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Council Minutes 12/20/00

December 20, 2000
CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor Robertson at 7:33pm)
ROLL CALL (7:33pm)
Those responding to the roll call were Councilmembers Crais, Lucier, McGowan, and
Moore; Vice Mayor Wernet, Mayor Robertson, Manager Hickman, and Law Director
Crites. Councilmember Bellman arrived at 8:00pm.
CITIZENS'COMMENTS (opened by Mayor Robertson at 7:35pm)
Proposed Site for Intermediate School
Kathy Lowery, 316 Llanberis Drive S-uperintendent of Schools. As a followu-p to the
School Board's presentation at the most recent Council meeting, Ms. Lowery thanked
Council for their patience and attention at that time. Looking forward to the meetings of
January 3rd and 17th, she suggested finding an alternate location that would
accommodate more citizens. She reported that Law Director Crites and Mr. Smith, the
School Board's attorney, are writing the draft ordinance together, including a prohibition
against further development in the Burg Street area. (NOTE: Later in the meeting, Mr.
Crites clarified that he had not been involved in drafting any ordinance.) She displayed
a rendering of the proposed intermediate school, emphasizing characteristics that echo
features of many of Denison's traditional buildings (e.g.,a shingled pitched rooD and
reiterated the School Board's desire for a win-win agreement.
Constance Barsky, 221 East Elm Street. Ms. Barsky emphasized that there are other
members of the community besides Burg Street residents who have concerns about the
Burg Street site for the new school(s).She urged Council to listen to these other
voices, to discourage "name-calling,"and to take the time to do all the appropriate
investigations, stating that we 'need to leave a legacy for our children but not be forced
by artificial deadlines."
Mayor Robertson closed Citizens' Comments at 7:36pm.
A public hearing was held on Ordinance No. 25-00, An Ordinance To Make
Appropriations For Current Expenses And Other Expenditures Of The Village Of
Granville, State Of Ohio, During The Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2001. No one appeared to speak for or against the Ordinance. Mayor Robertson closed the hearing at 7:37pm.
1 NEW BUSINESS 7( :37pm)
Village Of Granville
Council Meeting
December 20, 2000
Page 2
Resolution NO. 00-45, A Resolution To Amend Pav Classifications And Salary Rates
For The Several Departments Of The Village Of Granville, was introduced and read in
full by Vice Mayor Wernet; second by Councilmember Crais.
Council reviewed the scale as presented and agreed that it reflected their previous
discussions. A voice vote yielded five (5)ayes and one (1)nay. Motion passed.
Ordinance No. 25-00 An Ordinance To Make Appropriations For Current Expenses And
Other Expenditures Of The Village Of Granville, State Of Ohio, During The Fiscal Year
Ending December 31, 2001, was reintroduced by Vice Mayor Wernet. Second by
Councilmember Crais.
Al-4-F, Program 251 -Tornado Sirens. Councilmember Lucier asked if it would be
possible to have an internal alert system in the school offices and site a siren where it
would reach more Village homes. Manager Hickman responded he would be amenable
to checking that out, beginning in January. Councilmember Moore expressed a desire
to have sirens on the eastern edge of the village. Mayor Robertson felt we should be
covering the whole village with whatever system is selected.
All Application Sections, Program 211 -Salaries and Wages. Councilmember Lucier
recommended that the Village hire an outside human-resources group to do an
analysis of staff configuration in addition to the wage-and-salary study already
proposed. She feels that such a study might help us to learn what kind of staff it would
take to accomplish the kinds of things we want to accomplish. Manager Hickman
responded he would try to find such a firm and come back with a recommendation.
