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Council Minutes 3/17/99

 CALL TO ORDER Mayor Bellman convened the meeting at 7:35 p.m. 

ROLL CALL Those responding to the roll call were: Councilmember Lucier Councilmember Minklei Vice Mayor McGowan Law Director Hurst Councilmember Rader Manager Hickman Councilmember Wernet Mayor Bellman

 There was a motion to excuse Councilmember Robertson; it was seconded and unanimously approved.

VISITORS PRESENT: Scott Rawdon (Sentinel), Jim Harf, Scott Taylor, Ron Sheldon, Jerry Miller, Diane Trcka, Chris Powell, Don Morin(?)

CITIZENS COMMENTS: Jerry Miller, of Granville Recreation Commission, spoke about plans for improvements for Wildwood Park. They had planned to have volleyball courts, basketball courts, and a skateboard rink. Subsequently, after meetings with neighbors, they postponed plans for basketball, moved volleyball court plans to another location and move skateboard park to the old parking lot, rather than the ice rink location,. . Neighbors were concerned about safety and security, particularly at night. They cited insufficient parking space and the need for police patrol. Telephone would cost about $100 per month. The Evans Foundation has granted permission to build a chain link fence and would need help opening and locking it. Another concern was with closed and unlit restrooms at night; the Village should be in charge of this. Mr. Rader suggested talking to skaters about their needs. Diane Trcka (710 West Broadway) spoke of her concerns regarding closeness of ball fields to the shelter house and about parking. Many cars at the park are from out of the county, and a formal skateboard rink would increase numbers of out-of-towners and trash at the park. She stated that slides had sticky stuff on them. Neighbors would rather walk to the school than play at Wildwood Park because there are fewer people there. She does not think a skateboard rink should be built just for a handful of people.

 Jim Harf had met with a group of neighbors, and tonight Ron Sheldon summarized the discussion: (1) The park was designed as a park, not a recreational area. Formal ball courts lessen availability for family activities. (2) Granville’s west entrance is supposed to be greenspace. (3) The parking problem would be exacerbated with new ball courts. (4) Given the need for a skateboard rink, there are areas at the elementary school, and the west side of Granville has not been documented as a desirable location. (5) There is an Village Council Minutes March 17, 1999 Page 2

 issue of safety, especially after dark. (6) More ball courts would expand park use by nonresidents. (7) The neighborhood is concerned about the remoteness of the skateboard area and the lack of an emergency telephone.

 The neighbors were opposed to any ball courts on the north side of the bike path. Council members discussed the safety issues and thought police should be called when there are problems. 

 Scott Taylor (670 West Broadway) spoke of liability issues. Outsiders would come in, since it would be free. There already is a skateboard park in Newark now. 

 Mr. Sheldon stated that the skateboard rink plan is not in the scenic corridor. It is relocated south of the bikebath. The Rec Commission decided to rethink the basketball court issue. Volleyball courts would be moved to the south and the old parking lot would be repaved and moved up for use as skateboard area. Regarding safety issues, he called the police chief, who said citizens should call them if they see suspicious activity, and they will increase patrolling. Mr. Sheldon also contacted the Evans Foundation and they were very receptive to a chain link fence, but we will need assistance locking and unlocking it. A telephone would be costly and he asked for budgeting from Village Council. Regarding lighting, this is a dawn-to-dusk park and does not need lights. About eight kids skate but cannot skate downtown. Sometimes they go to Newark. Opening up Raccoon Creek Park will lessen use at Wildwood Park. . He recommended that citizens attend the Recreation Commission meetings to express their concerns.

 Chris Powell (720 West Broadway) asked about controlling the influx of outsiders at the park. 

 Don Morin could confront people exhibiting bad behavior. No residents want basketball or volleyball courts. If there were a pond, when frozen, people could skate on it. 

 Scott Taylor suggested using the high school parking lot as a skateboard rink.

