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Council Minutes January 17, 1996

JANUARY 17,1996
Mayor Marshall convened the meeting at 7:30 p.m.
Those responding to the roll call were:
Councilmember Eisenberg
Councilmember MeGowan
Councilmember Bennett
Councilmember Montgomery
Vice Mayor Freytag
Mayor Marshall
Law Director Hurst
Manager Plunkett
It was noted that Councilmember Bellman would be late.
The minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting of January 3, 1996,were presented for
review. Councilmember Bennett moved to approve the minutes as corrected. Seconded by Councilmember Eisenberg. Motion carried
The Mayor's Report for the month of December was presented for review. Mayor
Marshall directed the clerk to file the report. A copy of that report is attached as part of these minutes.
The Manager's report for the month of December was presented for review. Vice Mayor Freytag moved to accept the report. Seconded by Councilmember Eisenberg.Motion carried. A copy ofthat report is attached as part ofthese minutes.
Those signing the register were:
Doug Tailford Dudley Wright Fred & Vivian Ashbaugh Mark Zarbaugh
Village of Granville
Council Meeting Minutes
January 17, 1996
Page 2
Steve Cartnal
Sue Darr
Eloise DeZwarte
Marc Shulman
Robert Essman
Dave Woerner
Keith & Patty Myers
Mike Flood
Don Contini
C. Crais
John Stroumeyer
Martha Contini
Granville Police Chief Steve Cartnal presented a plague to former Mayor Arnold
Eisenberg in appreciation for his eight years of service as Mayor and for presiding over
Mayor's court during that period. Chief Cartnal stated that the plague was a small token of
appreciation for his service.
Mr. Eisenberg thanked everyone for the plague and stated that he had served as Mayor
with great pleasure and it had been very rewarding.
Clifton Crais ofNorth Pearl Street stated that perhaps the storm or the holidays kept
the public away from the last meeting but felt that Council had sufficient data to come to a determination on Ordinance No. 39-95. He stated that the ordinance should be passed because
ofthe local concern over the issue. He stated that large truck traffic is a national problem and
thousands of citations have been made in small towns like Granville. He stated that the
ordinance would be one small step in defending Granville's character and that neither the
State or Federal Government has Granville's interest in mind. He stated that Granville should
not be held hostage to losing funding for road improvements and that reducing the speed Pearl Street would reduce on wear and tear on the street. He stated that he hoped that Council
will pass the legislation and see it as the first necessary step to making Granville a no thru truck town.
Thalia Oster of Pearl Street stated that she had lived on Pearl Street for six years and is in full agreement with everything Mr. Crais stated. She stated that as Licking County's population increases,the traffic increases,and the children in the neighborhood are not safe. She stated that she is concerned that the children's safety is not jeopardized.
Vivian Ashbaugh of Pearl Street stated that the noise of the traffic on Pearl Street is a problem. She stated that the trucks traveling that route are noisy and are deteriorating homes. She stated that there are at least thirteen children under the age of twelve within a three block radius of Pearl Street and she was very concerned with the safety issue. Fred Ashbaugh ofPearl Street stated that he had moved from College Street to Pearl Street in April. He stated that he had often sat on his College Street porch and watched traffic on Pearl Street. He stated that 50%ofthe cars traveling north on College Street were trying to avoid traffic lights. He stated that in his opinion,there is no sequence on the traffic lights in town. He stated that he has seen police officers in the area watching traffic but has never seen anyone ticketed.
Councilmember Bellman arrived.
Martha Contini ofPearl Street stated that trucks traveling on Pearl Street were not the trucks ofyesteryear. She stated that the trucks keep getting bigger and bigger and that the
Village of Granville
Council Meeting Minutes
January 17, 1996
Page 3
trucks were ruining the entire downtown and the entire community should be involved with
the issue.
Mike Flood of Pearl Street stated that he would like to see the traffic slowed down on
Pearl Street.
John Stroumeyer of Pearl Street stated that he had recently moved to Granville from
Atlanta. He stated that he is overwhelmed by traffic on Pearl Street and that he has three
young children and has never felt more concerned for their safety.
Patty Myers of Pearl Street stated that the elementary school is eight houses down
from a state highway. She stated that her daughter would like to walk to school alone but she
could not allow that because of all the traffic on Pearl Street.
Keith Myers of Pearl Street stated that before Council takes action on the traffic issue,
he would encourage them to investigate the problem. He stated that there is a threat of a loss
of funding from ODOT and he would make sure that was the case before action is taken on the issue. He stated that he had worked with ODOT before and he had found ODOT dealings
difficult but not impossible.
Mark Shulman of College Street stated that he would like to endorse the passage of
Resolution No. 96-05 in opposition to the annexation of the Keny property. He stated that he
was opposed to Resolution No. 96-08,granting water and sewer services to the Keny
property. He stated that in his opinion,that legislation is not needed.
Vice Mayor Freytag stated that the Tree and Landscape Commission had met last
week but he had been unable to attend the meeting. He stated that Council should have received a copy of the minutes from that meeting.
