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Council Minutes 1/5/00

January 5, 2000

    Mayor Robertson convened the meeting at 7:30 p.m.

Those reporting to the roll call were:
    Councilmember Bellman        Councilmember Moore
    Councilmember Crais        Mayor Robertson
    Councilmember Lucier        Vice Mayor Wernt
    Councilmember McGowan    Law Director Hurst
                Manager Hickman

    A public hearing was held on Ordinance No. 45-99. An
Ordinance to Amend Ordinance No. 31-99 And To Extend the
Enforcement Date of Ordinance No. 23-98.  The formal
language will come later with the date of extension being
June 15, 2000.  

    Constance Barsky stated that at the time of initial
discussions there was some talk about monitoring, and trucks
appear to be abiding with the rules.  Councilmember Bellman
added that there will be more discussion with Newark on
truck traffic.
    Mayor Robertson closed the public hearing at 7:45
    Later in the meeting 45-99 was reintroduced by title
by Councilmember Wernet, seconded by Councilmember Lucier.  
Councilmember Crais is willing to extend it but he will vote
against it.  It’s important that we send the message that
this V.C. is not going to spin the legislation.  The issue
of truck traffic remains important in terms of public safety
of the community.  
    Roll Call vote:  Lucier yes; McGowan yes; Robertson
yes; Wernet yes; Crais no; Moore yes (5 yes votes).
Ordinance No. 45-99 is adopted.

    Those signing the register were:  (See attached
    Chief Cartnal said all the police officers are
appreciative of all the work of former Mayor Bellman and
presented him with a gavel and plaque in appreciation.

