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Council Minutes 10/7/98

 CALL TO ORDER Mayor Bellman convened the meeting at 7:32 p.m.

ROLL CALL Those responding to the roll call were: Mayor Bellman, Councilmember Lucier, Vice Mayor McGowan, Councilmember Minklei, Councilmember Rader, Councilmember Robertson, Councilmember Wernet Also Present Manager Hickman, Law Director Hurst Visitors Present Bernard Lukco, Maureen Severson, Carol Philipps, Kathryn Wimberger, Mary Fellabaum, Jim Jump, Scott Rawdon (Sentinel)

PUBLIC HEARING Ordinance No. 17-98, An Ordinance to Amend Ordinance No. 22-97 Providing for Adjustments of the Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year 1998 and Revising Sums for Operating Expenses. (Robertson). Having received no comments, Mayor Bellman declared the public hearing closed.

REVIEW AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES September 16, 1998. Councilmember Robertson moved to approve Minutes as corrected. Vice Mayor McGowan seconded, and motion was unanimously approved.

 Special Meeting, September 24, 1998. Approval of these minutes is postponed.

 Special Meeting, September 30, 1998. Councilmember Wernet moved to approve minutes as submitted; Councilmember Rader seconded, and minutes were unanimously approved.

CITIZENS COMMENTS Bernard Lukco, 343 East College, is confused and concerned about some of the parking issues at the old middle school. Con-struc-tion has not begun on the lot, and people are parking there haphazardly and without authorization. Steve Cartnal told him he could not ticket cars because that was a private lot, and the Acting Superintendent of Schools is not familiar with all the issues. There should be a way to enforce the parking restrictions. and erect a sign. It will be a worse problem with rain and snow, and the School Board ought to expedite construction. Manager Hickman said this was new to him and he wanted time to study the situation. Vehicles parking on the sidewalk have been ticketed, and the school is responsible if cars need to be towed. The Acting Superintendent should be informed of the background here. Mr. Lukco will keep an eye on this.

 Mary Fellabaum, 310 West Elm, would like to thank Village Manager for his help in making the Antique Show a success in spite of the rain. They had 41 wet dealers; it was well attended and the new location was successful. Councilmember Lucier did receive a call from an upset resident and she will come and speak for herself later.

 Bob Kent, 100 Pinehurst, on behalf of his family, who own 100± acres on 16/661, wants to develop this area. It's in the township but involves the Village also. He is asking Council to appoint one or more people to an ad hoc committee to discuss the best way to approach this. Mayor Bellman thought this matter raised a lot of concerns that go beyond this property and may involve water and sewer issues. He thought this was a big enough situation to seek involve-ment of the Comprehensive Plan group and our whole game plan for the future. Others wanted representatives from Township Trustees, Village Council, the Comprehensive Plan group, Township Zoning, and School Board. Mr. Kent preferred a small group just to offer guidance at this time. 

 Three members were selected for Mr. Kent's group: Councilmembers Minklei, Rader, and Wernet

COMMITTEE REPORTS Personnel Committee. The committee would be glad to answer questions from the Council. They did not vote on anything.

 Recreation Commission. They did plant grass at the new park in the Village by the driving range. The Rec. Commission is offering basketball from Grade one up.

 Cemetery Board. Councilmember Lucier requests clarification from Council and Law Director as to who is our legal counsel. This is still pending.

 Granville Planning Commission. Councilmember Wernet said that Kobunski was going to be on the agenda again but Mr. Hersam requested tabling until the next meeting.

 John Thornborough brought up a rezoning question for NW corner of Main and College. Members wanted to postpone any discussion until they saw an application. GPC wants a public hearing for rezoning, and Council wants its own public hearings. 

 Streets and Sidewalks. Councilman Rader presented priorities for next year's budget: 1. South Main Street, with Ameriflora added, and a welcome sign. Mayor Bellman likes the idea of involving property owners in a partnership and getting some money from them. Councilmember McGowan stated that the South Main project was approved by a former Council and one suggestion was a turn lane at the IGA. Dan Freytag opposed this idea. Some people want the current Council to re-visit this thought. Mayor Bellman wondered whether traffic was of real concern at this point. Do we really want to make it easier for visitors to go through town? Maybe it's good to stop instead. Mr. Wernet wondered why pay for something that may not have real benefit. Councilmember Rader said Streets and Sidewalks Committee wanted to recommend a turn lane, and Councilmember Wernet thought there was to be discussion with property owners first. Council-member Rader added that a grant would affect Munson to Broadway, 80/20, and a turn lane would be in the non-grant area. 2. West Maple to Cherry, with curbs and work with residents about parking. 3. Engineering on east side of Village in relation to impact fees on new building in that area to help pay for Cherry Valley Road improvements. Manager Hickman will give us a resolution to have improvements done. 4. David Longaberger has the driveway cut in. They will make a pathway also. 5. Pathway on Newark/Granville Road. It will be an 8' bike-path going from western drive of the church to Bryn Du and a 6' path from the Catholic Church to Clear Run. Mayor Bellman said that where a sidewalk is close to houses, the style is concrete, but the disadvantage is that it would only be 6' and would be more costly. Members agreed to use asphalt instead of concrete.

PUBLIC HEARING AND OLD BUSINESS Ordinance No. 17-98, an Ordinance to Amend 22-97 Providing for Adjustments of the Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year 1998 and Revising Sums for Operating Expenses, as introduced by Councilmember Robertson during the September 16th meeting. By roll call, every member voted for the Ordinance.