Al-7-E, Proaram 251 -Siqnage and Benches. Councilmember Lucier suggested this
line be considered "tentative"until we get cost estimates and fit them into a time period
as was done by Councilmember McGowan and the Streets &Sidewalks Commission
with the schedule for streetlight replacemenVinstallation). Councilmember Moore asked
how the proposed figure was arrived at. Manager Hickman responded that he had
priced specific items, with the understanding that the pricing might well change-if
different styles are chosen. Councilmember Lucier reported that the Planning
Commission is on the verge of a recommendation. Councilmember Moore asked for
clarification of how many signs and/ or benches were being included, and in what Councilmember Lucier area. asked if we were just considering street signs and/ or other signs
as well. Manager Hickman responded that this line dealt with the two blocks of
Broadway between Main and Pearl Streets and included "Welcome to Granville"signs,
new metal street signs that would mount on light poles (instead of the current wooden
4x4s)as well as business and/ or parking directional signs. Councilmember Moore felt
more information was needed before Council could make a decision. Mayor Robertson
Village Of Granville
Council Meeting
December 20, 2000
Page 3
reminded Council of the ongoing Bicentennial discussions about having historic street
names put up along with the current ones.
A3, Proqrams 250 and 251 -Parkland Reserve. Councilmember Lucier stated she
would prefer to use "reserve"money for acquiring new lands as opposed to park
improvements, and asked Manager Hickman to clarify what the Reserve is intended to
be. He responded that it is for "orderly acquisition, development, and maintenance of
publicly owned recreational sites and facilities."Using it for improvements is therefore
appropriate. Councilmember Lucier asked if improvements could come out of the
regular budget. Manager Hickman responded that they could be funded from Lands
and Buildings. Councilmember Lucier suggested that we create an appropriation line to
cover all the parks, not just Fanchion Lewiasm-ove that would encourage more
structured thinking about how to spend money on our parks. Councilmember Moore
added a suggestion for budgeted regular maintenance on all the parks. Manager
Hickman noted that the Broadway Beds are already taken care of in another budget
line; Fanchion Lewis has an organized support group; and the Sugar Loaf group is
considering disbanding and giving over care of that park to the Village. Councilmember
Lucier said she had no specific budget amount in mind but rather wanted to stop the
piecemeal approach to the parklands. Councilmember Moore asked about Wildwood
Park; Manager Hickman responded that it was mostly tended to by the Rec
Commission. He added that the $20,000 allocated for Community Service is actually
park maintenance (e.g.,mowing of Broadway boulevards, Opera House Park, mulching
downtown trees, providing flowers for Village offices and downtown areas, etc.).
Councilmember Lucier noted that it would help this (and future)Councils it the budget
were more specific about what constitutes "community service."Manager Hickman
suggested creating a "Park Maintenance and Improvements"line with the $20,000
already in Community Service, plus money already included for specific parks.
Al-1-A (Police)and F2 (Administration),Programs 251 - Cars. Councilmember Lucier,
noting the recommendation for replacing the unmarked administrative car, asked if it
wouldn't make more sense to pay mileage than to buy a car. Manager Hickman noted
the car was used for such things as home-occupation inspections, zoning inspections,
business with the County, etc, and felt it was more appropriate to conduct business in a
Village car. Councilmember Moore asked about the annual mileage; Councilmember
McGowan reported it was 4,681 miles in the last six months. Councilmember Lucier
reiterated her point that reimbursement at the Federal level would be much less than
owning the car. Responding to a question from Mayor Robertson, Manager Hickman
stated the Village had had an administrative car for almost ten years. Vice Mayor
Wernet proposed that it would make sense to check and see what that car has cost
over that time and report back so Council could make a more informed decision.
Councilmember Lucier agreed, noting that the proposed appropriation for 2001 is
nearly $15,000, not including insurance or maintenance. Councilmember Bellman 1
Village Of Granville
Council Meeting
December 20, 2000
Page 4
suggested using the oldest police car; Manager Hickman said they had considered that
but felt a Village car was a better alternative.
Councilmember Lucier then asked if we really needed five police cruisers, wondering
how often they were all out at the same time. Manager Hickman responded that we
mostly use three of the cruisers. The fourth and firth cruisers are back-up vehicles.
