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Council Minutes 8/4/99

 August 4, 1999 

CALL TO ORDER Mayor Bellman convened the meeting at 7:31pm. ROLL CALL Those responding to the roll call were: Councilmember Wernet Vice Mayor McGowan Councilmember Rader Councilmember Minklei Councilmember Robertson Manager Hickman Mayor Bellman

Vice Mayor McGowan made a motion to excuse Councilmember Lucier. Second by Councilmember Robertson. Motion carried.

PUBLIC HEARING A public hearing was held on Ordinance No. 26-99, An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 25-98 Providing For Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal Year 1999 And Revising Operating Expenses. No one appeared to speak for or against Ordinance No. 26-99. Mayor Bellman closed the public hearing at 7:34 pm.

CITIZENS COMMENTS Those attending the meeting were: Brian Smart Kim Miles Jim Jump Clifton Crais Scott Rawdon Marc Shulman Susan Shulman

Jim Jump, 143 Thresher Street, reported on the recent JEDD Committee Meeting. He asked the Clerk to supply a copy, as submitted, of the Sub-committee reports to Council. The Fiscal Sub-committee reported that various funding sources need to be explored as the plan is to share revenue based on a point system. The Sewer and Water Sub-committee reported that Newark will be responsible for the area north of the railroad tracks (midway between James Rd. and Irvingwick), and Heath will handle sewer and water at the Beaver Run watershed area, and share the area in between. Total cost for the sewer/water is projected at $4.6M. The Land Use Sub-committee recommended creating an Overlay District. Mr. Jump noted that the last several meetings have been devoted to the hiring of a consultant to do an economic feasibility study. The next meeting of the JEDD will be August 24. 

Clifton Crais - 234 N. Pearl Street, referencing The Sentinel, questioned the plans to widen South Main Street as reported in a recent article. He wanted to know the rational for widening and where it would be widened. Manager Hickman replied that the road would taper between Munson Street and Raccoon Creek to accommodate truck turns without crossing the center line. He noted that widening would consist of approximately 2 feet on each side. Mr. Crais asked what progress had been made related to the truck issues as also reported in the article. He is not sure he has seen significant progress in the decrease of trucks traveling through Granville as reported. Councilmember Wernet noted that Council will address the truck traffic issue by introducing an Ordinance this evening which would appropriate funds for the purchase of truck weighing scales. He feels that a permanent truck weighing station will deter truck traffic through the Village. Mayor Bellman stated that truck issues in Granville, although not yet where we would like them to be, are moving in the right direction. Councilmember Rader, referencing a recent article in The Advocate related to truck traffic problems on N. 21st Street, feels all communities should work together to resolve these traffic problems instead of each community solving only their own problems.

Kim Miles, of the Mt. Parnassus Office and Condominium Association, noted that the Association had met with the Utilities Committee to relate problems with the lift station at Mt. Parnassus Village. The Association is asking for assistance from the Village in funding a hook-up into the Village sewer system which is located across Newark-Granville Road. Although the Office Association and Condominium Association are each 50% responsible for up-keep of the lift station, they would like the Village to also participate in connecting to the Village system. It is estimated that connecting to the Village system will cost approximately $70,000 plus engineering services (possibly another $4-$5,000). Councilmember Rader remembers that the lift station was put in at the insistence of Jerry McClain. He also recalled that the lift station was not built to Village standards and it was at Mr. McClain’s request that it be a private lift station. Mr. Shulman, president of the Condominium Association, disagreed with Mr. Rader’s statement, adding that at the time the lift station was probably considered "state of the art" and therefore would have met Village requirements. Councilmember Rader, noting he got this information from a previous Village Manager, felt there must have been a reason for this to become a private lift station in the first place. Mr. Shulman, also noting he had no previous knowledge of the history of the lift station, noted that at the time the Village Corporation line was extended out Newark Granville Road, so were sewer/water capabilities. There was no consideration given for Mt. Parnassus to connect at that time. He feels that given the history of Mt. Parnassus residents paying taxes and sewage fees, they should be considered a part of this system. He also noted he had recently moved to Mt. Parnassus and was not aware there was a private lift station facility for this location. Councilmember Wernet recused himself from this matter. Kim Miles stated that regardless at that time for the reason for a lift station, the Village obviously agreed to accept the lift station, and the Village had an obligation to make sure there was a certain standard met. She also stated she would like to see everyone working together toward a solution. Ms. Miles stated that the problems began last October and to date approximately $5,000-$6,000 has been spent on repair. Ms. Shulman stated that they had purchased this property at Mt. Parnassus because they had lived in the Village for 20 years and wished to remain close so they could be true "Villager’s". They have been paying taxes as everyone else and would like help from the Village. Councilmember Wernet returned to the table. OLD BUSINESS Ordinance No. 26-99, An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 25-98 Providing For Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal Year 1999 And Revising Operating Expenses as reintroduced by Councilmember Robertson. Second by Councilmember Wernet.