    Mayor Robertson stated that there will be more
meetings on the subject of water/sewer extension into the
township, but several people had comments at this time.  
    Jackie O’Keefe is concerned about  impact of
extension upon the existing community.  She hoped that in
the future when the Village and Township discuss these
issues, they will carefully consider the impact. The theme
of the Master Plan is quality of life for residents and she
hopes we would take this into consideration as decisions are
    Constance Barsky reinforced Ms. O’Keefe’s comments.
    Dave Richards reminded the group that Village
Council will not be considering extension of utilities but a
process will be established whereby requests can be
considered by both Village and Township.  
    Jim Havens, Township Trustee, said there have been
discussions in the past, and deliberate efforts have been
made to keep communications open.  He thought some hasty
decisions were made regarding the annexation of Keny, and he
hopes the Master Plan will be carefully considered in future
    Abe Kaplan said there are some dangerous precedents.
 Once you extend water/sewer to an undeveloped area, it’s
easy for others to gain the same.  We need to retain our
green belt and tighten the rules rather than extend
    Jim Jump gave two cheers for doing what you want.  
Normally he would be in favor of standardizing a process to
accomplish something, but keep in mind that as a seller of
utilities to noncitizens you are virtually at liberty to
select or not select, and putting standards into law, you
are handing them an order to compel water/sewer to the
Township.  Local governments need weapons to fight unwanted
developments and you don’t want to surrender control.
    Don Lewis spoke about the Merger Study:
    (1) There was a comprehensive summary by Joe
Hickman, who said there are facts and figures but no plan.  
A report in 1996 said there is plenty of water available for
extension of services.  
    (2) Lee Larson had stressd that extension of
utilities without proper zoning should be properly watched.
 Health, safety, and general welfare should be carefully
considered.  It would be difficult to prevent neighboring
properties from developing at a high density.  The only
successful way to control growth is through utilities.  Mr.
Lewis thought there might be a document on file from Doug
Plunkett’s term about extending water/sewer to
nonincorporated areas.
    (3) {Mr. Lewis gave the Mayor his report.}  There
may have been some record of allowing those who live within
200’ of an extended line to tie in if they have problems.  
    (4) It would be reasonable for people who have
already made investments to be  assessed a fee for tie-in.
    (5) Invest in a utilities plan by contracting with a
company or make a survey and see  how we currently service
our districts.  How will our utilities be affected by
extension of water/sewer.
    After a question by Councilmember Bellman , Mr.
Lewis said the Township would be changed into just a bigger
village.  But Mr. Bellman said there is not a "Village vs.
Township"--they are incorporated or nonincorporated.  
Village residents are protectors of the undeveloped portions
of the Township.
    Jim Gordon said if utilities are available, people
would be required to make use of them when the need arises.
 The Village does not have an obligation to extend
    Jack Heller, of Kendal, wants to remind everyone the
procedures and methods by which people can make application
for utilities.  When Kendal first introduced this project,
they were told a procedure was being worked up by which
these requests could be handled, so we have helped out where
we could.  
    Dorothy Garrett said that regarding the issue Mr.
Lewis brought up about water/sewer failure, some people
along Raccoon Valley Road have had problems and tied in.
Councilmember Wernet said two people were allowed to tie in.
Manager Hickman said it was more a humanitarian gesture than
anything else.  There was no requirement for them.
    Water/Sewer Extension.
    Councilmember Lucier asked for a report from the
Utilities Committee, and Councilmember Wernet said that
their committee thoughts were under a different impression
from others in regard to the brainstorming session.  They
need input, and he would like to get thoughts and advice
from GPC and maybe a joint Township and Village session. He
thought it was a V. C. session.   
    Councilmember McGowan was confused whether the
meeting was open to the public with Township and V.C.  That
meeting was for all to bat around ideas.  Councilmember
Lucier thought they were public meetings.  
    Councilmember Moore would like clarification on what
exactly is the approval process adopted by the Township.  
She asked  Law Director Hurst if we were to enter into a
service agreement, how far can we go.  Can we say we will
provide someone with utilities if he/she agrees the land
will only be used for this purpose, i.e., greenspace?  What
are the limits?  Maybe we can use extension as a tool for
controlling land use to some degree.  Law Director Hurst was
not ready to respond at this time.  Councilmember Wernet
thought this could be done through the title/deed, or
"spring right."  
    Norm Kennedy said there were two parts to that memo:
 (1) people were making comments about extension and he was
summarizing these; (2) the Township passed a resolution
recommending points for Village Council to consider.  There
were criteria attached and a summary of discussion.  These
attachyments were apparently not reproduced for V.C.
    Councilmember Lucier thought V.C. should consider
these items before opening it up to all interested parties.
 If you look at the criteria as reported in the Sentinel, if
requests are made to extend water/sewer to the Township, the
applicant is referred to GPC.  That means they leap over
V.C.  She does not want to go to GPC too soon.  
    Councilmember Bellman agreed and people at the top
think of everything that should happen and then make rules,
but then someone finds a loophole. Maybe we do not have the
ability to make comprehensive policy.  He likes the idea of
considering applications on a case-by-case basis and apply
rationale.  No one has said the Kendal development itself is
    Mayor Robertson wants to speak in the abstract, in
general.  How do we look at our power to extend, and what
would it mean?
    Councilmember Wernet said that the concern someone
mentioned is for zoning, which can present difficulties.  
Consider the prospect for developers.      
    Councilmember Crais is impressed by Mr. Jump’s idea
of "ad hocery."  His concern is the danger of conflating two
separate issues:   (1) selective extension as a tool to
address annexation issues; we need to be able to respond to
such requests and (2) when people ask for utilities, that is
a separate issue.
    Councilmember Lucier said there is a risk with
extension for people along the way who do not have access,
how easy it would be for the next elected body to give
    Councilmember Wernet asked whether there was a
different location for Kendal more beneficial to the
    Councilmember McGowan reminded him we are not
talking about a specific project.  (1) Is V.C. going to have
a policy?  (2) If not, how do we explain to people that we
do not have a policy?  We need to be consistent, and the
annexation issue and where people might annex should be the
first thing to address.  
    Councilmember Crais said we already have a policy,
and that is No, but we will look at cases as they come up.  
    Mayor Robertson suggested be threshold criteria and
if a request meets the criteria, we will entertain it and
look at other Township criteria.  (1) fend off an annexation
we do not want or (2) extend a project that would benefit
the community in such a large way that we would be foolish
not to do it.  We would look a potential extension as one of
those criteria are met. But we must  consider traffic and
other negative factors.
    Councilmember Wernet thought we ought to act quickly
since there are other annexation requests likely to come
forward.  If we handle them on a one-by-one basis, we will
get bogged down.  We need to look at the big picture and
protect Township land.
    Mayor Robertson wants the same things the Township
wants--to retain the character as it is.  What action should
we take now?
    Councilmember Bellman is concerned about timing; an
applicant is waiting.  It’s time for a joint meeting to look
at Kendal and decide whether to extend water/sewer.
    Councilmember Moore requested resolution on:  (2)
whether people within 200’ can tie in when necessary and (2)
how far can we go in our service agreement?  
    Councilmember Wernet wants to be sure we have enough
‘management attention units’ left to deal with the big
picture.  The Keny situation has cost us more than Kendal
can possibly cost.  
    Councilmember Crais’s recommendations:  (1) answer
Kendal’s request; (2) look at the big picture; (3) consider
annexation issues; (4) spend more time before the next
    Dave Richards said Kendal does not want to build its
own water/sewer plant if they don’t have to.  But people are
making plans and traffic studies.  
    Ms. O’Keefe said a traffic study needs to be done by
an approved organization.  The citizens also need to be able
to provide their side of the issues.  Traffic at Oberlin
increased drastically.

