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Council Minutes 4/1/98

April 1, 1998


     Mayor Bellman convened the meeting at 7:32pm.  

Those responding to the roll call were:
    Vice Mayor McGowan
    Councilmember Lucier    
Councilmember Robertson            
Councilmember Wernet            Mayor Bellman    
Councilmember Rader            Manager Hickman
Councilmember Freytag


A public hearing was held on Ordinance No. 04-98, "An
Ordinance To Amend Section 509.09 (a) (2) and (a) (4) Of The
Codified Ordinances Of The Village Of Granville, Ohio.
    No one appeared to speak for or against Ordinance
No. 04-98.  Mayor Bellman closed the public hearing at


    The minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting of
March 18, 1998, were presented for review.  Councilmember
Rader moved to approve the minutes.  Councilmember Wernet
second.  Motion carried.    


Those signing the register were:
Rochelle Steinberg
Sally Hannahs
Scott Rawdon
Maxine Montgomery
Rochelle Steinberg of 425 E. College Street, along with
Sally Hannahs, stated she they were in attendance to speak
on behalf of a neighborhood group of residents living near  
the Old Middle School.  Ms. Steinberg handed out a packet of
information to Council.  She noted that the neighborhood
group wants to emphasize their wish to minimize the amount
of intrusion and disruption which could result from the
parking situation at the old middle school location.  She
stated that this group would like to see the minimal amount
of parking spaces permitted in a residential area for this
location.  She added that this group is willing to work with
Council and the School Board to come up with a parking
requirement that would meet the needs of the building and
the wishes of the neighborhood.  She stated that the
neighborhood would be unanimously supportive of pursuing any
variance that would be necessary to reduce the parking at
this location.

     Maxine Montgomery of 2450 Newark-Granville Road,
encouraged Council to look at the Thornwood Drive project
objectively.   She stated that having attended a meeting of
the Licking County Planning Commission, she feels Granville
will be greatly impacted by this road and would like to see
this Council participate in the planning of this project.  
She encouraged Council to be as objective as possible and
look at advantages and disadvantages before decisions are
made without the participation of Granville which might
negatively impact this community.
Councilmember McGowan noted that the Personnel Committee
will meet at 9:00 am on the 13th of April.  He also noted
that the Lighting Committee will also meet that week
regarding the downtown lights on Broadway.

Councilmember Wernet reported that the Planning Commission
approved, with conditions, the plans for the Fackler
development at the corner of Newark Granville and Cherry
Valley Roads.  He stated that these conditions were to be
forwarded from the Village Planner and the Law Director to

Mayor Bellman stated he had attended the Township meeting
when they approved a Resolution in favor of going forward
with a study for the S.R. 157/Thornwood Drive project.  In
reference to the Township/Village land swap, he noted that a
concern was raised about the slope on the northwest side of
the township property.  Manager Hickman will review this

Councilmember Rader noted there will be a Utilities
Committee Meeting at 7:00pm on Monday, April 6.

Maxine Montgomery reported on the Fanchion Lewis Committee
meeting.  The cost of grating, gravel, wood fence, and a
small sign was around $4,200.  She noted that plans are
being made for a permanent sign.  She noted that projected
appropriations for 1998 reflect dredging of the pond.  The
next meeting will be at the park on April 22.  Councilmember
Rader suggested the Manager contact ODNR prior to dredging
this pond.

Councilmember Robertson noted that she and Councilmember
Lucier attended the Ohio Municipal League’s New
Councilmember Seminar.  She also noted a meeting with Law
Director Hurst in which she learned about his concerns about
procedures.  She stated that she now understands the Law
Director.  She proposed a committee be appointed to look at
procedures 1143 and 1171.

Councilmember Wernet stated he would like to see the Law
Directors comments on suggested changes to the procedures.  
Councilmembers Wernet and Rader agreed to join Mrs.
Robertson on a committee that will look into this.