 Roll call vote: McGowan yes, Wernet yes, Rader yes, Minklei yes, Bellman yes, Robertson yes. Six yes votes. Ordinance No. 26-99 was adopted.

NEW BUSINESS Resolution No. 99-30, A Resolution To Award The Bid For West Maple Street (Phase II) Alternate Bid As Per Specifications, To Layton Excavating, Inc. And To Authorize The Village Manager To Enter Into An Agreement Therefore was introduced and read in full by Vice Mayor McGowan. Second by Councilmember Wernet. Motion carried. Manager Hickman noted there is a different grade to the paving along the south side of Maple Street as residents were getting rainwater in their front yards and basements. The roadway has been cut down in some places to put in a minimal number of catch basins. Driveways will be adjusted.

Resolution No. 99-31, A Resolution To Authorize The Village Manager To Enter Into A Project Loan Agreement With Ohio Public Works Commission’s State Capital Improvement Program was introduced and read in full by Councilmember Rader. Second by Councilmember Robertson. Motion carried. Manager Hickman noted that the final engineering design has not been completed. He is considering things like the road width, and alternates for the bike path crossing (which would fall within the current budget). Curb cut details are still being considered. In discussing potential signage regulations as it would apply to the South Main Street area, it was noted that the Planning Commission will soon address signage considerations for that area. Vice Mayor McGowan stated that IGA was concerned that traffic could potentially back up to Main Street during peak hours by altering the curb cuts in their area along S. Main Street. It was noted that traffic counts do not justify a light at that location. Mayor Bellman noted his disappointment that although ODOT has put their highway through our town they don’t seem to want to help fund it. Ordinance No. 27-99, An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 25-98 Providing For Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal Year 1999 And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses was introduced and its title read by Councilmember Wernet on behalf of all of Council. Mayor Bellman set the public hearing for Ordinance No. 27-99 for August 18, 1999. Councilmember Rader requested more detail description for clarification purposes on appropriation Ordinances.

Ordinance No. 28-99, An Ordinance To Amend Section 921.07 Of The Codified Ordinances Of Granville, Ohio Establishing Sewer Regulations and Charges was introduced and its title read by Councilmember Rader. Mayor Bellman set the public hearing for Ordinance No. 28-99 for August 18, 1999.

Ordinance No. 29-99, An Ordinance To Amend Section 925.20 (c ) Of The Codified Ordinances Of Granville, Ohio Establishing Bulk Water Charges was introduced and its title read by Councilmember Rader. Mayor Bellman set the public hearing for Ordinance No. 29-99 for August 18, 1999. REVIEW AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES The minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting of July 7, 1999, were presented for review. Councilmember Robertson moved to approve the minutes as amended. Councilmember Wernet second. Motion carried. 

COMMITTEE REPORTS Councilmember Wernet reported that the Planning Commission has recommended changes to the zoning ordinances as will be reflected in Ordinance No. 30-99, to be introduced during the meeting of August 18th. The Planning Commission also discussed sign Ordinance revisions. Keith Myers has drafted a sign Ordinance that is currently being reviewed. The goal is to recognize different sign requirements for different areas. It was reported that the Design Review Standards are moving along. It is intended that Council will have a draft to consider by early September. In relation to a particular application involving a garage in the downtown area, Mr. Wernet noted that the owner of the property had filed an appeal with Council following disapproval by the Planning Commission. This appeal was withdrawn. The applicant has since pursued the route of modifying the original application. The Planning Commission is considering whether this modification is appropriately before the Planning Commission. The question has arisen, "Is it properly a modification or should it be a new application?"

 Vice Mayor McGowan reported that the Recreation Commission has completed soccer fields at Raccoon Park with dugouts planned in the fall. The skateboard park is done and being used. There is a need for trash receptacles in that area. The fall program will be out in September. The last Concert on the Green is August 22 followed by an ice cream social. Mr. McGowan reported that the Personnel Committee should have a report related to salary comparisons to present to Council by the next meeting.

