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Council Minutes December 4,1996

Mayor Marshall convened the meeting at 7:35pm.
Councilmember McGowan moved to appoint Beverly Adzic as Clerk of Council.
Seconded by Councilmember Drake. Motion carried.
Beverly took oath and was sworn into office by Mayor Marshall.
Those responding to the roll call were:
Mayor Marshall
Councilmember MeGowan
Councilmember Bellman
Councitmember Montgomery
Councilmember Drake
Vice-Mayor Freytag
Law Director Hurst
Manager Plunkett
Vice Mayor Freytag moved to excuse absentee Councilmember Eisenberg. Seconded by Councilmember Drake. Motion carried.
A public hearing was held on Ordinance No. 41-96, " An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 37-95 Providing For Adjustments Of The 1996 Annual Budget For The First Year And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses".
No one was present to speak for or against Ordinance No. 41-96. The public hearing closed at 7.39pm.
The minutes ofthe regularly scheduled meeting ofNovember 20,1996,were
presented for review. Councilmember Drake submitted an addendum to be added to page 7 ofthe minutes. Vice Mayor Freytag moved to approve the minutes as corrected. Seconded by Councilmember MeGowan. Motion carried.
Village of Granville
Council Agenda
December 4, 1996
Page 2
Those signing the register were:
Chuck Coghlan
Jay Barry
Scott Rowden
Frank Brauner
C.K. Barsky
Clifton Crais of 234 N. Pearl St. stated that he knew of a number of people who frustrated by the last meeting were regarding the budget discussions. Mr. Crais urged council to give greater attention to budget issues,possibly making the presentation more cogent,so citizens will have a better understanding. He stated that during the budget presentation,he became confused and bored with the presentations.
Councilmember Drake reported that the Temporary Committee's post cards were sent to all voters in the village and township in search of willing citizens to serve in some capacity,
aognaaincommittee to review the Comprehensive Plan. Councilmember Drake will be meeting to discuss this situation.
Vice Mayor Freytag reported on the Cemetery Board meeting. 4 $1,000 from Township Trustees'funding has been expended. Refurbishment has taken place on most easily repaired stones. A priority list will be prepared to decided future restoration sequence.
Councilmember MeGowan reported on the Recreation Commission. Commissioners need to be thinking of a replacement for the McPeek's,who will step down from their position next year.
Ordinance No. 38-96, A"n Ordinance Terminating The Existing Lighting Agreement And Authorizing The Village Manager To Enter Into A New Agreement For Street Lighting For The Village OfGranville"C.ouncilmember Montgomery moved to remove Ordinance No. 38-96 from the table. Seconded by Vice Mayor Freytag. Vice Councilmember Montgomery moved to adopt Ordinance No. 389-6. Seconded by Mayor Freytag.
resolutVioicne. Mayor Freytag asked where other council members stood on the defeated
Village of Granville
Council Agenda
December 4, 1996
Page 3
Mayor Marshall suggested that council move this along and get into the new electricity
tariff situation. The present street lights have already cost $ 2,000 more that necessary,since
May,1996,on this issue.
Councilmember MeGowan stated he would not vote for this ordinance until a
resolution to adopt the plan of the Street Lighting Committee was in place.
Vice Mayor Freytag asked if going into a new tariff based on the Committee's plan,
would replace savings for sodium lights.
AVM Hickman stated that savings to be gained is in replacing incandescent with
sodium or metal halide lights. Additional costs associated are with the decorative head
fixtures at $815 each. AEP would replace those as the incandescent lights burned out.
Councilmember McGowan asked ifthe $33,000 is set aside for next year?Manager Plunkett stated that it was.
Vice Mayor Freytag stated that he was not clear on the replacement of sodium lights
when incandescent lights burned out.
Mayor Marshall voiced an objection to spending $193,000 and committing 6 ahead for years some future Council to spend.
Councilmember Montgomery asked if adopting the plan commits the Village.
Manager Plunkett stated that Resolution 96-58 in theory,commits to six years of
spending. If the resolution is adopted and a year from now Council decides no,there will be
no appropriation of funds and the plan in the resolution will be postponed.
