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Council Minutes 4/21/99

 April 21, 1999

CALL TO ORDER Mayor Bellman convened the meeting at 7:34pm. ROLL CALL Those responding to the roll call were: Vice Mayor McGowan Councilmember Rader Councilmember Lucier Councilmember Minklei Councilmember Robertson Mayor Bellman Councilmember Wernet Manager Hickman Law Director Hurst

 PUBLIC HEARING A public hearing was held on Ordinance No. 17-99, An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 25-98 Providing For Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal Year 1999 And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses. Hearing no comment Mayor Bellman closed the public hearing on Ordinance No. 17-99 at 7:34pm.

OLD BUSINESS Ordinance No. 17-99, An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 25-98 Providing For Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal Year 1999 And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses, was reintroduced, its title read by Vice Mayor McGowan. Second by Councilmember Wernet.

Roll Call Vote: McGowan yes, Lucier yes, Robertson yes, Minklei yes, Wernet yes, Rader yes, Bellman yes. Seven yes votes. Ordinance No. 17-99 is adopted. NEW BUSINESS Ordinance No. 18-99, An Ordinance To Adopt the 1998 Strategic Updates To The Comprehensive Plan, was introduced, its title read by Councilmember Wernet. Councilmember Rader second Mr. Wernet’s introduction. It was noted that updates to the Comprehensive Plan are the accomplishments of a number of committee members and volunteers including support from the Planning Commission and BZBA. This community wide document, which included involvement from Granville Village and Granville Township, has been phenomenal. As normal procedures apply, public notice will be given for Ordinance No. 18-99. Council expects to vote on Ordinance No. 18-99 during its next regularly scheduled meeting. Mayor Bellman set the public hearing date on Ordinance No. 18-99 for May 5, 1999. Ordinance No. 19-99, An Ordinance To Rezone Property Located At The Corner Of North Granger Street And East College Street From Suburban Residential District - B to Village Residential District, was introduced, its title read by Councilmember Rader. Mayor Bellman set the public hearing date on Ordinance No. 19-99 for May 5, 1999.

CITIZENS COMMENTS Those signing the register were: See attached list.

Granville Recreation Commission - Wildwood Park Ron Sheldon, of 278 Llanberis, chair of Facilities and Grounds Committee for Granville Recreation Commission, noted that a meeting had been held between the Recreation Commission and area neighborhood residents. Discussion’s during this meeting included proposed capital spending by the Recreation Commission for basketball/ volleyball courts, and a skate park. Safety issues included discussions related to the need for a gate to limit after hour use of the park, and the need for an emergency payphone. During this meeting overview from the neighbors was to not increase activity at the park as it appears to be beyond optimal use. As the parking lot at Wildwood is the only parking lot area accessible to the bike path, a concern was noted of overcrowded parking. Their was a suggestion to find/make additional parking areas on the south side of the path, possibly near the location of the Roberts Skating Rink. There was discussion on the possibility of an access road to the south side of the park, entering at West Broadway and crossing the Phife property. The Recreation Commission’s recommendation is to re-pave the ice skating rink for the dual purpose of ice skating and skateboarding. The Recreation Commission intends to pursue the issues of parking and an access road. Safety issues relating to after hour activity in the park have been addressed with the Village Manager and Chief of Police wherein permission has been given to install a lockable gate. Related to public service safety issues, funding support was requested from the Village for the installation of a pay phone at the park. Mr. Sheldon stated that the Evans Foundation has been advised of this proposal and the use is acceptable.

Raccoon Creek Park was mentioned as an alternative location for a skateboard area. The consensus of the Granville Recreation Commission is that Raccoon Park is inaccessible to foot traffic which is a concern for the skateboarders who are not old enough to drive.

Councilmember Minklei expressed concern for the pristine nature of the area which would be disrupted by the permanency of a parking lot, paving project, etc.

It was noted that the Recreation Commission feels there is a need to survey the community for future planning of community parks.

Ron Winters, 820 W. Broadway, asked if the GRC’s recommendation was to include paving the access road to the additional parking lot.

There are no immediate plans for an access road, however this consideration was created as an idea to allow additional parking for access to the bike path. The Granville Recreation Commission’s recommendation is to re -pave the ice skating rink to act as a dual facility for ice skating and skateboarding.

Jim Harf, 120 Wildwood Drive, is supportive of the re-paving project under the condition that an access road simultaneously be built. He noted that in the spring, summer and fall the parking lot at Wildwood is full with families utilizing the playground. Overcrowded parking is a concern which could create unsafe conditions. He supports the idea of the north side of the bike path being used as a family oriented area while the south side could be used as a recreational area. 