     Ordinance No. 04-98, An Ordinance To Amend Section
509.09 (a) (2) and (a) (4) Of The Codified Ordinances Of The
Village Of Granville, Ohio, was reintroduced by
Councilmember Lucier.  Second by Councilmember McGowan.

    Councilmember Wernet proposed an amendment to this
ordinance to reflect 10p.m. instead of 12a.m. and 8a.m.
instead of 7a.m.   Councilmember Freytag second.  Motion

Councilmember Rader feels a first time warning is
appropriate prior to enforcement of this ordinance.
Roll Call Vote:  McGowan yes, Lucier yes, Robertson yes,
Wernet yes, Rader yes, Freytag yes, Bellman yes.  Seven yes

    Councilmember Wernet requested the Law Director
re-draft this ordinance.

    Ordinances No. 04-98 was adopted as amended.

Design Review Standards -

Village Planner Reyazi stated that Mr. Frank Elmer was not
willing to do any more work for the Village.  He noted that
although the Design Review Standards are near completion, he
feels it is not as presentable as originally intended.   He
noted that the presentation of the document, public
hearings, training of the Planning Commission, presentation
to various groups, answering questions and making
modifications remain.  Mr. Reyazi stated he feels there is a
legal decision to be made with regard to Frank Elmer.  

Following a discussion with regard to the completion of the
study and whether Council will agree to pay Mr. Elmer,
Councilmember Robertson suggested turning to a mediator to
solve the problem vs. the possibility of litigation.

The decision was made to drop the matter with Mr. Elmer and
move on as it would not be worth litigating.

Councilmember Wernet proposed that Council seek alternative
bids for the completion of the Design Review Standards.

Council requested the Planner ask Nancy Ritchey, an original
bidder of this project, for an estimate of possibly
completing this project.   No vote was taken.

Thornwood Blvd. -
Councilmember Freytag once again stated he felt the S.R.
157/Thornwood Drive project was simply an effort to generate
economic development for the benefit of Newark and Heath.  
He feels it is adverse to the interest of Granville in that
economic development would require additional residential
units which will impact Granville.  He noted that this idea
was originally presented as a transportation enhancement
adding that LCATs stated it did not have anything to do with
development.  He stated they have now admitted that the
purpose is economic.  He feels Council must consider what
impact this will have on the Village.  

    Councilmember Robertson stated the importance of
having zoning in place that would protect the Village and
the township from becoming over developed.

It was noted that a public discussion would take place in
Council Chambers on Tuesday, April 7, 1998.

Fackler Conditions -
Councilmember Rader questioned legal recourse of the Village
should Mr. Fackler violate the conditions of his conditional
use.  He noted that Mr. Fackler frequently fails to follow
the rules.
Manager Hickman noted that as these conditions have been
agreed to by Mr. Facker, should he violate them, his permit
would no longer be valid.   
      Resolution No. 98-13, "A Resolution To Authorize The
Non-Permanent Installation Of A Sidewalk Café On The Public
Sidewalk At 134 East Broadway In Front Of The Business Known
As "Victoria’s Parlour", Subject To Restrictions, was
introduced and read in full by Councilmember McGowan and
Councilmember Rader.  Second by Councilmember Lucier.  
Motion Carried.  Resolution No. 98-13 was adopted.

    Ordinance No. 05-98, An Ordinance Authorizing The
Exchange Of Real Property Between The Village Of Granville
And Granville Township, was introduced by Councilmember
Bellman.  A Public Hearing was set for Ordinance No. 05-98
for April 15, 1998.

    Mayor Bellman made a motion to enter into Executive
Session for the discussion of the purchase of property.  
Second by Councilmember Lucier.

    Roll call vote: McGowan yes, Lucier yes, Robertson
yes, Wernet yes, Rader yes, Freytag yes, Bellman yes.

    In at 9:08 pm

    Councilmember Freytag moved to return to regular
session at 9:20pm.  Second by Councilmember Rader.  Motion

Councilmember Wernet moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:21pm.
Councilmember Rader second.  Motion carried.

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