The fifthcather-1993Crown Victoriisau-nmarked, a fact that surprised all members
of Council.)A number of Councilmembers suggested that the unmarked car could be
used as both a back-up cruiser and the administrative car. Manager Hickman felt that
was a reasonable approach, but also suggested that the appropriation for the
replacement of the cruiser remain in the budget since the 1997 cruiser (with 69,000
miles on it)needs to be replaced. Councilmember Lucier recommended that Manager
Hickman think in terms of replacing that cruiser but not the administrative car, opening
the possibility of reducing the number of Village cars by one.
Al-A-1 (Police), Al-6-8 (Street Maintenance &Repair), and Al-7-A (Administration),
Programs2 #31 E-ducationD/ ues. Councilmember Lucier asked Molly Roberts to detail
these expenses. She and Manager Hickman gave two examples from 2000: the income
tax administrator took a couple of classes to enhance her abilities at her job, and the
planner attended the American Planners Institute conference in New York. They added
that precise plans for continuing education are not in place by October when the
budget is being built, meaning that allocated money may or may not be spent in a given
year (e.g.,the administrative education money went mostly unspent in 2000 since no
one had time to attend any seminars). Councilmember McGowan asked for
confirmation that we were not paying for classes leading to a degreseom-ething
specifically prohibited in our personnel policies. He also urged that we have a set
policy for everyone. Manager Hickman confirmed that no degree classes were
included; the seminars were for information and/or technical knowledge needed by the
staff involved. Councilmember McGowan urged caution in differentiating between
taking a class you need for a job and just taking a class. All other members of Council
agreed that classes should be job-related. Councilmember Crais asked if there was any
relation between benefits from classes and job morale of the "student"employee.
Manager Hickman responded that there was indeed a positive relationship.
Councilmember Crais then asked if it was common for a planner to go to API meetings.
Manager Hickman said we were in the habit of sending the planner every three years.
Councilmember Crais wondered why it wasn't an annual expectation, especially if such
experiences are important and enrich professional service rendered by the employee.
Since development issues are so important, anything we can reasonably to do help
people hone their skills_and bring new ideas back to Granville should be considered a
wise investment, not a waste of money. Vice Mayor Wernet agreed that, as long as the
conference is in the continental US, we should send the planner each year. Councilmember Crais reiterated his concern that people are not going to professional
conferences, stating that this is a win/ win situation: they hone their skills and they are
Village Of Granville
Council Meeting
December 20, 2000
Page 5
happier in their position. Manager Hickman noted that he had been concerned with
being cautious and frugal with the Village's money. Councilmember Moore asked if any
of our positions require continuing education. Manager Hickman said the utility,
finance, and police positions do. Vice Mayor Wernet asked if we funded those
seminars. We do.
A6-6-B, Program 250 - Road Improvement Reserve. Councilmember Bellman, after
ascertaining the current balance in this account, stated he was concerned about the
east end of the Village and Cherry Valley Road, wondering if those areas should be on
our long-term agenda. Councilmember Moore asked about a right-turn lane and/or light
signal at Cherry Valley Road and Route 16. Manager Hickman responded that it take
approximately 4$0,000 to completely revamp the road in front ofWendy's. We could
make do"with about $12,000 to lay about 150' of concrete to extend the turn lane back
far enough to be south of the Wendy's driveway and to install a signal head. He stated
he has considered just installing the signal head and seeing if that worked.
Councilmember Moore noted that if all we did was add a signal head, people wouldn't
be able to get to the turn lane anyway. Manager Hickman suggested that he provide a
conceptual drawing and more formal price estimates before moving forward. Vice
Mayor Wernet and Councilmember Bellman suggested putting the issue on the agenda
for the Streets, Sidewalks &Utilities Commission.