    Mayor Robertson said several issues are outstanding:
•    The Law Director has research assignments
•    GPC and BZBA should meet together and then meet with
•    Gather citizen input
•    Keep people informed
•    Kendal should turn in its site plan and traffic

    Mr. Hurst repeated his assignment:
•    To what extent may a jurisdiction extend outside its
•    Along-the-line connections for properties outside
theVillage border
•    Does extension presuppose a merger?
•    How much control be exerted by the size of pipe
•    The public safety issue along the water line (Crais)
•    How ironclad can an arrangement be for restrictions
on land use and traffic (Robertson)?
•    Can a future V.C. overturn what we have decreed?  
(Mr. Hurst said in a contract there will be methods to
modify that contract over time.  A subsequent V.C. can adopt
or modify a contract.  )
•    A private land owner would enter into an agreement
whereby he forfeits his land and it goes to a third party
(i.e. Land Conservancy). Is this feasible? ("Spring rights")

{Mayor Robertson announced a five-minute break at 9:20 p.m.
 Meeting resumed at 9:32 p.m.}

    {Mr. Wernet stated that as he will no longer be
representative to GPC, he wishes to thank Mr. Myers and Ms.
Wimberger, who are very talented.  We are very fortunate to
have them aboard.}

    Ms. Robertson said at the next meeting several
things could be discussed:
•    Mr. Hurst’s report
•     GPC can discuss the matter of water/sewer in
general and Councilmember Lucier can report
•    Whether there might be another location for Kendal
•    Citizens need to know they can be heard at the next
meeting.  There are  loose ends and people’s concerns can be
•    We should be prepared to tell Kendal whether we like
the location
•    Continue discussion on selective extension

    Downtown Improvements.   Manager Hickman introduced
Keith Myers, who will present an overview of what he and the
committee are working on towards downtown aesthetic
improvements.  Manager Hickman wants to move forward on
these matters.
    Mr. Myers handed out booklets of photos of current
Granville and pointed out spots which could be improved.  
They want to retain the urban design of the Village and made
these suggestions:

•    The wide street is an asset and could be enhanced by
a median with landscaping as on West Broadway, thus scaling
down the pavement
•    Make the crosswalk brick and make the traffic signal
more attractive and useful with mast arms, lights that are
dark until someone enters the walk
•    Get rid of concrete benches and install more
attractive ones
•    The fountain could be more attractive without
cinderblock and manhole
•    Add bike racks
•    Improve trashbins, maybe with "bullet proof" steel.
 Install joint compactors
•    Improve parking and eliminate some curbcuts at
•    Signage and directions could be clearer and
consistent.  Add historic markers
•    Bury utility lines.  Go to green steel poles
•    Keep the wide sidewalks.  Add iron hoop material
around sidewalk trees.  The sidewalk material should be
•    Downtown should be a functioning downtown, not a
boutique downtown.

    Manager Hickman rued that all it takes is money.  He
is now working on burying power lines and considering
extending the median strip.
    Councilmember Lucier suggested using the
Bicentennial Logo on signs.  Maybe the old street names
could be brought back.