Diane Trcka, 710 W. Broadway, has no objection to repaving the old ice rink. She did, however, express a concern that skateboarding equipment may cause "clutter" ruining the peacefulness of the serene area.

Trudy Knox, 168 Wildwood, a retired psychologist is concerned with problems which may be created by the lack of supervision in an area on the "other side of the trees". She also does not feel the shelter house is an adequate location for an "emergency" phone. Don Knox, 194 Wildwood, feels the usage of Wildwood Park has moved beyond optimal and is now bordering on maximal. Moving some of the bike trail parking is a necessity, however, adding another element such as a skateboarding park without addressing the issues will only intensify parking problems at Wildwood Park.

Bernie Lucko, 343 College St, stated "although there are safety concerns, these skateboarders need a place to skate." He also feels other areas need serious consideration. "There is a need for volleyball and basketball courts, in addition to skateboarding facilities so kids of the community can do the kind of things that kids do."

Gail Stewart, 133 S. Cherry St, noted that the skateboarders went to the Recreation Commission after they had been "chased" from other locations. All they are asking for is a paved surface. They will be responsible for raising funds for equipment. She added that other communities seem to be happy with their skateboard parks.

Scott Taylor, 670 W. Broadway, asked if the High School parking lot has been considered. He feels that Raccoon Park would also be a perfect place for the skateboarding facility. He is concerned with additional noise in the Wildwood area and additional people from other communities coming to Granville to use its skateboard facility. 

Eric Stewart 133 S. Cherry, stated his pleasure in seeing the Recreation Commission address activity issues for community teenagers. Teenagers in Granville feel there is nothing other than school activities to do in Granville. Noting that there are few drivers among the area skateboarders, access to a facility will need to be by bicycle or on foot. In addition, the amount of money that will be raised for the skateboarding equipment is not going to build a theme park. This facility is not intended to attract people from the region but to simply give our teenagers a local place to go. 

Debi Thomas, 140 Wildwood Dr, agrees there is a need for things for our teenagers to do. However, in addition to the concern for additional parking, her main area of concern is the isolation of the proposed area and would prefer to see the facility in an open area. This would eliminate the risks one might otherwise take in a secluded area.

Lisa Miller, 440 W. Broadway, conveyed a message from Ned Roberts, whose family donated the ice skating rink several years ago, of his support for the skateboarding facility and an access road to the area, if necessary. As Recreation Commission Director, she also realizes the need for additional parking for people accessing the bike path and conveyed the Recreation Commission feels there is a need to support the skateboarding facility.

Bob Mounsey, 126 Wildwood, feels there is a need for separation between the skateboarding facility which will be accessed by teenagers and the playground which is utilized by toddlers. An access road to the south side of the park is worth considering.

Cookie Sunkle, 59 Thomas Road, reiterated that the skateboarding equipment will be very minimal. She feels additional traffic to the skateboarding facility will be minimal although curiosity will initially bring a few cars to the facility. However, as the facility will not be of any magnitude, skateboarders from other communities will undoubtedly continue to use their own facilities. She also noted that the equipment will be portable and suggested a small storage shed be built if there is concern for clutter in the area.

Morgan Hartsock, 339 W. Maple, one of the skateboarders in attendance, feels that using a school parking lot would create safety issues. There will not be additional noise in the secluded area of Wildwood. The idea is to have an area that is easily accessible. As the pavement area is already there and nothing is going to be extended he feels the scenery should not be affected.

Jerry Miller, Recreation Commission Director, noted that the Comprehensive Review Plan survey addressed a need for additional community parks in the area. In trying to address the needs of that survey, Raccoon Valley Park and the recent purchase by the Township of the Quisenberry property have been acquired for possible future development. It has been suggested that the Recreation Commission develop a plan for development of the park areas. The direction of the Recreation Commission is to address these needs via another community survey. He then noted that Raccoon Valley Park is under the jurisdiction of the State Highway Patrol and not the Granville Police Department. This creates a concern as response may not be as quick should an incident occur. 

Ron Winters, 820 W. Broadway, stated "the issue is not whether to give these guys a skateboarding facility but to create an access road and parking area on the south side of the bike path."

Councilmember Lucier feels this is a difficult community for adolescents and feels the community needs to do something for its teenagers. She feels as there was a lot of community support for the playground area at Wildwood there is also a need for support of the skateboarding facility.

Councilmember Robertson expressed an appreciation for the parental support of this project. She has had some experience in the Everett Park facility in Newark, which has a skateboard area and is in an isolated area. There doesn’t seem to be problems with that park. She is also in favor of the proposal. 

Councilmember Wernet feels there is a need for this type of facility, however, he does question whether this is the optimal location.