Al-6-A, Program 250 - Street Construction. Councilmember Bellman asked for
verification that the Granger Street curbs were being redone. Councilmember Crais
asked if the $193,000 budgeted for Granger Street included passive traffic- calming
devices. Manager Hickman responded that the figures shown are based on the 2000
costs for curbing, milling, and pavement; passive calmers would be another $10-
12,000. He suggested that, once the layout is completed, we talk with the neighbors
about raised intersections or speed tables to let them help decide what should or
should not be done. Councilmember Lucier asked what the $50,000 for the
College/ Pearl intersection included. Manager Hickman responded that it included
yellow flashing lights, adding that we may also need to finish off one or two more
handicapped-accessible corners. Vice Mayor Wernet asked for confirmation that the
Main/Elm intersection would be dealt with even though it's not on the list. Manager
Hickman responded that when Streets &Sidewalks makes a recommendation, he will
come back to Council for a special appropriation. Vice Mayor Wernet noted that we will
end up with a little over $600,00 in the Road Improvement Reserve and will be able to
handle such miscellaneous requests. Mayor Robertson cautioned that we don't want
the community to think we're not considering that intersection. Manager Hickman asked
if it would make Council more comfortable to put the Main/Elm intersection on the list
with a dollar amount attached. Council's consensus was that it would. Manager
Hickman will add $10,000 to the Sidewalk Fund and will come back to Council with
specifics. Councilmember Bellman mentioned the possibility of synchronizing the timing
of the lights to create physical breaks in the traffic to facilitate ease of crossing.
Village Of Granville
Council Meeting
December 20, 2000
Page 6
Councilmember McGowan asked for clarification of what was included in the $450,000
designated for East Broadway. Manager Hickman responded that it was for curb,
milling, paving and some additional improvements between Main and Pearl Streets; the
crosswalk is in the budget separately. Responding to Councilmember McGowan's
question about when this work would be done, Manager Hickman stated we were
waiting for a break in the weather to finish the scanning. He hopes to be able to come
back to Council with the completed scans and a proposal some time in January. After
working through the approval process, we could expect construction to begin after July
4th. He noted that he is aware of events already in place (e.g.,July 4h, the Bike Race,
Blues Festival, etc.)and intends to schedule carefully around them. Vice Mayor Wernet
expressed appreciation for Manager Hickman's consideration ·of the event schedule
and cautioned against pushing too fast like we did last year. Councilmember Lucier
responded that Council would weigh the factors of construction speed, event
schedules, expenditures, etc.,before making any decisions. Councilmember Bellman
suggested Council might invite business owners likely to be affected to a meeting to get
their input and ask them what would help them the most.
General QuestionsC -arryO- ver Balances. Councilmember Moore noted that both this
year and last year we put together spending budgets that exceed estimated revenues,
relying on carry-over balances to plug the gaps. She asked what the typical carry-over
balances were. Manager Hickman responded that the General Fund has a very good
year-end balance (e.g.,we used part of it to fund West Broadway without touching our
reserves).He cautioned that while we probably could not do a similar project like that
the very next year, we could choose between going to the Road Reserve Fund and
waiting until carry-over balances have built up again. His best judgment is that we
should do all projects we can while the balances are healthy. Councilmember Moore
urged against using those balances for regular ongoing services; Vice Mayor Wernet
agreed. Manager Hickman concurred absolutely, stating that he restricted the use of
carry-over balances to capital-outlay projects like sidewalks or storm sewers. The
operations"budgets are kept well within the projected income. Councilmember Crais
asked about the historical balances. Molly Roberts responded that there was always a
carry-over and, while she didn't have the figures with her, she would put a report
General QuestionsS -trategic Land Reserve. Councilmember Crais, referring to the
Estimated Revenues, 2001"page, wondered why there was a zero balance in the
Strategic Land Reserve line (meaning no additions to the $4,200 balance currently in
that line). Councilmember Bellman noted that there had been a push to buy land a
number of years ago, but the line had not been funded since. Manager Hickman noted
that the Parkland Reserve Fund is active but that it might be for a different purpose
than "strategic"land. Councilmember Lucier stated she might have been confusing
strategic"and "parkland reserve"funds in her earlier comments. Councilmember
Bellman wondered if it would help to establish a formal differentiation between the two
Village Of Granville
Council Meeting
December 20, 2000
Page 7
i.e.,s t"rategic"referring to land to be purchased; p"arkland"referring to the
maintenance of already-purchased land). The distinction would also discourage
invading Road Reserve funds for routine parkland maintenance. Councilmember Crais
stated he had raised the issue in response to some residents of the village who would
like to see a more creative and aggressive effort by the village to protect itself. He felt
4,200 seemed like a "wimpy"sum to do that and urged Council to think this through,
sooner rather than later. Mayor Robertson asked that it be placed on the agenda for
early next year. Vice Mayor Wernet urged that we be sure we comply with Federal
requirements about spending our parkland reserve funds. Vice Mayor Wernet
suggested that none of the proposed line balances be changed at this time.
