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Council Minutes 7/7/99

July 7, 1999 

CALL TO ORDER Mayor Bellman convened the meeting at 7:35pm. ROLL CALL Those responding to the roll call were: Councilmember Lucier Councilmember Wernet Councilmember Robertson Vice Mayor McGowan Mayor Bellman Law Director Hurst Manager Hickman

Councilmember Wernet made a motion to excuse Councilmember’s Minklei and Rader. Second by Councilmember Lucier. Motion carried.

CITIZENS COMMENTS Those attending the meeting were: Scott Rawdon Constance Barsky Eloise DeZwarte Hearing no comments, Mayor Bellman closed citizens comments at 7:37pm.

PUBLIC HEARING A public hearing was held on Ordinance No. 25-99, An Ordinance To Rescind Ordinance No. 16-98, Authorizing The Approval Of An Offer To Purchase Real Property Commonly Known As 200 East Broadway By The Village Of Granville. No one appeared to speak for or against Ordinance No. 25-99. Mayor Bellman closed the public hearing at 7:36 pm.

OLD BUSINESS Ordinance No. 25-99, An Ordinance To Rescind Ordinance No. 16-98, Authorizing The Approval Of An Offer To Purchase Real Property Commonly Known As 200 East Broadway By The Village Of Granville was reintroduced by Councilmember Bellman. Second by Councilmember Robertson.

Councilmember Lucier made a motion to amend Ordinance No. 25-99. Second by Councilmember Wernet.

 Amendment: change from, "as a result of the public opposition to Ordinance No. 16-98, a referendum petition was filed with the Village Clerk on October 19, 1999….," to "the conditional terms for the formation of the contract have expired…….,"

 Roll call on amendment: McGowan yes, Lucier yes, Robertson yes, Wernet yes, Bellman yes. Five yes votes. Amendment for Ordinance No. 25-99 is adopted. 

Roll call vote: McGowan yes, Lucier yes, Robertson yes, Wernet yes, Bellman yes. Five yes votes. Ordinance No. 25-99 was adopted.

NEW BUSINESS Resolution No. 99-28, A Resolution To Award The Bid For West Maple Street And West Broadway Street Roadway Improvements (Phase II) As Per Specifications, To Layton Excavating, Inc. And To Authorize The Village Manager To Enter Into An Agreement Therefore was introduced and read in full by Councilmember Wernet. Second by Vice Mayor McGowan. 

 Councilmember Wernet made a motion to amend Resolution No. 99-28. Second by Vice Mayor McGowan.

 Amendment: delete street from "West Broadway Street Roadway".

Motion Carried. Resolution No. 99-28 is adopted.

Resolution No. 99-29, A Resolution To Authorize The Village Manager To Submit An Application For Ohio Department Of Transportation Bicycle And Pedestrian Project Funds was introduced and read in full by Councilmember McGowan. Second by Councilmember Wernet. Motion Carried. Resolution No. 99-29 is adopted.

Manager Hickman reported that this funding does not include easement considerations. Typically the Village does not pay for easements. Due to sewer/water lines, etc. located closer to the road, it would be less expensive to construct the path further from the road thus requiring easements from property owners. It was also noted that the funds for this project do not include maintenance fees to the path.

 Ordinance No. 26-99, An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 25-98 Providing For Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal Year 1999 And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses was introduced by Councilmember Lucier. Mayor Bellman scheduled a public hearing on Ordinance No. 26-99 for August 4, 1999. REVIEW AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES The minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting of June 16, 1999, were presented for review. Councilmember Wernet moved to approve the minutes as amended. Councilmember McGowan second. Motion carried. A copy of said amendments are in the permanent file of Council. 

COMMITTEE REPORTS Manager Hickman reported that the Streets/Sidewalks/Utilities Committee will meet July 15th at 7:00pm. There will also be a 6:00pm pre-construction meeting to discuss improvements to South Main Street on the 15th . Area business will be invited to attend this meeting. Mayor Bellman asked if the bike path crossing had been addressed. Manager Hickman stated that going under Main Street with the path would be too difficult due to storm sewer, water lines, etc. Councilmember Wernet suggested looking into the possibility of a light at the crossing. Councilmember Lucier suggested considering the possibility of moving the path crossing to the north or south of its current location and then re-consider the possibility of going under Main Street. Manager Hickman reported he has received notification from the Ohio Public Works Commission that Granville was awarded a loan of $636,509 at 0% for 20 years for roadway improvements to South Main Street.

OTHER Councilmember Wernet expressed an appreciation for the great job that Village employees did with respect to protecting the rights of speakers and listeners during the Fourth of July festivities. Law Director Hurst, who did a superb job of defending the ordinance; Manager Hickman, with the negotiations; and Chief Cartnal, and all his officers who did a prudent tempered enforcement of the Ordinance. Mr. Wernet will draft a formal appreciation.

 Councilmember Robertson picked up several brochures being passed out by speakers during the Fourth of July festivities, and requested they be put on file. Law Director Hurst requested the Clerk assume custody of these brochures for future reference.

 ADJOURNMENT Councilmember Wernet moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:11pm. Vice Mayor McGowan second. Motion carried. 

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