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Coucil mInutes 2/18/98


    Mayor Bellman convened the meeting at 7:30p.m.  


Those responding to the roll call were:
Vice Mayor McGowan            Councilmember
Councilmember Lucier            Mayor Bellman
    Councilmember Robertson            Law Director
Councilmember Wernet            Manager Hickman
    Councilmember Rader


     The minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting of
February 4, 1998 were presented for review.  Councilmember
Freytag moved to approve the minutes.  Seconded by
Councilmember Wernet.  Motion carried.    

    The Mayor’s Report for the month of January was
presented for review.

    Mayor Bellman directed the clerk to file the report.
 A copy of said report is attached as part of these minutes.

    The Manager’s Report for the month of January was
presented for review.   

 Councilmember Rader moved to accept the Manager’s Report.  
Councilmember Wernet second.  Motion carried.   A copy of
said report is attached as part of these minutes.


Those signing the register were:
         Scott Rawdon    Dave Dudgeon
Kent Callander    Mary Fellabaum
Steve Cartnal

Councilmember Rader gave a report of the Streets & Sidewalks
Committee.  There was discussion on the recommendation of a
six foot sidewalk from Clear Run to Denison Drive on
Newark-Granville Road and talks should begin with church
representative Jim Kennedy about property in front of St.
Edwards with regard to drainage problems.

It was noted that Issue II grant money from the State for
Main Street was not approved.  Manager Hickman stated that
this project would be looked at again for the possibility of
downsizing before reapplying.  One consideration is for the
Village to fund the repair of Main Street from Munson Street
to the bridge (to include a turn lane, sidewalks, and curb
cuts).  One other funding method included the possibility of
 having businesses in that area contribute toward this
project via assessment.  It was noted that this was not a
project slated for this year.

    Councilmember Wernet stated that the goal of the
Streets & Sidewalks Committee is to have decisions made on
specified projects by August to better accommodate the
bidding process.  He then added that Manager Hickman would
be notifying citizens in the area of W. Maple Street with
time frames, schedules, and steps of work to be done in that
area.  West Maple Street will be a multi year project.

Mayor Bellman raised the idea of using funds left over from
last year to complete the sidewalk connection along
Newark-Granville Road from Denison Drive area to the
entrance of Bryn Du Woods.

Councilmember Wernet noted the Planning Commission held a
work session with Bob Ersam to discuss concerns such as
setbacks, rezoning and lift station issues.   The Commission
also approved the Bob Evans sub division plat on the advice
of Village Planner Reyazi.

Councilmember Lucier - Financial Liaison, noted that she has
received a more detailed report from the Finance Director
and will follow up with questions about that report.

    Mayor Bellman read a letter from Boy Scout Nick
Magnuson, as referenced during the Council meeting on the
4th , with regard to speed limitations and enforcement on
Burg Street.  Chief Cartnal noted he had already replied to
Mr. Magnuson.

Mayor Bellman noted a Mayor’s Court decision which he made
based on his review of a Village Police in-car video tape.  
He noted that the video was very helpful and directly
affected the outcome of this case.

Councilmember Wernet stated a subcommittee of the
Comprehensive Plan Review Committee reviewed the invoice of
Frank Elmer and has recommended the Village pay half of the
disputed amount.  Mr. Wernet will convey this recommendation
to the Village Planner.

Community Policing
Councilmember McGowan reiterated the point by which he felt
there was a concern among citizens of the Village that
Village Police aren’t as present in the community as wished.
 He stated that he would like to see the police back in the
community where more interaction can be built.   

Mayor Bellman stated  that the dual role of a police officer
is not only a law enforcer but also public relations.

Councilmember Robertson stated she recently heard of several
incidents wherein the Village officer’s have reached outside
their job description to help a citizen.  She noted that
such acts never appear in a police report as only
infractions are reported.

Councilmember Freytag noted that in the past he recalls
having received numerous notes of recognition for police
officers acts of kindness.