NEW BUSINESS ORDINANCE NO. 18-98, An Ordinance to Revise the Codified Ordinances by Adopting Current Replacement Pages and Declaring an Emergency. Manager Hickman said this ordinance needs to be intro-duced and have further discussion. It does not need to be an emergency basis. Councilmember Rader introduced this Ordinance, and there will be a public hearing October 21.

 RESOLUTION NO. 98-34, a Resolution to Authorize the Village Manager to Advertise for Bids for the Sale of a 1986 Ford 350 Truck, which has already been replaced through the state bid process and is now surplus that needs to be sold. Councilmember McGowan introduced this Resolution and Councilman Rader seconded. Manager Hickman said there is another vehicle to add to this as sealed bid. The Law Director said this could be amended or add to it later. It's a 1987 Chrysler LeBaron acquired through court order on a forfeiture. The Village does not want it and it is accumulating storage fees at M and P in addition to the original $600 fee. In a contract the Law Director could state that the Village is not responsible for the $600. Mayor Bellman moved to amend this by saying: "The Manager is authorized to dispose of another vehicle, namely a 1987 LeBaron notwithstanding provisions of 125.11. The amendment was unanimously approved. The Resolution was unanimously approved.

 {As an aside, Mr. Hickman wants Ms. Wimberger to look at the new River Road sign.} RESOLUTION NO. 98-35, a Resolution to Approve Submittal of an Update of the District Solid Waste Management Plan. Carol Philipps, District Coordinator of the Solid Waste District, stated this was to reduce landfills, encourage recycling, and discourage littering. This plan needs to be updated every five years and look toward 15 years ahead. You recently received information from her group and will get more. She wants to add to recycling sites. Councilmember Robertson asked what assurances there were that the recycling actually gets to the plant, and Ms. Philipps said monitoring was impossible. Councilman Rader moved to introduce this Resolution and Vice Mayor McGowan seconded. It was approved by majority with one Abstention vote (Mayor Bellman).

 RESOLUTION NO. 98-36, Resolution Accepting the Amounts and Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission and Authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies and Certifying Them to the County Auditor. Manager Hickman explained that these are funds we will receive from the County for 1999. Mayor Bellman moved to introduce this Resolution and read the Resolution to the group. Councilmember Wernet seconded and it was unanimously approved. Councilmember Wernet thought these forms could be updated, and members agreed that the penned-in figures with "strikeovers" obscured the correct figures.

MATTERS OF INTEREST Jim Jump has proposed an ordinance and explained it to the group. He asked what would happen if a bad error of law occurs and nobody follows up. What could the Village do to prevent this. His proposal has three main points: (1) the municipality may not attack or void decisions of its own authority unless it gives itself authority to do so. (2) Finding a procedure to allow this. What you are looking for is where the decision clearly constitutes abuse of power, corruption, or misrepresentation. (3) Let the citizens send a letter to the Law Director voicing their complaints. Some say the SuperAmerica decision represents an abuse of corporate power and a clear disregard of law. The Law Director said we already have a procedure in existence {1139.07 and 1109.12}. He has serious reservations about this proposal. Councilmember Wernet suggested that the Law Director and Jim Jump get together and give us results of that discussion. Councilmember Robertson introduced both proposals, 19-98, An Ordinance to Amend 1137.07 and to Enact Section 1137.09 of the Codified Ordinances of the Village of Granville, Ohio, to Expand the Authority of the Council, Law Director, and Village Manager, to prevent Violations of the Zoning Ordinance, and 20-98, An Ordinance to Amend Sections 1135.01, 1137.01, 1137.02, 1137.05, 1137.07, 1139.04, 1139.05, 1141.04, 1141.05, 1147.04, and 1159.05, and to Enact Section 1137.09 of the Codified Ordinances of the Village of Granville, Ohio, to Permit the Law Director and Taxpayers of the Village to Take Action to Prevent Unlawful Decisions and Orders Issued under the Zoning Ordinance. Councilmember Rader seconded. Councilmember Robertson wants a public hearing November 4. The Law Director said this will take a lot of time to study.

 Comments from the Mayor. The Mayor noticed it was unusually quiet down-town when Cherry Valley was closed. Chief Cartnal was going to check on Westerville, etc., to see how they managed to control noise. Mayor Bellman also stated that other towns have restric-tions on JAK brakes and wondered whether Granville could also. Manager Hickman will work out some language.

 A letter from a resident on South Main complains about speed-ing traffic. There are also violations on College between Granger and Broadway. Should we look at other areas to see how they control speed through the village?

 He has also received comments about skateboards. Manager Hickman said if they are a nuisance, they will be cited. Officers do patrols. Councilmember Robertson valued the idea of interaction between police and young people. Councilmember Rader recommended calling parents on the phone. Manager Hickman will talk to Chief Cartnal about this.

 The idea of Alexandria and water agreement raises a possible opportunity: Acquire Land Conservancy easements along the bike path. We want understanding about development. See about alter-nate truck routes. The ODOT says if you want trucks out of the village, give them an alternate truck route.

 Liquor Permit. Law Director Hurst needs to be advised whether or not Council requests hearings before Ohio Liquor Control regard-ing Village Brewing Company's request for a new permit for D-3-A, an extension of issued permit privileges until 2:30 a.m. in addition to its other permissions already received. Councilmember Wernet said neighboring residents and merchants might not like that idea, and Councilmember Rader said this is in a residential area and 2:30 is absurd and not community-minded. Vice Mayor McGowan said it is easier to revoke a license than to deny it originally. The deadline is October 31. Hurdles are remarkable. ADJOURNMENT Councilmember Wernet moved to adjourn at 10 p.m. Councilmember Lucier seconded.

 Respectfully submitted, Betty Allen, acting secretary 

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