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Council Minutes 3/4/98

     Mayor Bellman convened the meeting at 7:30pm.  
Those responding to the roll call were:
    Vice Mayor McGowan
    Councilmember Lucier    
Councilmember Robertson            Mayor Bellman
Councilmember Wernet            Law Director Hurst
Councilmember Rader            Manager Hickman
Councilmember Freytag
    The minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting of
February 18, 1998, were presented for review.  Councilmember
Wernet moved to approve the minutes.  Councilmember Rader
second.  Motion carried.    

Those signing the register were:
        Bill Acklin
        Kate Wernet
        Scott Rawdon
        Eloise Dezwarte
Vice Mayor McGowan reported that the Recreation Commission
is discussing the development of fields by the driving
range, which needs to be complete by the end of year for the
$100,000 grant to be applicable.  He noted that Doug
Plunkett has been appointed as the director to oversee this
project.  He mentioned the new spring programs will be out
within the next two weeks.  He added that the restrooms at
Wildwood should be operable in the next six weeks.

Councilmember Wernet reported that the Planning Commission
approved an application from Bill Heim for modifications to
his business, and an application from George Fackler, noting
that the general consensus of the Planning Commission is
that this is a pretty good plan.  He noted the commission
has denied an application from Certified Oil for
modifications stating that concerns of this proposal would
significantly expand the use which is encompassed by the
ordinance.  He stated that the Planning Commission gave
Certified Oil the opportunity to reconsider their plan
however they denied this opportunity and opted for the
Planning Commissions vote.  The Commission voted against
this application.
Mr. Wernet noted the Commission’s concern with the right-in,
right-out access to Fackler’s proposed location on Newark
Granville Road.  He stated that the Commission was satisfied
with a tentative agreement with Mr. Fackler noting this
approval was contingent upon several issues which include
implementing the right-in right-out access based on traffic
conflicts in this area.  Mr. Wernet stated that the overall
project seemed to be very well done.

Following a discussion, it was decided that Council would
like to review the plans of this project before giving its
support to the Planning Commissions decision.  

    Questions were raised by Vice Mayor McGowan and
Councilmember Robertson on whether Council was concerned
with sign regulations at Fackler’s.

     Councilmember Rader reported that the Streets &
Sidewalks Committee met with Bob Evans.  Concessions on
design, brick color, reduction of signage, and addition of
dormers has been agreed to and a permit has been issued.

Following a discussion with regard to the agreement with Bob
Evans, Law Director Hurst noted that a letter of
understanding has been exchanged and perimeters have been
set forth in that letter.  He then advised Council that the
citizens of this community approved a specific development
plan by vote and any amendments to this plan must be
relatively minor.  Mayor Bellman and others noted that the
amendments were relatively minor.

    Mayor Bellman made note of a joint proclamation
between the Village and Township which has been prepared and
will be presented to William Custer for his donation of
non-development easements to Granville.  This proclamation
will be presented at the March 19th Land Conservancy

    Mayor Bellman noted the "rave reviews" of Vice Mayor
McGowan’s first attempt at conducting  Mayor’s Court.  

Vice Mayor McGowan noted there was an ordinance in place
which stipulates that individuals are responsible for having
a device for the removal of dog excrement while on property
other than their own within the Village.

     Ordinance No. 02-98, "A Ordinance Authorizing The
Exchange Of Real Property Between The Village Of Granville
And The First Presbyterian Church Of Granville", was
introduced by Councilmember Rader.  Mayor Bellman set a
public hearing on Ordinance No. 02-98 for March 18, 1998.
     Ordinance No. 03-98, "An Ordinance To Amend
Ordinance No. 22-97 Providing For Adjustments Of The Annual
Budget For The Fiscal Year 1998 And Revising Sums For
Operating Expenses", was introduced by Councilmember Wernet.
 Mayor Bellman set a public hearing on Ordinance No. 03-98
for March 18, 1998.

    Resolution No. 98-10, "A Resolution To Authorize The
Village Manager To Advertise For Bids For The Micro
Surfacing Of Village Streets For 1998", was introduced and
read in full by Councilmember McGowan.  Second by
Councilmember Rader.  Motion Carried.  Resolution No. 98-10
was adopted.
    Water/Sewer Extension - Dow Chemical location

    It was noted that there is a prospective purchaser
for the Dow Chemical location on State Route 16.  The
discussion was based on the idea that this location would
possibly need additional water/sewer services.  It was noted
that Southwest Licking Water and Sewer facilities have been
mentioned as an alternative to supply this service to this

    Councilmember Wernet shared a concern that the
Township and Village could potentially lose control of that

Mayor Bellman noted that one reason for allowing an
extension might be for the potential maneuver of threatened
areas.  However, he question whether this was an effective
way to be defensive in terms of encroachment.

It was noted that the water/sewer extension would be under a
specific set of conditions, which would allow for the
control of abuses.

    Councilmember Lucier questioned the cost feasibility
of the extension.

Law Director Hurst noted that an extension can be granted
with limitations.  However, the question is will anyone
accept the extension given those limitations.

Councilmember Freytag stated that a water/sewer extension
would be an imperfect way to support "no annexation"  of
this area to other municipalities.

Law Director Hurst expressed a concern that this
municipality may feel it is gaining additional control over
another subdivision by virtue of having run this extension
of water/sewer to the area.   Councilmember Freytag agreed
with Mr. Hurst.

    During the discussion on this topic, it was noted
that this project could cost the Village around $1 million.
 It was also noted that at this time, this situation is
directly related to the Township  and not the Village.  

Councilmember Rader moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:58 pm.
 Councilmember  Wernet second.  Motion carried.

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