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Council Minutes 9/2/98


 Mayor Bellman convened the meeting at 7:32pm. ROLL CALL

Those responding to the roll call were: Vice Mayor McGowan Councilmember Lucier Councilmember Minklei Mayor Bellman Councilmember Wernet Law Director Hurst Councilmember Rader Manager Hickman

 Councilmember Rader made a motion to excuse Councilmember Robertson. Councilmember Wernet second. Motion carried.

 At this time, Mayor Bellman requested a change in the agenda order to accommodate several citizens in attendance.

First Presbyterian Church 

Bill Acklin, Chairperson for the First Presbyterian Church noted that the First Presbyterian Church is ready to "break ground". However, a few details need worked out and the church is asking for a favor from the Village. He then noted that the church is in need of a mortgage to complete their project. He also stated that the Lender has a problem using the church as collateral as the church does not own the land of which it stands. He then outlined four ways the Village could possibly help the church in this process.

1. The Village could deed the land to the Church as the church has sat on this piece of property for over 100 years. 2. The Village could deed the land to the Church with a reversionary clause which states the land would revert back to the Village if the purpose which the land is used should cease to be for church purposes. 3. The least favorable, from the Lenders perspective, is for the Village to grant consent for the church to mortgage the property. 4. The most favorable would be for the Village to lease the land for $1 a year to the church for as long as it’s used for church purposes.

Mr. Acklin stated that the Church would need to borrow approximately $2,000,000. He also stated their intention to pay the 20 year loan off in 15 years or sooner. He noted that the Church is adding a substantial investment to downtown Granville and will add a significant impact to the Village. He then reiterated the request that the Village grant a lease to the First Presbyterian Church for $1 a year.

 Council asked for direction from the Law Director. Law Director Hurst suggested that should Council decide to "go down that road" he is reasonably confident that this could be conquered. He did state that there could be some serious intanglement questions with some of the options. He also noted that the cleanest situation for any municipality was to not own the land upon which the churches sit. Although he questioned the security of the Lender in the lease hold interest, he stated that under the authority of the Ordinances, the Village has the ability to dispose of municipal property and that leasing capabilities are in place. He stated he would like to look into leasing entanglement issues. 

 Council concluded that it was their wish to find a solution to this situation. Upon Council’s direction, Law Director Hurst will look into possible considerations and make a recommendation to Council before the next meeting.

 Mayor Bellman commented that at some time in the future Council should possibly consider whether the Village should continue to "own" the four corners also know as the public square.


 The minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting of August 19, 1998, were presented for review. Councilmember Lucier expressed some concern with the section relating to the Council vacancy appointment. There will be another draft of said minutes for Council to review for approval prior to the next meeting. 


Union Cemetery Board Appointment -

 Resolution No. 98-31, A Resolution To fill A Vacancy On The Union Cemetery Board Of Trustees was introduced and read in full by Councilmember Rader. Second by Councilmember Wernet. Motion Carried. Resolution No. 98-31 was adopted. Councilmember Lucier was appointed to the Union Cemetery Board position.

At this time Mayor Bellman opened the floor for citizen comments regarding Ordinance No. 11-98 and South Plum Street.

Virginia Sharkey of 117 South Plum stated she was in favor of 15mph speed limit. She noted that there is a blind hill coming from West Elm Street to South Plum. She then noted her three (soon to be four) children, as well as others, play together, cross the street, and walk to the end of the street to catch the school bus. She noted that in a conversation with the Police Department, that the police agreed that 25 MPH speed limit is too high for the area. She feels a 15mph speed limit posted on this street would be enforceable. 

Mary Rose O’Brien Berninie of the corner of West Elm and South Plum stated that she had a hidden driveway. She added that vehicles often do not see her nor is she able to see them. She agrees with the need for a 15 mph speed limit and fears for the safety of the children in the area. She then recommended that the speed sign be posted at the top of W. Elm Street so that it is read before turning onto South Plum.

Sandy Meadow Smith of 125 South Plum Street stated her surprise that this has turned into such a big issue. She feels given the factors of many children, narrow roads, and hidden drives, she feels that 15mph speed limit makes sense as it will be more feasible to enforce. 

Ruth Lyle of 116 South Plum stated that she adores the children that are her neighbors and is in agreement with the need of a 15mph speed limit.

