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Council Minutes September 24, 1996

Village of Granville
Council Work Session Notes
September 24,1996
Mayor Marshall convened the meeting at 7: 30 p.m. Councilmember Eisenberg
was absent.
Long Range Planning Discussion -Merger Issues
The purpose of the work session was to discuss long range views of the village.
Councilmember Drake stated that the Township Trustees were invited to share
their long range perspectives of Granville. He stated that the community may best
prepare itself for the future by merging or maybe not,but the issues should be
Mayor Marshall stated that growth won't be self limiting so how best do we control it?
Councilmember Montgomery stated that we don't want Granville nibbled and that the school away system needed protected.
Councilmember Bellman stated that a common goal must be obtained because
no one wants Granville to be a Westerville.
Township Trustee Jim Havens stated that the township was committed to
maintaining Granville as it is. He stated that Granville is threatened more by growth
pressure from within and water and sewer was the key. He stated that a vast majority
ofthe Township is distant from water and sewer lines,although southwest and east part are adjacent to other cities and vulnerable to annexation.
Once we become a city,property owners could extend utilities to develop
property further out. Zoning control slips in a city. Different parts of the city have equal rights to utility access.
Density of development in the village and township over the last six years is different. Labor costs for cities are higher. The Township labor costs are lower because ofthe ability to hire part time employees.
Township Trustee Eric Jones stated that he would voten" o"on the merger issue.
Councilmember Dan Bellman askedw "hat about areas vulnerable to Newark annexation?
Jim Havens said selective annexations.
Councilmember Dan Bellman stated they're okay,but will that address the issue?He asked when faced with a $1 million offer,what will they do?
Jim Havens stated that when properly informed,most people would act
Mayor Marshall asked if the Keny property could be turned down?
Jim Havens stated that they have worked on many creative ways to deal with
the Keny property.
Councilmember Rob Drake stated that he wised he shared the optimism about
the belief in people's willingness to sacrifice for the community. He stated that the
schools are the greatest concern.
Jim Havens stated that perhaps ajoint annex policy could be developed with
Councilmember Dan Freytag stated that the townships don't have the ability to
deal with annexation. He stated that cooperation with Newark is unlikely. He stated
that he disagrees that utility expansion can be required and sees problems with a
merged entity,but more with no merger. He stated that Burg Street may be vulnerable,
but we could better deal with that threat within Granville. Nothing practical could be
done to prevent the eating of the school district.
Mike Robertson stated that we should be focusing on the most important
Councilmember Matt McGowan stated that he thinks merger may be necessary
someday but not yet. He stated that selective annexations for awhile may be best.
Jim Havens Stated that the Keny property is an anomaly. He stated that
residential property doesn't pay for itself and Keny isn't topographically developable
as anything but residential.
Councilmember Bellman stated that Jim Haven's arguments make him less
certain ofthe benefits of merger. Ifthe merger fails,would it be three years become it
can again be considered.
Public comments and questions began at 8:30 p.m.
The worksession closed at 9: 10 p.m.

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