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Council Minutes 11/3/99


CALL TO ORDER Councilmember Wernet called the meeting to order.

ROLL CALL Councilmember Rader Councilmember Lucier Councilmember Wernet Vice Mayor McGowan - Absent Councilmember Robertson Mayor Bellman - Absent Councilmember Minklei

 It was noted that Mayor Bellman should be arriving around 7:00pm. (It was also later noted that Vice Mayor McGowan informed the Village Manager that he would be unable to attend this session due to prior commitments). Councilmember Rader was hoping that the Chairman of the Personnel Committee, Vice Mayor McGowan, would be in attendance this evening. As Mr. McGowan had concerns with the current wage scale, it is important to include him during these discussions. Mr. Rader suggested that consideration of Resolution No. 99-41 (dealing with the wage scale) be postponed until the next regularly scheduled meeting. Noting that the Personnel Committee had given its recommendation during the previous meeting, Councilmember Lucier stated that she would personally like to continue this discussion this evening. She is unable to attend the next regularly scheduled Council meeting and she made a special effort to attend this meeting. Councilmember Wernet feels Mr. McGowan’s attendance and input is important as there has been some confusion as to where he stands on these issues. Councilmember Robertson feels that the discussion should continue as there are five out of seven Councilmembers present this evening. She also expressed the obligation of Council members to make meeting attendance a priority. Disappointment was expressed that Mr. McGowan has chosen to avoid the previous Council session, and this meeting, which was primarily scheduled to discuss an issue of which he had previously taken a serious stand. Councilmember Robertson feels that since Mr. McGowan hasn’t been available to express his ideas he has lost his voice in this case. Council made the decision to continue with this meeting as a work session for discussion of the issue at hand.

WORK SESSION Resolution No. 99-41 Personnel Committee has recommended: -Pay grade 3 be merged with pay grade 4. -Increasing Step I salaries by a 2% one-time longevity bonus for this year.

 A discussion ensued relative to the benefits of merging pay grade’s 3 and 4. Everyone agreed that a merge of the two grades was the best solution for addressing the need to bring that portion of the pay scale up to a comparable range with other communities. It was also noted that there may possibly be a need to increase the Police Sargents and Utility Plant Supervisor’s position from pay grade 8 to the currently unused pay grade 9. For the most part, Council was in agreement that 2% would be a sufficient one-time increase to Step I. Manager Hickman is to provide Council with a summary of how this would impact the budget. Councilmember Wernet also noted the need to consider the Manager’s salary during discussions at the next Council meeting. 

ADJOURNMENT Councilmember Minklei made a motion to adjourn at 7:30pm. Councilmember Rader second. Motion carried. 

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