General QuestionsD -oubleD- igit Increases. Councilmember Moore asked that a
number of double-digit increases (e.g.,a 113%increase in Contractual Services)be
explained. Manager Hickman responded that this particular entry typically represented
expenditures necessitated by the decisions of boards and/or commissions (e.g.,East
Broadway- type improvements needing architectural and/ or engineering planning).
Moore also asked about, and received satisfactory explanations for, contractual
services under community services, storm sewers, and employee benefits.
Councilmember Lucier reiterated her concern that the descriptors are too broad, too
non-specific. [ Note: in relation to employee benefits, it was suggested that the
Personnel Committee take up the issue of partner benefits.]
General QuestionsG -olfC- ourse Sidewalk. Manager Hickman reported that the
25,000 designated for sidewalk improvements along the south edge of the golf course
was an estimate and might need to be revised.
Vice Mayor Wernet made a motion to amend Ordinance 25-00, Page 13, Al-6-A,
Program 250, Street Construction, as follows: Add a new line item, "Main &Elm Street
Intersection Improvement 1- 0$,000.S"econd by Councilmember Crais. A voice vote on
the motion-to-amend yielded seven (7)ayes. Motion-to-amend passed.
Councilmember Moore made a two-partmotion to amend Ordinance 25-00 as follows:
Page 50, A3, Program 250, Parkland Reserve Fund, Delete $15,500; and Page 31, Al-
7-E, Program 270, Transfers, Receive the transfer of $15,500 from the Parkland
Reserve Fund and designate it as .Parkland Maintenance and Improvement Fund."
Second by Vice Mayor Wernet. A voice vote on the motion-to-amend yielded seven (7)
ayes. Motion-to-amend passed.
Councilmember Lucier made a motion to raise the compensation of the Deputy Clerk to
60 per meeting (from its current level of $50 per meeting). Vice Mayor Wernet
suggested $ 75 per meeting. Mayor Robertson, noting that this may require further
discussion, suggested $ 20 per hour. Members of Council expressed lavish (and
Village Of Granville
Council Meeting
December 20, 2000
Page 8
embarrassing!)praise for the quality of the Deputy Clerk's work and affirmed their
desire to retain her services. There was general consensus on the need for an increase
but no immediate agreement on how much it should be. Mayor Robertson proposed
that Manager Hickman and the Deputy Clerk discuss the issue and bring back a
proposal. All agreed, acknowledging that this would mean amending Resolution No.
00-45, passed earlier in the meeting. Mayor Robertson asked Manager Hickman to
include in his discussion with the Deputy Clerk the possibility (and the suggested rates)
of her doing other coordinating work. The original motion was not seconded.
Councilmember Lucier made a motion to amend Ordinance 25-00, Page 25, Al-7-8,
Program 236, Wage Study, as follows: Appropriate an additional 12,000 to fund a
human-resources study in addition to the wage study. Second by Vice Mayor Wernet. A
voice vote on the motion-to-amend yielded seven (7)ayes. Motion-to-amend passed.
