better communication between the two villages, perhaps
including regular, frequent meeting schedules .
Mayor Eisenberg stated he is not comfortable with the anxiety this situation is
causing the township residents with taps. Everything Mr. Plunkett mentioned needs to
be done in a reasonable amount of time. Granville must modify the existing contract.
Mr. Eisenberg is in favor of granfathering the residents outside village limits who have
taps, and the remaining three connected after 1990 will have to be annexed. The
Granville Utilities Committee and Alexandria Council need to meet every six months or
so to verify that Alexandria is doing things as they are supposed to . If the Utilities
Committee finds Alexandria is not complying, the granfathering will be revoked.
Vice Mayor Marshall agreed with Mr. Eisenberg and stated the modified contract
should state a maximum amount of water that will be pumped into Alexandria. This will
protect Granville from endangering their supply.
Councilmember Vance questioned why the three taps granted after 1990 can't
be grandfathered. Assuming the residents taped-in in good faith, the residents didn't
know they were in violation. Why wouldn't you include them?
Mayor Eisenberg asked if the three taps granted after 1990 could be annexed
onto Alexandria.
Mr. Adams stated he thought there were only two taps granted after 1990, but
they were on Raccoon Valley Road and hard if not impossible to annex.
Councilmember Garrett stated Granville is not about to give Granville Township
residents on Raccoon Valley Road water, why should St. Albyn's township residents
get it?
Mayor Eisenberg stated Granville should stand on the proposal. The 2 or 3 taps
not granfathered would have more than reasonable time to get a new means of water.
One year would be sufficient time. Alexandria could forget about the June deadline.
Councilmember Vance stated the three taps turned on after 1990 should be
grandfathered too.
Councilmember Freytag agreed with Mr. Vance, stating the need to eliminate the
hardships on theses families.
Village of Granville
Council Minutes
May 5, 1993
Page 5
Denise Crews stated it is common engineering practice to install taps all the way
down the water line so you wouldn't have to dig the ground up again when water was
needed. Even though Alexandria sold 19 taps, there could be more along the line.
Mayor Eisenberg stated it wasn't Granville's practice to install the taps with out
the request and payment first.
Manager Plunkett again asked if the three taps could be refunded to the
Councilmember Vance stated it did not matter how many taps outside the 19
sold were on the line, no more are to be turned on.
Mayor Eisenberg stated reasoning behind not letting the three taps granted after
1990 be grandfathered is a matter of trust, not the amount of water being used.
Councilmember Freytag stated it is unjust to punish these citizens, no one is
punishing the person who really caused the damage.
Mr. Adams asked if Granville wanted to place a penalty on Alexandria.
Pauline O'Neil asked if a penalty would be placed against the Village of
Alexandria or an employee.
Mayor Eisenberg stated Granville was not looking to place a penalty on anyone.
Mary Jane Fuller stated Alexandria was fully aware of its personnel problems.
Mayor Betty Collins noted at Tuesday's Alexandria Council meeting there would
be a solution to the personnel problems.
Vice Mayor Marshall stated he agrees with grandfathering all illegal taps if
Granville grandfathers any at all.
Councilmember Herman noted he agrees that the three taps after 1990 should
be grandfathered as well. Mr. Herman would also like to see the contract modified,
making language clear. He would like Alexandria to report more to Granville on the water situation.
Mr. Adams stated the concerns expressed are items that should be included in the modified contract. The contract needs to be restructured and of time would be a significant amount necessary for drafting. Then determine if both parties agree. It must be passed by both councils too: that will be time consuming. Mr. Adams would be suprised to see something passed in sixty days.
Mr. Freytag stated he would not like to see this issue drug out.
Mr. Hurst stated he agrees with setting a time table but you have to be realistic. Manager Plunkett stated he disagrees the process will take a long time, it could be done in 30 days.
Mayor Eisenberg stated Mr. Plunkett will make a draft and a clean contract will be ready to vote on at the June 16 Granville Village Council meeting.
Village of Granville
Council Minutes
May 5, 1993
Page 6
Mary Jane Fuller stated on behalf of Alexandria, they are very interested in
having periodic meetings with the Granville Utilities Committee and would also like to
see the contract modified.
Manager Plunkett asked if Granville Council wanted a limit to be placed on the
total amount of water sold to Alexandria. Council agreed.
Manger Plunkett stated the bond called for in the existing contract initially
existed in an escrow account. In 1985, the Granville Utilities Committee agreed to
relinquish the escrow account when Alexandria was having a problem with their bills.
Mr. Adams stated the escrow account was released in 1985, but a bond still
exists in Alexandria which Granville is unaware of.
Councilmember Shulman stated he would like to see this agreement in a
resolution form until the contract is modified, so the situation doesn't get any worse. Mary Jane Fullen stated on behalf of Alexandria Council a written resolution
would be written and will be passed at their next meeting.
Ordinance No. 10-93, An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 49-92 Providing For
Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal Year 1993 And Revising Operating Sums For Expenses, was introduced and title read by Vice Mayor Marshall. Public hearing on this ordinance was set for May 19, at 7:30 p.m.
Resolution No. 93-16, A Resolution To Award The Bid For The Construction Of The
New Berg Street Box Culvert To Dow Construction Company And To Authorize The Village Manager To Enter Into An Agreement Therefore, was introduced, read in full, and moved for adoption by Councilmember Garrett. Motion seconded by Councilmember Freytag. Resolution No. 93-16 was adopted.
Resolution No. 93-17, A Resolution To Authorize The Village Manager To Enter Into An Agreement With C.F. Bird &R.J. Bull Inc.,Authorizing The Firm To Prepare Detailed Plans And Specifications And Bid Documents For Construction Of The West CollegeT/hresher Street Improvements, was introduced, read in full and moved for adoption by Council member Herman. Seconded by Councilmember Garrett. Resolution No. 93-17 was adopted.
Councilmember Vance moved Council begin each meeting with a pledge of allegiance tdoetnhieedf.lag. Seconded by Vice Mayor Marshall. After a show of hands vote, Motion was
Village of Granville
Council Minutes
May 5, 1993
Page 7
Councilmember Herman stated he would like to see a strategic planning item on the
agenda for the June Council meeting.
Manager Plunkett stated a meeting with five Newark City Councilmembers is scheduled
for Thursday, May 13, at Cherry Valley Lodge at 6:00 p.m. Council needs to appoint
members to attend this meeting. Mayor Eisenberg, Vice Mayor Marshall, Lon Herman,
and Dan Freytag were appointed.
Motion to adjourn was made by Councilmember Vance. Seconded by Councilmember
Garrett. Meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

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