Mayor Marshall suggested the removal of dollar amounts from the resolution,except for the year 1997. He stated that this Council should try to keep from committing future Councils.
Law Director Hurst suggested the committal be for the year 1997. Section II and
thereafter should be worded as 'anticipating"and not committal.
Councilmember Montgomery stated the Planning Commissions concern for a specific light style. She thought this might limit future changes.
Vice Mayor Freytag stated that once set up with Holophane Corporation,a local
company,the Village could always go back and change.
Councilmember Montgomery stated that by naming a specific light and bracket -as indicated in section II,is it possible that in subsequent years new Councils could change the light style?
Councilmember McGowan stated that although Holophane is not specifically named, the Esplanade fixture is. He stated that this is a local company and the Village shows good faith by working with a local company.
Councilmember Montgomery stated that she would like to see a movement on this issue tonight ifthe council can compromise without sacrificing standards ofthe committee. Mayor Marshall suggested revised language for the defeated Resolution No. 965-8 to create Resolution No. 96z68,
Village of Granville
Council Agenda
December 4, 1996
Page 4
Vice Mayor Freytag suggested the attachments hereto of " Exhibit A"to the
A roll call vote was taken to consider Resolution No. 96-68,McGowan yes,Bellman
abstain,Montgomery yes,Drake abstain,Freytag yes,Marshall yes. Resolution No. 96-68
was passed.
Mayor Marshall moved to reconsider former Resolution No.96-58,previously
defeated. Councilmember Montgomery seconded.
Mayor Marshall moved to adopt Resolution No. 96-68,which was read in full.
Councilmember McGowan seconded. Resolution No. 96-68 was adopted.
Ordinance No. 41-96,A "n Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 379-5 Providing For
Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The First Year 1996 And Revising Sums For
Operating Expensesw",as reintroduced, its title read,and moved for adoption by
Councilmember Drake. Seconded by Councilmember MeGowan.
Roll call vote was taken to consider Ordinance No. 41-96: McGowan yes,Bellman
yes,Montgomery yes,Drake yes,Freytag yes,Marshall yes. Ordinance No. 41-96 was adopted.
Newark-Granville Road Discussion
Manager Plunkett stated that in the spring of 1994,former Village Planner Doug
Tailford had proposed a grant application through a then new program offered by the Licking
Area Transportation Study L(CATS)L,icking County's Metropolitan Planning Organization.
The grant to be applied for would provide 80%20-%funding for proposed pathway,storm
sewer,and road improvements to Newark-Granville Road,for its entire length. The project
was then expected to cost a total of approximately 1$,000,000,with LCATS paying 80%and Granville 20%20, 0(,0$00).
Because Granville was then ready to commit to the project,it was initially approved by LCATS at the estimated amount. After seeking engineering proposals,Curry,Willis & Grove
was selected by the Village to draft plans for the project. In the summer of 1995,following submission of draft plans,Village Council directed Curry,Willis G&rove to remove the third traffic lane originally designed for the section ofNewarkG- ranville Road between Jones and Cherry Valley Roads. The engineer complied,and then submitted a lower revised project cost estimate to LCATS,which approved and locked in its project cost commitment at the resultant lower figure 5(3$2,000).
Subsequently,in the late summer of 1996,with the final project plans due at LCATS and ODOT w(hich had taken on approval authority for the project since the grant program's inceptionb),y October 1, 1996,Curry,Willis G&rove was sold by its owners to another engineering firm whose principals were from Lima,Ohio,and who'd not ever done an ODOT road improvement project. Manager Plunkett notified Council and switched the project
Village of Granville
Council Agenda
December 4, 1996
Page 5
immediately to Bird &Bull,Inc.,an engineering firm that had originally proposed to design
the Newark-Granville Road project at a higher price than Curry,Willis &Grove.