Councilmember Rader is impressed with the commitment of the young citizens toward this project. He supports the Recreation Commission’s recommendation.

Councilmember McGowan would like to see the issue of an access road addressed before voting for this issue. 

Ideas for an access road from W. Broadway, along the Phife property to the area south of the bike path were discussed.

Gail Stewart, 133 S. Cherry St, noted her attempts to find a suitable location for the skateboarders. During the course of her attempts, Mr. Knapp, of the elementary school, insinuated negatively toward the idea of the skateboarders using the school parking lot. Ms. Stewart received a definite "no" when making the same inquiry of the high school.

Jim Harf, Granville School Board Member explained that there is a liability issue related to skateboarding on the school parking lots. He also noted that current facilities at the high school are already filled with sports programs. 

Scott Taylor, 670 W. Broadway, an insurance agent, stated that there is a large amount of liability involved in skateboard parks. Most insurance companies will not take the risk as skate board parks are considered an attractive nuisance. 

Law Director Hurst noted that municipalities do not have the same liability concerns because of functions provided such as general public recreation areas.

Ron Sheldon noted that the Recreation Commission has researched this use on public land and found the liability risk to be on the user. It was noted that this liability does change when it comes to school districts.

Jim Harf stated that should additional land be acquired in the future by the School District, any property beyond the needs of current athletic programs could possibly be considered as a site for skateboarders. 

 There was discussion for the need to continue searching for an alternative location, however, Council agreed that a temporary solution would be to re-pave the ice skating rink. It was suggested that probationary period be utilized to monitor the progress of the search for an alternative and for monitoring the facility itself.

Diane Trcka questioned why this facility was being built for less than 10% of the kids in Granville. She would rather see a survey done to decided what facilities are most needed and wanted.

Ron Winters, 820 W. Broadway, is opposed to using this facility for skateboarding unless it is coupled with an access road to additional parking.

Noting that there is not a usable road at this time, Recreation Director Jerry Miller noted there is a small road like path that currently goes thru the cornfield and crosses the bike path, however, crossing the bike path with vehicles is unacceptable to the T. J. Evans Foundation. There has been mention of utilizing an area further west on Broadway for the possibility of an access road. However, the field is currently being leased for farming.

Trudy Knox, 168 Wildwood, does not understand the need for additional parking when the argument has been that these kids need a place to skate that is easily accessed by the bike path because as stated, most skateboarders are unable to drive.

Morgan Hartsock, 339 W. Maple, noted that the ramps and equipment would be portable. Should this not work out the only thing left would be the paved area which is already there. With regard to safety issues he noted that he had supplied the Recreation Commission with a video that stated there were more injuries on playground equipment than on skateboards.

Bernie Lukco, 343 E. College St, feels this is an excellent opportunity to support the teenagers of the community and is in support of this as a temporary use.

Sally Shepard, 171 Wildwood Dr, would like Council to understand what is being voted on as several ideas have been raised and this issue seems to have become a bit confusing.

Constance Barsky, 221 E. Elm Street, mirrored Ms. Shepard’s comments and also feels that as most of the discussion has been on the skateboarding issue, there still needs to be more discussion on the access road, parking issues, etc.

Pat Winters, 820 W. Broadway, wondered how re-paving the old ice skating rink will be done if there is no access to this property without crossing the bike path?

Councilmember Lucier moved that "Council approve the plan as submitted by the Recreation Commission which is to pave the Roberts skating rink to be used for dual purposes and that this use be re-evaluated at the end of November, 1999 and that the Recreation Commission be responsible for coordinating the evaluation." Second Councilmember Rader. Councilmember Wernet moved to amend Councilmember Lucier’s motion to include an agreement wherein the use would be terminated as of November, 1999 unless alternative arrangements have been made such as an agreement from concerned neighbors that this use has become satisfactory. In addition, Recreation Commission was directed to look at alternative possibilities. The understanding also reflects the right to terminate this use should problems arise prior to November, 1999. Equally, this use may be extended beyond November, 1999 should circumstances warrant an extension. 

Councilmember McGowan would like to see more discussion on other issues and allow Council two weeks to make a decision. He is not in support of this use at this time.

Since the addition of Councilmember Wernet’s amendment, Councilmember Minklei will agree to this use approval but stressed the importance addressing other alternatives. Councilmember Minklei seconded Mr. Wernet’s amendment.

 Roll call on the amendment: Lucier yes, Robertson yes, Minklei yes, Wernet yes, Rader yes, McGowan yes, Bellman yes. Seven yes votes. Amendment is approved.

