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Council Minutes 2/2/00

    Mayor Robertson convened the meeting at 7:31pm.  
Those responding to the roll call were:
Councilmember Bellman        Councilmember Moore
Councilmember Crais        Mayor Robertson    
Councilmember Lucier        Vice Mayor Wernet
Councilmember McGowan        Law Director Hurst
                Manager Hickman

    See attached list for those signing the register.  
There were no citizen comments.  Mayor Robertson closed the
Citizens' Comments at 7:34pm.

    Manager Hickman reported that road work bids were
being reviewed; he will bring a recommendation to Council at
its meeting of February 16th, at which time Council will
vote to award the contract.  The low bid was $644,000, the
next highest was $658,000; both bids include all curb cuts
and full layouts.  Councilmember Bellman asked if it would
be necessary to schedule a meeting with the Streets &
Sidewalks Committee; Manager Hickman thought not since
nothing new had been added since they last reviewed the
proposal.  New council members were invited to stay after
the meeting had been adjourned to view the proposal.

     Kendal Service Request - Attorney Rob Drake
requested that Council conduct a work session with Kendal
representatives.  In order to allow time for the Kendal
group to complete some ongoing discussions with the Township
Trustees, the work session was placed on Council's agenda
for the regular meeting of March 1, 2000.  Manager Hickman
was asked to have copies of the final traffic study
available at that time.  Councilmembers Bellman and Crais
asked that a map of the property (including all adjoining
properties, streets, sewer and water lines, and any other
pertinent data about capacity) be available as well.  
Councilmember Lucier asked the Kendal group to provide their
draft site plan to Manager Hickman in time for the March 1st
    Councilmember Crais asked a number of background
questions of the Kendal group to more thoroughly familiarize
himself with the details of their proposal.   (Summary:  The
facility would eventually have a maximum of 250 units,
occupied by 350 residents in combinations of singles and
doubles; in independent living, assisted living, and
nursing-care facilities.  Kendal is committed to the Burg
Street site whether or not the Village extends its water
service, though working without Village water will be more
expensive and will affect the site design.   Township
rezoning is a necessity; the request has been made but the
meeting to consider it has yet to be scheduled.)

     The minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting of
January 19, 2000, were presented for review.  Councilmember
Crais moved to approve the minutes as amended.  
Councilmember Lucier seconded.  Motion carried.    

    There were no committee reports; the newly
constituted committees have yet to meet and select chairs.  
 In the absence of committee reports, Mayor Robertson asked
for general reports.
    Councilmember McGowan, on behalf of the Rec
Commission, reported that fences are going up at Raccoon
Park; the Ron Engle Memorial Fund plans to put up bleachers;
the winter activity schedule has been published; and the Rec
Commission has commissioned a community survey.
    Councilmember Wernet inquired about the idea of a
zoning inspector, noting that the Planning Commission
approves plans based on certain conditions and we should
move with all deliberate speed to ensure that those
conditions are met.  Manager Hickman reported that some
internal transferring of duties would allow Katherine
Wimburger to play more of an inspector's role.  He cautioned
Council, however, that such duties could easily eat up her
time all day, every day.  That being the case, Manager
Hickman is investigating the possibility of having someone
from Newark do some of the inspecting; he will report back
to Council at a future meeting.
    Mayor Robertson reported that members of Council,
meeting with members of the Newark City Council, have been
crafting a Resolution of Mutual Agreement concerning the
creation of a north-south connector that would bypass both
Newark and Granville to keep heavy trucks off the
residential streets of both communities.   "Mirror"
resolutions-one for each Council-have been drafted by Mr.
Hostetter of Newark and Law Director Hurst of Granville.  
Once approved, they would be forwarded to our elected state
officials.  Newark City Council is set to discuss and act on
this Resolution on February 7th; Mayor Robertson has asked
them to send a representative to Granville's February 16th
meeting to report on what was actually adopted as well as
any suggested amendments.  Councilmember Bellman asked Law
Director Hurst to make sure the mirror resolutions expressed
the two communities' joint need rather than suggesting that
each community needed to independently solve its own
problem.  Councilmember Wernet asked that the phrasing
convey our conviction that the proposed north-south connect
would have a "significant beneficial impact" on residential
and commercial development in both communities.   To
emphasize Council's determination to see this process
through, Law Director Hurst was requested to "direct
appropriate officials to forward a copy of the resolution to
elected representatives immediately on passage" and to
follow up within a reasonable number of days thereafter.
    Mayor Robertson reminded council members of the
upcoming retreat on February 12, 2000.   Council will meet
in chambers from 10:00am-2:00pm; the meeting will be open to
the public and lunch will be provided.  Law Director Hurst
will discuss details of the Sunshine Laws.  Mediator Judith
Thomas will conduct training in conflict resolution and
active listening.  Council will talk explicitly about how
members should conduct themselves in, and out, of meetings;
how to handle strong disagreements; and how to strengthen
communications with the public, the Township, and Newark.  
Councilmember Lucier also suggested looking at the basic
committee structure and determining whether Council should
establish a system for setting priorities that would allow
it to be more proactive.

    Deer -  After reaching a consensus that the danger
of allowing shooting in residential areas of the Village
(either bow-and-arrow or firearms) outweighed the nuisance
of the deer, no action was taken on this issue.

    Music Festival - Council appreciated the goals of
the organizers in trying to appeal to a broader demographic
than the Concerts-on-the Green, especially families with
teens and pre-teens.  Consensus was that the committee
should proceed with planning, that Council would make it
possible to stage the event in the center of town, and that
August was a good time for the event.  No decision was made
about the advisability of having a beer tent, but Council
was virtually united in its opposition to the idea.

    Awning - The awning was not discussed.

    July 4th Fireworks - Manager Hickman has been in
discussions with the Village's insurance provider and hopes
to have fireworks in Wildwood Park on Sunday, July 2nd.  

    Skateboarding - The skateboard permission for
Wildwood Park needs to be renewed by spring; Manager Hickman
will put information about this in the packet for the next
meeting.  "Rules and Regulations" signs will need to be

    Truck Scales - Manager Hickman will provide Council
with a conceptual drawing of the proposal South Main Street
location of the scales (in the parking lot of the Service
Building).   It was noted that the Service Building is
actually in the Township and Councilmember Lucier wondered
why we haven't annexed the land into the Village.  Law
Director Hurst said such action could be taken at any time,
i.e., a municipality may annex property it owns, contiguous
to other property it owns, by notification to the County.  
It was suggested that Fanchion Lewis Park be annexed at the
same time if Council decides it wishes to pursue this.  The
item needs further discussion.

    Council Retreat - February 12, 2000    

    Next Village Council meeting - February 16, 2000

    Councilmember Bellman made a motion to adjourn the
meeting at 9:28pm.  Councilmember Wernet second.  Meeting

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