Bird &Bull had worked quickly,meeting with ODOT personnel and Village staff,to
complete the plans for the project. Curry,Willis &grove's computer files for the project,
turned over to Bird &Bull,were found to have been corrupted,and those sections of the
plans had to be reconstructed. The original project on which Curry,Willis &Grove had based
its design proposal,had anticipated 44 mylar sheets for the design;the final plans submitted
by Bird &Bull for ODOT approval covered 98 mylar sheets,more than double the
engineering work originally proposed.
The final plans as submitted to ODOT produced an ODOT estimate for the project' construction cost at 2$,274,000,including s a 10%contingency. LCATS'funding commitment
for the project though,remains at $532,000,meaning Granville wodld have to pay $1,742,000
to construct the project as submitted to ODOT. Manager Plunkett stated that in his opinion
Granville couldn't afford the project in that form.
Manager Plunkett stated that he had directed Chuck Coghlan ofBird &Bull to devise
a plan whereby Granville could construct the Newark-Granville Road project over a period of
two or three years,perhaps breaking up the funding into the project's respective elements of
storm sewers,pathways,and road improvements. By such an approach,perhaps longt-erm financing,such as the issuance of bonds,could be used to pay for those separate but allied improvements in a timely but stretched out payment method. Manager Plunkett said that he'd examine and prepare some of some of those possibilities for Council's review.
Manager Plunkett stated that he had invited Todd Willis,former principal of Curry,
Willis G&rove,to participate in this discussion,but that although Mr. Willis had said he'd be here tonight,he was not.
Councilmember Bellman asked to hear step by step details of the plan.
Manager Plunkett introduced Chuck Coghtan ofBird and Bull to elaborate on the project.
Vice Mayor Freytag stated for the record that he is a resident ofNewark-Granville Road and if Council felt he was therefore conflicted,he would excuse himself if desired. Councilmember Montgomery and Councilmember Drake stated they were in the same circumstance;both reside along Newark-Granville Road.
Council agreed that since NewarkG- ranville Road was such an integral part ofthe community and used as a main artery through Granville by everyone,Councilmembers Freytag,Montgomery,and Drake would be far removed from any direct connection to the approval ofthis project. Law Director Hurst agreed,and he could see no reason why every Councilmember could not fully participate in this discussion.
Chuck Coghtan ofBird B&ull presented the NewarkG- ranville Road project as ' designed. He stated that it is a different project from August to this date. He stated that the original project plan had requirements for additional berm paving,as well as improvements
Village of Granville
Council Agenda
December 4, 1996
Page 6
to storm sewers and pavement. He stated that the current drawings are substantially different
from the original.
Councilmember Bellman asked what made this so complicated.
Chuck Coghlan of Bird &Bull stated that LCATS requirements through ODOT are
specific criteria and additional work had been required by ODOT. He stated that these
requirements must be met in order to secure LCATS funding. He expressed an immediate
concern with the old farm tile that exists in the area. His firm is concerned with liability for
the tile. Who is liable?He stated that agreement between all of parties involved had been
that the storm system would eventually have to be upgraded to replace the tile.
Councilmember Bellman inquired about the cost of an easement. He questioned how
long the original system would last and what percentage of a chance was there that it
wouldn't last five or ten more years.
Chuck Coghlan stated that prior to the existence of Bryn Du,the run off was minimal.
Due to development,the pipe is seeing a substantial increase in run off. Chances for failure
are more significant,although he couldn't give a mathematical answer. He estimated that
within 5 years there could be a collapse of the line. He stated the pathway would be raised
as part ofthe project and would block run off As the pathway is raised,it would become
necessary to improve drainage. The present pipe is constructed of old pipe with a high potential for collapse if something heavy is driven on it.
Vice Mayor Freytag asked for a rough estimate of cost for that storm Chuck Coghlan projects sewer segment. breaking the project into smaller segments will attract
contractors doing smaller scale work. The original project would eliminate smaller bidders. Possibly a select group will undertake this project.
Mayor Marshall's summarization is that the Village was trapped into low LCATS
estimate by a bad engineer. He asked what can we do now to afford this project?
Manager Plunkett suggested that a decision was not required tonight,but he would like to notify ODOT of a plan to either use their rules or forgo that and go on our own. Councilmember Drake stated that we must not oversimplify this situation. We have no other choice but to go on our own. He recommended notification to ODOT.