 Councilmember Robertson reported that the Economic Committee has not met recently but hopes that everyone will be able to attend the GBPA sponsored Downtown Ohio, Inc. meeting on September 1.

 Manager Hickman reported on the Utilities Committee meeting. In addition to Mt. Parnassus, they discussed Cox Communications and a proposed Resolution which is being reviewed by the Law Director. This Resolution should be on the August 18th agenda. The Committee also discussed The Kendal Corporation’s request for extension of water and sewer outside the corporation limits. The Kendal Corporation will come before Council during the August 18th meeting. There are still many issues to be resolved. Mr. Hickman suggests this agreement be similar to the current Alexandria and Owens Corning Water agreements. Councilmember Wernet also noted that the Utilities Committee talked about the concept of a bike path extension to go across this proposed property. Kendall Corporation seemed to be interested in working with the Village and Township to accomplish this. He noted that clarification was made that any extension of utility service would be solely for this particular purpose. Councilmember Lyn noted she had a phone call from a person in the Township who is particularly concerned about potential development based on this extension. She hopes Council is careful so that an extension doesn’t open up the flood gates for future developments in that area. Manager Hickman noted that the Committee is still discussing the possibility of right turn on red, common signage, and yellow flashing caution lights during night hours. Councilmember Minklei asked for an update on the Bennett property as it looks like progress has been made to the removal of a driveway apron along W. Broadway. Manager Hickman noted there was a snag that needed worked on before further attempts are made. Mr. Hickman noted that the Utilities Committee had discussed an offer to the Village to purchase the property south of the Water Department (5-6 acres). The asking price is around $20,000. The Utilities Committee did not show much interest. Council will discuss privately among themselves any potential possibilities of an advantage to this purchase.

 Councilmember Rader asked Council to look at the possibility of widening Burg Street approximately 1 or 2 feet on the east side. This request will be forwarded to The Street & Sidewalk Committee for further discussion.

OTHER Vice Mayor McGowan, referencing Chief Cartnal’s letter, clarified that the July 4th celebration was not a day shorter as stated. He asked if a bike had been donated as previously reported. Manager Hickman noted that a couple of area businesses offered to anonymously donate a bike and some additional equipment. Although we do have one bike we are expecting another one. Two officers are leaving for other opportunities and Sergeant Mason has recently been on light duty due to appendicitis. As a result, scheduling has been tight in the Police Department. Bike patrol is a volunteer, overtime opportunity and the officers have not been participating in this opportunity as originally intended.

 Mayor Bellman informed Council of a recent court case which called into question the jurisdiction of certain Mayor’s Courts to operate under certain circumstances. He feels this decision does not apply to Granville’s Mayor’s Court. Reminding that the truck Ordinance had expired on July 19th, Mayor Bellman asked if Council should entertain an Ordinance which would extend the expiration to a later date. Council decided to extend the Ordinance to December 15, 1999. Following a discussion, it was decided an Ordinance identical to Ordinance No. 03-99 would be on the August 18th agenda extending the date to December 15, 1999.

 Councilmember Robertson asked the Personnel Committee where they were on their review of the pay scale. Manager Hickman hopes to have the wage study included in the next packet to Council.

 Given the urgency of the Mt. Parnassus lift station problems, Councilmember Rader requested another Utilities Committee meeting to address this issue and make a recommendation before Council. Since Councilmember Wernet recused himself from this issue, Mayor Bellman suggested another Councilmember be appointed to fill-in for him on the Utilities Committee. The remaining Council is comfortable with Councilmember’s Robertson and Rader’s representation. Manager Hickman is to provided the Utilities Committee with Mt. Parnassus file info related to this lift station.

 Jim Jump updated Council on the SuperAmerica case. On June 28th Judge Spahr ruled in favor of the Village (this issues has previously been adjudicated). Judge Spahr also ruled that would be unnecessary to admit referendum petitioners as parties. On July 28th SuperAmerica appealed this decision to The Court of Appeals, as anticipated. On August 3rd , Mr. Jump filed a cross-appeal on behalf of the referendum petitioners saying that in affect it was err not to admit them and not to consider their additional arguments. 

ADJOURNMENT Councilmember McGowan moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:05pm. Councilmember Wernet second. Motion carried. 

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