Councilmember Lucier stated she felt that by walking through
the Village a police officer might notice such things as
cars blocking sidewalks, crosswalks, snarling dogs, etc.
Chief of Police Steve Cartnal asked Council to note the foot
patrol hours as reported in his 1997 annual report.   He
noted that as a demand driven business,  the force needs to
be where needed, when needed.  He requested that he be
notified of any infractions that are not being dealt with.  
He stated that more foot patrol is possible if that is the

    Councilmember Freytag stated he was not in favor of
a police foot patrol if it interferes with their ability for

Following a description on the concept of Community Oriented
Policing, Chief Cartnal added that he had given an
assignment to each full time officer to come up with a
Community Oriented Policing Program.   He noted that the
officers on his staff are not only good, but know this
community well, and know what the problems are.  He is
confident they will put a lot into these reports.  He noted
that bicycle patrol and elderly check-up are a few of the
ideas already being discussed.  He feels the department has
taken a beating over their enforcement efforts lately and
the officers are gearing projects toward serving the
community as opposed to strictly enforcing the law.
    Law Director Hurst noted he is in favor of community
policing however his concern is for the community "hotspot"
which may lose a law officer’s presence.  He hopes there is
a balance found in this effort.

Chief Cartnal stated that by concentrating in one area, it
is possible something else may be given up but his
department will work for an even balance.  He noted that he
hopes these projects will help solve the public relations
Councilmember Robertson noted that during her candidacy she
had the opportunity to ride with an officer on patrol.  She
stated that this experience was most enlightening and
encouraged Councilmembers to take the same opportunity.

Council Seating
Mayor Bellman suggested this topic be approached by those
concerned members.
Land Swap
It was noted that the Township has forwarded the appropriate
documents and is drafting deeds with the County Prosecutors
Office.  Law Director Hurst noted that there is some
question as to whether the township has the authority to do
this kind of deal.  He stated that Council will have to wait
on the Prosecutors decision.

Councilmember Robertson inquired as to the possibility of a
lease agreement instead of the land swap.  Law Director
Hurst noted that a lease agreement would require the same
standards as a land swap.


Resolution No. 98-09, A Resolution To Appoint A Committee Of
Three Village Citizens For The Purpose Of Preparing Property
And Liability Bid Specifications And The Review And
Recommendation Of Proposals.
Councilmember Lucier made a motion to direct Manager Hickman
to appoint three village citizens to a Committee for the
purpose of preparing property and liability bid
specifications and the review and recommendation of
proposals.  Councilmember McGowan second.  
    Resolution No. 98-09 was not introduced.

    Brainstorming issues
    Mayor Bellman stated that Council will approach
these issues as time permits.  Law Director Hurst encouraged
Council to hold off on the PCD topic adding that depending
on the outcome of SuperAmerica  vs. Licking County Board of
Elections, a lot of energy might be invested for naught.
     Mayor Bellman suggested members e-mail or fax their
thoughts to him before the next meeting so he will have a
better idea of which issues to approach first.

Ice Cream Truck
Mayor Bellman asked if Council wished to comment on a
request from Ron Fetters to operate an ice cream truck, with
limitations, in the village.  There were no objections or

Councilmember Wernet made a motion to move to Executive
Session for the discussion of land acquisition and personnel
issues.  Motion second by Councilmember Freytag.  Motion

Roll call vote:  McGowan yes, Lucier yes, Robertson yes,
Wernet yes, Rader yes, Freytag yes, Bellman yes.

Time in - 8:40pm

Councilmember Wernet made a motion to adjourn from Executive
Session.  Motion second by Councilmember McGowan.  Motion

Time out: 9:52pm

Councilmember Bellman made a motion to return to regular
session.  Motion second by Councilmember Rader.  Motion


Councilmember McGowan made a motion to advertise the
position of Village Manager of Granville.  Councilmember
Lucier seconded.

    Roll call vote:  McGowan yes, Lucier yes, Robertson
no, Wernet no, Rader no, Freytag no, Bellman no.  Motion

Councilmember Wernet made a motion to appoint Joe Hickman as
Granville Village Manager.  Motion second by Councilmember

    Roll call vote:  McGowan yes, Lucier yes, Robertson
yes, Wernet yes, Rader yes, Freytag yes, Bellman yes.  
Motion carried.


    Councilmember McGowan moved to adjourn the meeting
at 9:55pm.  Councilmember Freytag second.  Motion Carried.
Clerk of Council

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