 Roll call on approval: Minklei yes, Wernet yes, Rader yes, Lucier yes, Robertson yes, McGowan no, Bellman yes. Six yes vote. One no vote. Approval was given to the Recreation Commission.

Recess: 9:12pm Return: 9:19pm

 Kiwanis - 4th of July Jerry Miller, representative from the Granville Kiwanis advised Council that the June 4th parade would be held on Saturday, July 3, 1999. This years theme is "A Century of Change". The parade will begin at Shepardson traveling east along Broadway and disbursing at Granger Street.

Jerry Rhodes, also of Kiwanis, noted dates of this year’s festivities to be July 30 - July 3, 1999. Amusements will again be provided by Bates Amusement Company. Mr Rhodes requested that streets be closed on the 29th for preparation of these festivities.

Ron Sheldon, 278 Llanberis, School Board Representative, stated that negotiations were moving forward with regard to the Community Authority Resolution. His hope is to finalize this Resolution in the near future. MAYOR’S REPORT The Mayor’s Court Report for the month of March was presented for review. Mayor Bellman directed the clerk to file the report. A copy of that report is attached as part of these minutes. MANAGER’S REPORT The Manager’s Report for the month of March was presented for review. Councilmember Wernet made a motion to accept the Manager Report. Second by Vice Mayor McGowan. Mayor Bellman directed the clerk to file the report. A copy of said report is attached as part of these minutes. REVIEW AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES The minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting of April 7, 1999, were presented for review. Councilmember Robertson moved to approve the minutes. Councilmember Rader second. Motion carried. 

COMMITTEE REPORTS Vice Mayor McGowan reported that the Lighting Committee is hoping for completion of the installation of 13 additional lights throughout the Village. Manager Hickman reported that there is a shipping schedule date from Holophane for the downtown decorative street lights, however, he is not holding his breath.

 Councilmember Lucier reported that the Personnel Committee is recommending the wage and salary review study be done in-house instead of hiring an outside consultant. Manager Hickman will make recommendation to the Committee with regard to comparable municipalities. It was also recommended that the Licking County Chamber of Commerce, Granville Schools District, and Denison University be included as comparables. The Committee has also considered hiring an Employee Consultant to do position comparisons. Manager Hickman and Finance Director Roberts will make recommendations regarding terms of compensation.

 Councilmember Robertson reported that the Economic Development Committee (herself and Lisa Minklei) met with representatives of the Granville Business and Professional Association. There were several issues discussed during this meeting which require direction from Council: 1) Temporary parking on Broadway. 2) Installation of a kiosk on the south side of Broadway (Alltell Park area) which would include a map and general directional information. 3) Public restrooms - (after office hours). Ms. Robertson also reported that the GBPA has invited Downtown Ohio Inc. to visit Granville on the morning of June 3rd. DOI are consultants who review downtown areas to provide ideas and suggestions for improvements. As the downtown area needs attention, the idea of a consultant is appealing. Ms. Robertson asked that Council devote the June 2nd pre-Council meeting for discussion about the downtown area.

 Council discussed the proper procedures for approval of parking issues. It was decided this type of procedure requires Manager/Council approval. Council supports the idea of temporary parking. The issue will need to be reviewed for further recommendation of appropriate locations. Council discussed the idea of a kiosk and agreed that GBPA should work through the Planning Commission on items 1 & 2 and that merchants be advised that Village restrooms are available to the public during the hours the office is open. There was discussion of the Bennett property and its possibilities with regard to solving parking and restroom concerns in the downtown area. Council also feels the need to address the Bennett property and its uses as it relates to the referendum petition drive. Following discussion, it was noted that the referendum would be on the November ballot. Therefore, Council thought it essential to schedule a work session for May 12th 7 - 8:30pm to discuss possible options/benefits of the purchase of the Bennett property. In addition to the work session being posted, Councilmember Robertson will invite each petitioner in hopes of soliciting their thoughts and/or concerns. The need for a mediator was recommended. It was requested that Manager Hickman ask Judith Thomas to assume this role at the May 12th meeting. Councilmember Wernet reported that the Planning Commission reviewed a recommendation for the hiring of a part time zoning inspector. As the Planning Commissions goal is to avoid situations as in recent events, it is in support of this position. It was reported that funding for this position would come from Permit Fees Fund. 

 Councilmember Lucier reported that the Union Cemetery Board will meet May 3rd at 7:30pm to discuss upcoming improvements to the cemetery in addition to the walking tour.

 Law Director Hurst reminded Council of the statutory obligation to conduct an annual joint meeting between Granville Township Trustees and Granville Village. This meeting needs to be scheduled in May.

ADJOURNMENT Councilmember Rader moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:07pm. Councilmember Wernet second. Motion carried. 

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