Councilman Bellman asked why they could not give us 80%of sewer project funds for a revised project.
Manager Plunkett stated that the Village must meet standards set by ODOT or LCATS will not participate,as they are guided by State and Federal Regulations. Some people in Licking County are very jealous of Granville getting this funding.
Councilman Freytag expressed some concern about giving up a valuable engineering error"claim by abandoning this project.
Law Manager Plunkett stated he did not know how this would affect the situation and asked Director Hurst ifwe had a case.
Law Director Hurst stated he had no comment at this time on this situation.
Village of Granville
Council Agenda
December 4, 1996
Page 7
Manager Plunkett stated that ODOT called often requesting a commitment on this
Vice Mayor Freytag asked what the deadline was.
Manager Plunkett stated LCATS/ ODOT wished to put the project out to bid this
Councilman Freytag suggested we decline ODOT but requested Law Director Hurst
have input with an eye toward filing Granville's claim against Curry,Willis &Grove.
Chuck Coghlan stated that the total of $1,149,000 was only for storm sewer and
pathway. No road pavement. Pavement remains to be addressed.
Mark Zarbaugh addressed several different pavement scenarios for Council to review.
Councilmember Montgomery requested copies of Mark's worksheet. Mark agreed to supply Council with copies.
Councilmember Drake suggested the areas of impact continue to deal with most cost effective way to put in roads. He stated his concern with many years of no milling on
Newark-Granville Road. He suggested that milling option always be taken when paving roads.
Chuck Coghtan proposed to leave explanations and reference sheets for review.
Councilmember Bellman suggested the Village fix what is needed for the bike path and other areas as they arise.
Vice Mayor Freytag suggested that these areas need to be reviewed by a committee; the issue is too detailed for Council to complete tonight.
Councilmember Montgomery asked if any research had been done developed on the project as over the past 10 years.
Manager Plunkett will do research on storm sewers and reconstruct for Council,the status of this situation.
Vice Mayor Freytag stated his concern with progress to date of the Comprehensive
Plan Committee. He is concerned that it will create all kinds of expenses. He would like to
6seme ognutihdse.lines as to where and what the committee is to do,as well as a completion date of
Councilmember Bellman agreed. He stated that Council needs to look seriously at the controversial issues and work·with what we have to implement the Comprehensive Plan to work its course.
Councilmember Montgomery stated that support for the proposal is that the entire masterplan needs to be reworked.
Manager Plunkett stated the Village and Township will split the cost ofthe mailing made earlier this week to Township and Village households.
Vice Mayor Freytag felt the mailing is running another month,off the clock. Councilmember McGowan asked when a date had been set to select the committee.
Village of Granville
Council Agenda
December 4, 1996
Page 8
Manager Plunkett had sent the Comprehensive Plan to Randall Arendt. Plunkett will
again contact Arendt and report to Council so everyone is on the same page.
Ordinance No. 429- 6.A "n Ordinance To Make Appropriations For Current Expenses
And Other Expenditures Of The Village Of Granville,State Of Ohio,During The Fiscal
Year Ending December 31, 1997w",as introduced and its title read by Councilmember
Mayor Marshall set the public hearing on Ordinance No. 42-96 for December 18,
1996,at 7:30pm.
Councilmember Drake suggested the meeting of December 18 not be used as a setting
to effectively approach the revisit of the wage/ salary schedule issue.
Mayor Marshall expressed concern with the type of systems we have in reviewing the
compensation issue. He suggested the review of this subject at the beginning of next year by an outside consultant.
Councilmember Montgomery stated her disappointment in not having a wage salary
survey performed by a professional. She suggested a review of salary schedule
recommendations should be made. It is unrealistic to make a comparison to other
municipalities unless salary and benefits are equally look at.
Vice Mayor Freytag agreed but the consultant in 1991 had been careful to make certain employees' cost of living adjustments don't get out of kilter. He suggested an immediate
vote at the next meeting,resulting in no need to get a consultant in view of what has transpired since the 1991 review.