    {Mr. Bellman was excused at 10:35 p.m.}

    Resolution No. 00-01.  An Ordinance To Authorize The
Village Manager To Advertise For Bids For South Main Street
Roadway Improvements. Councilmember Lucier introduced and
moved adoption and Councilmember Wernet seconded.  
    Roll Call vote:  Lucier yes; McGowan yes; Robertson
yes; Wernet yes; Crais yes, Moore yes. (five yes votes)  
Ordinance No. 45-99 is adopted.


    Jedd  Jim Jump needs responses by January 25 to the
three points raised in his pre-distributed letter:

•    To participate or not.  It will likely  bring more
trucks through Granville.  Development will take place
mainly in the south.  V.C. members recommended continuing
participation for the time being.
•    Annexations.  Ohio law places a maximum thirty-year
moratorium on annexations and mergers, etc.  Others wanted a
three-year moratorium.  V.C. members wanted the 30-year
•    Money is required from participants. V.C. made no
decision on giving money.

    Bank First National Lease

    A local merchant has expressed interest in leasing
the space in this building, and the bank would like to pay
three months’ rent and then be released from the lease.
    Mr. Hurst stated that you have to take care of your
existing lease first.  While you need to publicly post, V.C.
is allowed to dispose of it as they see fit.  V.C. has the
right to decide who goes in there next door to you.      
    Mayor Robertson asked whether it was possible for
the Village to select a tenant and have the bank hold the
liability?  Law Director Hurst said it was legal but whether
they would be willing to do it is not known.  
    Law Director Hurst will prepare a letter and Manager
Hickman will get the bank to sign, saying we will find a
tenant pursuant to the lease.


    In addition to the attached list,
    Page 2, Paragraph 4,  "Councilmember Crais sought
reassurance from the Village Manager that the budget
estimates are accurate and stressed the importance of
keeping projects to the highest standards."
    Page 3, Paragraph 4, ". . . to raising the amount
available for Councilmember expenses."
    Page 3, next to last paragraph, "went on to explain
that one matter for consideration is that...."
    Page 5, Line 3,  be "raised."
    Page 5, line 6, "neighbors’ concerns....   The
Trustees agreed to discuss installing wrought iron fencing
in a small section for the impacted property owner."
    Page 5, under Alltel, "...GPBA, public restrooms,
and possibly..."

    Councilmember Wernet moved to approve minutes as
amended.  Councilmember Crais seconded, and Motion carried.


    Councilmember Wernet stated that GPC is moving along
with the revised sign code.
    Committee assignments were distributed and
discussed.  Please let Mayor Robertson know which of you
will chair any committees with two or three representatives.
    Mr. Hurst asked that the Legislative Subcommittee be
reestablished and asked for two volunteers.

    Next Village Council meeting, January 19, 2000
    Retreat - February 12, 2000, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
ADJOURNMENT  Mr. McGowan moved to adjourn at 11:25 p.m.


Clerk of Council

 January 5, 2000 - Attendees

Eloise DeZwarte, 338 E. College
Madeline Milano, 3507 Loudon
James Jump
Lori Green
David and Dee Richards, 55 Donald Ross
Ann Kennedy, 37 Miller
James Havens, 3587 Loudon St.
Joyce and Robert Miller, 53 Donald Ross
Abram Kaplan, 343 Burg St.
Steve Cartnal, GPD
Bobbi Stover
Kathryn Wimberger, Village
Dorothy Garrett, 45 Doandl Ross
Jeane and John Brown, 121 Chapin
Michael Fuson, 103 Shepardson
Constance Barsky, 332 E. Elm
Chuck Peterson and Scott Rawden , Sentinel
Rochelle Steinberg, 425 E. College
Jacqueline O’Keefe, 4 Samson Place
Jack Heller, 542 Mt. Parnassus
Bernice Siefert, 103 Shannion Pl
Doug Wagner, 11 Brecon Circle
Don Lewis, 2204 Burg St.
Ruth Owen, 2166 Beechwood Dr.
Jerry Griffin, 4 Sheppard Place
Elizabeth Maher, 354 N. Granger
Eric Jones, 3808 Columbus Road
Virginia  and Dan Fletcher, 116 Chapin Place
Judith Thomals, 4 Sheppard Place
Keith Myers

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