Councilmember Bennett stated that the Intergovernmental Committee had January met on 13 in light of the current activity surrounding the Keny property. He stated that the committee had carried through with their action plan by sitting down with the commissioners and expressing concerns. He stated that hopefully,that will influence the commissioner's decision.
Councilmember Bennett reported on the Street and Sidewalk Commission meeting of January 13. At that meeting,the recommendation was unanimous that Council should leave Ordinance No. 39-95 on the table. He stated that there had been concern as to the exact legal status concerning Granville following the ODOT manual and the committee would like to take the opportunity to look at the implications of such a change. He stated that he would like to see an adh-oc committee formed consisting of the Street and Sidewalk Committee,the Village Service Director,Village Police Chief,Keith Myers,and Clifton Crais. He stated that the ad-hoc commission could study all issues and recommend a solution.
Village of Granville
Council Meeting Minutes
January 17, 1996
Page 4
Councilmember Montgomery reported on the Planning Commission meeting. The
Commission approved a remodeling application for 209 W. Broadway and approved a sign
for Welsh Hills School. The Granville Athletic Boosters gave a presentation concerning the
new athletic field at the high school,and there had been a worksession with SuperAmerica.
Ordinance No. 399- 5A,n"Ordinance To Amend Sections 305.03,313.02,and 313. 10
of the Codified Ordinances OfGranville,Ohio Establishing Traffic Regulations."T a b(led 1 -
Law Director Hurst stated that the formation of an ad-hoc committee to take a
comprehensive look at potential solutions on North Pearl Street is well placed and Council
has nothing to lose by leaving Ordinance No. 39-95 on the table. He stated that the committee should be prepared to complete the work in a reasonable time period. He stated that the
language in the contract with ODOT isn't part of the governance given with the amendments
to the ORC in 1990. He stated that the ODOT contract references Chapter 4511 which
prohibits the Village from erecting traffic signal devices without ODOT's permission. He
stated that Section 4511. 07 is a provision that the village maintain traffic control. He stated
that the point is the language in the ODOT contract does not and should not sway Council's decision and that this legislation doesn't accomplish anything. He stated that if people have
the expectation that this legislation will prohibit trucks from using the state routes,that is a false hope.
Law Director Hurst stated that after the ordinance provisions are removed,stop signs
can be placed at the manager's discretion and that placement of stop signs won't then need legislative action by Council. He stated that Ordinance No. 39-95 would open the window for the manager to take action.
Councilmember Bellman stated that he saw many possible solutions for the problems
on Pearl Street. One such solution might be better traffic control and police enforcement. He stated that the police department might have to acquire a laser gun to monitor traffic. He stated that making the community aware that the area will be more closely patrolled may also help. He stated that eliminating hazardous truck traffic could be another solution. A new concept calledt r"affic calmingi"s being looked at,and it uses roadway designs to encourage traffic to go slower. He stated that Council should not rush into a solution until all options are studied. He stated that Keith Myers may be able to speak to the traffic calming method for reducing speeds.
Keith Myers stated that he had been looking at traffic calming for other communities, and it's a theory that began in Europe to simply calm traffic by design ofroadways. He stated tthraaftfitcraisffsicueesn. gineers have recently adopted acceptable calming techniques to deal with serious
Councilmember Eisenberg moved to form a committee to study the traffic issues on North Pearl Street and to make recommendations to Council. The committee should consist of
Village of Granville
Council Meeting Minutes
January 17, 1996
Page 5
Police Chief Steve Cartnal,Service Director Mark Zarbaugh,Clifton Crais,Keith Myers,the
Street and Sidewalk Committee of Council, and any other individual the committee finds
helpful in aiding their work. Seconded by Councilmember MeGowan. Motion carried.
Village Planner's Report -Traffic Studies P&ossible Road Improvements
Village Planner Doug Tailford presented to Council Licking County Area
Transportation Study's (LCATS), plans for the Cherry Valley Road Corridor. The purpose of
the plans is to bypass SR 79 to SR 16 and diminish traffic congestion problems on SR 16 and
Cherry Valley Road. He stated that LCATS hopes to reduce non local traffic on West Main
Street,Church Street and Cherry Valley Road. Mr. Tailford presented a map and showed
Council the different alternatives being considered. He stated that he had been involved with
the project by giving Granville's point ofview on the issue and making sure that Granville's
best interest is kept in mind by decision makers. He stated that LCATS would be holding
public hearings on the project beginning in March or April, and would like to see the project
begin in 7 to 8 years. Mr. Tailford stated that he would have the plans in his office for 10 days
for public viewing and explanation.
Village Planner Doug Tailford stated that Cherry Valley Road on the north side of
Galway Drive needed improvement. Mr. Tailford presented four options for making
improvements to Cherry Valley Road and recommended an option with an estimated cost of
160,000 and right ofway acquisition of 7,350 square foot. This option would feature
enclosed storm sewers,a dedicated lane to SR 16,and a dedicated lane to Wendys,with nine
car stacking capacity. A turn lane would be installed in Westgate Drive to take left tumers out without holding up traffic. He explained his proposed cost sharing analysis for the project.