Councilmember-Lucier made a motion to amend Ordinance 25-00, Page 90, F2,
Program 250, Administrative Car, as follows: Delete appropriation for administrative
car. Second by Councilmember Crais. A voice vote on the motion-to-amend yielded
seven (7)ayes. Motion-to-amend passed.
A Roll Call vote on Ordinance 25-00, as amended, yielded seven (7)affirmative votes:
Councilmembers Bellman, Crais, Lucier, McGowan, and Moore; Vice Mayor Wernet,
Mayor Robertson. Amended Ordinance No. 25-00 is adopted.
Members of Council expressed their appreciation to Manager Hickman and Molly
Roberts for a well-done presentation and discussion. Vice Mayor Wernet also gave his
compliments to Councilmember Lucier for her careful review of the budget.
The Mayor's Court Report for the month of November was presented for review. Vice
Mayor Wernet made a motion to accept the report; second by Councilmember Crais.
Motion carried. Mayor Robertson directed the report be filed with the Clerk. A copy of
said report is attached as part of these minutes.
The Manager's Report for the month of November was presented for review. Vice
Mayor Wernet made a motion to accept the report; second by Councilmember Crais.
Council-member Lucier asked about the police-cruiser status as to the model year of
the cruisers; the listing for a 1996 model was corrected to a 1999. Mayor Robertson
directed the report be filed with the Clerk. A copy of said report is attached as part of these minutes.
Village Of Granville
Council Meeting
December 20, 2000
Page 9
Mayor Robertson complimented the Deputy Clerk on the clarity of the minutes. The
following corrections were requested: 1)Councilmember Lucier, page 3, "W&S
Extensiona" f-ter C" ounty Sheriff,a" dd, h"a.d..yet to be worked out."2)
Councilmember Lucier, entire documentc -orrect all "CP"entries to read "PC;"3)
Councilmember McGowan, page 10, third paragraphc -hange last sentence to read,
Council should inform the School Board of the process issues for aW&S extension
and then allow them to obtainW&S for that site or any other site outside the Village."
Vice Mayor Wernet made a motion to accept the minutes as amended; second by
Councilmember Moore. The motion carried.
Development Committee (Councilmember Crais).
No report. Councilmember McGowan informed Council that Ruth Owen is resigning her
GBPA post and suggested that Council needed to honor her in some way.
Finance Committee (Councilmember Moore).
No report.
Newark-Granville Joint Committee (Mayor Robertson)
Councilmember Bellman had n6 official report but did note that he had had breakfast
with Mayor Dupps of Heath, who is interested in and willing to talk about issues ofjoint
planning. The two also discussed annexation and school issues. The joint committee
has discussed enlarging its membership to include Heath.
Personnel Committee (Councilmember McGowan).
No report.
Planning Commission (Councilmember Lucier).
Councilmember Lucier reported on a work session with the Methodist Church re their
proposed structure addition. By way of informing Council that the Planning Commission
had passed the resolution concerning the review of the heritage overlay district and
architectural review overlay district, she read an excerpt from the Planning Commission
minutes and suggested that Councilmembers might want to read more fully on their
own. In short, their recommendation is that proposed ordinance be withdrawn. If that
happens, the Planning Commission would then make recommendations for changes
that would be more effective. Since this ordinance was introduced to Council by
Councilmember Bellman, he was asked if he wished to withdraw it. Councilmember
Moore asked if the Planning Commission felt the ordinance as presented did not jibe
with some of the existing code, or if it created more confusion in some instances and
would be difficult to apply. She felt that parts of what Council introduced would be
useful and could be inserted by the Planning Commission, if appropriate, once Council
rescinded the ordinance. Councilmember Bellman stated he was willing to withdraw it
as long as the Planning Commission addresses the issues. A Roll Call Vote on
Village Of Granville
Council Meeting
December 20, 2000
Page 10
withdrawing the ordinance yielded seven (7)affirmative votes: Councilmembers
Bellman, Crais, Lucier, McGowan, and Moore; Vice Mayor Wernet, Mayor Robertson.
