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Council Minutes 1/19/00

January 19, 2000

CALL TO ORDER      Mayor Robertson convened the meeting at 7:30

Those reporting to the roll call were:
Councilmember Bellman        Councilmember Moore
Councilmember Crais        Mayor Robertson
Councilmember Lucier        Councilmember McGowan
                Manager Hickman
ABSENT:  Councilmembers Wernet and Bellman and Law Director
Hurst.  (Councilmember McGowan moved to excuse the
absentees; however, Mr. Bellman arrived shortly.)
    Those signing the register were:  Scott Rawden

Water/Sewer Extension - General Discussion

    Extension of utilities and Kendal's interest in them
are two separate issues.  No formal request has come in from
them as yet.
    Mayor Robertson stated that perhaps there should be
a policy in place for such time as anyone requests
utilities.  Councilmember Moore thought maybe certain
thresholds could be utilized as an ad hoc area.  
Councilmember Crais is dubious and skeptical about the
thresholds idea and thinks flexibility is desirable.  The
Mayor thought we could build in some value determinants.
    Councilmember Lucier suggested as a policy that
anyone who requests extension and who could be annexed
should be annexed.  The Mayor added that for anyone
contiguous, annexation should be a requirement.
    Councilmember Bellman felt it best to consider each
application as it comes up rather than apply criteria.  The
problem with establishing criteria is that we probably will
not be able to clearly identify any situation which might
occur and thus would box ourselves in.    
    Mayor Robertson wants to keep in mind primarily what
is best for the community and then consider traffic, etc.  
    Councilmember Moore thought it best to tell
landowners we are willing to consider extension; otherwise,
somebody else might offer water/sewer and they won't
necessarily adhere to our standards.  She added that you can
build discretion into your criteria.  Councilmember McGowan
felt that other communities must have confronted similar
situations, and we would be well advised to learn from them.
    Councilmember Bellman said that if criteria are in
place, they need to be honored and we'd need to be prepared
to deny someone who might be desirable.  
    Mayor Robertson wondered whether we are yet at a
point of consensus; Councilmember McGowan would rather leave
it to a committee.  We don't know yet whether a policy might
be beneficial to us.  
    Councilmember Lucier did not want the Township to
set policy for fear that people will say we're setting up
hurdles for something the community might want.  She
indicated that the burden of proof lies with the applicant
to convince us that benefits will exceed negatives.  If
another community wants to annex our land, should we extend
water/sewer?  But Councilmember Moore said another community
could offer water/sewer.  We should look at recommended uses
in the Master Plan  
    Councilmember Bellman thought we could have a policy
that says we are not going to extend, but we want to work as
one community with the Township.  Sometimes we might want to
extend in order to avoid hostile annexation.
    Councilmember Crais thought annexation was the
crucial issue.  Water/sewer is a separate issue.
    The Mayor thought we could consider a stance of
extending just water, not sewer.  She also thought that
without thresholds, it makes discussing Kendal more
difficult.  We might be willing to discuss extension after a
threshold is met.   There might be projects that might be
desirable but have too many drawbacks.     She thought V.C.
ought to talk directly with the Township Trustees.   She
also thought there might be other communities in similar
situations where we could gain some insight.    
    The Village Manager will contact Jefferson Township
and also gain input from other entities about extension.   
He will also invite the Township Trustees to the regular
meeting of V.C. on February 5.


A.  Resolution No. 00-02.  A Resolution To Fill Vacancies on
the Planning Commission.  Councilmember McGowan moved to
approve, and Councilmember Bellman seconded.   It was
unanimously approved.
B.  Resolution No. 00-03.  A Resolution to Fill Vacancies On
The Board of Zoning And Building Appeals.  Councilmember
Bellman moved to approve, and Councilmember McGowan
seconded. It was unanimously approved.
C.  Resolution No. 00-04.  A Resolution To Appoint Members
To Fill Vacancies On the Granville Tree And Landscape
Commission.  Councilmember McGowan moved to approve, and
Councilmember Lucier seconded.  It was unanimously approved.

    Councilmember Crais moved to accept the report for
January.  Councilmember Lucier seconded, and it was
unanimously approved.
    It was noted that there were no citations for
Failure to Yield to Pedestrians, but numerous cases of same
have been noted at the crosswalk.  The Village Manager will
mention this to the Police.

    There have been six water-main leaks since
Christmas, and the crews have been busy repairing them.
    Councilmember Crais moved to accept the December
report.  Councilmember Lucier seconded, and it was
unanimously approved.

    Page 2,  "Jim Jump gave two cheers for doing what
you want."
    Page 2, "Don Lewis spoke about the Merger Study."
    Page 3, "Councilmember  Moore would like
clarification on what exactly is the approval process
adopted by the Township."
    Page 4, "Councilmember Crais is impressed by Mr.
Jump's ideas of "ad hocery."  His concern is the danger of
conflating two separate issues."
    Page 4, "Mayor Robertson suggested threshold
    Councilmember McGowan moved to approve minutes as
amended.  Councilmember Lucier seconded, and Motion carried.


    Councilmember Lucier was at GPC as an observer, and
said there was a lot of discussion about the proposed Colony
at Bryn Du {Robert Kent}.  
    Councilmember McGowan reported on Kiwanis plans for
the Fourth of July celebration to be held on Saturday,
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  Fireworks may be displayed at
Wildwood Park, south of the bike path.  Councilmember
Bellman asked about possible groundwater contamination from
the sulfur, and the Village Manager will check this out.  

    Councilmember McGowan is collating his survey
    The gate at Wildwood is being referred to the Rec.
Commission.  The police open the gate at Fanchion Lewis Park
from dawn to dusk but at times the can't get out there due
to emergencies.  Debbie Debrowski questioned the use of a
gate that anyone can open?  Manager Hickman noted that a
gate keeps people from driving in indiscriminately after

    Next Village Council meetings, February 2 and
February 16
    Retreat - February 12, 2000, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

ADJOURNMENT  Councilmember Crais  moved to adjourn at 9:05
p.m.  Councilmember Lucier second.  Motion carried.

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