OLD BUSINESS: Ordinance No. 99-13. A Resolution Approving the Creation of a New Community Authority Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Chapter 349 Solely for the Benefit of the Granville Exempted Village School District. Ron Sheldon explained that the Keny property was the impetus for getting this authority going, and the group is seeking Village Council support. He has presented this resolution to Township Trustees and the School Board in addition to other school districts involved. They had a request from Granville Land Conservancy to consider granting them an easement

Village Council Minutes March 17, 1999 Page 3 Mr. Bellman said the Council will give the resolution serious consideration. 

 The Authority would allow citizens with interest to take that interest to the school district. It considers utilities, roads, etc and the community elects the authority. It is not a tax. It is a right that runs with the property, an easement. It has an expiration date. Any future annexations to Newark would be eligible to join. 

Resolution No. 99-12. A Resolution to Authorize the non-permanent installation of a sidewalk cafe on the public sidewalk at 134 East Broadway in Front of the Business known as "Victoria’s Parlour," Subject to Restrictions was read by Councilmember Wernet, seconded by Councilmember McGowan. Resolution was unanimously approved.

 An Emergency Ordinance Enacted by the Village of Granville, Licking County Ohio, the Matter of the Hereinafter Described Improvement, and to Request Cooperation by the Director of Transportation was read by Councilmember Rader. Public Hearing was set for April 7.

 Ordinance No. 15-99, An Ordinance to Accept Application for Annexation of 3.78 Acres, more or Less, in Granville Township, Adjacent and Contiguous to the Village of Granville, County of Licking, State of Ohio, to the Village of Granville, Ohio was presented by Councilman Wernet. Public Hearing was set for April 7.

 Ordinance No. 16-99, An Ordinance to Amend Chapter 1167 of the Codified Ordinances of the Village of Granville, Ohio was presented by Councilman Rader. Public Hearing was set for April 7.

REVIEW AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES. The minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting of March 3, 1999, were amended on page 2 to change Mr. Abrams to Mr. Abraham’s. Councilmember Rader moved to adopt minutes and Mr. Wernet seconded. Minutes were unanimously approved.

COMMITTEE REPORTS Councilmember McGowan, for the Personnel Committee, asked whether we want to do a salary survey. If we hire someone from outside to do this, we need to request bids. The Committee did not resolve anything but will look at these things over the next year. Does Village Council want to go ahead with a survey? The last one was done in 1992, adopted in 1993. Councilmember Wernet thought we probably ought to look at some private pay scales also. Mayor Bellman said we should all think over these issues over the next couple of weeks. Mayor Bellman stated that the Newark/Granville Committee met and that the next meeting will deal with a traffic study. Julie Barrett is resource person. 

Village Council Minutes March 17, 1999 Page 4 Mayor Bellman also reported that the JEDD Committee handed out a market plan and Kathryn Wimberger will distribute it.. They talked about annexation and some of the municipalities thought annexations should be part of the JEDD. Services to be provided are water and sewer. 

OTHER. A. Bank First National plans a drive-through, and since it is within 200’, Village Council is hereby notified. It will go to the BZBA March 25. The bank is still paying for the spot in this building. 

 B. Gazebo. Mr. Hickman stated that the Village has been offered a Gazebo for Opera House Park, about 10’ in diameter. He mentioned this to the Tree and Landscape Committee and they are not terribly eager about this. Opera House Park may not be the best location, and we will discuss this later. 

 C. Lewis Park. Mr. Hickman wanted everyone to go to the Fanchion Lewis Park and look at the loafing barn. Mr. Hurst recommended that if we tear it down, the resolution needs to be discussed. He recommended that the Village Council formally address the merits, acknowledge the uses, and declare the loafing barn is either inconsistent with stated uses or is a hazard. This will address the maintenance question. Mr. Bellman added that we should be in touch with the Lewis family members. 

 D. Wildwood Park. With regard to the earlier discussion, Mr. Bellman wondered whether anything we do tonight would be spinning our wheels before we get all the details. We should probably discuss it later and allow the Recreation Commission to have a public meeting first.

ADJOURNMENT. It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:45 p.m. Motion carried.

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