The Ordinance is withdrawn.
Rec Commission (Councilmember McGowan).
No report.
Street Liqht Committee (Councilmember McGowan).
Councilmember McGowan reported on the approval of 30 more replacements, specific
locations yet to be determined. They have not yet begun to add new lights.
Streets, Sidewalks &Utilities Committee (for Vice Mayor Wernet).
No report.
Tree &Landscape Committee (Councilmember Moore).
Councilmember Moore reminded Council of the opening on the committee that needs to
be filled. The post has been advertised; Mark Parris and Trudy Knox are both
interested (as well as being interested in the available posts on the Planning
Commission and/or the BZBA). The BZBA post has not yet been advertised, however.
All vacancies will be filled at the January 17th meeting.
Union Cemeterv Board (Councilmember Lucier).
No report.
OTHER (9:35pm)
Mayor Robertson reported she had met with Jim Havens earlier in the day to discuss
the joint Township/ Village meeting. They are proposing January 24th and she asked if
this would work for the rest of Council. It does. She proposed agenda items based on
the list generated by Council (plus a JEDD discussion)and is waiting for a response
from Mr. Havens. She and Mr. Havens came to an agreement on agenda items; as he
needed to leave their meeting before they could agree on a working document, she
offered to fax him a draft for his review. She and Mr. Havens also discussed a regular
joint-meeting time, perhaps fifth Wednesdays, with advance publicity of each meeting.
Manager Hickman asked if he should investigate using Burke Hall as the meeting
space for the January meetings?Council said he should.
Councilmember Moore urged all members of Council to fully inform themselves about
the two issues of extension and annexatiothne-main topics of the January 3rd meeting when the School Board will propose that Council approve an ordinance. Mr. Crites
should also be prepared to offer advice. Mr. Crites reported that he has spoken with
Steve Smith and the two will meet tomorrow to begin formal discussions. He added 1
Village Of Granville
Council Meeting
December 20, 2000
Page 11
that, contrary to what Mrs. Lowery stated earlier, he has not yet been involved in
drafting any ordinance.
Manager Hickman reminded Council that we need to work towards a Charter Review
Committee. He will check the prescribed composition of the committee, then return to
Council for approval to advertise.
Councilmember Moore informed Council that the Green Space Committee would be
h61ding its organizational meeting in the Village offices at 7:30pm on December 28,
2000. This is the committee appointed by the Township Trustees to give
recommendations on how to best spend the proceeds of the recently passed levy.
Mayor Robertson asked Councilmember Moore to please ensure that the subject of the
committee's composition be discussed to make sure it has a balanced representation.
Councilmember Crais thanked Law Director Crites for his comprehensive memo.
Councilmember Lucier formally welcomed him to Council; Manager Hickman suggested
he be sworn in on January 3rd.
Mayor Robertson reported that she and Kathy Lowery had spoken briefly and thought it
might be appropriate for Council and the School Board to have a joint public meeting
after the Council meeting of January 3rd. Ron Sheldon, a member of the School Board,
noted that the Board, the Township Trustees, and Council had had a joint meeting four
years ago and wondered if the three entities should do so again. Council felt that was a
good idea. Vice Mayor Wernet asked Mr. Sheldon if the School Board might consider
annexation as a back-up plan. Mr. Sheldon did not know. Vice Mayor Wernet
emphasized that he was simply suggesting pursuing parallel paths to cover all the
January 3, 2001 fi-rst January Village Council meeting
January 17, 2001 s -econd January Village Council meeting
January 24, 2001 - Joint Village Council/ Township Trustees meeting
Councilmember Lucier made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:53pm. Second by Councilmember McGowan. Meeting adjourned.
Attest: L,062 Clerl' of Coulcil

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