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Council Minutes 1/7/98


     Mayor Bellman convened the meeting at 7:31pm.  

Those responding to the roll call were:
    Councilmember Lucier            
Councilmember Freytag
Vice Mayor McGowan            Mayor Bellman
Councilmember Robertson        Law Director Hurst
Councilmember Wernet             Manager Hickman
Councilmember Rader


    The minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting of
December 17, 1997, were presented for review.  Councilmember
Wernet moved to approve the minutes as amended.  Vice Mayor
McGowan second.  Motion carried.    


Those signing the register were:
         See Attached List.

Karl Korfmacher of 316 Welsh Hills Road, representing an
environmental studies group at Denison University, asked
Council to provide a letter of recommendation to the Ohio
EPA in their request of a grant from the Environmental
Education Fund.  This grant would be used to purchase
equipment for monitoring water quality at Clear Run.  He
added that this grant would provide learning opportunities
for citizens and students of the Village of Granville.  
Council agreed to endorse the request.

Maxine Montgomery of 2450 Newark Granville Road commented
concerning the Country Hearth situation.  She noted her
review of the Village Planners files and minutes from the
Planning Commission and BZBA hearings pertaining to Country
Hearth.  She noted that during the June 1996 BZBA hearing
for a conditional use permit and variance there were several
citizens in attendance, including Mr. Wilkenfeld.  She noted
there were no citizens comments recorded in the minutes of
that meeting.  She added that the Planning Commission then
reviewed the site plan in October of that year.  At the
meeting of the Planning Commission, comments from the
citizens pertained to the use of the motel.  She noted the
Planning Commission, at that time, was only considering the
site plan as the conditional use permit had been previously
granted by the BZBA.   She stated that in her research she
found procedures had been followed, work sessions had been
published correctly, and she concluded in her opinion there
was opportunity for citizens to have comments on this issue.

Mayor Bellman requested that Maxine Montgomery review the
possibility of a temporary sign to identify the entrance of
the Fanchion Lewis property, until a permanent sign is
Mayor Bellman noted the Green Space Committee members were
Keith Myers, Dan Bellman, Barb Martin, & Bill Wernet,

    A reminder was given of the Work Session on
Wednesday, January 14, at 7:00pm with the Licking County
Planning Commission with regard to the proposed S.R. 157


First Presbyterian Church  
Councilmember Rader stated that he concurs with the Law
Director’s position of a possible conflict of church and
state.  Councilmember Wernet seconded Mr. Rader’s thoughts.

Councilmember Freytag noted that although he understood the
Law Directors position, he feels that pretending the
Presbyterian Church has not been using this space, which
runs between the Church and the Educational Building, is
mechanical and narrow.   He feels that as the land behind
the church has been the ingress/egress to the back door, the
status of the land under the church and behind the church
are the same as the church has been using both since 1860.  
He feels that going another route is inviting a problem
where a problem doesn’t exist.  

Law Director Hurst noted that he has been unable to define a
procedure used in the exchange of property as used in the
changes to the Methodist Church in the 1960’s.  He would
like to consider using the same methodology to accomplish
the same thing in this instance.  With the help of the
Prosecutor, he is researching the process of a procedure
where a municipality can exchange property without going
through the formal bidding process.

    Councilmembers Lucier, Robertson and McGowan also
supported the Law Directors opinion about the importance of
separation of church and state.

    Bill Acklin, Chairman for the First Presbyterian
Church Building Committee stated that in his conversations
with the people involved in the Methodist exchange of land
use he is unable to pin down a procedure used for this
process.  He stated that the Presbyterian Church is
proposing a shift of Locust Place to the north and back of
the Education Building.  He stated that it seems likely that
if you treat the Presbyterian Church differently than you
treat the Methodist Church, this may also be a church and
state issue.

    It was concluded that the Law Director would
continue to pursue another solution of  methodology for the
change of use of land to be consistent with the Presbyterian
Church’s needs.
    Village Planner Reza Reyazi made note that the newly
revised Suburban Business District establishes a 20 foot set
back line while the Transportation Corridor Overlay District
establishes a 100 foot setback.  In regard to South Main
Street, he feels it would be appropriate to take South Main
Street out of the TCOD as far as set backs are concerned.   
He noted that the only changes on South Main Street between
TCOD and SBD would be the 100 foot setback.

     It was agreed by Council that this issue should be
handled on a per use basis.  Council will not change
anything about the Transportation Corridor Overlay District
and South Main Street at this time.


    Mayor Bellman appointed the Council Committees as

    Street and Sidewalks Committee & Utilities Committee
        Ben Rader, Chair
        Lyn Robertson
        Bill Wernet

    Street Light Committee            Personnel
        Matt McGowan, Chair            
    Matt McGowan, Chair
        Dan Freytag                
    Ben Rader
        Bill Wernet                
    Barbara Lucier

    Recreation Commission            Planning
        Matt McGowan                
    Bill Wernet

    Union Cemetery Board            Tree &
Landscape Commission
        Dan Freytag                
    Dan Freytag

    Finance Liaison - new committee
        Barbara Lucier

    Economic Development Committee - new committee
        Lyn Robertson
        Dan Bellman
        additional citizens to be appointed

    Councilmember Freytag expressed a concern with the
Utilities and Streets & Sidewalks Committees being combined
noting the Alexandria Water Agreement will expire in 2000
and he feels extra attention needs to be focused on this

· Economic Development Committee - (Lyn)
· Maximize vitality of downtown area, e.g. empty buildings -
(Dan B)
· Community Policing, e.g. What should be accomplished,
seminars - (Barb)
· Police/community relations - (Matt)
· Police sensitivity training - (Ben)
· Budget issues/Personnel salaries - (Matt)
· Personnel issues - (Joe)
· Meeting organization, e.g. council/audience seating, chart
placement - (Dan B)
· Council/Manager communications vehicles, e.g. e-mail -
· Public Meetings vs Public Hearings, clarification of
difference- (Rufus)
· Selective extension of water/sewer, e.g. Township/Village
government relations - (Ben)
· Clarification of ordinances with emphasis on land planning
issues - (Bill)
· Clarification of Planned Commercial Development ordinances
- (Lyn)
· Clarification of Comprehensive Plan Review report with
emphasis on zoning - (Lyn)
· Reach out to Township/Community - (Lyn)

Councilmember Wernet moved to adjourn the meeting at
9:02p.m.  Vice Mayor McGowan second.  Motion carried.

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