Councilmember Wernet stated he had lived in that area at one time and concurred with everything that has been said this evening. He does not feel this is an unreasonable request given the slope of the hill.

Vice Mayor McGowan stated he is not sure that a speed limit of 15mph will solve the problem. He suggested possibly a speed bump may be more effective. He also noted that any speed changes should be at the discretion of Council upon the recommendation of the Manager and Chief of Police, therefore public input is guaranteed. He requested a change in the ordinance as introduced to reflect this change request.

Ms. Sharkey stated that the Police Department has also suggested a speed bump as a speed deterant.

 Following discussion by Council it was decided to change the ordinance.

 Councilmember Wernet requested that Ordinance No. 11-98 be removed from the table at which time he re-read the title in full. Second by Councilmember Rader. Motion Carried.

 Councilmember Wernet then proposed changes to Ordinance No. 11-98 to reflect the changes as recommended by Council which specified 15 MPH speed limit on S. Plum Street. And change Section 333.03 (b) (6) to state "Fifteen miles per hour on alleys within the Municipality, and on South Plum Street".

 Councilmember Wernet suggested for future amending that change bars be added to the Ordinances. He suggested this might benefit Councilmembers and audience members follow along.

 Councilmember Rader seconded the motion.

Roll Call Vote: McGowan yes, Lucier yes, Robertson absent, Minklei yes, Wernet yes, Rader yes, Bellman yes. Six yes votes. Ordinance No. 11-98 was adopted.

There was a brief discussion for the need of a speed bump on S. Plum Street. Manager Hickman noted the problems that are created by speed bumps during snow removal. He noted the large dollar that has already been invested in concrete work on S. Plum Street and recommended only speed limit changes at this time.

Councilmember Wernet suggested the Police Department check with the citizens of S. Plum Street for specific times when speed limits are being broken in the area.


Those signing the register were: See attached list.

Scott Rawdon of the Granville Sentinel noted his surprise that the Comprehensive Review Plan meeting of September 8 had been moved from Council chambers to the High School Library. He stated that the Sentinel had not been informed of this change.

 Manager Hickman noted that another group was responsible for advertising the change in location.


Vice Mayor McGowan noted the Recreation Commission has made the decision to build another soccer and baseball field yet this year. He also noted that the rest rooms at Wildwood were to be made handicap accessible by next spring. 

Councilmember Wernet noted that the Planning Commission meeting went well.

Councilmember Rader noted that Mike Mentzer has decided not to build the Paramount project on South Galway Drive. He stated that it is reported that Mr. Mentzer is looking into purchasing the Dow Site. . 


 Ordinance No. 16-98, An Ordinance Authorizing The Approval Of An Offer To Purchase Real Property By The Village Of Granville Commonly Known As 200 East Broadway was introduced, its title read by Councilmember Rader. Mayor Bellman set a Public Hearing on Ordinance No. 16-98 for September 16, 1998. It was noted that the seller has executed the contract.


 Trick or Treat Council set a trick or treat date for October 29, 1998 from 5:30 - 7:00pm. Manager Hickman noted that the Granville Business and Professional Association would be sponsoring a parade in the downtown area to discourage mischievous shaving cream escapades.

Vice Mayor McGowan noted that he had a request from a resident to have Halloween on the 30th. He also suggested that a letter be sent to area businesses asking that they not sell shaving cream during this time. 

 Bike Path Manager Hickman noted that the bike path has been paved from S. Pearl Street to the Wastewater Plant. There was discussion regarding the dangers of a drop off along this path. Manager Hickman stated he will get pricing for split rail fence and report to Council for approval. It was noted that the landscaping looks a lot better next to the boiler.

Antique Fair Manager Hickman noted the change in location for this years Antique Fair. He stated there would only be one lane open from Main Street to South Mulberry.

 Council Chambers Manager Hickman noted some ideas for Council Chambers remodeling. He asked Council to consider possible changes. Vice Mayor McGowan suggested the possibility of a wall mural depicting Granville by a local artist. 

Personnel Committee A Personnel Committee meeting with all Councilmembers was scheduled for September 30, 1998 at 7:30pm. 


Councilmember McGowan moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:35pm. Councilmember Rader second. Motion carried. 

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