After a discussion, Council directed Mr. Tailford to produce cost estimates for
acquiring the needed right-of-ways and engineering proposals for the design of the project.
Vice Mayor Freytag expressed concern about the current need for the project.
Manager Plunkett stated that a problem already exists in the Westgate Drive area between Noon and 6:00 p.m.
Councilmember Bennett stated that during the Marathon case,one heard over and over about traffic problems in that area.
Councilmember Bellman stated that by making the improvements now,Council may be encouraging high traffic commercial developments in that area. Mayor Marshall stated that Council needed to see the cost estimates and the design proposals before further action could be taken.
Resolution No. 960- 4,A "Resolution To Authorize The Village Manager To Advertise For Bids For The Purchase OfNew Police Cruisersw."as introduced,read in full,and moved for adoption by Councilmember Montgomery. Seconded by Vice Mayor Freytag.
Village of Granville
Council Meeting Minutes
January 17, 1996
Page 6
Councilmember MeGowan expressed concern with the purchase of two police cruisers
when one of the cars to be replaced hadn't reached the life expectancy of 120,000 miles.
Manager Plunkett stated that the police chief is not as concerned with replacing the
second car as the first,however the village has been replacing a single car one year and two
cars the next year,and 1996 is a two-car year. He stated that the newer cruiser had had some
mechanical problems,but they now were fixed.
After a discussion, it was decided to bid for two cruisers and decide how many would
be purchased after the cost is known.
Resolution No. 96-04 was adopted.
Resolution No. 960- 5,A "Resolution In Opposition To The Annexation Of Certain
Property Within Granville Township,Licking County,Ohio,Into The City OfNewark,
Ohiow,"as introduced,read in full, and moved for adoption by Councilmember Bennett,
Seconded by Councilmember Eisenberg. Motion carried. Resolution No. 96-05 was duly
Mayor Marshall stated that three seats were open on the Board ofZoning and Building
Appeals and six candidates had asked to be appointed. He stated that the candidates were: Don Contini,Lon Herman,Gil Krone,Bob Essman,Greg Sharkey,and Art Morrow.
After a discussion, a ballot vote was taken: Don Contini,Lon Herman,and Bob
Essman received the highest votes.
Resolution No. 96-06,A "Resolution To Fill Vacancies On The Board OfZoning And
Building Appealsw,"as introduced,read in full,and moved for adoption by Councilmember
Eisenberg. Seconded by Councilmember Bennett. Motion carried. Resolution No. 96-06 was duly adopted.D (on Contini,Bob Essman and Lon Herman were appointed to the board.)
Resolution No. 960- 7,A "Resolution To Fill Vacancies On The Planning
Commissionw,a"s introduced,read in full, and moved for adoption by Vice Mayor Freytag. Seconded by Councilmember Bennett.
Mayor Marshall stated that Gary Stansbury had asked to be reappointed to the Planning Commission. The School Board has chosen Richard Salvage as their representative. Resolution No. 96-07 was adopted.G (ary Stansbury and Richard Salvage appointed to the commission.) were
Resolution No. 960- 8,A "Resolution To Amend The Policy OfProviding Access To New Municipal Water And Sewer Services Only Within The Corporate Boundaries OfThe Village OfGranville By Making A Specific Exception To That Policy As It Relates To That Land Known As The Keny Property,Located On The North Side OfRiver Road In Granville Township And Currently The Subject OfCompeting Annexation Petitionsw,"as introduced, read in full,and moved for adoption by Councilmember Montgomery. Seconded by Councilmember Eisenberg.
Village of Granville
Council Meeting Minutes
January 17, 1996
Page 7
Mayor Marshall stated that the legislation is the result of a meeting with a township
trustee,the township clerk,the township's attorney,Village Manager Doug Plunkett and
himself. He stated that the legislation is needed for the purpose of taking annexation to the
next court level in the event that the annexation is granted to Newark. He stated that the
township will most likely elect to go to the next court level and in the attorney's opinion,if
two parties are contesting in the court of common pleas and one is offering utilities and the
other is not,the person offering utilities wins every time. He stated that the legislation is
crucial to having a chance of fighting annexation in common pleas court.
After much discussion,a roll call vote was taken: Eisenberg yes,McGowan yes,
Bellman yes,Montgomery yes,Bennett yes,Freytag yes,Mayor Marshall yes. Seven yes
votes. Resolution No. 96-08 was adopted.
Resolution No. 96-09A."Resolution To Award The Bid For The Purchase OfA
Water System Generatorw,"as introduced,read in full,and moved for adoption by
Councilmember Bennett. Seconded by Vice Mayor Freytag. Resolution No. 96-09 was duly
Resolution No. 96-10,A "Resolution To Accept The Initial Segment Of Phase IV Of
The Bryn Du Woods Planned Unit Developmentw,"as introduced,read in full, and moved
for adoption by Councilmember Eisenberg. Seconded by Councilmember Bennett. Motion
carried. Resolution No. 96-10 was adopted.
Councilmember MeGowan moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:20 p.m. Seconded by Councilmember Bennett. Motion carried.

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