Councilmember Bellman suggested the possibility of a closer look. Possibly freeze
everything while taking the time to research,then,make retroactive changes as of January 1. He stated he is less concerned with how much salaries are,than the size of staff. He stated a concern with an added position.
Manager Plunkett explained the need for an additional person in training for the retiring Finance Manager in 1997,and the Assistant's position would then be eliminated. Vice Mayor Freytag agreed that one person doing two positions could get complicated. Councilmember Bellman expressed a concern for review of the total budget. Vice Mayor Freytag recommended using Mayor Marshall's recommendation to review this matter at the beginning of next year as a matter oftiming
Ordinance No. 43-96,A "n Ordinance To Establish The Granville Village Manager'Salary For 1997w",as introduced and its title read by Mayor Marshall. s
1996,Mayor Marshall set the public hearing on Ordinance No. 43-96 for December 18, at 7:30 pm.
Village of Granville
Council Agenda
December 4, 1996
Page 9
Resolution No. 96-65.A "Resolution To Amend Pay Classifications And Salary Rates
For The Several Departments Of The Village ofGranvillew,"as introduced,read in full,and
moved for adoption by Councilmember Montgomery. Seconded by Councilmember
A motion was made to table Resolution No. 96-65 until the next meeting. Motion by
Vice Mayor Freytag. Seconded by Mayor Marshall; the Resolution was tabled.
Resolution No. 96-66,A "Resolution To Authorize The Village Manager To Enter
Into A Contract Agreement With American Electric Power For Monthly Water Meter
Reading Servicesw,"as introduced,read in full,and moved for adoption by Councilmember
McGowan. Seconded by Vice Mayor Freytag.
Roll call vote was taken to consider Resolution No. 96-66: McGowan yes,Bellman
abstain,Montgomery yes,Drake abstain,Freytag yes,Marshall yes. Resolution adopted.
Resolution No. 96-67,A "Resolution To Authorize The Village Manager To Enter
Into A Lease Agreement With The T.J. Evans Foundation For Land Adjacent To Wildwood
Parkw,"as introduced,read in full,and moved for adoption by Vice Mayor Freytag.
Seconded by Councilmember Bellman.
Roll call vote was taken to consider Resolution No. 96-67: MeGowan yes,Bellman
yes,Montgomery yes,Drake abstain,Freytag yes,Marshall yes. Resolution adopted.
Vice Mayor Freytag expressed a concern with the verbiage of the contract stating that the Village would be responsible for removal of snow and ice.
Manager Plunkett was asked to review the contract.
Country Hearth Inn
Law Director Hurst recommended not rescheduling the appeal hearing of December
18, 1996,as requested by Kirk Combe of 133 Wicklow Drive in his letter to the Clerk of Council dated December 1, 1996. Law Director Hurst had forwarded the request on to
counsel of appellee. The request for reschedule has been declined by appellee. Appeal hearing for Country Hearth Inn will remain December 18, 1996.
Councilmember Bellman stated h6 would like to see a time frame set for discussion by e pu Law Director Ihstaedsthat th
is a misunderstanding ofthe scope ofthil aappppeelalel.esHwisilclopnrceesrenntisththeairtcthaossee. fHileinbgetliheeveaspptheearle believe they can argue the appeal at this time. He stated the need for Council to explain the appeal,in a narrow scope,that it relates Jnly to the site plan process,and not to conditional use,whMicahnwagaesrgPralunntekdetstowmaestiinmsetruacgtoed. to contact Mr. Combe hearing. to explain parameters of
Vice Mayor Freytag recommended a time limit set by Council.
Village of Granville
Council Agenda
December 4, 1996
Page 10
Due to the Holidays,regularly scheduled Council meetings for January,1997 have
been rescheduled to the second and fourth Wednesdays.
Councilmember Bellman stated he will possibly be unable to attend Jan 22.
Vice Mayor Freytag moved to adjourn the meeting at 11:40 p.m. Seconded by
Councilmember Bellman. Motion carried.

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